2017 Card of the Year

2017 Card of the Year

Badlands Skeleton, by Aarhg
8% (2 votes)
Elusive Phytopod, by shiftyhomunculus
28% (7 votes)
Scheming Sycophant, by shiftyhomunculus
36% (9 votes)
Archangel of False Hope, by Angelus_Reprobi
28% (7 votes)
Total votes: 25
Tue, 2018-03-27 20:13
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Badlands Skeleton
by Aarhg

A recursive creature that doubles up as a repeatable source of +1/+1 counters, great for enduring the harsh badlands itself and toughening up your other creatures against the cruelty of the wastes.

Elusive Phytopod
by shiftyhomunculus

Our only nonblack finalist is a clear appeal for the "d'aww!" vote, an unconventional, removal-dodging mana dork with strong synergies with fetchlands.

Scheming Sycophant
by shiftyhomunculus

The wheedling, toadying, definitely-loyal villainous cohort is a trope as old as time, and this card lets you build your very own Starscream from the bones of fellow villains.

Archangel of False Hope
by Angelus_Reprobi

Careful what you wish for! This impressive flying beatstick has an equally impressive drawback that should make you think twice before crashing in for a 12-point lifeswing.

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