Penada - Clash of the Tribes (Full Spoiler Online)

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Sun, 2013-09-29 07:50
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Wowza. I'm loving some of those cards Big smile I can't wait to see more either Big smile

Tue, 2013-11-12 22:30
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Hi guys, it has been literally ages since my last update here. I deeply apologize for the wait, please don't believe this project has died. While there only have been a few added cards to the set file, there has been done quite some work "behind the lines" instead.

About the planed update: That was a really bad idea. I've actually spent ages to decide what should be counted as cycle and what not (for example I have one mono-colored aura at common for each color - is this enough to be counted as cycle?), leaving me without any conclusion in the end. That's why, I'm currently working on a different update (expect it today or tomorrow) instead: An introduction to the shamanistic Circle of Nilandon!

Stay tuned and you'll see:

- A perfectly fitting reprint.
- A shaman with reincarnate 8.
- Another legendary mythic.

Circle of Nilandon


The central point of the Circle of Nilandon's believes is reincarnation. Each life you live will be followed by a next one. This means death in particular shouldn't be feared but rather celebrated as the beginning of your new life instead.


However this doesn't mean you should devalue your current life and discard it frivolously, but shouldn't cramp onto it just as well. Live your life prepared for it to end one day and don't be sad about your friends deaths, because you'll most likely meet again some day within one of your next lives.

Shamans Codex

Any form of violation of this cycle of live however needs to be fought at any costs. Even if the last remains of Skranxyth's army were formally wiped out in 339 S.T., a few undeads were still said to be roaming the streets at remoted locations and hunted down by the shamans. The Order of Belur is always kept under close watch to make sure, no magical research is done to mess with the cycle of live, no matter the intentions.


The shamanistic Circle of Nilandon was already founded around -400 S.T. inside of the Forest of Nimn and is therefore by far the oldest of Penada's big powers. Since then, Keoa has stayed its only big city, however members of the Circle are known to live everywhere in Penada in smaller groups.

Old Cult Site

The Circle tries its best to maintain peace with the other powers as well as between them. As the golden period ended, the Circle even unsuccessfully negotiated between the Santuaren Empire and the Order of Belur, trying to prevent the forecasting war.

The Circle refused to participate in the war however, at least till the fateful day in 336 S.T., when Skranxyth showed his true colors and the shamans faced his dark troups. After the war was finally won and Skranxyth captured, the Circle spells the final curse upon him to prevent him from ever threatening Skranxyth Penada again.

Blackleaf Shaman

Today, the Circle of Nilandon notices alarming violations of the cycle of live, as sightings of undeads start to pile up all over Penada for unknown reasons. As the relationships between the Santuaren Empire and the Order of Belur once again worsen, the Circle again tries to negotiate. Nobody wants to repeat the old war, especially considering the growing dark threat. Even within the Circle however, there are members agreeing with the Empire in the dangerousness of the female mage that showed up in Luhur, believing her being the cause of the spreading undeads.

Nilandon Purger

Organisation | Leadership

Around 850 years ago, the Circle of Nilandon was founded by five powerful shamans, each sharing (mostly) the same beliefs and philosphies. Till today, technically those five are still in lead of the circle. Whenever one of the five members dies, the remaining ones track down his soul and search for his reincarnated body. Once they find the reincarnated leader, he or she is introduced to the circle as new leader at the age of 10, being granted the "original" name of his or her ancestor as well as the number of reincarnations since the founding as title. The current leaders are:

Eleira, 15th Milu
Milu's reincarnations are always known for their kind, peaceful behavior – and Eleira is no exception of that rule.

Follower of Milu

Laris, 5th Salvanour
Salvanour is known to always reincarnate in the body of a dryad, the race known for its longest natural life spawn on Penada, and therefore has lived through the lowest number of reincarnations of all members.

Kelrath, 14th Naam
During Penada's great war, four of the five leaders of the circle of Nilandon died in battle against Skranxyth's dark troups, leaving only Halour, 12th Naam alive. Some say, the research for the reincarnations of the four died leaders has happend in a big hurry back then – a rumor that survived till today, even if nobody dares to say it aloud, obviously.

Kelrath 14th Naam

Auril, 17th Turis
In comparison to Salvanour, who alrays reincarnates as dryad, Turis doesn't seem to care much about the race she reincarnates within, however all of her reincarnations have been women.

Panros, 14th Syria
Syria has never ever been reincarnated as member of the same race twice in a row. Some think of this as pure coincidence, while others believe this to be way too much coincidence.

Tue, 2013-11-12 23:28
Reality Glitch
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What about any planeswalkers that show up in the set? How are they affected?

Tue, 2013-11-12 23:31
Moderator Best Set of 2016
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@Reality Glitch: There will only be two planeswalkers in the set - both of them actually already have been mentioned in the fluff text Winking smiley

Wed, 2013-12-11 23:47
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Just a small mini update since I decided to use it in the current Card of the Week contest: Here's a colorshift I wanted to use for quite some time now:

Necessary Sacrifice

EDIT: Just noticed my double post - sorry.

