Fate's Beloved -- Set File Up

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Wed, 2017-08-30 16:25
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sorry about the name it's all I could come up with

Inspired by thehuw's 27 Shades of Villainy and ThisIsSakon's The 25 Few, I felt like doing my own group of commanders. But while I'll still make the cards themselves all on my own and post them when I'm done, I'm posting this in Community Projects for a reason.

The reason is that this project's theme is characters made by MSE forum users. As some might have noticed, I love that part of this site's creative spirit and enjoy playing with it greatly. It's because I, myself, am a creatively bankrupt hack. orz So, what this means in practice is this:

- I'm going to card-ify twenty-seven characters people have made here on the site, planeswalkers and legendaries alike; one for each monocolor, color pair and color trio, along with a five-color one and a colorless one. As most if not all of the specimen will no doubt already have cards, I'll be doing a different take on each character I pick; a Planar Chaos-esque alternate timeline, a different aspect, a past or future self, anything.

- Naturally, I'm also taking submissions! Give me your fake made-up people. These can be anything from your planeswalker characters, characters from your sets, random one-off dudes, dudettes and others you've made for contest threads... or you can just make someone up just for this project and I'll make you a card for them! One caveat, though; I won't be taking characters I already picked for Conclusions (which I do still intend to finish, for the record).

- If I don't get enough submissions, I'll just troll the forums for peeps to use. I won't use my own, that'd just be gauche.


White mana symbol


Blue mana symbol

Teema Thieret

Black mana symbol


Red mana symbol

Pre-Spark Zegarra

Green mana symbol


White/blue mana symbol


Blue/black mana symbol

Teta Nadosu

Black/red mana symbol

Rhurvuc Petrescu
Dreadful Penny

Red/green mana symbol


Green/wite mana symbol

Luxan Siblings

White/black mana symbol


Blue/red mana symbol

Vadro (Locket Magus dude)
Handsome Pete
Maroux Siblings

Black/green mana symbol


Red/white mana symbol

Krig Ur

Green/blue mana symbol


White mana symbolBlue mana symbolBlack mana symbol

Vunik (the character)

Blue mana symbolBlack mana symbolRed mana symbol


Black mana symbolRed mana symbolGreen mana symbol

Xiong Mao

Red mana symbolGreen mana symbolWhite mana symbol

Tylar Thornclaw

Green mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlue mana symbol

Astave Olarde

White mana symbolBlue mana symbolRed mana symbol

Pre-Spark Harper

Blue mana symbolBlack mana symbolGreen mana symbol

Veldan Rook

Black mana symbolRed mana symbolWhite mana symbol


Red mana symbolGreen mana symbolBlue mana symbol

Losi and Meep

Green mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlack mana symbol


White mana symbolBlue mana symbolBlack mana symbolRed mana symbolGreen mana symbol


Colorless mana symbol



One of the Atuum gods
Heiata's former lover
Heiata's ex-lover's dad who she killed
Gabriel and/or Hawkin from Herzi's story
Alt Gavis
Alt Daril

Set File
Set File 2.0.

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Wed, 2017-08-30 16:58
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The Gods demand you use Xiong Mao for your Jund legend.

Edit: If you want to use anyone else I've ever made, go for it. I have some cool dudes out there, but no one else I just need like I need Xiong.

Wed, 2017-08-30 17:09
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For Blue/black mana symbol, how about Ssthyn (my faerie planeswalker - for a short bio look at my hub - she's the very last character) - she doesn't have an official card yet.

Also Setheret (as he didn't end up being used for Conclusions) Winking smiley

EDIT: Or as far as smaller projects are concerned, do you still remember the Luxan Siblings (from my Humans vs monsters Duel Deck contest) or the Maroux Siblings (which don't have any more official background than that single contest entry card). Obviously not really fully fledged out characters, which can be a downside or an advantage for your project, depending on your point of view Big smile

Final EDIT: Atuum's gods would also offer some nice possibilities as none of them have any actual cards for themselves..

As Photobucket wants me to pay 400$/year to link to my images, I'll relocate all renders.

