Chronoscape: Mask of the Betrayer

Tue, 2011-09-27 05:39
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Chronostasis is a world that was created during the the Pherexian invasion into Domiria. Rips in the temporal fabric and Æther began slowly funneling mana into this world. The events of Timespiral greatly accelerated this process. Chronostasis is a demi-plane that is its own planeswalker, or rather an idividual with the a planewalker spark was sucked into one of the time rips, and was torn asunder. As a result, several fragments of himself are created, each with their own goals and beliefs. He is known only as the Unknown Walker, though the inhabitants of Chronostasis have no idea what that means, only that its the first thing that comes to mind when they see someone with out scale or fur.

These people you see, are not human, nor elf, zombie, goblin, veldarken, fairy, merfolk or even kor, but various animals that had been sucked through and awakened due to the worlds power. (This is because I want to make a tribal set that DOES NOT have most of the standard 'races' that show up almost every single tribal format, cause you know, elves are freeking ridiculous in the amount of tribal support they get. now things like soldier and wizard I consider to be a class.)

Chronostasis, as its name implies, is a constant flow of time that stands still. The people here have no concept of seconds or minutes, or even with time itself, because it always is changing. However a few cities remain constant. Inshanra, Keshka, Velshua and many more. Without these cities staying mostly constant, the demi-plane would fly apart and cease to exist...

(As a result, many effects though that are based on time make a comeback in my set, including phasing.)

However not everything is honkey dory in this world, the humanish shapeshifter Arch Rivus Deadalus has uncovered something and now wears a mask to cover his face. His folowers, shifters, have teamed up with spectors and a madness is approaching. A madness that threatens every timeline and is unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, yet oddly familiar.

New with this set..

Mill - This is a simplification of words, much like dies. If a card says "Mill 1 card" it means you put the top card of your library into your graveyard. If a card says "Target player mills 1 card" it means that target player puts the top card of his library into his graveyard.

Insanity - Whenever a card is milled from your library, you may pay this cost in order to play the card. Basically its like madness, but for your library. In Identity Crises this ability only shows up in U/B and maybe R.

Displacement - Whenever a creature is dealt damage, instead put that many damage counters onto it. At your upkeep remove those counters and they deal that much damage to the creature. This damage cannot be diverted, prevented or displaced. This ability currently only shows up in G/W

Outmanuver - When this creature is blocked, you can assign its combat damage as though it wasn't blocked. Currently shows up in R.. but there is a great possibly it will show up in every color except W.

Anchor - This cannot be exiled by an effect/spell an opponent controls. It cannot phase out. Currently shows up only in W, but may also show up in U.

Color, Race, Philosophies..
Red mana symbol + White mana symbol - Badgers - Tactics and Combat
Red mana symbol + Blue mana symbol - Rabbits - Theft and Trickery
Blue mana symbol + Black mana symbol - Shapeshifters and Spectors - Madness and Insanity
Black mana symbol + White mana symbol - Goats - Worship and Necromancy
Green mana symbol + White mana symbol - Mongoose and Ferrets - Zen and Training
Green mana symbol + Black mana symbol - Wolves and Hounds - Fear and Death
White mana symbol + Blue mana symbol - Foxes - Control and Time


Dangit, I forgot to fix Bishiki.. its ability should read "Till end of Turn".




As said before, shapeshifters are all about madness and insanity. They might very well also take in R on the fringe and gain access to some hellbent cards as well. Expect to be very scucidal black with them.

The Aura should have Enchant Creature. Rivus's betrayal, I want the card to be good in both forms where you don't have a partner and then have some reason for your partner to discard a card for benefit.


With the rabbits, many of the rabbits have a "camp" mode, where they either get into their pirate ship, or get into their camp. This does give a weird little defensive measure for some of them, such as the highlanders.. Its very much possible that the Highlanders will require U to transform, but the idea is that the rabbits retreat into the camp and hold up all the artifacts in there. (gotta protect the shinies)

A few mistakes, All Red Rabbits second form is suppose to have defender. Also that isn't suppose to be B on the other on, it should be U/R.

I don't have access again right now to MSE, but some cards for wolves..

Howling Fear 2BG
Prevent all combat damage dealt by non-wolf, non-hound creatures.
Creatures your opponents control do not untap during their controllers next uptap

Deepest Fear 2BB
Creatures your opponents control are colorless until end of turn.
Creatures you control gain fear until end of turn.

Silencing Howl 3GB
Destroy target enchantment.
If you control two or more wolves, opponents cannot cast spells until end of turn.

I don't quite like Silencing Howl. The Idea is that the wolves cause a fear in your opponents preventing them from casting. But since U/W are typically the colors that would do that.. Course it is not as easy to do, since it is a sorc and you need 2 wolves and an enchantment in play.

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In this set, wolves are all about invoking fear in their foes. As a result, they constantly are changing creatures creature type into cowards and many cards will play off that creature type. They also will constantly remove the color out of enemies, allowing them to be unstoppable due to mass amounts of fear the wolves get.

