Card of the Week Contest #185: I CMC what you did there

Mon, 2017-09-11 09:03
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Welcome to the Card of the Week Contest! To participate in this Contest you'll have to design a card along the contest guidelines and throw it into the arena with other competitors' entries! At the end of each week, a winner will be determined by forum poll. The winner's card will be rendered and featured on the Welcome page, and the winner decides the challenge for the next week's Contest!

Here we go, competitors: our hundred and eighty-fifth challenge!

The winner of the "Island, go!" poll were Gurfle (left) and thehuw (right) with...

And the challenge issued by one of our winners was...

Gurfle wrote:
Design a permanent card that cares about converted mana cost (either of itself with X mana symbol or of other cards.).

To increase your chances of winning and to also make creating the poll easier on whomever is doing so, please try to use a render.
Additionally, please try to keep your entry edits all in one post - if you need to change it you can put your old entry in a spoiler marked "Old entry" and leave the newest rendition to be seen. Just use the edit button in the bottom/right of your original post.

And now, time to begin the challenge!

Best of luck, competitors!

Mon, 2017-09-11 09:56

It That Humbles X mana symbolX mana symbol
Creature — Eldrazi Mythic Rare
~ enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.
Creatures your opponents control with converted mana cost less than or equal to ~'s power lose all abilities, have base power and toughness 1/1, and can't attack you or a planeswalker you control.
The elves watched it rise from the ashen remains of their forest and dropped their bows in awe.

Mon, 2017-09-11 14:06
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I'm not sure how serious this entry is, but I figured a fun reference to math might be interesting.

Text Version

Universal Harmony Green mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlue mana symbol
Legendary Enchantment - Mythic Rare
At the beginning of your upkeep, if the total converted mana cost of all permanents is exactly 22, you win the game.
The truth of the universe is both incalculable and undeniable.

EDIT: Decided to make it count all permanents, not just permanents you control. This makes it more interactive and more challenging to win with.

Mon, 2017-09-11 14:09
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Endril, the Mathematician 1 mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlue mana symbol
Legendary Creature — Human Wizard Mythic Rare
At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control a permanent with converted mana cost 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9, you win the game.

Is this worded right? >_<

Mon, 2017-09-11 14:18
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@Inverness: A piece of advice from someone who's made a similar card in the past and had a lot of feedback from r/custommagic - if your opponent has any level of removal whatsoever, keeping it to your own permanents is probably plenty awkward enough, especially if the number isn't an easy multiple.

Red mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlack mana symbol
formerly thehuw
they/them, please

Mon, 2017-09-11 16:08
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Mon, 2017-09-11 16:11
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Primordial Presence 5 mana symbolGreen mana symbolWhite mana symbol
Enchantment Mythic Rare
Non-enchantment permanents lose all abilities other than mana abilities.
Each creature has base power and toughness each equal to its converted mana cost.
The flow of time is constant, but the past never disappears.

Mon, 2017-09-11 17:09
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For when we return to Theros, and Elspeth & Ajani give Heliod what's coming to Him:

Avatar of Heliod 4 mana symbolWhite mana symbolWhite mana symbolWhite mana symbolWhite mana symbol
Legendary Enchantment Creature--Avatar Mythic Rare
As Avatar of Heliod enters the battlefield, exile all enchantments until Avatar of Heliod leaves the battlefield.
Avatar of Heliod’s power and toughness are each equal to the total combined converted mana costs of all enchantments exiled this way.
Avatar of Heliod has shroud unless it’s attacking.
As the mad, petulant God died, He sought to take the rest of the Pantheon with Him.

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Mon, 2017-09-11 18:20
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The profile picture is an art by Mathias Kollros.

Mon, 2017-09-11 19:18
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@kinotherapy: There is an obligation to use a permanent card in this contest.

The profile picture is an art by Mathias Kollros.

Mon, 2017-09-11 19:26
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@BurningCreator: And I can't even read lol.

I couldn't edit for some reason so I've deleted my post for now, will think of something else later

Tue, 2017-09-12 01:41


Mon, 2017-09-11 20:29
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@kinotherapy: Someone most likely replied to your post (this actually locks it for some reason).

