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Mon, 2018-01-08 13:48
Mahx Michael
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Mahx Michael's Template Hub

Printed M15 templates:

M15 Clear Doublefaced styles
This download contains three separate tempaltes:
  • Clear to Clear doublefaced
  • Clear to Colored doublefaced
  • Colored to Clear doublefaced (Eldritch Moon)


Clear to Clear Doublefaced Card Spoiler

(Emrakul, the Promised End was originally designed by Wizards of the Coast, but not the doublefaced version.)
Normal to Clear Doublefaced Card Spoiler

(Curious Homunculus is an original design by Wizards of the Coast, this is only a recreation made using this template.)
Clear to Normal Doublefaced Card Spoiler

(Lone Rider and It That Rides as One are both originally designed by Wizards of the Coast, but this reverse version is not.)
M15 Counters
A template for making M15 style Counter cards, based on the Energy Reserve and the Experience counter.

Template description
As you have probably realized by now, the Energy Reserve and Experience counters have somwhat different design, so I've made it so that you can choose between the properties of the two different versions.
I have also added a new feature that are not inclueded in the original Modern Counters template, wich is that in addition to being able to choose background image for the counters, you can also choose either to add the counter symbol as watermark from the watermarks list, or to upload your own png-file to become the counter symbol. Please note that MSE will not check if the image is a png or jpg file before uploading, so if you upload a jpg, there will be no opacy!

The zip file contains two folders one with the template and one with special watermarks for this and maybe future counter templates. Both of them should be moved into the data folder in order for the template to work.

Card Spoilers

M15 Append templates:
Please note that if you want to have different combinations of frames for different cards, you have to check the "Options spesific to this card" checkbox for your Append cards to prevent them from overwriting each others styling settings!

M15 Doublefaced Append
A template that lets you select between different types of frames for both faces on a doublefaced template.

Template Description
Here are the avaliable frames for each face:
Front face:
  • Normal (Day)
  • Reversed (Night)
  • Clear (Eldrazi)
  • God (Nyx Enchantment)
  • Vehicle (Kaladesh)
  • Miracle (Innistrad)

Back face:

  • Normal (Night)
  • Reversed (Day)
  • Clear
  • God
  • Vehicle

It also includes some features that are not included in normal doublefaced templates:

  • Meld split option for back face
  • Border color selection
  • Extended art (Picture extended to textbox area)
  • Structure transformation
Card Spoilers

M15 Doublefaced Planeswalkers Append
An append template for DFC Planeswalkers, Sparkers and Sacrificers.

Template Description
This template supports doublefaced planeswalkers, sparkers and sacrificers.
In this description, I will separate the planeswalker faces and the normal face as two categories.
Features for Planeswalker Faces:
  • Clear frames
  • Fortress options
  • More flexibility of transformation node options

Features for Normal Face:

  • Normal frame
  • Nyx/God frame
  • Vehicle frame
  • Clear frame
  • Miracle frame (front face only)
  • Ixaland frame (back face only)
  • Land frame (normal sparker and sacrificer tempaltes usually don't support this.)
  • Extended art option.

Additional features:

  • Border color
  • Meld split for back face card
  • More text alignment options
  • Additional transformation node icons
  • Switch as you choose between sparker/sacrificer and dfc transformation icons
Card Spoilers

Other Magic templates:
Modern Doublefaced Extra (I will add it to the hub later)

Templates for other games:
Cardfight!! Vanguard game and style templates

Upcoming templates and updates:

Upcoming template anouncement list
  • Doublefaced Append update
  • Cardfight Vanguard game update
  • Shiny Borders extension?
  • Modern Doublefaced Extra update

Other template hubs you should check out:
Cajun's Template Hub
Acorntail's M15 templates
HerziQuerzi's Template Hub (Coming soon)

Mon, 2018-01-08 14:10
Mahx Michael
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I realized my tempaltes have become many, and realized it would be more convinient to gather them at one location instead of scattering them all over the forum space, so I decided to make my own template hub.
I hope you all will enjoy my templates Winking smiley

Wed, 2018-01-10 20:36
Mahx Michael
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I think I've fixed the bug others are having with the DFC Planeswalker Append template now. If you encounter a bug where the text field of the normal face card is missing, you need to replace your magic.mse-game with the mse-game folder in the zip download OR use the installer to update your magic.mse-game files.

If you have the same mse-game files as me and @Cajun, updating magic.mse-game is not necessary.

If you encounter the bug, please tell me whether updating the mse-game files worked or not.

I eliminated the bug by making text 3 an extra card field, so that it doesn't depend on the card_fields file. This way, it no longer matters what game files you are using And then I realized that didn't work either...

I have updated the template now to include the game files @Cajun just released on his hub (2018-01-10). If you already got his files, you don't need to install the game files.

Please tell me wether it works out for you or not.

Wed, 2018-01-10 23:33
Mr. Madness

Any plans on adding the ixaland frame to the regular dfc append? That's really my only issue, the dfc append templates are really well done otherwise.

Edit: Found a bug with DFC walkers append. Everything works fine except for 4 ability walkers on the front face. It is missing the loyalty cost field unless the back face is also a 4 walker. 3 or less, or a sacrificer, causes the 4th loyalty cost field to disappear/not show. Well, not disappear, exactly. The field can still be selected, but the dotted lines around the field don't show, and the symbol appears if you write something, but whatever you wrote won't be displayed. The same is true if you had it working due to both sides being 4 walkers, then change it to a 3 walker or a sacrificer. The issue is only the front face, sparkers and 3-to-4 ability walkers work fine.

I swear I have a life. Just not right now.

Thu, 2018-01-11 15:31
Mahx Michael
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For your first comment: I'm working on it right now.

For the second: Hmm, thats wierd. Must have happened while I was trying ro find ways to fix the earlier bug.
to fix it, replace Loyalty Cost 4 in the style file with this:

	loyalty cost 4:
		z index: 7
		left: 32
		top: 438
		width: { if styling.dfc_mode != "sparker" and has_four_abilities() then 13.16 else 0 }
		height:	{ if styling.dfc_mode != "sparker" and has_four_abilities() then 34.63 else 0 }
		visible: { if styling.dfc_mode != "sparker" and has_four_abilities() then "yes" else "no" }
		alignment: center middle
			name: Beleren Bold
			size: 11
			color: white

I'll update the downloads to include them soon.

Edit: I have now updated the downloads.