Lords of Dumar

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The Librarian

Long before time had a name Dumar was created by the dragon spirits: Hotechi the Dragon of Earth, Shadare the Dragon of Fire, Yumandi the Dragon of Water, and Ghotetsu the Dragon of Wind. Yet, even after that the world was barren. Until the queens came. Yamushi the dragon of light and Darmitra the dragon of shadows. With their blessing life began on Dumar. For a time there was peace, the dragons watched over and protected their creation and the world florished. However For good to exist there must be evil. That evil came in the form of the corruption, a dark spirit who looked upon the physical world with spite and envy with the power to turn any mind insane. Many times the corruption attempted to cross into the physical world by possesing the body of some unfortunate lord or hero. Yet tyrants are overthrown and mortals break. Finnaly the corruption set it’s gaze on the beings it knew could never be defeated, the dragons themselves. The Corruption entred Darmitra’s mind and the queen went mad. Rampaging through the world and nearly obliterating all life on Dumar. The other dragons, in an act of desperation entombed their fallen queen in stone and buried her deep underground. Fearing they would suffer the same fate as Darmitra the dragons left Dumar with the promise that one day, when the world needed them most, they would return.
As years stretched into centuries and Millennia the dragons passed from memory and into myth. their promise to return forgotten. In their absence The mighty Seth dynasty arose and promptly siezed control over the land and once more Dumar prospered. Until the days of king Aaron Seth. Many, many Milenia after it’s imprisonment the Corruption began to seep out of it’s sub-terranian prison and again searched for a fitting host. It found it in the Kings steward, Malignus. A powerful wizard who was seeking the key to immortality. The Corruption pierced his mind and Malignus slew his old friend in cold blood before turning his staff on the king’s only child, Gabriel. In what he thought were his final moments Gabriel awakened his planeswalker spark and fled Dumar. An instant later Malignus managed to free his mind of the corruption and took his own life. Since that day the magic of Dumar began to die. Slowly over the years the power that mages once wielded withered and the once immortal elves began to die. So it was for twenty seven years. until the magic of the world had all but died. The marble throne remains empty and in the kings absence five great houses have taken command of the realm. Recently however strange rumors have begun to circulate. In the north an obelisk has been excavated and seems to radiate magic, to the east stories are told of a man who cannot die and all around the realm whispered discussions tell tales of people who claim to have seen angels. Many disregard these tales as mere fiction and even those who believe don't grasp what it means. Now, years after his banishment... the king has returned.

Lords of Dumar features five mono colored houses, each with it's own unique ability and play-style:
(White) House Eskiath: Before the fall of the the Seth dynasty the Eskiaths were the Kings most faithful soldiers, and remain so to this day. The Eskiath's attempt to keep the peace in the realm, Aggressively if needed. The Eskiath insignia is the wolf, Fierce, loyal and brave.

MECHANIC- Battlefront: The ability of house Eskiath is Battlefront. Whenever a creature with battlefront attack it can give a boost to another attacking white creature creating a force greater than the sum of it's parts.

LORD: Gillian Eskiath, the White Wolf.

- Lord Gillian stood staring out of the topmost window and sighed, running his hand through his long black hair. Outside the sun was just beginning to rise casting a pale pink glow over the great western planes. After awhile he took a deep breath and turned to look at the man kneeling behind him.
"You're sure of this?" He asked his tone coming out harder than he meant it to. The soldier nodded.
"Yes my lord, I was on my morning patrol and I saw them! Clear as day... But still, lord Gillian if angels are being sighted what does it mean?
Gillian Eskiath thought for a moment before answering.
"I have theories, only theories... Very well, you may go."
The soldier stood up to leave.
"Oh and on your way out." Gillian began. the soldier turned to face him. "Fetch my son."

Rickard Eskiath entered not long after, he flashed a wolfish grin at his father.
"You wanted a word with me?" he asked.
Gillian barley glanced up from the tome he was pursuing.
"Ah. Rickard, sit." He gestured to the empty chair on the far end of a table.
Rickard raised an eyebrow.
"What? That's it, no hug, no 'Hi son how are you doing'?"
Gillian snapped the tome shut and looked at the boy. He wasn't smiling.
"Now is not the time for your games Rickard. SIT."
Rickard's grin faltered, he looked at the floor and muttered something that sounded like 'yes father' before taking the seat Gillian had indicated. Gillian smiled apologetically.
"I'm sorry Rickard, I have a lot on my mind right now... How are you doing?"
Rickard let out a small chuckle and looked up.
"Fine father. What did you need?"
Gillian took the seat opposite his son and studied him for a moment.
"I have heard strange tales from the guards lately." He began. Rickard groaned.
"If this is about the downtown assignment I've already told you! I'm innocent, that storehouse was going to blow up anyway!"
Gillian's mouth curled into the smallest grin.
"Don't worry, it's not about your... little fiasco. No I mean I have heard tales of angels."
A moment's silence followed, then.
"Angels?" Rickard asked.
"As in the winged..."
Another brief pause.
"Father I believe it is time we began questioning the sanity of certain men..."
"I believe them Rickard."
Rickard blinked.
"O...K, so you want me to...?"
"I want you to investigate these rumors. All of them."
"Because, if I'm right then the coming of the angels can only mean one thing."
"And that is?" Rickard asked. Gillian turned to look out the window.
"The king has returned."