Since my last update didn't receive much feedback (to be fair, there were not many new / not obvious cards to comment on), I'll ask what yo'd like to see next:

- A fluff article (spoilers obviously included) about the Order of Belur
- A fluff article (spoilers obviously included) about the Santuaren Empire
- A fluff article (spoilers obviously included) about the Brotherhood
- A random booster. What will it be, what will you see? Only old cards or maybe even a mythic - who knows?

Sorry, no fluff article about the Telo Clan. The article actually woudln't be a problem, but I still want to ponder about the Telo cards a little more Winking smiley

So guys, please let me know, what you'd like to see!

Thu, 2013-12-12 15:49
Reality Glitch
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Any Fluff article, I like Fluff the most.

Thu, 2013-12-12 20:41
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Fluff for the Brotherhood!

Fri, 2013-12-13 20:54
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Just read everything. Whoa. This set seems amazing.

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Sun, 2014-01-12 19:07
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HEY where's our fluff!?

Sat, 2014-03-08 16:12
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Id like to see a set file. lolz

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Wed, 2017-02-08 22:16
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..three years later..

Hi guys, do you by any chance still remember this old small project of mine? Three years ago RL issues forced my to go on a one or two month hiatus, which sadly completely killed my momentum here and made me realize some set building mistakes I made back then. However a few months ago, I decided to finally revamp this project – and this time finish it all the way to the end!

During these past three years, my old image hoster deleated the old renders, so sadly these are lost – which is why I completely re-uploaded all renders within the first post (didn't do this for the later posts). As some of those cards were changed since then, I suggest you check it out! A happy smile

So what to expect next? I'll prepare the background articles for the missing four factions as well as three more Story Spotlights to be released during the next few weeks – so stay tuned!

To finish this small announcement, I wanted to give you guys one new card – fitting this post's theme of a project reborn Winking smiley

See you soon!

Thu, 2017-02-09 00:47
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Interesting choices of abilities - flavor-wise, Ruthless is a fitting name for supertrample IMHO. I'm interested in seeing how else you use Mimic as well.

Is track down only going to apply to creatures for this set?

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Thu, 2017-02-09 20:02
Moderator Best Set of 2016
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If you're interested in Mimic, then the Telo spoiler will have something in store for you Winking smiley

Track down definitely isn't limited to creatures only - even though most commons are for the sake of gameplay.

Sun, 2017-02-12 01:47
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This fateful event took place in 425 S.T. (twenty years ago):

Just a little bit more..

Vargis had lost track of the time he had spent down here, it sure felt like weeks or maybe even months since he fled to the Maram Woods and then stumbled upon this cave by pure accident. But no, it was no accident: Destiny was the better term, he was sure about that. After all, how big were the chances of finding a treasure in such a place? And a treasure this must be, what else would be locked up this thightly?

After all, he was Vargis, the “Master Thief”. There was nothing he couldn't steal, no building he couldn't enter, no lock he couldn't open – not even magical ones could stand a chance against him. And yet, here he was, spending weeks trying to open this one lock on this massive chest. It had to contain a massive treasure, there simply was no other possibility.

Sometimes he had to leave the cave, searching for some old wood for the small fire offering him light and of course hunting something to eat – but he always felt the urge to return as soon as possible. He had to make sure no-one else found the cave after all. This was his task, this was his treasure.

Just a little bit more..

But finally, he was really close to open the lock. He knew the feeling, it had always been there in the past right before he would pull of an awesome coup. And this time, he would make so much money, he'd be able to return to Hadia easily. Bribing the right people to get rid of the Empire's bloodhounds and use the rest showing it to the group..

With a twitch, his movements came to a halt. No, that was wrong. The group was no more, there would be no turning back. Nether again. Not after what they did. Slowly his hands started moving again and suddenly, a loud snap reverberated inside the cave.

For a second, Vargis was baffled. Not able to relate the sound to his work, he looked around inside of the cave until his gaze once more fell onto the lock. It was open. This was it. With shaking hands, he grapped the cover and slowly pulled it up. Then he stood still, silently looking inside the chest. For a minute he stood there, before letting go of the open cover and sitting down in front of his discovery, his back leaning against it.

An urge suddenly building up inside of him, he let out a humorless laugh, echoing over and over again inside these muddy walls. It was all for naught. A body. Who the hell would bury a dead body, locked in chains inside a cave in a no man's land? All this time, spent for nothing. All this hope, wasted within an instant.


The cold yet slightly amused sounding voice hits him like a hammer, making him jump up and looking around fiercely. But he was alone with no one else around. Except.. Slowly he turned until his gaze finally fell into the chest, no coffin, again. The corpse might not have had any eyes left, but he still felt the stare. It looked right though him, understanding everything, knowing everything, making it nearly impossible to breathe, let alone answer. Not that he needed to.


For the second time this day, a laughter echoed through the room. This time however, it sounded so stertorous and eerie, literally every hair on his body stood up. His entire body screamed at him, every muscle tense and ready to flee at any second, yet his mind wasn't able to give the command. Didn't want to give the command.