Wed, 2011-09-28 23:03
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You've got a few errors.

Modal spells and effects are worded like this:

Choose one -- Effect A; or Effect B.

Strength of Insanity should be "gets +1/+1 until end of turn", or "put a +1/+1 counter on that card", depending on how long you want it to last.

Check spelling and capitalization! It's Attendant, not Attendent - Specter, not Specter - and your land for the Blue/black mana symbol doesn't capitalize the types it cares about. You also have a few forgotten capitalizations (Haunting Visions having a few).

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Thu, 2011-09-29 04:33
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I notice a few periods I missed too. Its hard trying to make cards, balance them, and be QC all at the same time I'm finding. Just went through and fixed all that you mentioned and several others.

For the Rivus's Betrayal, do you think getting a teammate to discard a card for a mana buff for you is to powerful? Or perhaps this is too weak.

Thu, 2011-09-29 05:19
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It feels a bit oddly specific. Most cards don't specifically name multi-player things.

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Thu, 2011-09-29 05:33
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Most do actually. But they are only typically concerned with your opponents. like "All opponents lose X life and you gain X"

If it could help a teammate they just say player. There is only one that I know of that mentions teammates, and that's the Imperial mask. The trick is that the card has to have a good 1vs1 function as well as a multiplayer function.

Thu, 2011-09-29 06:29
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I meant multi-player types, such as Two-Headed Giant and such -- only one Magic card, Imperial Mask (as you noted), mentions team-mates, and it's a futureshift for that reason.

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Mon, 2011-10-03 06:47
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There is a very subtle hint though in my set...

I use the same future boarders as imperial mask, because I intend fully on doing things that are a little out there. I mean, when they did phasing, it was barely anything. In my set, it because really strange. I've got some idea for a dimensional land that phases in and out, causing slightly bizarre things to happen. (Right now the current test bed, it puts one-time use land tokens into play.)
The only cards that arn't future boarder are the ones that no-one has made such a boarder on a card. (Transform, level, flip)

I once tried creating a phasing creature that leveled as it phased in and out, and then at its peak level.. transformed into a legend. Didn't quite get what I was looking for though.. a bit too bulky and I'm not too familiar with leveling rules.

I'm thinking for the first part of the block I'm going to only do 5 out of the 7 groups I have right now. Only on of the Foxes, Goats, or Mongoose will show up for this one. I think it will be mongoose, as we have no white currently, and little green. (as appose to two black, two blue

Edit 2:

Finally figured out an idea for Rivus, the lord of the shapeshifters.

Rivus, The Face Stealer 2B/UBU
L. Creature - Shapeshifter
Whenever a player mills a card, if that card is a creature, exile it instead. Rivus, the Face Stealer has all abilities and creature types of cards exiled this way.

Alternitively, He might just have the activated abilities and keywords (as well as creature types)

Or the ability triggers when a creature you control becomes a copy of another creature.

Possibly has the ability of that one artifact creature that exiles a creature and gains its power/toughness instead, but becomes a copy of that creature and gains the whole "2UU return to hand at Eot" that another legendary creature has.


Just about done with the badgers I think.




Tue, 2011-10-04 00:14
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Level up needs a colon after the mana cost.

Again, check spelling and capitalization!

Explain outmaneuver on anything you can give the space. No need to make people check rules more often than they need to.

Is it Burshaka or Burshka?

Grammar is the main issue you have, and that's attributable to typos.

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Tue, 2011-10-04 21:40
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Should be Burshaka. I probably went halfway through, misspelled it once and thought that was how i was spelling it. Corrected it.
Outmaneuver; Just realized I only have one badger that even has this.. But corrected it, didn't copy over the keyword before.
Level up, corrected.

I think I need to uncapitalize a lot of things I capitalized earlier.

I do actually do a lot of checking myself, but more often than not, I need a second set of eyes. Unfortunately, most of my friends at my place are too often detained and mostly just say "that's cool." Like with my artwork, I often need a person who does the stuff to get any sort of real critique. So I thank you Inanimate. While you may not be able to move, you are very good at finding the things I do wrong. Big smile


Something I've been wondering, Should brotherhood be 3 other or just three creatures that share a type? Should it be permanents?

Its time for a little bit of the Unknown Walker Big smile
These are in quick rough drafts right now..

Planeswalkers Mistake 2UUU
Target any number of phased out card and flip a coin for each of them.
If you win the flip, it phases back into play.
If you lose the flip, exile that card instead.
and thus the planeswalker wept as he had failed

Fury of the Planeswalker 2UURRBB
Target player discards their hand.Fury of the Planeswalker deals damage to that player equal to the converted mana cost of the discarded cards. Then search that players library and graveyard for cards with the same name as the discarded cards and exile them. That player shuffles their library.

Tue, 2011-10-04 21:55
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Problem: Art.

That just happened.

Mon, 2011-10-10 11:02
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Art? As in the art of cards or artifacts?

You should believe in the art of the cards. I'll get it done eventually. I plan on doing an Iron man event, where I bust out one card art a day. But that will be after October when I'm no longer working at one of my jobs.

