Attempting to get Kaladesh Masterpiece template to work

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Mon, 2018-02-12 09:39

Hi everyone,

I've run into the same problem as many others and the Kaladesh Masterpiece template I downloaded just turns up as a blank white page in the set editor. I've read through many forum posts about this issue, but haven't been able to solve it.
I have installed my MSE in windows, then moved it onto the desktop so its not in Program Files, I've unzipped the kaladesh template and put it in the MSE data folder, and the image is visible as an option when selecting the boarder types (modern, old, planeswalker etc), but when I click the masterpiece option it comes up as a blank page, and I get error messages in the console saying these things:
-Variable not set: card_number_m15
-Parameter field: card has no member 'card code text'
-The package 'magic-m15-Kaladesh' uses files from the package 'magic.mse-game'. but it does not list a dependency. To resolve this, add: depends on: magic.mse-game 2011-01-18
-The package 'magic.mse-game' (version 2011-01-18) is out of date, version 2014-06-25 is required.

The version of MSE I'm running was just downloaded off this main site like 20 minutes ago, but is there some 2014 update I need to find somewhere? I read that all of the versions that are downloadable off Pichoro's site ARE updated, and yet I'm still getting this error? I would appreciate any help, thank you all.

Mon, 2018-02-12 13:54
Mahx Michael
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Have you installed @Cajun's set update yet? Your game files seems like they havn't been updated in ages...

Also, this thread should be located in "Help Wanted" or "Template Development". The "Additional Downolad" thread is for template downloads only!

Mon, 2018-02-12 20:36
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Your game file is a few years out of date and you may have an issue with your Inventions frame. My recent updates to game can be found here and Invention+lots of other frame fixes are in this .zip and you can find other updates in this thread.

To install these, extract the folders and move magic.mse-game and the .mse-style folders into your Magic Set Editor/data/ folder.

Cajun's Explorations - Cajun Style Templates - High Noon Reloaded

fluffyDeathbringer wrote:
I dunno, Cajun has a habit of doing Dubiously Working new rules stuff

Mon, 2018-02-12 21:09

It worked!!! I can use them all now! Thank you both so much for your help, I'm sorry about posting the wrong forum section, I will be better about it in the future A happy smile.