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Wed, 2007-05-30 00:42
Hand of Thrawn
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Name: unknown
number of cards: unknown
Mechanics (so far): Soul shift, crew, ports (new land type), planeswalker (until made by wizards)
Theme the conflicts between 5 planeswalkers (based loosly off of my playgroup)

For explanation of mechanics see the riminder text or the mechanics current thread or below.

All of the first preview cards will be from a single planeswalker. He uses Red, White, and Blue Mana and has an Angel, Merfolk, pirate, ship, theme.

For Starters: Soul shift-an ability that allows a creature to switch from one form to another.


Ports tap for colorless mana but have abilities that trade mana of one type for another type or use colorless mana to make mana. Some can also create creature tokens (to crew your ships. I mean where else would you find a crew but at a port.).

Ships: currently have a thread about the keyword.
*edited to say Legendary Artifact Creature -- Pirate Ship

(Thread url:

Planeswalkers: only used if all players agree upon it.

Tokens: and one last preview card:

Note: Most images come from the MTGS image board so there are sadly no artist credits.
Note: Note: Ignore rarity for now. If you want to imput on the rarity of some of the cards though feel free to chime in.

Update: Above Cards fixed and the new cards unveiled.

New Cards: (Discussion Below)

Wed, 2007-05-30 02:39
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Alright, here we go...

First, I would really seriously consider renaming Soul shift, since the name Soulshift is already a keyword.

Why did you use the special rarity on everything? Nothing has proper rarities...

Your Jarens are all overcomplicated. They need simplified down some.

When a legend references its name in its text, it only uses its full name the first time. After that, it would revert to just Jaren, not Jaren of the Three Forms.

Angels have never had a second race or class. That said, I can handle Angel Warrior? But Angel Merfolk? Ewww.

I'll echo the concerns of another forum goer and say that you really should be careful about your use of the type Planeswalker, since it could potentially be used by Wizards.

Finally, I'm glad to see you mentioned that most of the art is of unknown origin. Now, I'll say that you should put "Unknown" in the artist field to represent this fact. Also, MTGSalvation is not an artist, and shouldn't be credited for it.

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Wed, 2007-05-30 02:58
Hand of Thrawn
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Forgot that Soulshift was already a keyword (doh!)

The rarites are not done yet (see note at bottom of page)

Jarens are overcoplicated (working on simplifing them but I think its just the artifacer one that's REALLY complicated)

Thanks for the Legends wording.

Angel Merfolk. Yes I know: EWWW. but they are the two best races. (Getting rid of Angel subtype.) PS Angels have had every subtype with them. Answer: see below*)

Planeswalker: yes I know its been on reminder text but...until they make it I thought I'd give my version a go.

I'll change the MTGS art to Unknown.

Thanks Pichoro

(*Mistform Ultimus)

Wed, 2007-05-30 03:02
Sensei Le Roof
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Spelling fixes:
Sacrafice -> sacrifice
And "Artificer" instead of however you spelled it on Jaren #2

Online dictionaries abound. It's time to start using them.

Wed, 2007-05-30 09:51

that 3 dudes with same name scare me...
are you SURE it will not made a rule headache?

Thu, 2007-05-31 01:36
Hand of Thrawn
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Thanks for the spelling corrections.


as far as i know it shoulden't cause any problems.
Heres the legend rule for referance.

420.5e If two or more permanents with the same name have the supertype legendary, all are put into their owners' graveyards. This is called the "legend rule." If only one of those permanents is legendary, this rule doesn't apply.

Thu, 2007-05-31 04:05

The card I like is Sailship Fire Fly. All the rest.. I really can't get down with.

Thu, 2007-05-31 04:40

I'm no genius when it comes to finding rules text, but I'm quite sure that a deck can't consist of more than 4 copies of any card with the same name unless that card is a basic land. So your Jaren plan, while cute and all, is going to have at most 4 Jarens in the deck regardless of what combination you choose. Maybe that's what you want? But I'm not sure it is....

Oboros cuts way too close to an existing card name (Oboro, Palace in the Clouds) - just choose something different, particularly since the functionality of your land is in no way similar to Oboro. Similar card names just make things confusing without any real payback.

Checkmate is cool! it should also be rare. too good for a common, and a 3 colour spell at uncommon isn't go to go down well in a draft. i would hope the other colour combinations are at least as fleshed out as your american flag colours. if so, then perhaps Checkmate at uncommon is ok.

the tokens, while a cool idea, are really just very complicated. it's nice churning out swords and mana myrs, but after a while you have so many tokens and can't remember what they all do. i see a lot of memory issues with this kind of mechanic - in an ideal world everyone has enough of your printed tokens, but the world is never ideal.