Wed, 2017-08-30 20:03
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Well, if you want I have a few characters ready for sets I'm going to try to complete at some point. I'll give a couple here, and you can choose any that pick your fancy, though my main sumission is:

Lancert Ardelean, a White mana symbol human planeswalker from the plane of Aldrexis, a plane tormented by a family of vampires. She became a master of occult knowledge and set out to exterminate the tyrannical vampire family, her spark igniting when she was about to be killed by the patriarch of that family, having fought through their guards and losing many comrades in the process. Depending on how you take her story, she could be Red/white mana symbol (Wanting vengeance for her dead comrades), White/blue mana symbol (When she was studying) or White/black mana symbol (If she was turned by the vampire pariarch).

Other Options
Teta Nadosu is a Blue/black mana symbol naga mercenary from the plane of Ussidore, sometimes called "The Gold Queen". She is one of the most important figures in the capital city, owning more wealth than anyone else, other than the king of merchants Agolma (a White mana symbol elf), despite only those working under her knowing of her existence.

Rhurvuc Petrescu is a Black/red mana symbol originally-human now-vampire planeswalker from Innistrad. He was a rather solitary boy when he was younger, coming from a rather well-off family, he only left the house for short periods of time. One day, he was bitten by a neonate from the Voldaren family of vampires. The sudden pain caused the spark within him to ignite and he was thrown to the plane of Zevhoria, a plane which holds a prison for the multiverse's most criminal planeswalkers. Not knowing who he was and seeing that he seemed to be a vampire of some sort, they assumed he was a recently brought in prisoner, and he was thrown into a cell.

Wed, 2017-08-30 17:38
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If you want, you can use Vunik as your Esper guy. I also have the soldier planeswalker Krig Ur for Red/white mana symbol (despite the sound of the name, she is a female).

Vunik's Neverending Hub

TWOK is the best!

Wed, 2017-08-30 19:24
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If you're short a Sultai character and you don't mind people who are now dead, might I recommend Obris Rook's father, Veldan?

Other options might include the character from the Magus of the Locket short story I wrote (Izzet, with a different mechanical execution of course) and/or Astave Olarde, from "A Knight of Nowhere" (Bant). More details available on request.

EDIT: More details.

more details
Emperor Veldan Rook IV (Green mana symbolBlue mana symbolBlack mana symbol, Arrale) was the last emperor of Elnoch, deposed and executed in a bloody coup by what would become the Consensus of Elnoch that (only just) endures to this day. Like most of the Rooks, he believed firmly in his family's divine right to rule and was a cruel, violent despot, ordering frequent brutal purges of groups he saw as opposition at a stroke. While Veldan was not a planeswalker, he employed at least one of them as an informant and treasure hunter, and, in the last hours, ordered that the royal heirlooms be scattered across the many planes, to be gathered and returned when the Rook dynasty was ready to rise again. Little did he know that his son Obris would be collecting the relics himself.

Vadro (Blue mana symbolRed mana symbol, possibly Black mana symbol, unknown plane) was an archmage prodigy known for his mastery of channeling huge amounts of mana at once. When his home plane was invaded by demonic hordes, the people turned to him for solutions, and, when every ounce of his magical strength failed to stop them, he began harvesting the life forces of the people he protected as fuel for his magic. Once the invaders were defeated, Vadro was driven into exile, and, unable to cope with the guilt, sealed his memories in a Locket of Yesterdays and expunged them from his own mind. Now he lives in an endless cycle of remembering and forgetting, drawing out the memories each day and purging them each night when the horror becomes too much to bear.

Astave Olarde (Green mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlue mana symbol, Magnificent Isles), always known simply as Mr Olarde, is the leader of the Knights of Nowhere, an errant order on the Magnificent Isles. A former merchant, he was trading in a neighboring nation when it was abruptly curated to the Magnificent Isles, leaving him stranded in a foreign country on a foreign world - "twice an exile", as he calls himself. His knights are known for their mastery of weave travel and an unorthodox fighting style that combines close combat with short-ranged teleportation magic.

Red mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlack mana symbol
Set Huwb
They/them pronouns, please.
Praise Vectron.

Wed, 2017-08-30 18:32
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I basically have no limitations, go wild.

