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Wed, 2017-12-06 22:01
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I need a bunch of MSE walkers for a set I am doing. Old BB characters work too. I'm thinking one of each color combo up to three colors would be awesome?

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Wed, 2017-12-06 22:11
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Wind Delcarlo Blue/red mana symbol
Marina Selenia White/blue mana symbol
Arina Nisita/Arina Blue Blue/black mana symbol
Revela Ylerne White/black mana symbol
Kimar Estil Green/wite mana symbol

Wed, 2017-12-06 22:20
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*slams fist on table* XIONG MAO FOR JUND

Wed, 2017-12-06 22:20
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I'm especially looking for weirder, more gimmicky characters

formerly jacquipup

"It's exciting to create something that demonstrates how clever you are, that you pushed in a direction that players didn't anticipate. The problem is that the point of game design isn't to be clever, it's to create a great game."

Thu, 2017-12-07 01:09
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Will drop a few and a link to my hub's walker stuff

Added a few more. * are fluffy cards. still totes canon.

White mana symbol Sha'rador (the Infinite) (Lha) - Monowhite Reflection, usually makes 0/0 Reflection creature tokens and has an emblem that redefines the rules of the game.

Blue mana symbol Orria (Mirrorpelt) (Disciple of the Lost) (Wandering Fool*) - Blue-core Monkey, focuses on "evasive" mechanics like redirects and knows how to find a time-traveling plane.

Red mana symbol Xaro (the War Eternal) (Tarax) (the Warrior Within) - Monored Angel, draws power (and loyalty counters) from violence, and typically has an additional combat ability. Xaro's power (and toughness) is tied to violence and has no known limit. He can still be beaten in other ways:

Black mana symbolGreen mana symbol The Blight (The Blight Beyond) - Black primary, green secondary Germ Avatar. Xaro has been infected and controlled by the parasite hivemind of the Blight, which is using its new host to spread its children across the Multiverse.

Red mana symbolWhite mana symbol Trea Anir (the Warchild) - Red-White Golem Spirit. Tends to do typical RW turns-things-sideways stuff, but adds in White taxing and Red punisher effects.

Green mana symbolWhite mana symbol Bvala Otere - A giant insect queen looking to start a new hive, but not finding many planes that want giant insect hives everywhere. [This card makes two tokens atm but don't have the current render on hand]

Black mana symbolRed mana symbol Zweil (Planar Merchant) (Scurrying Salesman*) - The Black-Red-Maybe Green Rat King of Commerce. Zweil likes to give almost as much as he likes to take, and will fetch you anything, no matter the place or legality, so long as you're willing to pay for it.

Blue mana symbolBlack mana symbol Mei Liva (the Forsaken) - Blue-Black psychic Vampire who adheres to most of the old-school vampire tropes (no reflection, averse to sunlight, some slight shapeshifting) but rather than blood, Mei takes memories, and specifically secrets. Mei can do most UB abilities but tends towards hand and library manipulation. Generally her ultimate can be used after a single +.

Blue mana symbolBlack mana symbol Okis, the Fancy Hat - Okis is a planeswalking hat. It has difficulty moving in the many non-Hat planes, so it often finds unsuspecting hosts to carry it where it wants to go. While Okis is capable of planeswalking, it prefers planeswalking hosts because it can bring them with it when it planeswalks.

Blue mana symbol K (the King's Sword) K is a strange figure in the Multiverse, cause no one can ever quite remember who he is. She is said to travel the planes protecting the innocent, but they are also known to sell out to the highest bidder, and manages to be a scholar, a warrior, and a... Wait a minute, who were we talking about again?

Cajun's Explorations - Cajun Style Templates - High Noon Reloaded

fluffyDeathbringer wrote:
I dunno, Cajun has a habit of doing Dubiously Working new rules stuff

Wed, 2017-12-06 23:28
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Amber (White mana symbolBlue mana symbolBlack mana symbolRed mana symbolGreen mana symbol) - Child librarian. Known for being not necessarily powerful, but extremely versatile by virtue of the many books that she carries. Suffered a fair amount of injury as a child, but now runs an underground library in Terrana, working to teach academia and magic alike (though she'll refuse to teach violent magics on the ground that it could hurt other people). Weak physically because she's a child and all, but magically she can usually cover for that in one way or another. Probably still at least somewhat wanted for a few things in her past (read: accidentally burning down her house in a freak accident), but overall she's in a much better spot than before.

