I want to download templates

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Fri, 2013-08-16 11:37

When I try to download templates it gives me an sql error, bla, bla, bla...

I know everyone is aware of that and there was someone hosting the templates somewhere else, but this (http://msetemps.sourceforge.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5) doesn't work anymore, so I want to know if there is some place to download the templates.

Fri, 2013-08-16 11:41
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Where did you find that older link? I need to change it to my new one.

Fri, 2013-08-16 21:25
Fri, 2013-08-16 21:28
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That is unfortunate. I can't change that link as I didn't post it.

You can find a new one in my signature.

Edit: And as discussed here, I'm taking requests for templates to rehost as well.

Fri, 2013-08-16 21:48

Thanks a lot! Big smile

Sat, 2013-09-07 20:39

Did you rehost the yugioh templates?