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Wed, 2017-08-30 19:00
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I'll submit Jin since he didn't get into conclusions I'll write more when I get home but he could fit as a Black/red mana symbol sparker.

If someone else already submitted a BR Character. Then I'll do a character from Yuri's history, Her great great grandmother Solrita White mana symbolBlue mana symbol(she can also be Black mana symbol) a reality mage and one of the oldest second generation YN on the plane, and the first second generation true desire.

Wed, 2017-08-30 19:21
fluffyDeathbringer's picture

What's a true desire, then?

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Wed, 2017-08-30 20:02
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Oh and to ease my selections, I'm doing this first-come, first-served. Y'all get to edit your choices, I'm gonna sleep on this and let more submissions come before I actually start filling slots.

EDIT: Nevermind, heard on the discord that some people were hesitating to submit because of it. Just submit whatever you want, it's fine A happy smile

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Wed, 2017-08-30 20:23
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Yes hello I'm submitting all of my characters and you can pick your favourites! Here are a few reminders, notes, and ramblings:
-Kalev, Luciano, Cambion, Teurla and Drael all sort of already have cards in completed sets, but none of them are in MSEM
-I have more major planeswalkers than legendary creatures: Cambion and Teurla are the ones that come to my mind first
-The one fitting the title (Fate's Beloved) the most is probably Ander because of his dumb luck; Gram's more like Fate's Lover, if that makes any sense
-There's one of my characters who I meant to tie to one of yours but I didn't actually use anywhere aside from a couple of scenes while I was playing as Heiata in the Battle Boards, so, if you want to expand a little on your characters while working on this project, you can use Margan: I had made this dude, Margan, who, in my head, was a White mana symbolBlue mana symbolBlack mana symbol aloof Ainok healer who had met Rheila in the past, was a vismancer, had been expelled from the Dromoka for healing "wrong", and used Blue mana symbol to individuate people's weaknesses to cure them; he's also Heiata's friend and occasionally, at the request of her sisters, her chaperone
-Speaking of Heiata, you could also make her former lover, or the ex-lover's father, who she killed; I had written a story about Heiata meeting her ex-lover again but it isn't on the forums (although I think I probably posted it in the chat once); if you pick her, I can send it to you

Wed, 2017-08-30 20:16
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I'd like to do creature Naberas if possible:


Species: Human
Color preference: White mana symbolBlue mana symbolBlack mana symbol > Red mana symbol > All others
Common Strategies: Counter movement, Redirecting spell targets, "Political" mechanics

Best described as a human who got in over his head. Or perhaps a coward whose spinelessness prevented him from saving his plane. Or perhaps...well, it's up to those who meet Naberas to decide. Originally a city official overseeing the well being of the Plane of Ghakar, Naberas was bribed and blackmailed into a corner by the city's criminals to allow the drug trade to expand beyond the black market and essentially dominate the plane behind the scenes. While the spoils were his, Naberas took no joy in watching his home be brought to its knees - he only continued to turn down offers to join the resistance out of fear of death.

That is, until the day he was yanked to Preasti by the Archons to be Hestia's piece in their games. Originally thought to be the weakest candidate and a pawn that Hestia just wanted to see in last place, Naberas changed in the face of life or death and gambled everything he had and knew on trying to fight his way free from the mad island prisons. Thanks to his awakened spark providing him with newfound power, he suceeded beyond his expectations - Hestia was toppled and flung into the Blind Eternies, and the new Archons of Preasti, extremely grateful, promised him all the riches he wanted as he returned home.

Naberas took the riches, only to burn them all into raw mana in disgust when he saw what Ghakar had become in his absence - the cities had completely turned into blackened slums where the innocent suffered and cutthroat dealers used addictive drugs to keep those under them in line. He fled, feeling that he did not have the power to change the plane all by himself.

Since then, he has rescued Hestia for vague reasons and traveled the multiverse, often at her side. He was last seen after Delkor headed to Mious, claiming he had sins to ponder about.