(Blue) House Uyiel: The Uyiels are philosophers, students and thinkers. They ponder the stars to learn the secrets of the world and freely share the information they come across. The Uyiel insignia is the Owl, wise and all-seeing.

MECHANIC- Embody: Certain Uyiel cards have the ability Embody, when you cast one you may exile a blue instant or sorcery "embodied" on that card. You may then copy the embodied spell by paying a certain cost.

LORD: Alther Uyiel, the Stargazer.

- Alther Uyiel tore his gaze from the stars and frowned.
-Strange.- he thought, shaking his head. Normally his visions were fluid and vivid like a dream. This time he foresaw only violent flashes of the future.
"Very strange..." he almost whispered. His musings were interrupted by a knocking on his door. Alther frowned. His disciples knew very well not to interrupt him during his stargazing.
"Enter." he said softly. The door creaked open and a girl with wild black hair and sharp features leaned around the clearing, as if afraid Alther might incinerate the one who stepped in. Alther smiled.
"Sylvia. To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure." Once more Alther's voice was barley audible.
"Grandpa. We found... Something."
"Please do not call me that my dear, it makes me feel old."
"You are old."
"Ahh, Sylvia your words bite like winters cold. Now tell me, what did you find?"
The girl twiddled with her hair.
"We don't know. Tasamyr found it while leading a student group through the ruins. He said to inform you immediately."
"Well, Well" Alther mused and for a moment stared into nothing. "I suppose I'd better go see what he dug up." Alther chuckled as if this reminded him of a joke only he knew. Then pulled on his heavy cloak and followed Sylvia out the door. For a while the two trudged through the halls of the academy in silence, then their trail led them out into the bleak cold of the north, finally Alther whispered.
"What troubles you, child?"
Sylvia jerked back.
"Pardon me?"
"In the course of our journey you have turned to me seven times. Three of those times you have opened your mouth to address me, but never did." Alther explained.
"Well, I was just wondering... You were here before the magic weakened. I just wanted to know what it was like." Sylvia said, pulling her coat closer to her.
Alther stroked his beard and took a visible breath.
"There was a time when we didn't need the stars to tell the future, Sylvia. We could create images to fool an adversary by snapping our fingers. We could read the thoughts of others." He paused to consider his next words. "and we could kill whomever we wanted."
"Is there a way to bring the magic back?" Asked Sylvia after a pause.
"Bring it back? Many have tried. They all have failed. The time of the mages has passed, my dear."
"But what if we go further? After all there is still mana in the ice, if we gather it, maybe we can find the way to recreate it! Then house Uyiel could..." Sylvia began.
"Could what?" For the first time Alther raised his voice. It cut through Sylvia's thoughts and she stopped. "We could rule? Is that what you want? Sylvia, do you remember the stories of what happened the last time an Uyiel was in a position of power?"
"Malignus..." Sylvia muttered.
"Yes. My brother's fall is proof that no man should have that much power."
The rest of the walk continued in silence. After several uneasy minutes the two arrived at the old ruins that lay on the outskirts of the academy grounds.There they were greeted by a tall balding man wearing a green cloak.
"Tasamyr." Alther nodded. The man nodded back.
"Lord Alther, it's good you came. Did you foresee our discovery?"
Alther, who was rarley taken by surprise, blinked.
"Foresee? My granddaughter said you asked for me." Alther looked around, trying to find Sylvia but she had vanished. He sighed.
"Well in her defense I might have sought you out myself. This... Artifact is like nothing we've ever seen." Tasamyr began guiding Alther through winding, crumbling corridors explaining how his students had accidentally discovered a lost segment of the ruins during a trip. Finally as the tunnels spat them out into a large chamber Tasamyr said.
"Yet we found this. The students have taken to calling it... The Netherstone." In the center of the room was a large obelisk like structure, made of crystallized ice. Even from where he was standing Alther felt an overwhelming wave of power. Power he thought he'd never feel again. The Netherstone pulsed a deep blue and a seemingly unnatural chill filled the room.
"It does that sometimes." Tasamyr explained as Alther approached the Netherstone. He gazed into its crystaline mass and for a time then finally reached out his hands and touched it. Visions swept through his mind: Angels descending in droves, a wave of cold that swept over the land, a spectral figure turning it's dark gaze on Dumanr, and a figure of shining gold moving to combat it. On the figures head rested a crown. Alther collapsed to his knees. From behind him Tasamyr cried.
"Lord Alther! What did you see?"
Alther blinked and furrowed his brow.
"Catastrophe, endless cold and... a king."
(Black) House Sinclair: Family first. Family forever. This is the motto of house Sinclair, equal part diplomats and crime lords the Sinclairs will do anything to protect their own and further the family. Those who are faithful to the Sinclairs are greatly rewarded. Those who oppose them are set upon by the blackguard. House Sinclairs elite assassins. The Sinclair Insignia is the Raven, one is not a threat, but the family is strong.

