Planeswalker Game

Mon, 2009-09-28 19:56
Silver Chocobo
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The way this game works a person names a plane from magic, the next makes a Planeswalker, bases it on them selves and follows the style of the plane, then name another plane, and next rates the planes walker and make his/her own planeswalker

Sliver Chocobo Green mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlue mana symbol

Plansewalker - Sliver

+1 draw a card
-1 put a 1/1 white Chocobo into play with Exalted into play
-6 put 4 4/4 white, blue and green flying angels into play with Exalted
loyalty - 3

next up mirroden


Mon, 2009-09-28 19:59
Rusty Keyes
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I think this would fit better in the roleplaying thread. Your choice, of course.


Tue, 2009-09-29 00:06

I had a similar idea for a game over here, but there were no takers. A sad 'frowny'