Based on Mious and his history as one of Ghakar's governors I would say card draw and -1/-1 counter usage are also mechanics Naberas can employ. At the moment I'm in a tossup on whether I should post his Ghakar setfile version as a starting point or suggest a sparker, but either way, I'd like his final color identity to be Esper if possible. Azorius can work for a very young Naberas but beyond that Orzhov or Dimir is probably much more fitting if he needs to be stick to two colors.

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Wed, 2017-08-30 20:37
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Well she was submitted for conclusions, and now shes back! With a few edits!
Sahmala Garlay (Green mana symbol>Blue mana symbol>Black mana symbol)

Sahmala was an excellent scientist, excelling at biofusion, creating many dangerous creatures. Her talents attracted the eyes of the several unfavorables, seeing her field as a gain for their agendas. She was kidnapped and tortured while creating these creatures, abominations of course, nothing as elegant as she could when she was working in her own lab. She was use to working with living organisms to get samples from, while here she is only given dead. Her kidnappers wished for this elegance that she could not give them. She was punished for this each time something did not turn out "correctly." Meanwhile, she worked on a serum to infuse animalistic traits to give her the strength she need to escape. After about 6 months of beatings and "failed" experiments, she was able to perfect his serum. Her kidnappers took her for one of her punishment and she injected herself, creating a behemoth for a short time. During this her spark had ignited, leaving her with a little bit of the serum left in her system. She then started to traverse planes to extend her knowledge of biofusion, study all kinds of fauna, hoping to find the cure for her serum she is stuck with.

Wed, 2017-08-30 21:50
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Would love a card for Teema Thieret from Time Hop (the unlucky Blue mana symbol mage whose trip in history went awry and became a time-devouring monster)

[center]"It's exciting to create something that demonstrates how clever you are, that you pushed in a direction that players didn't anticipate. The problem is that the point of game design isn't to be clever, it's to create a great game." --Mark Rosewater

Wed, 2017-08-30 23:11
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If there's anyone from my lineup you'd like to work with, will be happy to help~ Set stuff is linked in the hub in my sig, for contest stuff here's Hana Heartbreaker, Losi and Meep and Penny and Pete

To call out a specific, I'd say Zweil "Nolastnamegiven" just because I love writing for the rat.

Colors: Black mana symbol>Red mana symbol>>Green mana symbol
While primarily BR, Zweil is far from Rakdos mentality. Zweil will sell you anything from anywhere or anyone, no questions asked. While not above murder, Zweil sees it as a last resort, because murder is bad for business.

Cajun's Explorations
Planeswalker Template Overhaul
fluffyDeathbringer wrote:
I dunno, Cajun has a habit of doing Dubiously Working new rules stuff

Thu, 2017-08-31 12:57
fluffyDeathbringer's picture

Good turnout so far, thanks! Didn't expect Esper to be the most populated section, lol. I wasn't sure which slot to put some of your suggestions in, so I filed them under "misc".

I'm still missing some colour slots. I can twist the current misc pool into those slots if I don't get any more offerings, but I'll leave this open for a few more days regardless. Submit away~

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Thu, 2017-08-31 14:39
ZephyrPhantom's picture

I'd like to suggest Wotan, then, for Red/green mana symbol:

Wotan, Sinister Vizier Red mana symbolBlack mana symbol
Legendary Creature - Human Advisor Mythic Rare
Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, you may pay 1 life. If you do, that creature gets +1/+1 and haste until end of turn.
At the beginning of each player's upkeep, if you have 20 or more less life than your starting total, ~ deals 1 damage to that player.

You heard me right, though, Red/green mana symbol - between Tim, Naisha, and Shvai, I never really did find a proper "main Green mana symbol" walker for my set of planeswalkers (Animara - White mana symbol, Neo - Blue mana symbol, Naberas - Black mana symbol, Hestia - Red mana symbol) but I think it's going to be this guy. Wotan was originally a Black/red mana symbol vizier on the plane of Rajahi manipulating the fighting between his kingdom, a faction of genies, and a crusade of knights, but by some sort of natural revelation around the time of his sparking, he slowly began to transition to mono-Green mana symbol, willingly leaving the kingdom to the rightful Prince of Archery, Arjola that he had raised among his own bloodbath.

