Custom Set List

Custom Set List

new   Vault Masters Cube Designer:
375 cards Released
September 2015

new   Lords of Dumar Designer:
The Librarian
284 cards Released
August 2015

Undone Designer: Art_Freak 98 cards Released
March 2011

Tales of Aresia Designer: Sgt Failure 249 cards Released
May 2013

Agralnat Designer: kikushadowblades 260 cards Released
December 2010

Spirits of Giravost Designer: kiligir 71 cards Released
July 2010

Urighaz Designer:
Disposable Hero
249 cards Released
May 2011

Cretio Created Designer:
173 cards Released
March 2011

Lumehaven Designer: Anuttymous and others 233 cards Released
June 2012

Note: With the exception of new sets, each is ranked by popularity using the vote
total which can be found at the top of that set's page. Voters are kept anonymous.