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Had a set thread here called Conclusions mid-spoiler, but my account got deleted because reasons, so that thread's gone now. I didn't save the stories anywhere after posting them, so they're gone. So I'm just gonna drop the set file now. Kinda been going through a lot of depression and self-loathing issues which have killed my energy and motivation to make stories. I can give summaries explaining what I had going on narrativewise in the stories I would've written. I apologize to everyone who contributed flavour and characters for doing this. Don't collab with fluffy, kids.

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Don't listen to Fluffy. Collabing with Fluffy is the best way to be sure that his design talents are available for the world to see. A happy smile

Sucks that your previous progress was lost, but I'm excited to flip through this file and see what there is to see!

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For whatever reason this set doesn't want to open.

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You need a template called Mainframe Walkers. Check to see that you have that.

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okay so story summaries

Emmerdrah: is an orphan in a plane plagued by war and power plays between rulers, craves a world with some justice and consequence. gets rescued by the soldiers of a queen and adopted into her castle. out of gratitude, adoration, and a desire to become an enforcer of justice, joins the queen's royal guard. later, when Emmerdrah is an adult, it turns out that the queen has been corrupt for a while, twisting law to suit her own whims. Emmerdrah goes to confront her, fails, gets exiled. gets assassinated by a political rival of the queen but sparks to save her life. ends up on the Racecourse, after the events of the set. decides to become justice in this lawless world and race to the end of the plane to see what's going on. when Emmerdrah finds out that there was nothing there and that everyone on the plane's been suffering and sinning for nothing, her mind breaks, as she has always believed that the world is just. she reaches the conclusion that if the world is meaningless and cruel, then the ones to blame are the gods who create worlds, so she goes to search for a world with a creator deity so she can kill it. she ends up on Mious, challenges the local god of creation to a battle, gets roflstomped immediately, dies in despair.


Cajun wrote:
Sparks from Novea to Itsk, a time-traveling plane
When she finally figures out how to leave, she arrives at Novea during the plague
After failing for years to get back to her time, she instead tries to prevent the plague from happening, unintentionally causing it to happen, and ticking off Xaro in the process

They finally have a showdown on a Persian plane on the brink of war, Orria thinks it will distract him, but it just makes him too powerful for her to deal with anymore

Esthani: born on Naya, craves fame and esteem as many children do. develops the ability to amplify the magic of others, which nets her appreciation at first: however, appreciation transforms into taking her for granted which then transforms into entitlement to her help. unable to live like that, Esthani sets out to Alara at large to find her own glory, but gets owned by a dragon in Jund. sparks, though. the spark transforms her innate magic and gives her magical power of her own, which she revels in at first. but the sheer raw power, amplified by her initial ability constantly, is near uncontrollable and always growing, which Esthani realizes is pretty not conducive to wowing people and earning their adoration. so Esthani wanders around miserable, living every moment in a conscious effort not to explode with pure raw mana all the time. ends up on Jiangshi, Timespiraled's Japan world, where a wandering bard notices her distress and tells her a story of a hero from humble beginnings who once slew a mighty beast in an attempt to inspire her. it does. Esthani then starts roaming around to search for the biggest and baddest creature she can find so she can vanquish it with her amazing powers and be revered as a hero, consumed in the thought of an escape from her hell at last. she finds Endarion, Rook's world where wildlife never stops growing, finds the biggest baddest beast there and finally lets loose with her powers, not intending to survive. her last sight is of some natives in the distance looking on in awe, and she is eradicated by her own power, content.

Ashen-Heart: is a peaceful farmer's son in a small village in Shandalar, but everything changed when the goblin nation attacked. horrified, but also gruesomely fascinated by the goblins' power and ferocity, Ashen-Heart sparks and ends up in Lorwyn. there, some goblins show up and a still-kind-of-traumatized Ashen-Heart lashes out at them, causing them to freeze in fear. seeing the things that killed his family cower before him, Ashen-Heart has an epiphany, strongarms those goblins into being his personal army, and goes on to train specifically goblins as his own mercenary forces interplanarly for decades, partially as a coping mechanism. he says he trains goblins to unleash their potential, but really, he like 60% does it for the material benefits to himself. (he also renames himself to Ashen-Heart.) one of these forces, trained on a dying world of Rook's called Zhurene, discovers higher purpose in altruism and rebels against Ashen-Heart, forcing him to emergency planeswalk into Sylphiod's Osia. there he encounters a band of pacifistic goblins, by which he is baffled and offended. they nurse him to health, and he slowly bonds with them and starts to remember his old life, although he's still kind of in denial. however, he still has a dream one night of things making sense according to his goblin-raid-spawned worldview of the world being defined by war, which due to Osia's metaphysics creates a powerful, nigh-indestructible illusion called The Adversary which begins to attack the peaceful goblins. horrified by what he has wrought and finally having the realization he's become a monster, Ashen-Heart sacrifices himself for the goblins. in his final moments, he finds the rest and peace of mind the deep parts of his soul had craved this entire time.

Ixcratios: a thousand years ago, the world of Delkor is a rainforest where everything wants to kill you and the chief concern of everyone sapient is just to survive. in this world, teenage Ixcratios feels unfulfilled and tinkers with what little metal the plane has. one day he and some buddies come across the Soul of Delkor, which is hostile to everything and so powerful that even being near it will kill you. Ixcratios' buddies die but he sparks. thinking that he was chosen for a special destiny, he apprentices under a bunch of artificers, brings back his skills to Delkor, and gradually improves the lot of sapient species over the course of decades, culminating in the hi-tech sanctuary city Kaerem. eventually Ixcratios' skills aren't needed anymore, and he starts feeling like life has no meaning anymore. he just kind of wants to fall asleep and never wake up, craving dissolution. he retires and starts searching for a peaceful plane to die in. eventually, he finds 1000-year-old Averlos, a barren land. (think russian taiga.) he shacks up with the Resting Place, a group of idealistic viashino and aven who want to create a place where everyone's welcome and no one has to fight, for a while. eventually, he hears the voice of the Lifesteel, a sentient biometal mass living under the plane's surface, and follows it. the Lifesteel wants to emerge and symbiose with everyone, but needs a sapient mind to integrate into it first to guide it. Ixcratios does that and his consciousness merges with the Lifesteel's, effectively killing him but creating a new entity. eventually, the entity surfaces and becomes the Averlos Lifesteel we all know.