Spirits of Giravost

Spirits of Giravost

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Author: kiligir
Release Date: July 2010
Playtested: Moderate proxy testing
Illustrations: 71/71
Special Frames: No

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  • Spirits of Giravost is a Magic: The Gathering fan set consisting of 71 black-bordered cards, and is the second set in the Girad block.
  • The set introduces the new mechanic Planebound, and the new Relic artifact type. Spirits of Giravost also features the return of Cumulative Upkeep and Storm.
  • The set features the new planeswalker Sazel Renasi.

Mechanics & Terms

Planebound — Planebound represents the hold that the plane has on the spirits of its inhabitants, most of which never truly die. It is seen in green, white, and black mostly, sometimes in blue and rarely in red.
Relic — Relic is printed on artifacts only at uncommon and up. The artifacts all have the Relic subtype. This represents the old magic imbued in objects that only reacts to other copies of the same relic.
Cumulative Upkeep — Cumulative upkeep makes a return in this set, and represents the aging of a plane. Very few cards use it as a detriment, as the destabilization of the plane means that everything gets more powerful with age.
Storm — Storm is back in this set as well. Great care has been taken to make sure that it is approached in a balanced way. It represents the out-of-control breakdown of mana in the plane.

      azel Renasi was woken from her million-year slumber by the plane she was birthed to protect. The sentient plane charged her with her mission of protection and sent her to gather a coalition capable of mending and defending the plane. Spirits of Giravost is the second set in the Girad cycle, and it sees the plane being torn asunder by the extreme power the mana has there. Sazel’s only hope of defending the plane lies in activating the five beacons of Giravost, and opening the plane to the Blind Eternites.

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Thu, 2011-03-24 21:39
New Kind of Christ
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+1, just because I like it. One thing: I don't like relics needing other relics of the same name when relics are meant to be rare.

Thu, 2011-03-24 21:57
Anuttymous's picture

+1 because I like storm - it just feels nice to use. I would then -1, because it means storm has been taken! I wanted to use it!

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Fri, 2011-03-25 02:23
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how did you make that ornate set symbol

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Fri, 2011-03-25 03:28
Sgmendez of Golgari
Sgmendez of Golgari's picture

I was wondering how they made the symbol myself. Please tell us, I would love to be able to make such intricate symbols.

Disposable Hero: Sorry for Necroing the original thread. I thought it was OK since my comment wasn't about the actual voting but more about criticism of the mechanics. Also since the set just got posted I figured that it was OK to post in the original thread. But if that is not OK then maybe you guys shouldn't post a link to the original thread on this page since it will just confuse people as to why they are linked to the old page but can't actually post in it. Just my opinion and shouldn't be taken in any other way. But again sorry.

Original Post in the Set Thread
So I downloaded the set and looked at it roughly, nothing to extensive yet. So far I think the set is pretty nice but there are a few "issues" I have with it so far and I don't want to vote + or - on it yet cause I am still kind of boarder line.

First is Planebound, I don't really like it, especially on the number of cards that it is on. Seeing that you don't have a single vanilla creature it kind of feels that you really like repeatable effects. Storm and CU add to this assumption as well with how you have them working so far. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it just can make it a bit to complicated if you have a bit of different things all happening at once.

Second I would have to say is the Relic subtype. Now the Relic ability word works fine but is the subtype really necessary? It kind of feels tacked on since artifacts and relics almost mean the same thing, and relic more specifically would mean that it is a rare artifact that by definition should probably be legendary and tied to some great power. I am fine with you using the subtype but I am just letting you know that I feel you don't really need it.

Last is Selki, Death of Giravost, what does Protection from Planebound mean? Does it mean that it has Protection from creatures with Planebound? I ask this cause Planebound is not an object or really a defining feature. If you were to write it like above it would work the way I think it is supposed to work but as of right now it doesn't do anything besides make it so that it can't have Planebound itself. Now if you made all creatures with Planebound have it as a supertype or subtype than it would work as written but right now it would be like saying Protection from Haste or Protection from Persist, it just means that it can gain haste or persist. Now if this is what you meant by this than I guess this whole comment is void.

Overall I like the cards. I just feel that at times there is to much going on that really only experienced players would ever enjoy playing them. Another thing is that I don't really like Planebound, it just doesn't feel right. I pretty much stalls the game and makes creature removal almost completely useless. Maybe it should be an activated ability that can only be activated from the graveyard. Like so:

Planebound <COST> (<cost>: Put this onto the top of your library. Activate this ability only during your upkeep and only if this was in the graveyard.)

This way it is optional and doesn't cause a stall if all you have are weak planebound creatures and your opponent doesn't have any trample. This is what I mean by stall:

You and your opponent are playing a game. You have two Gloryguard Sentinels out and your opponent has a single Weathered Warrior out.

Now it is your opponents turn and he attacks you, you block with one of the Sentinels, it dies, and gets exiled.

Now it is your turn and you untap. Now the Sentinel goes to the top of your library during your upkeep and then you draw, the Sentinel. You cast the Sentinel. You end your turn cause you have nothing else to do.

Your opponents turn, he untaps, upkeeps, and draws. He doesn't get anything that can overcome your creature (he doesn't have any trample and only a few creatures with power greater than 2.), he attacks.

Rinse and repeat. The game doesn't go anywhere until your opponent draws some exile cards, a creature with trample, he gets enough creatures to overrun you, or your opponent mills himself. This doesn't seem like a fun or intuitive scenario.

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Fri, 2011-03-25 14:45
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If you have something useful to add to an old thread, it probably isn't necroing. Stick out your tongue

As to the set symbol, it's from a Google search for "Tribal Angel Wings." I knew that the tribal style had a lot of sharp lines and angles and would lend itself to a symbol well. I just got the image and imported it. Here's the tutorial: http://magicseteditor.sourceforge.net/node/1706

To make it clean, I cleaned it up in the symbol editor, halved it (I only took one wing) and then used the mirror feature to replicate a mirror image of it on the other side.

As to the compliments, thanks. This set was a serious learning experience. Also, I don't believe in WotC mechanics ever being taken. I'd love to see Storm used again. It's my favorite mechanic.

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Spirits of Giravost

Sat, 2013-10-05 11:14
Wroldlock's picture

I love this!!

Sat, 2013-10-05 11:16
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How come I can't DL the set?

Mon, 2014-01-13 04:20
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The download link for this set has been restored.

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