Kalos Schelle (Green mana symbolBlue mana symbol) - Planar Thief. First planeswalk to Ashura, second planeswalker to Muetar. Despite his somewhat sneaky nature and the fact that he's a thief (duh), his thievery is for a greater purpose as he wishes to hopefully create a new world to transport the Muertan creatures into. Currently, he's exploring Festenya to some success, although a quip over a certain mutated body has him in a bit of a sticky situation at the moment... Mechanical identity involves cloning, +1/+1 counters, lands matter, card draw. Secondarily includes token generation, but would be much more likely to animate land. Original plane Ravnica, as member of Simic combine.

DM me if you need more detailed backstory.

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I stand with the specimen.

Wed, 2017-12-06 23:45
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Ssrain'Zai, White mana symbolBlack mana symbolGreen mana symbol naga shaman who leads a tribe revering an ancient forest and the spirits and dead that rest there.

I'm wearing my optimistic trousers today!

Thu, 2017-12-07 00:18
Moderator Best Set of 2016
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The last post of my hub showcases my own custom characters and a short introduction to their backstory. Aila and Baurin haven't been revealed so far yet will be important storywise, so they are kind of out of the game.

This means you're still left with Jachsechep (Blue/black mana symbol female human), Sethereth (Black mana symbol male lich) & Ssthyn (Blue/black mana symbol female faerie) - with the later probably being the most fitting for a stand-alone project. Basically, as long as she doesn't die, you can use her to play literally every game you see fit

Thu, 2017-12-07 02:47
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Perpetually wired scrap artificer Agathi Colwyn (Green mana symbol or Green mana symbolWhite mana symbol)
Errant playwright Andreov (Red mana symbol)
Transhumanist brain hacker Arto Schalfen (Blue mana symbol)
X-Files ripoffs Sals Maurer and Uqilla Sxali (Blue mana symbolRed mana symbol)
Exiled high-society brat Obris Rook (Green mana symbolBlue mana symbolBlack mana symbol)

any or all of the above are open to you

Red mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlack mana symbol
formerly thehuw
they/them, please

Tue, 2017-12-12 03:10

Species: Fairy
Color alignment: Red mana symbolWhite mana symbol (Red mana symbol > White mana symbol)
Home plane: Kalyria
Lysandra is one of the two princesses of Kalyria. She is a tenacious and snarky girl with a strong sense of justice and a person who can be successful in a community but can also take care of herself. If she had a motto, it would probably be "all for one and one for all". She likes meeting new people and making friends, and she'll gladly listen to your problems and provide comfort and healing, but she does not take trash from people lying down, and woe betide you if you hurt someone she cares about. She also tends to dislike anyone who tries to control her, which she's noticed includes a lot of blue mages. She uses magic to protect and empower her allies and attack or impede her enemies, often both at once.

Species: Dryad
Color alignment: Green mana symbolWhite mana symbol (Green mana symbol > White mana symbol)
Home plane: Undetermined
Amaryllis (who was originally from Ravnica and then Kalyria before I decided I wasn't sure) is a peaceful sort who believes in having a love for and connection to nature. She would like nothing more than to find a community or group where she can feel a sense of belonging, but until the events of the Kalyria block, didn't have any genuine friends, and until the events of the Amilysta block, didn't have any plans of leaving Kalyria, as she found acceptance among the other dryads of the plane. She is also practically a pacifist; while she will help people in battle to be more effective, heal them after the fight, and occasionally impede foes, she almost never jumps into the action herself. Her specialties are channeling mana, summoning forth plants, healing people and gaining life, and a very small amount of enchantment manipulation.

Species: Human
Color alignment: Blue mana symbolRed mana symbolGreen mana symbol (Blue mana symbol > Red mana symbol > Green mana symbol)
Home plane: Amilysta
Myrisha is a scientist from Amilysta who worked in a standard laboratory until after her first planeswalk, upon which she was transferred to a special group for arcane discoveries and projects. She is constantly curious and occasionally adventurous, always seeking to know more about the world. If she had a motto, it would probably be that there are many ways to learn and many things to discover, and it is our responsibility to look for this knowledge for the benefit of ourselves, our community, and our world. She is something of a jack-of-all-trades as far as magic goes, but her specialties are manipulation of the scope and effects of instants and sorceries, the interaction between permanents and nonpermanent spells, cost reduction, and scrying (or otherwise rearranging the top few cards of a library).