Wotan's natural style of play is pretty much all about getting other people to fight for him - mechanics like Goad, Provoke, Dethrone, etc... are very suited to his style of magic. He likes to pay life to summon things small and big Bitterblossom/Rakka Mar-style initially (usually in the form of fickle efreets and djinns), and slowly transitions to being more interested in summoning more permanent Djinns and Spirits as he begins to shift to Green mana symbol, with Fight becoming added to the list of his punch-happy mechanics.

If you're more interested in Arjola, who is naturally Red/green mana symbol, here's his card from COTW:169 .

Arjola, Apex Hunter 3 mana symbolRed mana symbolGreen mana symbol
Legendary Creature - Human Archer Mythic Rare
At the beginning of each upkeep, you may pay 1 mana symbol. If you do, create a colorless Salve artifact token with "2 mana symbol, Sacrifice this artifact: Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn."
Red mana symbolGreen mana symbol, Sacrifice an artifact: Arjola, Apex Hunter fights target creature.

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Thu, 2017-08-31 16:06
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HerziQuerzi wrote:
would it be weird to have my character submission(s) for Fate's Beloved just be a short story i wrote a couple months ago

fluffyDeathbringer wrote:
slightly, but it's a very good weird so don't worry

Before him, the vast army of the rebellion lay waiting, as they had for three days now. As they would for only an hour longer. In the courtyard below, people rushed to and fro with bundles of arrows, rushing to prepare for their assault. And between the two, in the broken and burnt wastes separating the seigers and the besieged, were two figures. One kneeling and chained, and another standing tall, his axe glinting in the setting sun even from this distance.

Beneath his feet, the gates creaked shut as the rebel’s messenger departed, pushing her horse to a gallop in her haste to move beyond the reach of arrows. Gabriel watched her flight dispassionately, scornful of how little faith she had in the honour of the defenders. As she passed the two lone figures, footsteps could be heard ascending the stairs to the wall, their tread so familiar to Gabriel that he did not need to turn to recognize his brother's arrival.

"Have they changed their demands?" Gabriel asked, eyes still tracking the diminishing shape of the messenger.

"No," Hawkin answered tautly. "Surrender the castle, and they will spare all save the king himself. Refuse, and they shall commence with the execution as the sun falls beneath the horizon, and the siege will begin anew."

"Did they bring the letter that I requested of them?"

"They did," Hawkin said, voice still tight. "Gabriel... it is unmistakably father's hand. Of that I have no doubt." Gabriel remained silent, and merely held out his palm. After a few seconds, Hawkin came forward and put a small scrap of parchment into the waiting hand before stepping back once more.

Glancing down, Gabriel read the brief message before conjuring a lick of flame to turn it to ash. "'Stay strong'," he mused. Hawkin was right. The handwriting was unmistakable. "As you wish, father." Looking back to his younger brother, he let steel and strength enter his voice. "Give the command: the gates are to be barred, the soldiers ready. Our days of respite are over."

"Are you mad?" Hawkin demanded. "The war is lost. Let us at least spare what deaths we still can."

Gabriel scowled. "We are the Crown's Own, lest you’ve forgotten. Our family has sworn to protect and obey for centuries. Our oaths bind us, and our duty commands us. The gate will be shut, and the walls held against all who would take them."

"You would choose pride over the lives of all those trapped within these walls? Over Father?" Hawkin cried, shock and passion in his voice. "Is there no love left in your breast for the man who raised you?"

Gabriel turned away, eyes drawn to the kneeling figure and the axe-wielding man standing beside him. It had been his father who taught him how to saddle a horse and woo a lover. His father who, after the death of Gabriel's mother, had shown him there was no shame in the tears of a warrior. Tonight, when Gabriel retired to his chambers, there would be many tears shed in honour of a great man.

And it had been his father who taught him the weight of an oath and the importance of loyalty. His father who, in the midst of mourning his wife, had saved the life of the man who sent her to her grave. Tomorrow, as Gabriel stood upon the ramparts once more, the defenders would see a straight-backed and stalwart figure.

"Of course I love Father," Gabriel answered steadily, albeit quietly. "And that is why I cannot yield."

