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Questions and discussions related to the develoment and modification of game, style, and export templates. This forum is also the place to request new templates.
Thu, 2011-08-25 19:34
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Alright, opening this up for discussion now. If you're unfamiliar with the frames or mechanics involved, see here: http://wizards.com/magic/magazine/article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/feature/157b

Current Progress:
The regular frames and template are complete. Be sure to thank Shiv for doing the hard part!

Sat, 2010-08-28 15:13
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Most templates that are requested are never made. Why? There are a couple of reasons. First, if you're doing a custom game out of your own imagination, most templaters aren't going to be interested in making it for you. In my personal experience, custom game designers that happen in here are doing it on a whim, and don't really want to put forth the effort required for this sort of thing. Often, they lose interest, and any work the templater has done is then wasted. Second, many people who request a template for an existing game are again not interested in doing the work. Here's some information about what is required to make a template for game that already exists.

Fri, 2016-08-26 20:22
Canopy Vista
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I know that questions like this have been asked a lot, but I have not been able to find the answer I am looking for.

How do I get the Beleren font on MSE? I only need it for the styles it should come with, like the M15 ones. I have all the M15 styles, but they don't use Beleren. They use some basic font that never shows up on real cards. I have gathered that there is some way to do this, I just don't know how how.

Please help!

Thu, 2016-08-25 23:06
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Hello, I'm working on a set and I'm looking for an up-to-date version of the Future Sight frame. Would anyone be able to help me?

Sat, 2016-08-20 20:37
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Got a question about Pichoro's Magic M15 Extra.
How to make picture parts be out-of-frame and so on? I tried everything but it doesn't work.

My battle board is HERE!
Spooky scary skeletons send shivers down your spine. Shrieking...

Sat, 2016-08-20 01:59
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I have been trying to make watermarks for a set, but I'm not sure how to draw them. So far, I have only been drawing them as flat grey symbols; I know that they are supposed to have a shadow that makes them look three dimensional, but how do I make that look good?

Tue, 2016-08-16 09:54

See bottom for fixed version, read on for sh*ts and giggles.


So I’ve been making a template for a private project of mine, and an issue has some up that completely stumps me. For various reasons, I needed to round some user inputs, and, finding no pre-existing rounding function, I decided to try my hand at writing one myself.

Tue, 2016-08-16 08:46

Can't wait to see the new Conspiracy 2 (Take the Crown 2016) template A happy smile

Anyone up for the task?

Tue, 2016-08-16 06:40

Long story short, I've been using MSE for years and customizing it extensively--I've convinced my install that four new colors exist, have coded custom fields into templates, and have even built a game file for a completely different game (hat tip to the tutorial on that one!) I've just run across something that's giving me trouble for the Magic plugin itself, however.

I'm trying to create an image field that uses both a loyalty box and a mana symbol as the background for a text field.

Mon, 2016-08-15 21:29
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How do I create an installer for a template I have finished?

My first set Primer in Purple needs feedback!
My second set Nova is in production.