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Questions and discussions related to the develoment and modification of game, style, and export templates. This forum is also the place to request new templates.
Thu, 2011-08-25 19:34
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Alright, opening this up for discussion now. If you're unfamiliar with the frames or mechanics involved, see here: http://wizards.com/magic/magazine/article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/feature/157b

Current Progress:
The regular frames and template are complete. Be sure to thank Shiv for doing the hard part!

Sat, 2010-08-28 15:13
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Most templates that are requested are never made. Why? There are a couple of reasons. First, if you're doing a custom game out of your own imagination, most templaters aren't going to be interested in making it for you. In my personal experience, custom game designers that happen in here are doing it on a whim, and don't really want to put forth the effort required for this sort of thing. Often, they lose interest, and any work the templater has done is then wasted. Second, many people who request a template for an existing game are again not interested in doing the work. Here's some information about what is required to make a template for game that already exists.

Thu, 2014-09-11 16:32
Final Boss
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Does anyone happen to have an installer for the non-planeswalker to planeswalker and vice-versa DFC? I've had a hunt around to no avail.

Tue, 2014-09-09 02:24
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Scroll down to my last comment to see the actual product of this mod


So I recently designed a card, and I noticed it looked really weird. The reason it looked really weird was twofold.

1) The font was too big, and
2) One of the lines of text terminated in the middle of the actual "line" due to the word "permanent" being too large.

Now, I found this quite irksome. The card looked totally fake. I'm not trying to counterfeit or anything, but I would like my custom renders to look as realistic as possible.

Wed, 2014-09-03 18:03

I was playing around with making card game templates in a tyypesetting language (LaTeX)...

... and someone suggested looking at Magic Set Editor.

(See http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/184964/making-cards-for-magic-the-gathering-and-similar-card-games for full details).

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Sat, 2014-08-30 00:38

So, I feel stupid. I've started my first custom template, and everything up until now has been fairly simple.
I can currently insert symbols using the insert symbol menu but this is clearly incredibly impractical. I would prefer it if I can simply use [C] for my "calor" symbol and it would auto replace it. I have looked at how the MTG game works in this regard and I get how each individual function works (for the most part), but I'm probably missing something obvious as to how to implement this, and actually get this function to apply to the fields.

Sat, 2014-08-23 17:49
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There is a Custom Cube now for Space: The Convergence, which has a template for the equivalent of Planeswalkers, Warlords (though they are referred to as Generals), as well as textless Resources, and Level Up cards, referred to as Upgrade cards. Different sized art boxes are also included, as are Split Cards. Any chance these can be turned into MSE templates?


Mon, 2014-08-18 09:26

With the full knowledge that this is probably going to receive a bit of flak from some people, I figure that you guys have helped me a lot with my template development and it's only fair that I show you guys what it was being used for.

Sun, 2014-08-17 08:29

Has there been any work on a hearthstone template? Probably wouldn't be hard to implement, seeing as it is very similar to magic

Thu, 2014-08-14 18:32
Sensei Le Roof
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Is it possible to use the contents of a text field to set the value of an image field? For example, if the text field held "Plastic", the image field would change to show Plastic.png. (The particular situation I have in mind would also need to be able to handle non-alpha characters.)

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