"If we do not yield, then we shall all die. The horizon drowns beneath the hordes of our enemies; even if we gave a sword and bow to every man, woman, and child in this castle they would still have a dozen souls for every one of ours."

Gabriel sniffed dismissively. "Then each of us shall strike down two dozen of theirs, and come out the victorious because of it."

"A fool's hope," Hawkin said, disgusted.

"Perhaps, but even then, Raleigh will not fail us," Gabriel intoned coolly. "She will convince the other Houses to come to our aid, as promised. Until then, we must hold."

"What other Houses?" Hawkin scoffed. "Half the kingdom stands outside these walls with steel drawn, and the other half wallows in ashes."

"The Hanlins and Conways are both powerful Houses, as yet unwounded from this traitor’s war."

"And what good are the Thousand Golden Sails of House Hanlin when the coast is a week's ride away? As for the Conways, they are craven to the core. They will not leave the Broken Spines until the war is done and a victor stands ready to receive their pledges of loyalty."

There was a cold and hard anger in Gabriel's eyes as he turned once more to face his younger brother. "Then perhaps you and the Conways have much to bond over." Disgust rose in Gabriel's throat as he looked down upon the man he thought he knew. A man so fearful of death and lacking of moral vigor as to turn his back on centuries of duty. To break the oaths sworn by each member of their family, for generations upon generations. How blind had Gabriel been, to not see the treacherous cowardice that lurked in his brother's heart.


The setting sun and rising campfires beyond the ramparts rendered Gabriel into naught but a shadow upon the wall, his eyes masked in darkness. But even then, Hawkin could recognize the stubbornness and hate that resided within. A frozen pride that would sooner sacrifice its own father than bend but a little. How blind had Hawkin been, to not realize the heartless arrogance that filled his brother's mind.

Resigning himself to what must be done, Hawkin unclasped his cloak and let it float to the ground. The embroidered silver heron, symbol of the Crown's Own, glinted in the heavy orange light of evening, taunting him. The plate armour beneath was a featureless matte white; lacking in ornament, it seemed to swallow more light than it reflected. His sword, when drawn, was made of more of the same. Godsbone; a metal one part bronze and ten parts magic. The swords made of it were sharp enough to part steel like leather; the armour impenetrable to all but the mightiest blows. The blade in his hand could buy a dukedom. The armour a small kingdom. Yet more signs of their family's bond to the crown.

But Hawkin hardened his heart; willed it to be as resilient as the plate he wore. For five years ago, the Crown's Own had numbered in the dozens, each and every one bloodkin to Hawkin. Now there were only four. He and Gabriel, their sister Raleigh, and their father. Who even now Hawkin knew was still chained and defeated outside the castle walls, executioner's axe sharpened and ready to fall. Within their family’s veins, the power of the Crown's Own ran the most pure, the most mighty. Only by that virtue had they survived this long, as the king threw their lives away for the smallest of reprieves.

Before him, Gabriel too threw off his cloak and drew his blade, armed and armoured in an identical fashion to Hawkin. "Shall it come to this then?" Gabriel demanded, voice harsh. "Does your heart run so foul?"

"If you value your precious oath more than your own kin," Hawkin answered, struggling to keep his anger and grief from overtaking him, "Then yes, it must come to this."

"Let it be done," Gabriel said solemnly after a moment of silence.

"Let it be done," Hawkin answered in turn, and charged.

With the power in his blood, Hawkin crossed ten paces in a single heartbeat. Struck three times in a heartbeat more. But the same power coursed through Gabriel, and each blow was deflected with calculated precision. When the counterblow came, Hawkin had already leapt back, circling his brother, trying to get the light of the setting sun to work in his favor.

Gabriel merely raised his sword into a defensive stance once more, and waited. Snarling, Hawkin clenched his free hand, willing the wall beneath his feet to bend to his desire. Launching his hand forward, the stones around him tore free and flew towards his brother, Hawkin following close behind. With perfect form, Gabriel sidestepped what he could, and grunted as he was struck by what he couldn't. Yet still his sword found Hawkin's as he closed the distance, turning it aside. As Hawkin's momentum carried him forward, Gabriel's elbow came up to meet him, catching him under the chin.

