Card of the Week Contest Rules and Information

Mon, 2013-11-11 19:29

Welcome, spectators and competitors - to the new and improved Card of the Week Contests!
In this arena, there will be weekly design contests! These contests will call for card designs fitting the criteria of a challenge, and forum-goers like you will put their skills to the test by making the best cards they can and submitting them to these challenges. Each challenge remains open for one week exactly - and at the end of that week, the winner is determined by the peoples of the forum, decided by poll! The winner of the challenge not only earns the right to decide the next challenge - they also get their card featured on the front page as Card of the Week!

Do you think you have what it takes? Then go check out the latest Card of the Week Contest and throw your hat into the ring! Best of luck, competitors!

Official Rules and Information
1.) Each Card of the Week Contest has a challenge which sets the limitations and restrictions of that Contest. Any card may be submitted, if it follows the challenge. Contest entries that do not follow the challenge will not be included in the poll.
2.) Conversation in Card of the Week contest threads should be kept similarly on-topic. Users are free to converse about other people's designs, constructively critique and comment on other entries in the Contest, discuss the challenge of that week, and so on. This is to keep the Contest threads nice and clean for both the pleasure of spectators, curious users looking into past challenges, and for the moderators who have to set up the polls.
3.) Contest threads will remain open for one week and one week exactly. At the end of the week, the thread will automatically lock - no more entries or posts will be possible.
4.) At the end of the one week submission period, the next poll will go up alongside the next Contest thread. Both the poll and the Contest thread close at the same time.
5.) Users are not allowed to vote for their own entries in the polls. If a user does so, they are given a warning and their entry is disqualified from that Contest. If they are caught doing so again, they are temporarily banned from entering Contests. Just don't do it - we can see who votes for who, you know.
6.) The next Contest's challenge is decided by the winner of the previous Contest's poll. Please have a challenge ready if you're in the lead or tied for lead in the polls. If there is a tie, the first person to respond to my request for a challenge will 'win' the right to the next challenge. Both tied cards will be given Featured Card status. If the winner does not report their challenge within a day, then the challenge will be given by Second Place. The Featured Card will remain First Place's card, however.
7.) It is heavily encouraged that cards have a render ready in this contest. If you do not know how to make a render, or are unwilling/unable to provide one, it is not necessary. Just be forewarned that the moderator team will have to try to find a card-art for First Place's card, and if a suitable art cannot be found, then we will give Featured Card status to Second Place.
8.) If you do provide a render, remember that renders must be appropriate and have artist credit. If either of these conditions is not met, your render will be removed and you'll have to find another one.
9.) Finally, and most importantly: Have fun!

Suggestions for Posting in COTW Threads

1.) Remember, if you "reply" to someone's post, they can't edit in the future! Only "reply" to a post if that post needs to be preserved for your "reply" to make sense. 99% of the time, it doesn't - just comment.

2.) Please try to have a render for your card.

3.) It'd be great if you could include comments and conversation in spoiler tags labeled "Comments".

4.) Please put your card renders in spoiler tags labeled "Render".

Remember, these are all suggestions, and not demands! Post however you wish. Thank you!

If you have anything to say or ask about this contest or its rules, PM the Moderator Lead (Daij_Djan) or another moderator. We are happy to address any concerns our forum-goers have!