@spazlaz: I like it, but the challenge requires a permanent card Winking smiley

Mon, 2017-09-11 21:59
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Season Singer 1 mana symbolGreen mana symbol
Creature - Elemental Druid Mythic Rare
Whenever you cast a spell with converted mana cost equal to Season Singer's power, put a +1/+1 counter on Season Singer.
Tap symbol, Remove a +1/+1 counter from Season Singer: Create a 1/1 green Saproling creature token.

Red mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlack mana symbol
formerly thehuw
they/them, please

Mon, 2017-09-11 21:57
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Edited an old card of mine.

Spellgorger Blue mana symbolGreen mana symbol

Creature - Ooze Mutant Rare

Whenever a player casts a spell, if that spell's converted mana cost is equal to the number of +1/+1 counters on ~, counter that spell and put a +1/+1 counter on ~.




Mon, 2017-09-11 22:50


Tue, 2017-09-12 00:16
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theHuw wrote:
When you get to eight mana, you can start ramping!

Now this is mana ramping

Tue, 2017-09-12 01:20
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Tue, 2017-09-12 01:41

Tue, 2017-09-12 02:22
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Tue, 2017-09-12 02:25

@Korakhos, very nice flavor.

However, it might be a bit too good since you can cast it on kitchen finks turn 4, have viscera seer already in play, sacrifice finks, get melira, stack triggers so that it comes back after you already have melira, gain infinite life. Pod did that and it was banned, but this costs WG, so maybe

Tue, 2017-09-12 08:13
Quazer Flame

Ooo, CMC stuff

I'll let you all think of interactions

Tue, 2017-09-12 08:46
Moderator Best Set of 2016
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Inspired by an older design:

Sun, 2017-09-17 18:48
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Heedful Practitioner 2 mana symbolBlue mana symbol
Creature - Human Wizard Uncommon
As Heedful Practitioner enters the battlefield, you may exile a card from your hand face down.
Blue mana symbol, Turn the exiled card face up: Counter target spell with the same converted mana cost as the exiled card. If that spell is countered this way, return the exiled card to your hand.
“A little caution today is a small price to pay for the safety of tomorrow.”

Wed, 2017-09-13 03:26
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In honor of Eldritch Moon, with its barely 15 months in Standard due to stupid, stupid set rotation rules that people threw a fit about when they changed them so they'll never change again, I present the blue Delirium enabler nobody asked for:

Her Madness Gnaws

Her Madness Gnaws 3 mana symbolBlue mana symbolBlue mana symbol
Enchantment Rare
Whenever an Eldrazi creature enters the battlefield under your control, or whenever a permanent you control transforms into an Eldrazi creature, look at the top X cards of your library, where X is that creature’s converted mana cost. You may put one into your hand. Put the rest into your graveyard.

Long may She slumber within the silver moon.

Remember, Flavor can be used to justify any number of terrible designs.

Wed, 2017-09-13 05:52
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Kelvin Elemental Red mana symbol
Creature - Elemental Rare
Whenever you cast a spell with converted mana cost 0, ~ gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

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Sun, 2017-09-17 00:52
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Photobucket lost me as a user.

He Who Walks Behind Night 8 mana symbol
Legendary Creature - Giant Mutant Avatar Mythic Rare
When ~ enters the battlefield, you may search the top X cards of your library, where X is the highest converted mana cost of other permanents you control. Exile two of them, and put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order.
Whenever ~ becomes blocked, you may cast one of the exiled cards without paying its mana cost.

90% of the time, I'm wrong. The other 110%, I'm right.

Wed, 2017-09-13 17:56
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@BrokenUrn: "...permanents you control not named ~."

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Wed, 2017-09-13 18:00
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Or "highest converted mana cost among other permanents you control", which is shorter.

Wed, 2017-09-13 18:05
Community Award
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Tidal Egotist 5 mana symbolGreen mana symbolBlue mana symbol
Creature - Human Wizard Uncommon
3 mana symbol: Target creature's base power and toughness each become equal to its converted mana cost until end of turn.
Morph 1 mana symbolGreen mana symbolBlue mana symbol

December 2017 - R32 - "We are more than just rank and file..."
February 2018 - DDH - "Remember that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer."

I stand with the specimen.

Wed, 2017-09-13 20:29
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Since Ixalan's just around the corner...

