Urighaz Revisited (DH's Original Set with new additions)

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Thu, 2011-04-14 10:42
Disposable Hero
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Hey, ladies and gents. Urighaz is a set I posted a looooong time ago, but there was always something... missing... from it. For those not familiar with the set, take a look below.

Urighaz is a tribal set based in a plane of my own design. It contains 249 cards, inlcuding basic lands.

Mechanically, it revolves around eight tribes - Soldiers Red/white mana symbol, Wizards White/blue mana symbol, Elves Black/green mana symbol, Goblins Red/green mana symbol, Horrors Blue/black mana symbol, Spirits White/black mana symbol, Elephants Green/wite mana symbol, and Dragons Black/red mana symbol. The main mechanics in the set were tribal cards (see Elvish Promenade from Lorwyn), extending to enchanments and lands instead of just instants and sorceries; classic cycling (see Barren Moor from Onslaught; and tribal typecycling (which has never been done before).

Storyline-wise, Urighaz has acomlicated backstory. It began with the Ten Titans - ten gods aligned to each of the ten color pairs and a patron to one of ten tribes. However, the God of Horrors, Vroon, betrayed his bretheren and waged war on them, slaying two of the Titans. Through the combined efforts of the other seven Titans and their tribes, Vroon and his horrors as well as a swathe of elvish traitors were defeated. The dark god's hordes were exiled to Denkmal, where the so-called Vrinnian elves plotted to use the mindless horrors to free their master. The elves of the Talean Forest, however, hid the dark god well, in the abyssal prison of Ullimar. Vroon, however, would not be defeated even in chains, and managed to twist an elf mage, Welleren, to his cause. In a world that has forgotten the gods, will Vroon's horde be defeated?

With the new Custom Set Listing, I had wanted to bring back Urighaz for a return engagement. After looking over the set, I realized what the problems were and how I could get the set up to submission quality. So, I've decided to revisit Urighaz and make some changes that I feel are necessary.

1. Let's start at a cosmetic level. Even with the great FKiH template backing the set, Urighaz always needed some visual pop. Let's see how this has affected one card from the orignal Urighaz, Nightmare Locusts. Here's the card (not in rendered form, as it, like the rest of the set, had no art orignally):

Nightmare Locusts Black mana symbol
Creature — Insect Horror Colorless mana symbol
Cycling 1 mana symbol (1 mana symbol, Discard this card: Draw a card.)
Whenever you cycle another Horror card not named Nightmare Locusts, you may return Nightmare Locusts from your graveyard to your hand.

Now, take a look at the new version:

"Wait! That card's name is different!" Yes, I realized that. The changes are not just cosmetic.

2. I changed some names and flavor. Why? in order to make the set "gel" a little better. To me, flavor is very important, and so I changed some names and flavor in order to sync together both with other cards and new art.

3. Aslo for the sake of my set's hair gel, I changed some cards up and added a new mechanic. This, I believe, is the most lacking portion of the original set. Tribal stuff and creature typecycling were cool, but I think the set needed something new, and I brought it in the form of Unity.

Unity (Whenever this creature attacks, each other attacking creature that shares a creature type with it gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

And I also fiddled with some other aspects of the cards, making sure that the set worked well with the new mechanic in place, and repaired cards I thought could use a fixer-upper.

Now, for another preview card:


And some card names:
Frontline Archer
Loxodon Millitant
Sinister Schemes
Karv-Tribe Raidmaster
Carnage Crawler
Avatar of Blight
Scoranthe Flamestoker
Purge the Impure
Soul of the Beyond

Critiques are welcome!

Thu, 2011-04-14 12:07

some feedback:

minor nitpicks
nightmare locust has some freak text going on. "Whenever you cycle another Horror card not named Nightmare Locusts, you may return Nightmare Locusts from your graveyard to your hand."

this bit of wording is a bit odd to the eye, but i beleive it to be incurable. also, cycling 1 mana symbol is a bit cheap as a deckthinner. [cycling 2 mana symbol seems to be almost always perfect]

Socranthe Warlord: this guy. he hits for 8, makes your knights hit double as hard, and to top it off, the already near unstoppable double strikes get some aid in the form of a "blocker be gone". i think this card is already stron without the last ability, and thus the ability makes it insaney powerfull.

However i see a good storyline, and I love to see more A happy smile

Thu, 2011-04-14 15:38
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Nightmare Vulture/Locusts should cycle for Black mana symbol. A 1/1 flying for Black mana symbol is already a giant deal. Look at Cloud Sprite

Thu, 2011-04-14 23:53
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You seem to be missing a tribe for R/B and G/B. That would make it seem that this set is going to be lacking a lot of blue cards.

Fri, 2011-04-15 00:07
Rusty Keyes
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@Darkerling: Just because he doesn't have a tribe for every pair doesn't mean that he's going to be short on blue cards. He can make more blue cards for the other tribes or have blue cards that aren't aligned with anyone. Seriously, look at Lorwyn.


