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Fri, 2011-05-06 23:06
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Hi, I'm not sure where put this topic, so I'm putting it here (please, move it to somewhere else if I've choose wrong).

I'm working on my own card game, and I need a nice looking template. I actually know how to create a new games and templates in MSE (I've already made a "Cardfight Vanguard" mse-game file and tuned a MTGSalvation #2 template for it [and it works fine]), but I want to make one pretty template from scratch on my (almost) own. The thing is - I'm not good at drawing.

So, I would like to ask you guys to tell me how can I create a nice looking template from scratch using Photoshop or GIMP (I prefer Photoshop).

Sat, 2011-05-07 01:59
Disposable Hero
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Sat, 2011-05-07 07:04
Jéské Couriano
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I suck at art, too (both traditional media and painting software), but I think the first thing anyone will tell you is the first thing anyone should be doing in the first place, especially with MSE templates: get your ducks in a row and sketch out, on paper, how you want the fields placed and everything. Then, once you have that decision made, make your frames however you see fit.

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Sat, 2011-05-07 10:18
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I've done it already. The thing is I don't have tablet or scanner (as well me friends don't have any of this), and I don't know how to make nice looking borders, background or anything. I'm looking for some tutorials how to make that things, nut I can't find anything about this.

Sun, 2011-05-08 06:36

Look through general gimp and photoshopping tut's. Your question is a little piece of string.

For example to make a nice background image you could find a nice royalty free image (try any US govt site) run a few filters over it such as bump mapping etc making or try overlaying the layer on it's self until you get something you like the look of. Then greyscale the image and add a coloured overlay in the different base background colours you'd like your cards to appear in (ie black/white/red/green/blue for magic)

Or you could make something up totally from scratch using filters fractal image generation etc.

You also need to pick a style do you want clean and very printer friendly (ie greyscale) or are you after something more vivid, is it for a fantasy game or a sci-fi one.

For iconography etc I'd hunt down tutorials on how to make Icons in gimp/photo, then look at the different styles avaliable.

Whatever you do I'd start with high dpi image 300-600 dpi and then re-sample it down lower later on if you need to.

To get your game up and running to playtest mode fast I'd probably do a quick and dirty block colour template or even a simple white layout then playtest a little then refine the pretties after you work the bugs through in playtesting.

If you can sketch something roughly out even in mspaint or more descriptively in words I'm happy to try and help further.