Species: Human
Color alignment: Green mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlue mana symbol (White mana symbol > Blue mana symbol > Green mana symbol)
Home plane: Alara (Bant)
Ashlyn is a knight from Bant who lived a peaceful but rigid life until the Conflux rocked her world, ignited her spark, and opened her up to a whole universe of possibilities. From there, she learned about new cultures and new ways of keeping the peace. She believes in protecting both one's body and mind, as well as strengthening them both when possible, but she also recognizes that not everyone can be strong on their own, and she sees it as a duty of those who are to protect those who are weaker and raise them up. She prefers to discuss solutions civilly, but she will also step into combat if need be and do quite well both on offense and defense. She, like Lysandra, is good at empowering her allies and impeding her foes, but her magic tends to take the form of spells to enhance her abilities as well as make her more difficult to harm, while Lysandra prefers to fight with spells directly.

Species: Elf
Color alignment: Black mana symbolRed mana symbol (Black mana symbol > Red mana symbol; tertiary Blue mana symbol when it matters)
Home plane: Undetermined
Kyrien is an artificer from a currently unknown plane. He never fit in where he lived; while the other elves were pretty bog-standard fantasy elves, he was something quite different. While they were bonding with wildlife, he was building machines. While they were communing with nature, he was scrounging around in the junkyard. And while they were sticking to tradition and homogeneity, he was creating novelties and reveling in spontaneity. This caused a lot of conflict between him and his family, who wanted him to be more "normal". Ultimately, he never returned to his home plane after his spark ignited. He has little respect for authority and believes strongly in individuality and finding one's own personal style and wellspring of inspiration, but beneath his usually puckish manner, he has a more sinister side that comes out if he is pushed or restrained enough. He has limited technopathic abilities and control over metal, so he uses a lot of artifacts (even if some of them end up simply being sacrificed) and can occasionally reanimate things as artifacts, though he can also burn and blow up things. His most common weapons are a double-pointed metal spear and a giant robotic companion, which he builds different versions of on every plane he visits.

Species: Mutant cyborg
Color alignment: Green mana symbolBlue mana symbol (or occasionally Green mana symbolBlue mana symbolBlack mana symbol - Blue mana symbol > Green mana symbol > Black mana symbol)
Home plane: Mirrodin
Aidamyxis is a rather strange being. Hailing from Mirrodin, she may have been human once but has enhanced her body with so many cybernetic parts and so much genetic material from other creatures that she can no longer be described as one discrete species. The trauma from the Phyrexian invasion and narrowly escaping being "compleated" caused her spark to ignite, and when she eventually returned to Mirrodin only to find all that she knew turned into a horrific hellscape, she resolved to find a way to destroy the Phyrexians once and for all at any cost. She has traveled to many planes in order to piece together something capable of wiping them out and currently resides on Malderak, where she studies the local wildlife. She has trouble with many emotions and tends to come off as aloof and unfeeling as a result, though one of the few things she enjoys is discovering new creatures to learn from. She also has a magical suit that allows her to take on the abilities (but not the form) of animals, which she did not make herself but received as a gift from an unknown entity. She is very good at taking existing creatures and making them more efficient through use of genetic engineering and cybernetic enhancements, so she makes extensive use of counters (including both +1/+1 and -1/-1), has a lot of colored artifact creatures and creatures with multiple types, and can also make copies of creatures (token or otherwise).

Species: Lamia
Color alignment: Blue mana symbolRed mana symbol
Home plane: Determined but unnamed
Kalista is a spirited, outgoing performance artist from a plane that I don't have a name for yet. She is a lamia, which on many of my planes—including this one—have human-like upper halves and dragon-like lower halves. She spends a lot of time on her home plane participating in theater productions and musical events, but she occasionally finds time to explore the multiverse, meet new people, and experience new forms of art. Some people find her energetic nature overbearing, but others find it charming. Her strong voice is useful not only for making music for people to enjoy, but also for magic: she channels most of her spells through song, which often have the effect of making herself, her allies, or her allies' spells more powerful.

Species: Plant/elemental demon person
Color alignment: Black mana symbolRed mana symbolGreen mana symbol
Home plane: Determined but unnamed
Niramei is of a race of beings from another currently unnamed plane (but a different one from Kalista's) who resemble humanoid demons with plantlike parts. A lecherous, hedonistic, melodramatic pretty boy, he travels the multiverse in search of beauty, when he's not trying to seduce the local people. I don't know yet what all of his powers are, since he shouldn't show up in the story for a long time.