Fri, 2011-04-15 10:45
Disposable Hero
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@Darkerling: Don't worry, the amount of blue cards is the same as every other color. The reason I don't have those two colors in any tribes is (a) because all other triba sets have eight tribes, and (b) storyline-wise, the gods for those tribes are dead and gone.
I made changes to the cards.

Nighmare Vulture: Cycling cost changed to Black mana symbol.
Scoranthe Warlord: Changed to have haste and grant it, made a 5/4, and gave the last ability a tap cost.

And a preview card:


Critiques still welcome!

Sat, 2011-04-16 14:57
kiligir's picture

First off, I really like these card frames. As to the cards, the warlord is a bit above what a normal lord is, but the fact that it can't attack AND use its Tap symbol ability at the same time helps it not be over the top. I'm in love with Dark Summoning. At common, this would be awesome in limited. I look forward to drafting your set. A happy smile

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Spirits of Giravost

Sat, 2011-04-16 16:48
Disposable Hero
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@Kiligir: The Warlord is part of a set of 24 tribal lords - sixteen at rare, eight at mythic. All of them have similar abilities. And I'm glad you like Dark Summoning.

Sat, 2011-04-16 17:06

24 tribal lords :/
that's a bit much, but i'd love to play in the enviroment, with tribal decks running rampant, and more specificly, combined tribes A happy smile [like, an elemental warrior deck]

the reanimation spell looks cool.

Sat, 2011-04-16 18:36
Disposable Hero
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@Copapoc: It's because each tribe is dual-colored. There are some cards that encourage tribal cross-pollination. Take a look at one example:


And let's put forward another preview, shall we?

Critiques are still welcome!

Sun, 2011-04-17 07:33
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On that Coil guy, I feel like you overcosted everything. Rescuing shouldn't take 4+ turns with this guy. I say 4 plus because, who is going to bounce for 4 turns straight without being inhibited at all? It could definitely work at -5 or maybe even -4. I think that -1 can easily just say draw a card. Especially because of how unlikely someone is to use it as soon at they play it with that low loyalty. And even if they do, drawing a card with the original Jace Beleren seems balanced at that price. I would make that -11 a -9 too. I mean it is 2 extra turns but needing to bounce for 9 turns is a little overkill.

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Sun, 2011-04-17 09:18

I think the elf is neatly balanced.

on Coil, i have to back Balaam up. it takes weeks to get to his ultimate, and even a 1/1 could keep you of any progress.
i'd say:
starting at 2. makes him more fun to play, gets him out of bolt-regions, and makes him a simply better boomerang Stick out your tongue.
why not draw a card at the -1 ? because he aint jace, and he's costing one mana less. somwhere you got to feel that :/

Sun, 2011-04-17 22:53
Rusty Keyes
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I don't think I like having a rare global effect if it's not an ultimate. Typically when the ability can be tied to a card, the first is common, the second is uncommon, and the ultimate is rare. Unless the intent is for him to have two ultimates?


Thu, 2011-04-28 20:46
Disposable Hero
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Hey all! Just wanted you to know I hadn't abandoned this project. I am about 81% done with this set (this percentage coming from art needing to be placed).
I also modified Coil to fit copapoc's recommendations.
I'm planning on completing, releasing, and submitting this set for the Custom Set Listing on this Saturday, April 30th, so I can begin work on my next project in earnest.
Here's one more preview, one of my favorite cards from the set. (This was pre-Inception, btw.)


Critiques still welcome!

Fri, 2011-04-29 05:36

my comment on oneironaut:

+1 like.

on another note, it might even do well as an uncommon [due to not being anything except a 1/1]

Sun, 2011-05-01 23:44
Disposable Hero
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The set is officially done, and I'm submiting it tonight. Here it is - go get it!

Tue, 2011-05-03 00:26
New Kind of Christ
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Here is a sealed deck I made.

Nightmare Vulture x1
Frogspit-Tribe Warrior x2
Crag Whelp x1
Painbringer Goblin x1
Karv-Tribe Screecher x1
Volcanic Scorcher x2
Lich Dragon x1
Spitefeaster x1
Karv-Tribe Marauder x1
Scoranthe Flamestroker x1

Other Spells:
Ruinate x1
Burn to Bone x1
Dark Summoning x1
draconic Omen x2
Fleshripper x1
Goblin Gambit x1
Draconic Might x2
Potency of Madness x1
Forgotten Tome x1
Cruel Ritual x1

Mountains x9
Swamps x9

Terrible . Hope it helps.

Tue, 2011-05-03 00:34
Disposable Hero
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@NKoC: It shows the set is limited-ready! I have to commend some of your picks - Volcanic Scorcher, Burn to Bone, Goblin Gambit, etc.