Absolute silence once again fell upon the cave as Vargis stared at the body lying in front of him. Deep down inside, he knew this would be the most important choice he'd ever make. But then again, there really was no choice to be made in the first place, right? He slowly hunkered down to pick up his tools, not for even a single second averting his gaze from the body.

Just a little bit more..

Sun, 2017-02-12 01:55
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That was a great story, and I love the concept of a lich-style planeswalker, great idea!

Thu, 2017-03-23 00:36
Moderator Best Set of 2016
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Seriously guys, this set either trolls me or is cursed. I needed a two week break because of family and job, and when I finally have the time to do the next update, a flu strikes me down. Then again, one week of busy working – and then the network connection of my computer just dies. But I won't give up! This set will be completely spoiled, even if it kills me – then again, I'd prefer surviving it nethertheless Stick out your tongue Anyway and finally, let's go with the next article:

Order of Belur


The Order of Belur is known to have a vast type of followers, yet they all share one common ideal: The mind is more powerful than the body. Various kinds of magic are practiced and every day something new is created.

Vanish in Time

To make sure these experiments don't get out of hand and the Order basically destroys itself from within, its leading Council of archmages started creating a gigantic number of rules and guidelines from day one. Nowadays, the Order's rules are famous or rather infamous for to their insane complexity. The section forbidding members from making fun of those rules consists of forty-two paragraphs, btw.

Wizards Codex

Mages violating these rules can expect various punishments depending on the graveness of their crime. Some rules are only supposed to ensure good relations to the other powers; most importantly the laws against reanimation magic are crucial for any cooperation with the Circle of Nilandon. Everyone violating these rules is punished hard, all acquired results (officially?) destroyed.

Captivating Sphere


The Order of Belur is founded in -75 S.T. . Luhur, it's first big city and capital till this day, becomes home of the Counsil, regulating the mage's community with its exuberant laws. It takes all the way to 237 S.T. till Tayur's foundation and the Counsil's enlargement to its current size.

Defender of Tayur

Outside its two cities, the Order never cares much about reigning over large areas and so peace between Penada's three powers lasts for more than 300 years. Only few mages leave the cities to seclude themselves in mostly uninhabited areas.

Mages Tower

In 314 S.T. however, Penada's history is about to change forever. Out of thin air, a man named Setheret suddenly appears in Luhur; claiming to be from another world. Due to his knowledge and obvious power, the Order welcomes him warmly and just one year later Setheret is granted a seat in the Council after another member named Kematian dies in a tragic accident.

In the next few years, the relations of the Order and the Santuaren Empire deteriorate dramatically, until in 332 S.T. a mage's attack on a knight's konvoi marks the beginning of the great war. Till this day, the Council denies having ordered that attack.

The war rages for four years until the final battle for Luhur starts. At the morning of the sixth day, without approval of the Council, Setheret channels the energy of nearly fifty followers through a ritual – with a single strike nearly whiping out both armies completely and detaching Luhur from the mainland.

Belur War Golem

Shocked about what happened, the Order of Belur declares unconditional defeat on the very same day and outcasts Setheret. The mages then join in the fight against his sinister army, until the three powers finally achieve victory.

Since the war ended, relationships between the Order of Belur and the Santuaren Empire begin to relax slowly, but they shall never again reach their old depth. And then, just as restlessness once more starts spreading in Penada, suddenly a woman appears in Luhur out of nowhere..

Eradicating Flames

Organisation | Leadership

The Order of Belur is reigned by the Counsil, a group of powerful mages. Originally consisting of fifty members, it's size was increased after Tayur's foundation to the hundred members in contains till this day. The members are referred to as archmages and keep their seat until death or their resignation by their own free will. The only member to ever have been excluded against his will was Setheret back in 336 S.T. . Technically every mage showing potential can hope to someday gain the title of an archmage, in most cases new members begin their career as a member's apprentice.

Officially, all archmages are completely equal, each one having the same rights and just a single vote in each election. In reality however, there have always been some individuals with greater influence sometimes leading whole factions inside the Council. The most important archmages of this day are:

Samus is a male elf knowing for his kindness and respected by many for his efforts in establishing a warm-hearted peace between the three powers once again, even though recent events kind of ruined most of his past work. He's known for being very close to Eleira, 15th Milu, with many speculating the two of them being in a relationship.


Tricia is a human woman of around forty years (her exact age is a secret), famous for her theoretical researches. She has written multiple books and is said to be a wonderful teacher, yet at the same time is known to calculating and weighing up every move. If she decideds for a path, she'll follow it through even if it might cause troubles to others.


Lintai grew up as one of Tricia's first apprentices. The younger woman shares her master's interest in exploring new theoretical theories, yet one day decided to put all this theory into practical use. From one day to the next she left Tricia's school and build her first own laboratory; and many more would follow. Lintai is known for her wacky experiments, often resulting in more or less dangerous failures, but always improving after each flop. Due to this she became the youngest current archmage, even though she tends to miss Council meatings quite often.