Sun, 2017-12-24 23:58
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Colors: Black mana symbolRed mana symbolGreen mana symbol
Home plane: Unnamed but determined
Species: Zenaka (Basically insect grub-people)
Benzak is, above all, a free spirit. He doesn't care what anybody else thinks about him, and he has very strong opinions. He specializes in necromancy -- sorry, "post-mortem redirection." Bringing creatures and lands back from the graveyard, that sort of thing.

Wed, 2017-12-27 06:12
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Colors: Black mana symbol
Home plane: Iskiireth (Basically Middle-Earth and Oblivion's (Cyrodil) child.)
Card flavor: Choices (I.E. Target opponent sacrifices a creature unless they pay 3 life.)
Slasiithi is a demon, which mean she has contracts to fill and debts to collect. When she isn't carrying out personal business or a favor for a god, she usually can be found in any scroungy bar playing cards. She is selfish, reclusive, and hates just about everyone except for Yarin... but that is a story for another time.


Thu, 2017-12-28 15:05
Liz the Goddess
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Marzen Sapphire
White mana symbolBlue mana symbolRed mana symbol, primary Blue mana symbol
Species: Human
Home plane: Frystaria
Style: Card draw, tricks, knowledge, and more recently, mind control effects
Story: Marzen was an information broker who explored the Multiverse, learning all he could about it, trading info for info, until he realized his home plane sucked and wanted to fix that. So he and Bahum made it explode, and it nearly killed everyone until his dad sacrificed himself in a machine that would stop the volcano from going too far. In shame and depression, Marzen left to rediscover himself, where he went under the tutelage of the God of Control on Bahum's home plane. Following the God's tenants, he left a self proclaimed "Hero of the Multiverse", trying to do what he could to stop other Planeswalkers from destroying or harming planes and their delicate balance. He can go a little overboard sometimes...

Bob McThule
White mana symbolBlack mana symbolRed mana symbol, primary Red mana symbol
Species: Demon
Home Plane: ???
Style: Direct Combat, graveyard rebirth.
Story: To be explained...

Atticus Gray
White mana symbolBlue mana symbolRed mana symbolGreen mana symbol
Species: Human
Home Plane: ???
Style: Artifact Matters
Story: Gray was a member of a plane that was powered by the Well of Souls, a powerful magical artifact that gifted one magical power to each child dipped in the spell. Gray was dipped in it at birth and given power over Artifacts; specifically, knowledge over them. Whenever he touches a created object, he knows where it was created, when, why, and how to use it. He opened an antiques shop on his home plane and was content to stay there, happily with his girlfriend. Unfortunately, his girlfriend Samantha wasn't; bored and with a sense of wonderlust, she was tempted by a stranger who offered her a device that would allow her to travel, if only she showed him the well. She did, and he sucked the entire power from the well before disappearing. As the plane fell apart around them, the epicenter of magic disrupted, she gave Gray the device and begged him to show her how to use it. He tried, but found he couldn't comprehend it, and in a panic, he activated it, and they Planeswalked away. When he landed, he realized that Samantha was dead. Whatever this device was, it couldn't bring her along, only the one using it. After burying her, he set out on a quest powered by grief; he scoured the Multiverse for an item that could help him rebuild his Plane and revive everyone there. Reluctant, depressed, and very upset at being thrown into this, he would stop at nothing.

Max Pleasure
Black mana symbolRed mana symbolGreen mana symbol
Home Plane: ???
Species: Babe
Style: Chance, luck, and fun, baby
Story: Max is a hot babe who is here to kick ass and have fun. He's single, ladies, but not for long, I-

Oh crap, hold on, I, wait no stop-

Okay, I'm back. Max is a stuck up dumbass who thinks he's way better than he is, and is prone to destroying the fourth wall.

Priyanka Strange
Blue mana symbolBlack mana symbol
Home Plane: ???
Species: Human
Style: Stealing things
Story: Priyanka is a magician and thief, using her wiles (hint, boobs) to distract powerful leaders across the Multiverse so she can steal their historical and cultural artifacts, before whisking them away to her personal pocket plane, where she keeps them all in a secure vault.

I like bears.