Additional Templates Forum Info - READ BEFORE CREATING A THREAD

Sat, 2013-12-21 03:19

This forum is where any templates, styles, symbol fonts, and other add-ons to Magic Set Editor, can be found.

Only create a thread here if that thread contains a download in the first post for one or more of the above. These can be uploaded to the site, via the "File attachments" dropdown beneath the text box as you create or edit the thread, or off-site with a provided download link.
Templates should be uploaded either as *.mse-installer or *.zip. For files larger than 10MB, and if any other problems occur, message a mod or admin.
You do not need to have created or even worked on the uploaded file, but credit should be given where applicable. Do note that the template may be taken down if its creator asks us to do so. If you see your template uploaded here and don't want it here, message a mod or admin and explain the case.

If you're having trouble installing an additional template, make sure to read this FAQ, before creating a thread or messaging a mod or admin.