Blazing Meteor

Aras is known as Penadas current most powerful firemage. He tends to react to opposition by challenging his adversary to a duel and then burn him to a crisp. Then again he's known to be extremely loyal to the Council as well. His cousinship with Imperator Zalaros is a well-known secret, just as their hatred for each other.

Glittering Heat

With his real age being unknown, some claim Ralus' birthday being the last day of the great war. Even if this most likely isn't true, there's no point denying his old age. He rarely uses his magical powers nowadays, yet many still consider him the most powerful mage of the current era. Likewise in Council meetings Ralus is known to mostly listening in silence; yet when he does speak up, everyone listens to his low and calm voice.

Ralus Archmage

Hope you guys enjoyed the spoiler. See you soon!

Design Notes
A few months ago, when I began reworking and finishing Penada, there was one big question to be solved: Do I want to update the set to the new evergreen mechanics? As I liked Spellcraft and didn't want to drop it while at the same time hated having it alongside of Prowess, I decided to stick to the old evergreens instead. Also: Chandra. Back then I liked the idea of having a canon walker featured in the set and didn't even have any plans for her as far as the plot is concerned – yet while I'm nowadays more wary about using canon walkers in the first place, I like the spot she now has within the set (and just replacing her with my own "cool female fire mage" felt rather cheap) and as such she stayed. This is definitely happening pre-Gatewatch, though.

Thu, 2017-03-23 09:45
Moderator Best Set of 2016
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Big thanks for the catch - will be changed in the file A happy smile

Sun, 2017-03-26 00:37
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Knowing I won't be able to do a big update next week, let's take a look at our next faction already, shall we?

Telo Clan


Living in the most dangerous environment known on Penada, members of the Telo Clan decided to embrace the threats surrounding them rather than fighting them. Nature is a judge, a teacher but also a comrade at the same time – and as it's able to change and adapt, so does the Telo Clan.

Shapeshifters Codex

From a very young age, clan members learn how to change their body and shape it according to their will, mimicing all the power nature showcases them. Trying to achieve something by forcing it where flexibility would succeed is considered a display of weakness and harshly frowned upon.

Encouraging Shapeshifter


In the last years before 332 S.T., as the upcoming war between the Santuaren Empire and the Order of Belur becomes more and more obvious, citizen from all over Penada look for a place to shelter from the looming conflict. In the end, they decide to flee inside the unexplored Jungle of Antara – well aware they're basically walking into their death as well, as the jungle is considered too dangerous for anyone to survive for a longer period of time.

Katal Leviathan

In 334 S.T. however, the surviving refugees discover the hidden Sea of Katal, Penada's biggest lake. At it's northern shore, the city of Ne'vid is founded. In the next few years, its citizen adapt more and more to their menacing surroundings as they learn not to fight but to become part of it instead. In 350 S.T., the Telo Clan is officially founded.

Koi Telo

First contact of the Clan with the outside world eleven years later encounters skeptism. Especially in the Santuaren Empire the denizens of Ne'vid are considered deserteurs whom could use their new found power to hide in the “normal” population. Although the deep in the Jungle of Atarna found goods and resources are considered interesting, dialogues concerning trade agreements fail. Instead, the Empire sends more and more own excursions inside the jungle until in 375 S.T. the city of Borena is founded deep inside of it. As the Clan considers it being a massive violation to its own philosophy as well as its territory, the city is more or less open fought for from day one.

Confusing Act

While the conflict with the Empire still continues, the Telo Clan finally manages to reach a secret trading agreement with the archmage Marlis, younger Tricia's master, in 427 S.T. . Exchange of goods between Ne'vid and Tayur using the upper course of the Kilitar begins.

Pilularia Telo

Organisation | Leadership

The Telo Clan is divided into three smaller clans based on the individuals shapeshifting abilities. Clan membership often yet not always follows blood relations and marrying outside of one's own clan to this day is till considered awkward at least. Each of the smaller clans has its own Elder, the three of them choosing the entire Telo Clan's leader among them every few years. The three clans are:

The Trosh Clan
The Trosh Clan is specialized in mimicing Penada's fauna – its animals, beasts and monsters. It's often considered being a rather agressive clan. Ayissa is the current Trosh Elder, and she is no exception to this rule.

Feline Telo

The Olinus Clan
Basically as the Trosh Clan's counterpart, the Olinus Clan models itself on Penada's flora instead.As such, its clan members are often considered being rather defensive. However, as the current Olinus Elder Malano has proven multiple times, when they do finally get into action, his clan members stand behind no one.

Giant Redwood Telo

The Pratia Clan
The Pratia Clan finally consists of all those members sticking out for their ability not to mimic the jungle's other inhabitants but rather other citizens instead. For a long time, the Pratia Clan would be more or less open taunted by the other two clans, yet the longer the conflict with the Empre continues, the more important this clan gets. Therefore Sarabo currently fulfills the role not only of this clan's Elder but as the entire Telo Clan's leader. Sarabo's mimicing powers are so great, basically no one is known to have seen his true face for more than two decades now. From time to time he leaves the jungle or sometimes even wanders right through Borena completely undiscovered.

