A Keyword parameters problem

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Sun, 2011-11-20 12:22
Yolly's picture

I'm developing a set and I use a bunch of specific keywords.
The problem is with the reminder text.
I can't get the program to display the reminder text for a two parameter keyword.
It works fine with one, but when I add a second it just won't work.
Not the greatest problem ever, but still.
I reckon it's one of two things - the syntax of the match (may be I need some special punctuation) or it's just a bug.
Here's the line (bare in mind that the wording is not yet final - it's normal to suck; I'm working on it)
Match: Assemble <cost>, <name>.
Reminder: {param1}, As an additional cost, sacrifice this creature and one more with the same name: Put one {param2} on the battlefield tapped.

/It's an artifact based set and this is an ability reserved for a group of small artifact creatures./

Thanks in advance and I hope the problem is in me, so I can fix it the easy way A happy smile