MECHANIC- Allegiance: Sinclairs protect and reward those who serve them faithfully. cards with Allegiance gain special abilities if you control enough black permanents.

LORD: Horatio Sinclair, the Forefather.
(Red) House Stormcrown: The Stormcrowns are poet warriors, great heroes and ingenious bards dedicated to recording the legendary deeds of heroes. For a storm crown the highest honor is to live on forever in song and story, that they may inspire further generations. The Stormcrown insignia is the Eagle, proud and vigilant

MECHANIC- Impulsive: Stormcrown warriors have the ability Impulsive, when you cast a red instant or sorcery, you may pay the impulsive cost of a creature to have it gain an extra ability.

LORD: Kannis Stormcrown, the Poetlord.
(Green) House Freelin: When magic left Dumar the only place it remained strong was in the deepest parts of the forest. So it is there that house Freelin was created, dedicated to protecting and expanding the forests that they might restore magic to the world. Little do the Freelin druids know that magic may return on it's own accord... The Freelin Insignia is the stag, peaceful, but dangerous if threatened.

MECHANIC- Cultivate: Freelin Creatures are in tune with nature and so is their Cultivate mechanic, when a creature with Cultivate enters the battlefield, if you have enough lands it performs an additional service.

LORD: Kayla Freelin, the Lifekeeper.

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May I suggest the symbol of the Freelin House as a large stag deer?

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Thu, 2015-04-09 16:01
The Librarian

You may indeed. Thanks

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May I remind you that Inspired was the name of a mechanic from Born of the Gods?

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The Librarian

Yeah. I started this back in innistrad, I guess wizards beat me to the punch. I'm trying to think of a re placer.

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The Librarian

And my next choice for the stormcrown ability was heroic... the dastards.

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There are some serious wording problems here. You need to got to "Keywords" in MSE so you can create your mechanics. When you are in the keywords tab, click in that button with a key and a "+" symbol and it will create a new keyword for you. Then you need to fill "Keyword", "Matches", "Mode" and "Reminder text" for each mechanic. If you don't know how, you can look at the wording of the other abilities in MSE. I can see you did that for Embody, but you must do that for the other keywords as well. (put "pseudo" in the Mode for the pseudo keywords). Also, Embody's wording in MSE should be: "When you cast this spell, you may exile a blue instant or sorcery card from your hand. You may cast a copy of that card as long as it remains exiled by paying {param1}." However, you could also word it like cipher, so that way it should be "When you cast this spell, you may exile a blue instant or sorcery card from your hand embodied to it. You may cast a copy of the emodied card by paying {param1}." I hope this helps. If you have any question, don't be afraid to ask.

Thu, 2015-04-09 16:44
The Librarian

In your opinion which of the ability most needs a description?

(P.S: Thanks for the tip, I'd been trying to figure out how the keyword page works. See I've been manually typing the description on each card.)

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The Librarian

I have changed the Stormcrown mechanic to "Impulsive"!

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The wording on Impulsive is still a bit odd. It should have two parameters, the cost and the number of the counters. (Like this: Impulsive number—cost) The wording should be "Whenever you cast a red instant or sorcery spell, you may pay {param2}. If you do, put {param1} +1/+1 counters on this creature."

Thu, 2015-04-09 17:21
The Librarian

Not all Impulsive abilities put+1/+1 counters on the creature, some duplicate the spell, give a creature firebreathing etc.

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Thu, 2015-04-09 17:31
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Then make it a pseudo keyword. Change the mode to pseudo and you don't need to write any reminder text, you can write it differently for each card. That would allow those varied effects, and keeping it as it is doesn't.

Thu, 2015-04-09 18:32
The Librarian

Ok. Theanks!

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Thu, 2015-04-09 19:05
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You're welcome A happy smile I'm glad I could help.

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I have officially finished the set (Yay). But have no idea what the next step is (Boo). My goal is to have Lords of Dumar on the featured sets list. Can anyone help with that?

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The Librarian

Also If someone could tell me how to put the actual images of my cards into the description above so that it's more than just text I would appreciate that.

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Host your card images on a site like Imgur, then surround the direct link with [img.] and [/img.] (Take out the periods)