MSE Awards: 2017 Winners

Tue, 2018-04-03 22:52
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The votes are in, the polls are closed, and it's finally time to announce the best and brightest of 2017.

Set of the Year

Achieving a comfortable victory with 44% of the vote, an innovative Limited format and deep but clean design earns Xoltan Pre-Modern the title of 2017's best set. Congratulations to ThisisSakon!

Flavor of the Year

Festenya: The Golden Era was a convincing runner-up, but victory, with 41% of the vote, goes to Plagues of Fretport and its compelling take on a plague-stricken city. Congratulations to HerziQuerzi!

Supplemental Set of the Year

A heavily divided vote with two competitive runners-up, 27 Shades of Villainy and Planechase 2017, nonetheless saw First Times and its charity to underrepresented tribes take the crown with 33% of the vote. Congratulations to Daij_Djan!

Mechanic of the Year

We have a tie! Two mechanics both secured a commanding 27% of the vote: the straightforward, flexible persevere and the supremely flavorful planeswalker mana, the latter being the first off-set mechanic to earn this accolade. Congratulations to CanterburyEgg and Fermat!

Card of the Year

This one fluctuated a lot. Archangel of False Hope gained the initial lead, later bolstered by a brief incursion of spambots, and Elusive Phytopod was set to win until the very last day, but, in the end, Scheming Sycophant backstabbed its way to the top with an unassailable 36% vote share. Congratulations to, um, shiftyhomunculus!

Community Award

There was no point holding a vote on this one. For tireless work templating, tweaking, and generally keeping MSE fit for all our nefarious purposes, we have absolutely no hesitation in giving the Community Award to Cajun!

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