Ixalli's Shepherd 2 mana symbolGreen mana symbol
Creature - Human Knight Uncommon
Whenever a Dinosaur creature enters the battlefield under your control, if its converted mana cost is higher than the number of +1/+1 counters on Ixalli’s Shepherd, put a +1/+1 counter on Ixalli’s Shepherd.

Thu, 2017-09-14 18:36
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@Aarhg: Nice. It's kind of like evolve for cmc. I like it.

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Thu, 2017-09-14 21:12
Head Administrator
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I was going to make a card, but instead I think I'll just vote for Yoshi's instead. Impeccable design (if a little pushed - a 7/7 on turn 5 is still big game).

Thu, 2017-09-14 22:48
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Have no idea if this actually works, but yea. Lol

Revered as a guardian of the forest, Celebi appears wherever beautiful forests exist.

Thu, 2017-09-14 22:51
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I've got an issue where my MSE won't properly update, so it's pre M15 style.

I forget how to eat sometimes and I lay in bed dying and making MSE sets.

Sat, 2017-09-16 01:46
Heads vs Tails
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@Malsey: I've had the same problem with my MSE for years, if you find a solution let me know.

Current Set:
Dabriohm: an equipment & threshold set.

Sat, 2017-09-16 14:58
Pixi-Rex's picture

@thehuw: I don't see your design as a Mythic Rare as it can be hard to keep putting counters on it. so it will never be super big and when you make a token you can't attack with it. Rare would be better fit for it I think.

@ThisisSakon: Its a gimmick card. when you just need more mana to get on of the 3 big ones out. A win more card.

@Korakhos: I like that design. Faith's Reward deck. Where you sac all creatures you get with it then brings all back.

@Quazer Flame: Your card a pritty good. Controls decks that trying counter your stuf can't trade with you because you can respond to there counterspell but counter your own on. Cards with flachback effects works well with it too.

@Daij_Djan: I like how you can hit manny cards and mill the opponent. The role die thing are not used yet (only in un-sets) and i dont get why WotC can't make blackbordered card with it. The only think I think is that blue fits this type on effect better then black.

@ZephyrPhantom: WHAT IS THAT???

@Yoshi: Cool way of using morph. having a big CMC creature with low morph-cost. You make me think of Scornful Egotist. My friend tryed so hard to make that card work in a deck when we was children.

@Aarhg: Depending of how small CMC dino creatures you play with, this card can get pretty big fast. I like it. (let me predict a Dinosaur card next set with CMC 1 where it starts as an Egg and hatch after a number of turns and you get a big Dinosaur out of it.)

@Celebi: I think its works. you will still cast spells for there normal manacost but if an effect checks for lets say "whenever you cast a spell with CMC X or higer ..." it will count. But your card can't exists because of Gaddock Teeg. You choose 5 then no one can't cast spells. I don't what to play that game. Superlock.

Sat, 2017-09-16 16:06
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It loves 0 and wants to share its love with your opponent.

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Sat, 2017-09-16 22:06
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It's time to get crazy.

EDIT: Added p/t and artist name. (sorry!)

Sat, 2017-09-16 20:47
Aarhg's picture

Needs power and toughness. Winking smiley

Sat, 2017-09-16 22:22
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@Gateways - Forced randomness like this is awkward, especially when you can't flip a coin or roll a die for it. I think it'd be better if you choose any number, and could only spend the mana this card produced on spells that had CMC equal to that number, like so:

When ~ enters the battlefield, choose a number.
Tap symbol <mana ability>. Spend mana produced this way only to pay for spells with converted mana cost equal to the chosen number.

Alternatively, perhaps it could reveal the top card of your library when it taps and impose a CMC restriction based on that, which is more "friendly" randomness in MtG design because it doesn't introduce some awkward factor.

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Mon, 2017-09-18 17:50
Moderator Best Set of 2016
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@Pixi-Rex: Thanks for feedback, glad you like the design A happy smile WotC apparently actually pondered about a Hedron-mechanic for Battle for Zendikar using eight-sided dice, but it didn't really work out well. Black is actually the better color, though - as looking tnents library to remove specific cards from it is more black than blue.

This thread is now closed, the poll can be found here.

And here's the next challenge!