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Sun, 2008-07-27 21:13

I keep trying and all i ger is that it says "file structure is invalid" when i try to open the file, is there something im just doing wrong with workstation, or something im not doing right with MSE. Someone walking me thru to make sure im doing it right would be appreciated.

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Fri, 2008-08-01 23:44
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I got this to work before but i'm not at my home pc now. Sometime later tonight I should be able to help you with this.


really sorry this took so long, but here is a quick tutorial.

-From MSE export to MWS and save the .txt
-Go ahead and close MSE you don't need it anymore
-I recommend you make your own Base for this so go ahead and go to File > New Library > Master Base and create a new Master Base. Name it what you like.
-Now that you have your own base it's Tools > Analyze/Add/Remove Sets...
-From that pop up window select "Add new Edition"
-Check the box "Get data from text spoiler"
-Fill out the "Edition Name" and "Edition Key" fields (Use all caps for Edition Key and remember what you chose)
-Hit the folder icon to browse to the .txt MSE made earlier
-You really want to shy away from changing the other fields here, they give lots of errors when you do.
-Hit "Next Page"
-In 99% of cases unless you need something specific you will change nothing on this new page so hit "Add Edition"
-From there it gets a bit trickier. You now have your cards in the Master Database but to add them to decks you need to compile the Base again. Easiest way to do this is go to Tools > Work with Custom Sets > Compile Custom Set.
-From that screen hit "Analyse" at the top.
-After it finishes, fill out any info you like (You *must* fill out Set Name) and hit "Compile" at the bottom when you are done.
-Now depending upon if you own MWS or are just using the trial version things will change from here on out. If you are using the trial it will give you some error about only compiling 30 cards. Which means for you, tough luck, only thirty of your cards will be usable to play with.
-If you have the full version (which I don't, because I refuse to invest in a program that the developers haven't updated in ages and still refuse out of some sort of idealism to release the source) it should compile and give you no errors and you can add your cards from this base as if they were any other card.

(If you want to add your cards the default Master Base I've yet to figure that one out. I can get the cards to add but I can't compile the set. Not sure if this is because I have the trial or because it's not a function of the program)

-To add the picture of the cards it's really easy. Go back to MSE and Export > All Card Images...
-Change the format to "{card.name}.full.jpg" (Bold denotes change)
-Hit "Ok"
-Browse to Your MWS picture directory (Default: C:\Program Files\Magic Workstation\Pics)
-Create a new folder with the Eddition Key from above as the name (I told you to remember it). Capitalization counts, it should be in all caps like I said anyways.
-Hit "Save"
-Wait for MSE to finish
-In MWS the pictures should be there. Cards with special characters in their title will not have pictures becuase when MSE exports file names it removes the special characters. The way to fix this is to rename the .full.jpg for each card that isn't working in C:\Program Files\Magic Workstation\Pics\[Your Edition Key] to include these special characters and make sure it matches exactly as the card name displays in MWS. (ex: "Altor's Benidiction" exports from MSE as "Altors Benidiction.full.jpg" You'll need to change it to "Altor's Benidiction.full.jpg" for the image to read in MWS)

Additionally MSE doesn't export Hybrids in a MWS friendly manner. It exports them as c1/c2 and not just the letter assigned to that Hybrid symbol. So If you have MWS updated to include those Hybrid symbols, excluding Mono Hybrids which I haven't found an update for, you will have to go in and edit each Hybrid Cards record to record the correct Symbol in it's cost. (Ex: A card that costs "U/B" will have to be changed to cost "%V" Since V is MWS for U/B hybrid.) I would fill out a list of hybrid symbols and their MWS letter but I'm sure you can find that info elsewhere. Just right click on the card you want and do "View/Edit Record..." and change the "Cost" field.

Ahh shoot, I got time:


Corrections...I found an update that includes mono hybrids (well only the 2/c ones). Heres the symbol list:

2/W: E
2/U: F
2/B: H
2/R: J
2/G: M

Q: C
s: N

Don't forget the "%" sign before each symbol.

Hope that helps!!!

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Sun, 2008-08-10 05:39

thanks, i will try to get it to work tommarow, i havent the time to try tonight, been doing almost nothing but work/sleep a thousand thank yous for the help it seems very through i doubt ill have any problems. Big smile

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Thu, 2008-09-04 16:47
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I know this is a little old But I hate to see the post go to waste, is it possible to add the tutorial I wrote to the FAQ or documentation, i'm sure Zycomancer isn't the only one to have this question

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Thu, 2008-11-27 23:21

i follow this tutorial to export to magic work station but at the end, when i load the deck, it said "Load deck error: invalid file format" what can i do to solve it?

Fri, 2008-11-28 11:58
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I'm away from my home computer atm, but when I get home i'll look into this tommorrow, that is unless someone else can answer.


I can't reproduce this error on my said, if you want you can take it up at the mws forums or try to give me more details here as to exactly where you get the errors.

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Fri, 2008-11-28 20:01

i didn't have problem untill the end of the process...i exported 27 cards and their images...

the first problem was that i had the images only in the master base. when i move the cards in the deck they haven't images.

second, after i save the deck, i can't play with it cause when i hit "load deck" it said:"Load deck error: invalid file format".

Fri, 2008-11-28 20:24
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I'm 95% sure that is an issue with MWS. Try reinstalling the default bases and then try adding them again from scratch.

For the record, being a non-subscribing user to mws, I've never gotten my cards to work in play testing since MWS doesn't support custom cards well (honestly it doesn't do it at all, this method is pretty hack-tastic)

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