Set Concept Game

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Mon, 2012-05-21 20:37
Noahlotr's picture

So this game is actually pretty simple, and doesn't actually involve designing cards. It's more big picture. Basically, every challenge will look like this:

Make up a <SOMETHING> for a set with a <SOMETHING> of <BLAH>.

Things that would go in the <SOMETHING> slots are:

Mechanic or Keyword
Major Character
Something of your choice.

This is not a judged game, it just continues on. You may, but don't have to, comment on the previous poster's post.

So here's the first challenge:

Make up a name for a set with a tagline of "And only darkness remained."

Happy conceiving!

Mon, 2012-05-21 21:11
Carn13's picture


Make up a non-walker protagonist for a new set on Dominaria.

Mon, 2012-05-21 21:33
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Alright! I'm so in!

Okay, so I may have made an antagonist, but that's for te storywriter to decide ^^

Here comes Shana, Bound by Amarash.
In the recently mended Dominaria, Shana's family quickly established itself as one of the major trading families. Thus, Shana never had a hard day in her life. She went through each day as she pleased, surrounded by servants and frineds telling her how great and perfect she was. How beautiful she was. How graceful and wonderful she was. It was no wonder she began loving herself.
So, Shana let herself out into the world, convinced that she would be welcomed and praised like in her home. This illusion was quickly shattered when she was robbed in a back alley, and got a terrible scar across her left cheek. Her illusion crackled and pride destroyed, she turned to the demon Amarash for aid. He gave her power and beauty beyond compare, in exchange for one service. He has not yet specified which service, nor has he called it in yet.
Shana, with black magic flowing from her fingertips, was convinced that anyone not loving her was merely jealous of her perfection, and should be cleansed from the world.
While Shana enjoys her leisure in Dominaria, Amarash plots. And he has one pawn he can always count on....

Next: Make a mechanic for a set with the logline "What lives, when the world dies?"

Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.

Tue, 2012-05-22 00:38
K1L1's picture

Shana- I'd say she is an Anti-Villain with a severe case of My God, What Have I Done syndrome, which will most likely be followed by a bit of I Must Make Amends.

Afterlife (When this creature dies, put a 0/1 colorless Spirit creature token onto the battlefield.)
^^The set is based on some apocalypse which destroys most of the world and the mass influx of souls to the afterlife does something very bad.

Next: Make a summarized story for a set with the theme of pirates.

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Secret Project 1 - Creating base set...
Secret Project 2 - Skeleton complete!

Tue, 2012-05-22 02:03
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In the kingdom of Dawnshire, the Crown is in a constant quarrel against pirates, leaded by the evil Gagaroff. In a tragic accident, the current King and Queen of Dawnshire perished, leaving behind their sole daughter as the heir of the throne. At the crowning, however, Gagaroff's crew kidnap young Mathilda, leaving her cousin, the evil Lady Deborah, and her husband to the throne. Keep on tuned to learn the outcome of the war between the pirates, if Princess Mathilda manages to escape Gagaroff's evil clutches, and why do Deborah, her husband Lord Damien, and the prime minister seem to know something else.

Next: Make a mechanic or keyword for the set I just created a story to.

I'm back! I survived the Eater of Days!

Tue, 2012-05-22 02:50
Dawnk41's picture

This mechanic will only appear on blue cards.
Piracy <#><cost> (Counter target spell with a converted mana cost of # when you cast this card for it's Piracy cost. You may not cast this spell for it's Piracy cost if you don't counter a spell.)

Next: Make up a Faction for a world where finding signs of Wizardry in a person automatically elevate that person to a Kinglike or Noble status, and the Faction you are creating is attempting to tear down this Hierarchy.

Tue, 2012-05-22 12:47
pang4's picture

Piracy: Convoluted, but nice ^^ I think the mechanic is inherently powerful, as it counters spells, but if the piracy cost of the card is higher than original cost it would be fine.

Call of the Bereft
Under the idyllic castles of Icza, where all magic resides, trouble stirs. Trouble that could change all of Aminoa...
Aminoa is a plane of very little magical activity. Few are born that can utilize it's powerful properties. So whenever a child shows any magical ability, he is instantly shipped to the great academy of the Icza estate. There, they indulge in studies and emerge as royal guards and seers of great authority.
Once in this world, a child called Barir was born. He was not magical, nor did he want to. However, his three younger siblings were each compatible with Aminoa's recessive mana and lived lives in glamour, while Barir was left behind with a crumbling home after his parents' death. Enraged at the unfair power the mages exerted, he gathered allies. And so were the ranks of the Bereft formed.
Generations passed, but Barirs memory and followers lived on. Forming secret societies in catacombs, the Bereft grew stronger and more cunning. They developed the art of mageslaying. They gathered artifacts and relics with wich to fight the mages. Barirs descendant, Int, now leads the Bereft.
And they are ready to emerge from their hiding and wage war on the king and his magicians....

NEXT! Make a tagline for this set!

Furthermore, I believe Carthage should be destroyed.

Wed, 2012-05-23 19:22
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"Reclaim your honor."

Next: Make a major character for a set, who is part of a group of taskmages.

Current Projects
Secret Project 1 - Creating base set...
Secret Project 2 - Skeleton complete!