If its artifacts.. as in a race for artifacts, I have one in mind. Chimera. Nasty little buggers.


All of those will be mythic rares.

EDIT: Here is something I've been trying to figure out..

Technique is a keyword thing that might be showing up on tribal cards. Like for example..

Assassination 1BB
Tribal Instant - Assassin
Assassination is colorless
Target creature gains "t: destroy target tapped creature" until end of turn.

Now I know what you are thinking in this. Why not just make a card that destroys target tapped creature? Why all the fuss?
Well Techniques are cards that can be played for free if you target a creature that shares a color and creature type with the card. Assassination is colorless, because it is basis of all assassins to kill stuff, even though it still costs black to play it. If it wasn't colorless but was in fact black, only black assassins could use it for free. Colorless, red or blue assassins wouldn't be able to use it. Techniques also cannot be countered, might even have split second on them. However, if you play them normally, they don't get that stuff. So if you play this on say an angel, you would have to tap 1BB and it could be countered.


I figured out how to work with displacement sort of..

If <this> would be dealt damage, put that many delay counters on it instead. At the beginning of your upkeep, remove all delay counters from it. For each delay counter removed this way, it takes 1 damage. This damage cannot be prevented or delayed.

Many creatures with displacement will have things like phasing or the ability to pay mana to remove delay counters. Course being able to skip your upkeep means the creature will never die due to damage.

EDIT 2: Some Random cards from foxes and rabbits, including the start of some possible split cards. (Grammer and spelling is still probably bad though.)


Timestorms are something that happens in Chornostasis story line. They are responsible for entire ways of life being erradicated, replaced or just simple created. Wording on it is still a bit wonky though. The Anchoring is a series of events that are suppose to stop these timestorms. The Foxes run around all over the plane throwing small anchor charms on things like Coffee mugs and jewelery, to try and prevent as much as they can from being erased in time.

Shimmerbluff is a shifted version of Gustcloak. A little more risky though as it leaves you open to be attacked.

Fri, 2011-10-14 08:34
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Okay, Its been about a week now. (I've been constantly editing my past post for the last week.)

So its time to release the rabbits. The biggest problem I have with them though, is most of their cards are weird and whimsical right now, and end up being rare.

But Anycase..





The start of the Art for Rivus. Anyone have any idea why he looks the way he does?


Very rough draft of the story line.

Over two thousand years ago, two brothers started a mighty war. It was this war that started the creation of our plane. The resulting blast that ended the war created a small faint trace of time. At this time, the plane was nothing more than a blip. It wasn’t until after many powerful magic users broke a shard that our plane could even really even be referred to as existing, and yet it still wasn’t as the plane constantly phased in and out of existence.

It was when a young boy, curious with time and attempts to summon creatures faster and easier, attempted to summon a fox. That fox was just a simple wild fox, but yes, it was my earliest ancestor. The boy’s attempts however failed and caused the fox to be transported to our plane. His very existence stabilized the plane, and his time was condensed into a single moment.

What do I mean by his time being condensed? A normal individual exists infinitely through multiple time streams. However that fox, as with many of my ancestors exist only in one moment. It was because of this, that the fox was forcefully given what many of the mages call “a spark”. While he couldn’t escape from the plane, he was given the ability of thought and could sustain himself on magic alone.

That boy’s experiments continued, completely unaware of his creation. As they did, little bits of this and that ended up traveling from the boys plane to ours. This however did very little for the growth of our plane and it existed as a blip for several hundreds of years.

Eventually, a great war erupted between the boy’s plane and a plane of machines. It was a fierce and bloody battle resulting in death of many powerful mages and countless others. The boy used his experiments to save as he could. Others created similar events creating small rips in the fabric of the planes.

This war marked the start of the largest growth period of our plane as it started to absorb the time of the boy’s plane as well as its mana. By this time, that fox had left children behind, several took on the singled trait. Its “spark” never fully awakened was also passed down to where it came to me.

I had started work to fully develop our plane, creating gates for the five colors mana that started to pour in. Creating anchoring spells at each of these gates, I ensured that so long as those anchors existed, the plane would never collapse.

Then four hundred years after the battle, the boy returned and began closing the tears. The process of closing these tears thrust unbelievable amounts of mana into our plane as well as darker more destructive powers.

One of those powers was a porcelain mask, used by a spirit in another plane far away and stolen by a dragon after he slew the spirit. That mask was then sacrificed to destroy a rift along with a minion of the spirit. It was thrust into our world, bringing an unbelievable amount of darkness and death along with it. And it came into possession of the worst creature to acquire it. A shapeshifter, who upon taking the mask, gave himself the name Rivus.

Well I decided what B/R is going to be now. Cats. And they have hellfire, a nasty sort of fire that comes with wither. The Cats goal is to destroy everything, as are the wishes of the Lord Dragon.. a mysterious dragon they worship. I know I don't have the wording on hellbent completed yet.. I'll fix the cards later for that case.