Thu, 2007-05-31 05:38

Ok, I'll admit that I didn't read the ship thread. so if I say something that has been covered already in that thread, then ignore it. however i'd suggest updating your wording on the card linked to in your original post to avoid confusion, because right now that card looks awfully good. for 6 generic mana and with a sacrifice outlet I can get any combination of 3 creatures in my hand into play? Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Visara and Angel of Despair want a word with the captain of that ship. Edit: in fact imprinting the men is free if you do it when the ship comes into play, so for 3 mana (to cast the ship) plus a sacrifice/return to hand effect on the board, i get my 3 monsters into play during my opponent's next end of turn step? sold! oh wait, i can imprint ANY number of creatures?

this is especially true since opponents can't kill the ship at instant speed thanks to shroud. I don't see ships as a cool carrier, but as a way of getting masses of men into play for free. also the men are not in play while imprinted to the ship, so a wrath of god does the trick very nicely - your opponent will never wrath the board while you are free to, making this card somewhat amazing against control. the opponent can't bounce it (shroud), so he just scoops? oh wait, that's irrelevant since the trigger is 'leaves play'. smells broken to me.

the second line of reminder text is also confusing - when you say "return" you don't say to where (return to hand, return to play, return to top of library). just needs some clarification. later when you let the men 'return to play' you imply that you can imprint men onto this thing if they are in play (which is not how imprint works). you should say 'put into play'.

edit: if the crew can be imprinted from play then the ship just gets even better - 3 men in play and an empty ship and multiples of 2 mana free allows me to save my men in response to targetted or sweeping removal. in fact the from play switch is ridiculously broken. turn 1 i play land, llanowar elf. turn 2 i play land, tap all for ship, imprint 2 avalanche riders and akroma. turn 3 i tap elf for mana, tap all land, switch elf for riders (destroy an opponent land), switch riders for other riders (destroy opponent's land). attack for 6. next turn in response to echo i switch riders again (blow up another land) and then play a land switch for akroma, gg.

you also seem to allow people to imprint ships on their ships (they're creatures too). so if a ship with crew becomes imprinted on another ship....

good idea, but you need to balance it more - in fact you might need to balance it so much it becomes a completely different mechanic.

Thu, 2007-05-31 06:52
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The Jarens would cause Oracle headaches, oracle defined by card name after all - and by Oracle standards, only the last one of those to be in the print line would be the one that all the others match.
As a random aside, a random image I have favored on my deviantart (so you can give proper credit to at least 1 of those ^^):

Your red blue jaren feels breakable, just not sure how yet. Interesting. I tend to stay away from free production events anyways though, I would consider making the produced artifact equipments cost 1, T: to produce. Makes chance of breaking much less probable without sacrificing much power.

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Fri, 2007-06-01 02:12
Hand of Thrawn
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Wow. Lots to reply to.

to thundyr:
-exactly what I was going four. Only having 4 Jarens in a deck but having to choose which one(s).

-If it were up to me I'd treat the Jarens just like Wizards treated multiple art versions of older cards. Same rarity, same collector's number (ok mabey not that far but you get the point.)

-Changing Oboros' name.

-I agree. Checkmate is VERY cool. I'm thinking I'll make a cycle and focus on the tri-coulor "guilds" for this set.

-I agree that the tokens are kind of complicated. Mabey this is an expert, EXPERT level expansion? I'll try to dumb them done a bit if I can.

-I absolutly see hat your saying about the ships. Imprint will not work as I wanted it to due to the very nature of imprint. I'm sure that when I update it you'll get what I meant to be doing. But I'm going to keep most of the ship discussion in it's own thread.

Moving on to the next person's comments.

-Yes! I love headaches. But seriously...These will never be in Oracle so we don't have to worry about that. But if we did treat them like the oracle treats alternate art cards from way back when.

-I agree that it could end up breakable. (ie. Tap an artifact you control: untap target creature.) so I'll give it a cost.

I think that's all I have to say until there's more comments.

EDIT: somebloke came up with the following which I find incredible.
"Crew X (This permanent can't {attack, block or} use activated abilities unless at least X creatures are crewing it. Tap an untapped creature you control: That creature is crewing this permanent as long as it remains tapped.)"

Tue, 2007-06-12 06:13
Hand of Thrawn
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Hey I added my own watermarks for each tri-color "group."

First off another trio of cards with Transform (Updated Soul Shift). I think (am almost positive) that I need to up the cost of each by one. Imput on cost is welcome.

Next two more cards in the cycle with "Checkmate."

Random Legendary Creature and Land.

A hint at another one of the tri-color groups cards.

Tribal Krakens anyone. Lol.

And lastly another Planeswalker.