Marioware2's Set Hub (updated with marioware2's new world order)

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Mon, 2013-07-29 15:23
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New World Order wrote:

Welcome to my New World Order! I noticed as I finished my last few sets that I wasn't particularly happy with the end results of my sets, nor was I happy with the way in which I was spoiling them. I have since decided that I would weave an overarching story through my sets, which will hopefully provide me with the creative spark to make them something truly excellent. The first set that will be part of my NWO is currently being spoiled, and can be found in the link below. The other sets are yet to come.

"Bobs", estimated announcement May 2017

"Mischief", estimated announcement Jul. 2017
"Mayhem", estimated announcement Sep. 2017

Old World Order

This is a hub for all sets released before I created my own New World Order. These sets are all complete and available to be downloaded on their thread page, except for Ascent of Deities which is available for download through the link on this hub.

Old Sad Sets
Adzdar Misshapen - My first shot at a set. It's a beautiful example of how not to do top-down design. (Although, to be fair, the flavor is actually pretty decent.)
Feud of Kazran - My SECOND shot at a set! Probably much more cohesive than Adzdar, but it still had some pretty fundamental flaws.
Regulation - Probably my most successful set to date (Editor's Note: this is definitely no longer true), though I've decided I don't like showing off cards without art.

Mon, 2013-07-29 15:59
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I would be happy to look over any set files you give me. Maybe a card you have made could inspire me?

Check out my first set, Kahundra, Plane at War here:

Wed, 2015-10-14 14:22
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I've updated my set hub with links to my more recent sets, as well as a quasi-spoiler for my next set, due to debut on 10/31/2015. Get pumped.