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Author: kikushadowblades
Release Date: December 2010
Playtested: No
Illustrations: 260/260
Special Frames: Yes

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  • Agralnat is a stand-alone Magic: The Gathering fan set consisting of 260 black-bordered cards.
  • The set introduces the new mechanics Cultivate and Experience. Levelers also make a return appearance.
  • The set features three new Planeswalker cards.

Mechanics & Terms

Level up — Agralnat's inhabitants have a much wider array of resources available to them than those from Zendikar, and many of them use their own triggered abilities to evolve rather than mana. Level up can now also be found extended to enchantments and artifacts!
Cultivate — Representing the incredible buildup of mana and functioning similarly to multikicker, cultivate lets you delay casting your spell and "kick" it each turn, using mana from earlier to craft devastating spells which you may unleash later in the game.
Experience — Planeswalkers have much to learn, and Agralnat is willing to teach. Several spells grant you experience counters for casting them, unlocking the true potential of Agralnat's magic seen only by 'walkers with the right amount of experience. Especially potent are the familiars, who receive +1/+1 for each counter as the bond between you and them grows.

Harness the power of pure mana on the exotic plane of Agralnat.

      gralnat is the source of all growth in the multiverse. Because it is at the epicenter of that magic, everything on it constantly evolves, and for this reason the plane is a coveted training ground for planeswalkers who wish to evolve their own abilities.

Chandra Nalaar has come to Algranat after the events that unfolded on Zendikar to rest for a while and develop her powers with raw, less corrupting mana. Two native planeswalkers, Kamsa of the Oakbarrow elves and Trith, the frost dragon of Snowmarble, have welcomed her and formed an alliance in order to harness the power of Agralnat for themselves and protect the plane from any others who would seek to use it.

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Fri, 2011-05-27 17:15

a +1 for a beautifull set, finished of nicely. some cards seem to have the need to be playtested a bit [don't know wether or not this already happend ?].
Love the division of the types of counters, in such way that you'll never have two kinds of counters on a single card A happy smile

Thu, 2011-06-02 04:10
Creative Direction Award Best Mechanic Award
HerziQuerzi's picture

I'm neutral to this. It's obvious you put alot of work into this (I mean, 260 cards? wow) and the cards are all fairly unique. Original ideas for counters, such as putting counters on players and such. You also managed to make sure that various kinds of counters won't appear on one card (at least in Limited). However, I must say the art kind of throws me off. You have digital art, pictures, anime, manga (they are different >.>) and just plain drawings. And some of them seem... stretched. Still, finding art for that many cards must have been difficult.
PS: Is Diversity Engine supposed to have it so it can't be a plain 4/4?
PSS: Come to think of it, this does deserve a +1. Was just turned off by art, and the fact that these aren't the kind of cards I would play, picky person that I am. Good job =D

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Thu, 2011-06-02 05:35
Creative Direction Award
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A few replies to those that have commented so far...
Copacoc: Thank you for the compliment. As far as playtesting goes, all commons and uncommons were thoroughly playtested for limited, though the rares and mythics never recieved extensive testing. My printer ran out of ink before I was able to test them out, though I did some testing of them through sealed pools. Out of curiosity, which cards in particular look like they need playtesting? (just so I can give them a shot)

HerzinthTheDark: I concede that the art is much more haphazard and far less genre specific than a traditional wizards of the coast set. On the other hand, find pictures that fit so many unique concept using deviantart, and using only non copyrighted works really strains the possibilities of only using one genre. On diversity engine, he uses a "you may" trigger, so you can choose not to trigger the effect at all, and thus it wouldn't have any level counters on it if you want the vanilla 4/4.

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Thu, 2011-06-02 14:56

Oh, nothing in specific. i just had a feel from some packages [can't recall wich] that some seemed a bit strong, but if you playtested them it should be fine A happy smile [most magic sets give this feel though, making even normal common's feel strong in limited :)]

Thu, 2011-06-30 03:17
lightskull0's picture

How do you post your set like this?

Jesse Roeting

Sat, 2011-07-02 02:41
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Kiku's picture

In order to submit a set, check out this link,

Note that you must first have your own thread for your set before you can get this kind of page, so that community members can discuss the set.

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I really hate Mythic Rares...
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Mon, 2011-07-18 20:04
PhoenixRising211's picture

+1. It's a little busy, what with how small the text had to get in some cases, but I still think it makes a good, fun-looking set. Levelers with level triggers seem like a great idea, and I especially like experience counters as a natural extension of the design space opened up by poison counters. Also, the art doesn't bother me like it bothers some others -- I know how hard it can be to find 260 (!) unique pieces of art that don't clash.

All in all I'd say this is my favorite of all the currently featured sets, especially considering the set size.

Tue, 2011-09-27 21:51
digiman619's picture

Absolutly Brilliant! +1! I'd give it +3 if I could! You get the feeling that Algranat is an ever-growing plane. Cultivate is the genius baby of multikicker and suspend, and experience makes Kindle look like child's play. kikushadowblades' mastery of the leveler template puts the official uses to shame. If I had to nit-pick, I'd say the name sounds like it's an anagram of something, and the expansion symbol's kinda weak, but that's only a small flaws in an otherwise awesome, amazing, I-Want-WotC-To-Buy-This-So-I-can-play-them-in-real-life gem of a set.

Wed, 2011-09-28 00:44
Creative Direction Award
Kiku's picture

PheonixRising211 : The greatest challenge i had when building a set this centered on evolution as a theme was definitely elegance. The vast majority of my designs in the original draft version of the file were globs of text, using too many words, and still not hitting every theme I wanted them to. Ultimately, In order to evoke the proper feeling in the cards, I had to sacrifice some degree of elegance, but I tried my very hardest to cut every unnecessary line of text. Every set has these trades, like Innistrad put flavor first, and therefore suffered severe logistical problems (like the atrociously complex rules for double faced cards, which ultimately encourages players to proxy the cards - previously a huge taboo in Wizards R and D). I realized that if I really wanted to show growth, some degree of elegance had to be lost, though that degree was minimized as much as possible I hope (specific cases where a card is overwhelmingly wordy might help).

digiman619 : Thank you very much for that extremely kind compliment (It's the kind of thing that makes me keep creating sets). I agree that multikicker was originally disappointing, since it was so hard to pay the cost multiple times on most of the printed cards, which is exactly what I wanted to fix (the fact that your opponent knows the card is coming helps to balance it out too). I too was really dissapointed by the lack of originality and flavor in wizards simple use of the really sweet leveler template (really, how does pouring mana into creatures somehow makes them evolve), so I had to make this set to show them what I felt they had missed out on, flavorful executions with triggered leveling. The name is actually pieced together out of three prefixes/suffixes
agr: soil
al: stem
nat: nature
literally, the root of nature.
As for the symbol, I am admittedly still working on my skills with the MSE symbol editor, though I felt I did a decent job of making it look like two seeds budding into flowers.
P.S. The two expansions are in my signature if you want to check them out, with Agralnat United being spoiled right now.

EDIT: This thread has been bumped to restore the download link. I will be fixing the other sets download links shortly.

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I really hate Mythic Rares...
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