Sarabo Pratia Elder

Sun, 2017-03-26 01:35
Simonbarsinister's picture

Katal Leviathan is nice. Very cool. Feline Telo seems weak, though, because it's dumb to play it unless you have lots of buffy creatures and at that point it is no longer great. Any reason why it's a rare?

Sun, 2017-03-26 14:47
Moderator Best Set of 2016
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@fluffyDeathbringer: Big thanks A happy smile I actually noticed the minor mistake on the Leviathan after posting it - Sarabo is kind of embarassing, though Winking smiley

@Simonbarsinister: It's a hasty 2/2 for Red mana symbol, that combination kind of makes me not want to see it in Limited. But yeah, Feline Telo's stats and numbers have changed quite a lot recently - this is kind of the tamest version just to make sure. At some point it actually had 3 power instead - I might just go back to the first version which simply included yourself as possible random target as well (finding a perfect wording isn't that wasy, though)..

Mon, 2017-03-27 20:13
Head Administrator
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For someone who touts his prowess at designing commons and uncommons, your mythics for the Telo clan are all really cool. I think somewhere there was a template for the Khans-ordered mana symbols - think that would look better on Sarabo (4 mana symbolRed mana symbolBlue mana symbolBlue mana symbolGreen mana symbol). Other than that, no criticisms! I LOVE the Leviathan. Sweet dude.

Mon, 2017-03-27 20:52
shiftyhomunculus's picture

There's also an option under Set Info to turn on "wedge mana costs", though toggling it back and forth is a bit awkward.

Red mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlack mana symbol
formerly thehuw
they/them, please

Tue, 2017-03-28 23:18
Moderator Best Set of 2016
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@marioware2: Massive thanks A happy smile Telo cards were difficult yet fun to design indeed. I prefer the "classic" wedge mana cost sorting though - might be due to the set's age, though Winking smiley

As already mentioned in the Skype chat, it seems like WotC is mad about me doing Egypt first. So as I beat them with Atuum, they apparently decided to use their next set to beat one of my Penada cards. What am I talking about you ask? Well..

Quite the power level gap obviously - won't change my card though. Also this means you're now only missing two cards from the cycle.. Winking smiley

See you next time!

Sun, 2017-04-02 19:53
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I'm a magus, you're a magus – everyone is a magus!

Hi guys! As RL kept me rather busy this week, I wasn't able to prepare the next spoiler article – so I thought I'd showcase you a cool rare cycle instead. Some of you might remember this card:

Yes, it's the green part of the Preasti Magus cycle. Back then when that set was still during design, I won a challenge and was allowed to design a green rare as reward – and that's the card I came up with (starting the cycle). However you might wonder: Why isn't it a Wizard like all official Magus cards so far? I have to admit: Because the card wasn't actually originally designed with Preasti in mind:

Yes, it was designed for Penada instead. And even though originally not planned as such, here as well the card was used to start a whole cycle when I started reworking this set a few months back. So, are you interested in the missing cards? Here we go:

So, what do you guys think – I hope you like them? Have to admit, I'm personally slightly concerned with the black one - even though I like how clean the wording becomes in this creature version..

See you next time!

Sun, 2017-04-02 21:48
Head Administrator
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Just for the record, the Magus of the Good from Preasti is a Wizard! Did they change it behind your back? A happy smile

Mon, 2017-04-03 00:39
MysticalOctopus's picture

Or just Magus of Battle

My Set Hub[/size]

Mon, 2017-04-03 17:08
Moderator Best Set of 2016
Daij_Djan's picture

Concerning Magus of the Good: While this proves me being pressed on time when I set up the spoiler, it's still rather embarrassing - how could I not notice the change? Puzzled Also this is rather bad in terms of MSEM - I guess I'll have to ask to redo the Preasti version or completely drop the card here, as turning my version into a Wizard completely breaks this world's flavor..

Concerning Magus of the Battle: That name has indeed caused me some nightmares..

Concerning Magus of Contamination: Yeah, I know - exactly the reason I mentioned being concerned about it above. Then again, Contamination already is a card (even less vulnerable than my creature counterpart) and still sees no play - probably as it's simply not reliable enough in terms of locking your opponent as well as setting it up?

Tue, 2017-04-04 14:24
Moderator Best Set of 2016
Daij_Djan's picture


Well, as there are indeed some issues with both Magus of the Good as well as Magus of the Contamination, I decided to indeed drop and replace them both – allowing me to properly align each Magus to it's tribe central color as well and fitting in a Rogue to the cycle. Here we go:

What do you think? Powerful replacements for sure, but they should be much safer for MSEM nethertheless Winking smiley

See you next time!

Tue, 2017-04-04 14:30
Cajun's picture

I'd personally go Magus of the Pact over Grave. Also using an artifact kinda breaks your cycle, no?

