Cardfight Vanguard Template (With Strides and G Guardians)

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Wed, 2017-09-20 21:34
Mahx Michael
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Finally, the Cardfight Vanguard game template is compleated!

A while ago request was made to expand an aready existing Cardfight!! Vanguard template to include stride and g-guardians, as well as the new updates to symbol fonts. I soon realized that the original template was designed so that it would overwrite the Magic Vanguards tempalte, so I decided to create a compleately new one.
I want to thank @Zuty for creating the first Cardfight Vanguard template, wich gave me a framework and some standard values to use as a basis to work from! It made things go a lot smoother and saved me a lot of time. I also want to thank @Cajun and @Sensei Le Roof for guiding me when I encountered unknown terretory while scripting! It would never have gotten as brilliant if I had to do it all by myself.
The template consists of a game, some includes as well as five styles:

  • New Style (A new version of the default frames as well as including a red g-unit frame for strides.)
  • Alter Style (New style with a different textbox script. If you like this textbox better, please tell me and I'll make an alter version of the other templates as well.)
  • G-Guardian (Green frame for guardian styles.)
  • Legion (Lets you make perfect Legion art effect.)
  • Zuty's Original (Now you can also use Zuty's template without overwriting Magic Vanguards.)
The game template now also includes a lot of auto scripts, like the function in "Set Info" that lets you turn on and off automatic clan flags, automatic card numbering and functions for auto-convertion to symbol font. There is a guide on how to use symbol-font shortcuts somewhere later in this post.
The flavor box as well as the Alter textbox might behave a bit wierd because of difficult scripting, but if you give it some extra attention, it shoud work fine.
Note that the Default template (Zuty's Original) uses a different symbol-font than the rest. The reason for this was that for some reason, my symbol-font becomes bugged when used on that template.
Also note that the "Options spesific to this card" checkbox must be checked on the cards using the Legion template

How to use the symbol font
Symbols will automaticly be converted to symbol-font in most of the most usual scenarios of symbol usage. In these scenarios, the script will both convert and then sort the symbols in the right order.
If you follow a sequence of symbols with the _ symbol, that sequence will be sorted and converted to symbols, and a space will be added afterwards.
If you surround one or more symbols with { }, the symbols will be converted, but not sorted! This might come useful if the symbol-sort causes problems.
If you make a symbol thats directly connected to a keyword ability (such as Stride, etc), the symbol will automaticly be converted, and reminder text will be added automaticly if you have automatic reminder-text active for symbol keywords. (automatic reminder-text is set in "Set Info").
Ctrl+M and Ctrl+R can also be used as normal.

If you want a more detailed tutorial on effective use of symbol font in this template, please tell me, and I'll make one.

Here are some examples of use of the template:

New and Alter

(The Stride card was made using Alter tempalte, but it can also be made with New style.)

Legion template

This template will also be expanded some when I have more time to work on it. No worrries, the updated version will be 100% compatible wiht the Cardfight Vanguard set you may be working on by then, so you don't need to wait for the update to get started.
Here is a list of the updates I'll be trying to implement in the future. But I'll most likely avoid those that makes me have to rely too much on others (because I respect that not everyone has too much time to spend solving my problems).

Future Updates
  • Activate the "Random" function (also known as "Packs" used for generating booster packs).
  • Maybe make foils add-on (have to learn how to first...)
  • Maybe add alternative textbox Legion and G-Guardian templates (depending on request).
  • Maybe polish some scripts and details.
  • Fix bugs if I find some more (Please report bugs to me if you encounter any).

I have done several bugtests on the template, and have fixed all I could find. Please tell me if you encounter any A happy smile

You might need some of the fonts from the Cardfight folder attatched. If your not sure how to install fonts, @Pichoro has some instructions under the FAQ on his Additional Downloads page.
If you have problems using mse-installers, you can find a zip-version in my zip Archive.

Cardfight Vanguard.mse-installer4.66 MB
Cardfight Fonts.zip416.55 KB
Thu, 2017-11-30 09:42

The Counter Charge symbol and the new Ultimate Stride symbol are both missing the latter I understand why its missing but the former is a needed symbol.

Thu, 2017-11-30 15:02
Mahx Michael
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Can you show me how they look like? I can't remember to have run into them before...

Thu, 2017-12-07 07:18

This will give you a image of the ultimate stride as for the counter charge symbol I'm having trouble finding an image but I have a link to a card that does have it.,_Epona

You're also missing the 1/Turn icon which can be found here

There was another problem I ran into when I had the word to typed out the following word got put into the number circles. One more thing is I believe the print preview sizing is wrong I don't know if the actual printed size is wrong I know the Yu-Gi-Oh! print preview size can fit 9 cards per page without spaces and Cardfight Vanguard is roughly the same size if not exactly.

Thu, 2017-12-07 16:17
Mahx Michael
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OK. I'll take care of it in the next update.

Sat, 2017-12-09 06:33

Actually, I've been trying to customize your template. I added some symbols to your templates and have been using it, including counter charge symbol. If you don't mind, I can share the images: Zipped images

code: F
image: _countercharge.png
image font size: 18
code: O
image: _onceperturn.png
image font size: 20
code: gb4
image: _gb4.png
image font size: 122
code: gb5
image: _gb5.png
image font size: 122

(G Break 5 doesn't exist currently. I just made this for my original card. I put _ on their file name for distinguish them from what were originally included.)

Another thing I've customized is text color of clan and race : I'm using their shadow displacement 0,0 and blur 1, and that looks more similar to official proxy.

And for race's text color, I use this setting:

color: { if card.color == "SG" then rgb(0,0,0) else rgb(255,247,245) }
shadow color: { if card.clan == "Link Joker" then rgb(230,0,0) else if card.color == "SG" then rgb(255,255,255) else rgb(0,0,0) }

What I tried but couldn't do was changing script. I want to make <b-auto> mean <color:red> so that if I set some text Bold, it will turn red (since Bold texts have no use currently) ; but I don't know how to. I tried some ways, but they just caused error, and nearly ruined my mse-set.

If you update this feature, or teach me how to make the feature without causing error, it will be my pleasure.

Sun, 2017-12-10 10:05
Mahx Michael
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Well, <b-auto> to <color:red> won't help you, since both <b-auto> and <color:red> tags will automaticly be removed if there are no permanent markers to set the value.
What you can do is set <b> to be replaced by an unique tag (for example <force-color>) and then have a script that automaticly replaces
"<force-color>(<color:red>)?" with "<force-color><color:red>", and does the same with </b>, </force-color> and </color>.
I believe another way to write "<force-color>(<color-red>)?" might be "<force-color>^(<color:red>)", but I'm not sure if I remember 100% correctly...

I will concider adding it in the next patch, but I'll see if I am able to make it. If you give it a try and report the results to me, it would help me out a lot. Thank you very much either way A happy smile