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Questions and discussions related to the develoment and modification of game, style, and export templates. This forum is also the place to request new templates.
Thu, 2011-08-25 19:34
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Alright, opening this up for discussion now. If you're unfamiliar with the frames or mechanics involved, see here: http://wizards.com/magic/magazine/article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/feature/157b

Current Progress:
The regular frames and template are complete. Be sure to thank Shiv for doing the hard part!

Sat, 2010-08-28 15:13
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Most templates that are requested are never made. Why? There are a couple of reasons. First, if you're doing a custom game out of your own imagination, most templaters aren't going to be interested in making it for you. In my personal experience, custom game designers that happen in here are doing it on a whim, and don't really want to put forth the effort required for this sort of thing. Often, they lose interest, and any work the templater has done is then wasted. Second, many people who request a template for an existing game are again not interested in doing the work. Here's some information about what is required to make a template for game that already exists.

Thu, 2017-02-16 15:54


I designed a template for a card game and someone suggested I should let it export for tabletop sim.

TTS basically uses a big spritesheet of the cards in a single image.

Has anyone made it already? Is there a coherent tutorial on how to write an exporter?


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Mon, 2017-02-06 07:38

Hi there, I'm an avid user of Magic Set Editor and really enjoy this program especially since it seems to be a faster, more effective, and much more customizable method for me to make custom Magic and YGO sets much easier and even add my own card sets. However, I have a bit of an issue here that I'd like some help with; actually, it's two issues: one that I've had for a while and one that I've recently come across.

The first issue is that I found a custom card template for an entirely new monster type called Composition Monsters: http://ycm.wikia.com/wiki/Composition_Monster.

Tue, 2017-01-31 14:31

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to make my own template for a custom game and, for certains card types, some values are fixed.

let's say, for the sake of trying to make things clearer it works a bit that way when translated to MTG:
there is a casting cost field for every type of card (artifacts, creatures, sorcery...)
but when the card type is a sorcery, the casting cost is always 1

So, i made a script to change the "fixed" value to the correct amount when those card types are chosen
but the field is still editable.

Is there a way to make a script that will change the editability of

Fri, 2017-01-27 15:43


I've followed a thread on how to create a new mana symbol in the mana cost section of the card and the text of the card.

Well, my intest was to make a mana symbol that works like the phyrexians, called 'F'.

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Mon, 2017-01-16 23:54

Are there any template designers on here who would design custom templates for custom games for a fee? What would your costs be? Thanks!

Thu, 2017-01-12 20:32

Has this template been converted to MSE if anyone knows, and if so i'd love a link to it.


Here is a link to the template file itself.


Wed, 2017-01-11 03:55

Is there a way to allow for a free edit entry if a Field is already set up as a choice field? I thought about using "user choice1" as an option, but I would like the user to be able to actually enter a custom information in the field.

I originally set the field as a choice so I can use provide the standard data for the fields in a drop down and allow other design elements to be based off those data selections. But with the amount of homebrew choices available, I was wondering if I could cater to that option while still keeping some of the drop downs.

Sat, 2017-01-07 03:30

Now that we have these special "story spotlight" cards with a special watermark on them, can that be added as an option in MSE?