Set Listing: How to Submit

Set Listing: How to Submit

Read these submission guidelines fully. If it is clear that you have not done so, your submission will be ignored.

First of all, thank you! If you're reading this page it's likely that you've already taken the time to download the program, learn about it, and become a member in our community! But now your set is done and you're ready to take it a step further. Your hard work deserves recognition, of course!

So how do you go about adding your set to our list? Firstly, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must have an account and have been an active member of the forum community for at least 60 days (active meaning taking an interest in others' sets, for example)
  • You must have created a thread for your set in the Showcase forum and responded to/adjusted for any critique received

Additionally, your set must meet the following requirements:

  • Be fully compliant with the Forum Rules, including all cards with art listing artist credit appropriately
  • Contain an appropriate number of reprints (usually no more than 7% for a normal set)
  • Contain at least 60 cards
  • Have unique art on at least 50% of the cards

Once you've confirmed all the above, simply send a message to our handy in-house Featured Sets Bot with the following information:

  • Set name, as you wish it to appear on the Set Listing
  • Large version of set symbol (can be obtained from the Symbol Display template in the Utility Styles installer from the Additional Templates page)
  • Forum usernames of all people recognized as creators of the set
  • Month and year that you "released" the set
  • What type of playtesting the set has been through, if any
  • Number of cards in your set and number of cards with art (including basic lands, excluding tokens)
  • What non-standard templates are used, if any
  • Download link to the set file
  • URL address of your set's thread on the forum

After the Featured Sets Bot has received your message, it will be passed onto the 1st Stage Submissions Manager, currently marioware2, for review. If your set does not meet the requirements, your submission will be stopped here and you will be notified as to the reason. If you are able to rectify the problem swiftly, you should inform the 1st Stage Submissions Manager.

If all is well with your set, it will then be passed onto the 2nd Stage Submissions Manager, currently kikushadowblades, who will contact you about any fine-tuning, tweaking or updating your set may need. At this stage it is advisable to have ready for your set's page: some highlights of your set, a brief description of your set's mechanics and themes, an introduction to your set, four illustrated cards chosen to be displayed prominently, and at least three artworks used in or to promote your set to create the banner on the set listing page. The 2nd Stage Submissions Manager will help you with these parts if needed, and you should inform them of any additional pieces you would like, for example a YouTube primer.

The aforementioned pieces will be handed onto the 3rd Stage Submissions Manager, currently green_meep; the final destination, as this will be the creation of your set's featured page. You will be notified as soon as your set is up.

If you have any further questions, please refer to the FAQ. Currently we are only accepting submissions that are written in plain English. There may be plans in the future to help with translating if English is not your first language.