Cajun's Explorations - Cajun Style Templates - High Noon Reloaded

fluffyDeathbringer wrote:
I dunno, Cajun has a habit of doing Dubiously Working new rules stuff

Tue, 2017-04-04 14:35
Moderator Best Set of 2016
Daij_Djan's picture

Magus of the Pact would also work, yes. Guess I need some other people's opinion on this topic Winking smiley And no, that's fine. The cycle was designed with the typical Magi in mind anyway - using enchantments as well as artifacts or even lands as potential models.

Tue, 2017-04-04 14:44
Cajun's picture

Each of the sets had a cycle though. All the Time Spiral referenced an artifact, all the Planar Chaos referenced a land, etc.

Isn't really a problem, it's just 4-1 is noticeable.

Cajun's Explorations - Cajun Style Templates - High Noon Reloaded

fluffyDeathbringer wrote:
I dunno, Cajun has a habit of doing Dubiously Working new rules stuff

Sat, 2017-06-24 00:56
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Final Announcement:

The time has come to finally end this..

  • Monday: Brotherhood Spoiler
  • Tuesday: How did MSEM2.0 change Penada?
  • Wednesday: Santuaren Empire Spoiler
  • Thursday: Story Spotlight 3
  • Friday: Full Set Spoiler!

See you guys next week! Or as Ralus would put it:

Mon, 2017-06-26 19:56
Moderator Best Set of 2016
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The Brotherhood


The Empire and the Order must pay for their countless wrongdoings. The Brotherhood is a conglomerated, young group of people, but most of its members would agree with this statement. At its core, the Brotherhood is a group of thieves, robbers and murderers; but to them all of this is just a response to how they were treated by the two great powers in the past. Vargis, the urban legend, has offered every citizen their place within the Brotherhood as long as they listen to his comands. He promises a community where no-one willing to do whatever he or she can will be left behind and everyone treated fairly as well as revenge – and his people love him and will follow him to death if needed.

Dagger Cut


The history of the brotherhood is the history of a single man: Vargis. Born in the Empire's capital, Vargis grew up on the streets as an orphan alongside his two friends Landos and Elion. Together, the trio lived from one day to another by stealing; and as they grew older, they became more and more successful at doing so. When they were around fourteen years old however, their success angered a local guild of thieves. Without a given warning, the guild attacked the three boys, with Landos dying during the pursuit.

The loss of their friend, who was more like a brother to them, changed Vargis as well as Elion. While the former polished his thieving skills to unknown heights, Elion got more and more ruthless in his methods. A few years later Vargis was close to becoming an urban legend. The "master thief", as he was called, stole from rich merchants, the Empire's knights and even a wizard's tower. No lock be it made from iron or magic could ever stop him.

Vargis Master Thief

But then came the day that would change everything. As Vargis broke into a storehouse in 425 S.T., a group of knights already awaited him inside and arrested the young man. To settle the dispute with the guild once responsible for Landos' death and take a leading position within it, Elion had betrayed his closest friend and sold him of to the Empire. Within a few hours, Vargis was condemned to be executed in public the very next day; but the master thief managed to break out of his cell and flee the capital. Chased by a group of knights, Vargis fled from one village to another, until his trace was lost deep inside of the Maram Woods.

For a few years, the living legend vanished from sight. In the meantime, Elion became leader of the guild of thieves by literally killing of the competition one after another until there was no-one left to oppose him. But when the other guild members rose with the sun on the day exactly five years after the failed execution, Vargis suddenly sat in the guild leader's chair. Not a single trace of Elion would ever be found. Taking control of the guild easily, Vargis lead its members out of Hadia and into the Maram Woods and together, they founded the city of Pales. Many more thieves, robbers, murderers would follow alongside many unsatisfied with the Empire or the Order as well as all of their families. The Brotherhood was born.

Maram Robbers

Merfolk Persuader

Since then, a mere fifteen years have passed. The Brotherhood has grown at an insane pace and its power grew with it. Originally only attacking some small villages within te Flats, nowadays the rogues don't even fear attacking greater caravans transporting weapons from Burding to Hadia. Also many members have returned into the other cities wrecking havoc whereever they can. Recently, Vargis has tried to get in contact with the Telo Clan; but so far all negotiations of a partnership have failed.

Jungle Explorer

Organisation | Leadership

Vargis is the founder and one and only ruler of the Brotherhood. While sometimes he might dispatch a group to fulfill a task and appoint one of its members as leader, all of these posts are merely temporary. Every member of the Brotherhood, every citizen of Pales follows his orders and lives by its laws. And while they are rather loose as far as outsiders are concerned (as long as a group fulfills its given task, what happens to outsiders getting caught in the crossfire rarely matters), Vargis' rules concerning other Brotherhood members are known to be very strict. Those harming another member get one warning at best, before they simply vanish without a trace; just like Elion did in the past.

Rogues Codex

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Head Administrator
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For a seven-mana, three-color mythic, Vargis is missing some punch. His ability is really strong, but I think he deserves some way to get there on his own. Perhaps menace or deathtouch (or both)?

Track down is cool but I hate the name. Have you considered "creature tracking"? If you keep it as-is, I think it needs to say "for its track down cost". Merfolk Persuader is a cool card but the name is...average at best. I'd consider changing the word Merfolk to something a bit more flavorful in-world.

