Tales of Aresia

Tales of Aresia

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Author: Sgt Failure
Release Date: May 2013
Playtested: Some minor sealed has been played with the set, along with a test of a standard environment with RTR block.
Illustrations: 249/249
Special Frames: None

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  • Tales of Aresia is the first set in a block of Magic: The Gathering fan set consisting of 249 black-bordered cards.
  • The set introduces the new mechanics Infuse, Convey, and Captivating along with the return of Retrace.
  • The set features the new planeswalker Simhol, Chosen of Virtue.

Mechanics & Terms

Infuse — On Aresia much like in any song or tale, a single theme can lead to uncalculated consequences. Skilled mages can infuse an action into their spellcasting, allowing spells to shape themselves around it. Cards with infuse can be discarded for a mana cost, and whenever you cast a spell this turn the infused card is "spliced" onto them, as was introduced during Kamigawa.
Conveyed — There is a main attraction, and then there are support roles. And while the supporting roles might have a hard time taking their justified space without a leader, once the leader is near it is far easier to summons his minions. On Aresia, this culminates in cards having conveyed, which allows a cheaper (or alternate) cost to be paid rather than the normal mana cost, as long as you control a permanent with greater converted mana cost.
Captivating — Whenever the story circles around a specific object, things will happen. Be it death, life or love shaping around it, whenever an object is put in focus a story is bound to take shape. On Aresia, whenever a card with Captivating becomes the target of a spell, something will happen. In most cases something positive, but during other times something entirely against your interests.
Retrace — An old mechanic brought back, retrace shows the ability to sidetrack a story and come back, as long as you remember your original home.

      resia is a world created by us, by those forming and experiencing dreams and nightmare alike. Born from the stories read for children, and molded by the horrors forged by unresting mind, there are no limits to which exists on Aresia. Yet now, the world has become alive, and a mutiny is occuring.

No longer is nature allowed to stay its course, thus flaming imps and zombies have sprung into stories they were not intended for. The books outside Aresia are combusting, bleeding and oozing, their contents rewriting itself. And for the first time, an outsider has come to Aresia to shape the stories into what they once were.

This heroine's name is Chandra, and through a lost library has she found the path to her past and future. Along with the native planeswalker named Simhol she has burdened herself with the duty to fight against the demon Madal and his minions. With her spellpower vastly increased, she must work not only against demons, but against her own history as well.

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Tue, 2014-01-28 03:42
N.J Jackson

Captivating=Heroic A happy smile

Tue, 2014-01-28 12:32
Sgt Failure
Sgt Failure's picture

N.J Jackson: Almost, but not entirely. It also triggers off your opponent's spells and of spell copies.

A card a day keeps the goyf away!

Tue, 2014-01-28 19:51
Head Administrator
CanterburyEgg's picture

I'm glad that this was featured here - I loved following it in development!

One question, though. Why did Chandra's Gamble ability revert to -1? It still seems really strong to be able to Gamble three times in a row for just three mana, and I recall you changing it to a -2 at one point.

Also (guess I had two questions), did the third set in Aresia ever get finished, and are you planning on attempting to get Rewriting Aresia hosted (guess I had three questions. I'm bad at counting)? I think it was good enough. Big smile

Wed, 2014-01-29 08:15
Sgt Failure
Sgt Failure's picture

Chandr's Gamble was simply not strong enough for a -2 as it gave no card advantage at all, even card quality wasn't ensured.

Rewriting Aresia is under refining, where as Aresia Rebirthed is mid development. My goal is having them all hosted at some point.

Thanks for the support! A happy smile

A card a day keeps the goyf away!

Wed, 2014-01-29 08:43
AngelofDawn's picture

Wow, this set is pretty cool!

I have a big blade and I cannot lie.

Fri, 2014-03-14 18:41
Wroldlock's picture

Thats a pretty cool mechanics. I like the lots of potential power thing.

Sun, 2014-10-05 21:42
Sgt Failure
Sgt Failure's picture

Quick update:
The set has been updated to M15 on my side, if you want the updated version, send me a PM.

On another note:
Thanks alot for the 1250 downloads of the set, it means a lot!

A card a day keeps the goyf away!

Sun, 2015-03-15 16:07

Could I borrow captivating for a set I'm working on? I will of course, give you full credit. It just happens to work better than heroic for this set.

- Harry The Penguin

Wed, 2015-05-20 18:38
MoxLotus's picture

Great set, but it has some imbalanced cards. For example, Release Reality or Mouth of Fury are insanely overpowered. Just play them with Raise the Past and your opponent is screwed. I guess that in sealed it can rarely ever happen, but in constructed it would look like Mono-Red Conveyed Aggro VS Release Reality + Raise the Past decks only. But anyways, your set seems perfect for sealed, really! Great work with finding proper-looking art for your cards and taking your time to make logical flavor texts! Good job!

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