2017 Mechanic of the Year

2017 Mechanic of the Year

Displace, by Neottolemo
13% (4 votes)
Inscribe, by Timespiraled
13% (4 votes)
Legacy, by fluffyDeathbringer
20% (6 votes)
Persevere, by CanterburyEgg
27% (8 votes)
Planeswalker Mana, by Fermat
27% (8 votes)
Total votes: 30
Tue, 2018-03-27 21:36
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by Neottolemo, from Pyretaine

Mysterious, offbeat, and laden with suspense and surprise, displace is a fascinatingly odd mechanic, a perfect fit for the strange world of Pyretaine.

by Timespiraled, from Imperial Legacies

Inscribe lets you imbue a creature with a measure of your own power, and get multiple uses out of a spell - launch your attack and let the spells fly.

by fluffyDeathbringer, from Conclusions

Legacy is an innovative, flexible use of double-faced card technology and a perfect fit for Conclusions' theme of endings and memory.

by CanterburyEgg, from Surging Tide

Move over, enrage, we got there first! Persevere draws power from your creatures' pain, fueling all manner of triggered abilities if you can make sure they survive the blow.

Planeswalker Mana
by Fermat, from Card of the Week

We only saw it on a single card this year, but the ability to turn loyalty counters into mana opens up a whole new range of possibilities for high-end haymakers.

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