Tue, 2017-06-27 01:10
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Splice doesn't have a splice onto cost. +1 to the rest tho (except deathtouch+menace)

Cajun's Explorations - Cajun Style Templates - High Noon Reloaded

fluffyDeathbringer wrote:
I dunno, Cajun has a habit of doing Dubiously Working new rules stuff

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Thanks for your feedback! A happy smile

@Vargis: To be honest, I was really afraid of his ability - so I preferred erring on weaker side here. I might grant him Menace or simply lower his cost a bit - Deathtouch totally doesn't fit his flavor Winking smiley Considering Vargis is in the right color combination to be granted literally every evasion ability possible, lowering his cost might actually be the most interesting approach?

@Merfolk Persuader: Fair, I'll think about something

@Track: Didn't consider it, no. To me, my name actually feels more fitting though - then again, this might be because I'm no native english speaker..

How MSEM2.0 changed Penada

As all of you most likely know, MSE Modern 2.0 is out and it actually had some interesting implications for Penada. First of all, as member of its Counsil, my work there put these spoilers on hiatus again once more – but this isn't really what I wanted to talk about today Winking smiley As I want to submit this set to the new format, I need to follow the format's rules (obviously), and this led to one big issue as well as a nice opportunity.

The Opportunity

Until recently, Penada contained a card named Desperate Ritual. Don't bother remembering that name though, as the card doesn't exist anymore. It was my attempt at a rare burn spell, obviously inspired by Lightning Storm – and I didn't like it much. Still, it remained in the file all the time as I didn't really have a better design to use instead.

But then WindyDelcarlo brought his Ultima supertype Empower mechanic into the format, a mechanic which by its nature makes sence to use within my own set even on merely a single card – which is exactly what I have done:

The Issue

As much as one of Windy's mechanics helped me out one the one hand, one of his other mechanics caused me some headaches. Which one you ask? Well, take a look:

Two mechanics with similar names and similar mechanical approaches? The MSEM2.0 Name Policy really wouldn't be happy about this.. I pondered about this for a while and then remembered some common-only playtesting from the past and how Battle experience could indeed sometimes get out of hand back then – and while the set has changed a lot since then, this kind of was the last drop to make me reach a conclusion: After I received Windy's approval, I replaced all instences of Battle experience with Experience (even though this required a redesign for one card which featured Defender) and slightly rebalanced my cards:

Sadly there was no card to reprint directly as none of the original designs were knights, yet I'm still quite pleased with the final results. Want to see more of them? Then you'll have to wait and see till tomorrow!

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Santuaren Empire


One could describe the Empire as a direct counterpart to the Order of Belur. Where the Order believes in the power of one's mind, pure physical might is all that counts for the Santuaren knights. If you have enough strength, you can reach all of your goals.

Aggressive Knight

"With great power comes great responsibility" is a common phrase within the Empire as well, even though outsiders would sometimes argue about the knight's definition of "responsibility". For them, this includes the responsibility to lead those whom are weaker as they won't be able to make decisions for themselves – or won't be able to bear the resulting consequences.

Knights Codex

This is why the Santuaren Empire has grown quickly and reached by far the greatest area of influence. Violating any rules made by the Empire or disobeying any given order however is strictly punished. The end justifies the means after all.

Righteous Charge


The foundation of the Satuaren Empire and its capital Hadia marks the birth of a new calendar, which is still used to this day. For more than two centuries, the Empire grows expanding its territory while still keeping close relations with the other two powers of the time. In 255 S.T., the small mountain village Burdin gets annexed to provide a steady source of weapons and armor which still lasts to this day.

Dwarven Blacksmith

After Setheret's arrival on Penada, the Empire's relations with the Order of Belur start changing for the worst, smaller conflicts start occoring, until after a mage's attack on one of its supply konvois, the Empire officially declares war to the Order. The war goes on for four years, when at the morning of the fifth day of what was supposed to be the final battle for Luhur Setheret finally makes a stand, nearly wiping out both armies at once. Only due to the Circle of Nilandon's contribution, Penada's citizen finally emerge victorious against Setheret's sinister hordes.

Santuaren Commander

With the knights providing unbreakable chains to bind Setheret's body, the Empire afterwards tries to return to its former glory. Its relationships to the Order, while settling down a bit, never returns to how it was before the war. Around two decades later however, suddenly a group calling themselves the Telo Clan – the decendants of war fugitives who found a new home inside of the Jungle of Atarna – appears and tries to establish contact with the three old powers. In the eyes of the Empire however, they are nothing but the decendants of cowards who developed dangerous new abilities to undermine its power, so negotiations fail quickly.

Still, with life being proven possible even within the Jungle and them being tempted by possible new and unknown resources, the Santuaren knights start their own expeditions; only to fail miserably at first. In 375 S.T. however, Imperator Ezerntus forces the foundation of Borena with the Empire's concentrated might. A path, several hundreds of miles long, is cut straight through the Jungle and the city build at its end. Basically from the very first day, Borena is more or less openly fought for as the Clan sees it as a violation of its philosophies as well as an invasion of their territory.

In recent years, a group of robbers and thieves apparently hiding in the Maram Woods starts terrorizing the Flats and playing hide and seek with the Empire's troups. While originally they seemd more of a nuisance than a threat, the Brotherhoods influence and power seems to increase quickly to a level, the knights are not willing to ignore any more. Meanwhile their attention gets drawn towards Luhur though, where recently a powerful fire mage named Chandra has appeared in the same way Setheret did more than a century ago..

Search for the Hidden

Organisation | Leadership

The Santuaren Empire is led by its Imperator, residing in its capital Hadia. Burdin and Borena are governed by a Protector each, the only two persons allowed to give advice to the Imperator. Still, even they are not forbidden to ignore any direct orders given to them. The Imperator as well as the two Protectors carry their titles as long as they live or until they are beaten by a competator – what in most cases is just the same anyway. These are the current Empire's leader:

Imperator Zalaros:
Zaralos took the crown thirty years ago by the age of twenty and has defended his position multiple times. He is feared as much as loved by his devoted followers. He and Aras from the Order of Belur are cousins, but this doesn't change their burning hatred for one another.

Brute Act

Jadar, Protector of Burdin:
As traditionally all of Burdin's Protectors, Jadar is a dwarf. Compared to his two companions, he's known to be the most gentle of the current leaders, yet he's known to show no merci to those opposing the Empire and its citizens.

Caris, Protector of Borena:
Caris is an elf and obtained his title just a few years ago after winning a famous duel with his predecessor. With his city being constantly on the brink of war, he's shown absolute ruthlessness and no mercy towards the Telo clan.

Hidden Grimace

To obtain the title of a knight, the Empire's children are granted a chance once each year from their fifteenth to their twentieth birthday to prove themselves in a duel against a full-fledged knight. This chance is given to all citizens no matter their heritage or heritage, however the more influencial the competitor, the more lenient the decision seems to be made in the end.

Double Accolade

Once his or her twentieth birthday is passed however, a citizen never receives a chance to reach the ranks of knighthood ever again. Those passing the tests on the other hand begin a new life with new responsibilities as well as opportunities. Regular tournaments among knights are held to increase one's fame and obtain higher ranks. Only when a competator's rank and fame have reached a certain level, they receive the right to aim for one of the three leading positions.

Warleaders Glory

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Two days ago..

As the clarions blow, the few whispers in the croud disappear instantly. All gazes wander to the balcony above, where the imperator treads forward to the balustrade. His armor shimmering in the sunbeams coming through the archways, his white cape slowly dancing in the wind, his gaze wanders across the crowd.

Lords and ladys, knights of the Empire!

His words echo though the giant hall, his loud and powerful voice reaching even the last corners.

For centuries, we as well as our ancestors before us have protected the Empire and its citizen from all its enemies, be them from the inside or the outside. For centuries, we did what was right, we did what needed to be done. Today, we might be facing our greatest obstacles, our greatest challenges ever – but we will not step back. We will face those that oppose us, those threatening our peace, and whipe them out without mercy.

To those of the Clan, opposing our brothers and sisters in Borena – hear my message: Enough! Children of cowards who fled the great war, hiding in the jungle's shadows, you will never defeat us. Stop your pointless attacks on our property, or we'll stub the entrie jungle if necessary.

To those of the so-called Brotherhood, threatening the Flats – hear my message: Enough! You, a group of thieves and murderers, following a single man who fled from justice hiding behind some trees, dream of opposing us? You're nothing but dirt under our boots. Surrender and bow to our authority, or we will trample over you just as you deserve.

And finally to the members of the Order, who once took in an outsider and now repeat their same old mistakes – hear my message: Enough! You might tout your intelligence, yet you didn't learn from your past. Back then we trusted you and not only the Empire but all of Penada had to pay the price for our faith in you. And now, that woman calling herself Chandra lives amongst you and once again you ask us to simply trust your petty words? Not this time, I say, not anymore! This will be your final warning: We demand the handover of that woman!

With a swift gesture, Zaralos unsheathes his sword, holding it highly into the air to the roaring applaus and battle cries of the knights below.

Else, there shall be war again. You have three days.. For the Empire!

Fri, 2017-06-30 22:57
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It's been four years and nine days since the first post within this thread and finally, finally, I can happily present your PEN's complete set file!

While in the end revealed after PoA, this in my mind still is and will always be my very first set. I've learned tons of stuff while designing (and previewing Winking smiley ) it, and while I think it still has its flaws, I'm really happy about my final rework. Massive thanks to everyone for giving me all the feedback and encouragement during those four years, marioware2 in particular. Also massive thanks to fluffyDeathbringer and his proof reading service I gladly used A happy smile

Btw, you might notice the storyline ending pretty much in medias res – I promise, it'll be completed one day (and more importantly I promise you won't have to wait four more years Big smile ). But next up, Karsus awaits us!

See you soon!