Without pause, Hawkin let the blow spin him back around, dragging his sword behind so that it struck Gabriel across the chest. A mournful keening sound filled the air as the blade slid across plate. Harder than it was sharp, the godsbone plate held, but there was still force enough to send Gabriel stumbling back. Hawkin matched the distance, pace for pace, white sword cutting through smoke and fading light to meet Gabriel's once more.

Gabriel's form was perfect, his moves impossibly fast and his strength the superior of the two. But there were no surprises to his strikes, every move a technical decision. As rote and predictable as a dance. And so it was that even weaker, and slower, and less experienced, it was Hawkin's unpredictable strikes that dictated the pace. Hawkin's steps that pushed forward, and Hawkin's sword that slipped past his opponent's guard to draw a drop of blood here, and another there.

Efficient as Gabriel was, with one stroke he would block two of Hawkin's attacks, and with one step he'd force Hawkin to take three. But exhaustion was a foreign concept to the Crown's Own, and Hawkin did not waver. Summoning fire, he blinded his brother. Summoning water, he battered and bruised. Summoning air, he sent his foe’s movements off course. Gabriel's retaliations were uninspired, anticipated. Beneath them the walls of the castle cracked and knuckled, and around them the defenders and rebels alike stared in awe.

Ducking under a desperate sweeping strike, Hawkin planted his feet before leaping forward, catching Gabriel in a crushing hug and carrying them both over the edge of the wall and down to the courtyard below. Letting go at the last second, he landed in a smooth roll and came to his feet before Gabriel had even managed to draw in a fresh lungful of air.

Wheezing from the fall, bleeding from a dozen minor wounds and half again as many major ones, Gabriel slowly rose once more, face determined even as he struggled to hold his blade level.

"You've lost," Hawkin shouted. Pleaded. "Drop your blade, and stand by as I open the gates. I do not wish to lose my brother in saving our father."

Grimacing, Gabriel straightened his back and threw back his shoulders. Even broken and bloody as he was, he was still the man who had inspired the dregs of the royal army to hold for two months walls that should have fallen in a day. An air of indomitable command radiated outwards from him, unmarred by the burns across his skin and the dents in his armour. "To sacrifice my father's life in the name of our king is a pain I can hardly bear," he declared. "Next to that, to surrender my own life is a pittance. Finish what you started, younger brother. Prove you are at least worth that much."

"So be it," Hawkin whispered, too quiet for any to hear but himself. Sword hanging at his side, he strode forward to where Gabriel waited. The fire and anger had burned away, leaving over the grief and resignation. Around them the city lay silent, the soldiers and citizens alike barely daring to even breath. The sky above was dark and red, the last edges of the sun lost beyond the walls, and made darker by the smoke that rose from where the castle still burned.

As he came within fives paces, Gabriel mustered the strength to raise his sword high. As he came within three, Gabriel swung down, the godsbone blade streaking towards Hawkin's head. But so weak was the blow that Hawkin knocked it aside with one bare hand before summoning what elemental power remained to him, letting it infuse his arm and sword with impossible brilliance, and rammed his own blade through his brother's chest, the armor splitting open from the force of the blow.

Gabriel gasped, blood flecking his lips. Prickling Hawkin's face, as they two came within inches of each other. Planting his hand against Gabriel's chest, just beneath the wound, Hawkin shoved, sending his dying brother soaring into the city gate beyond, splintering it near to pieces.

Tears mixed with ashes and blood as Hawkin pushed through what remained of the wreckage, forcing himself not to look at the corpse of his brother. With shaking hands he undid the straps of his armor and let it fall to the dirt, piece by piece, until he was clad only in torn and scorched cloth before the endless camps of the rebellion's army. "The castle is yours," he shouted, hoarse and impossibly loud. "Spare all save the king, as promised, and what defenders remain shall yield.

"May your victory bring peace, and end the bloodshed at long last."

This phases in or out before you untap during each of your untap steps. While it's phased out, it's treated as though it doesn't exist.
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Thu, 2017-08-31 16:10
Featured Set Editor - Best Set of 2015 - Community Award
jacqui-pup's picture

Oh duh, pre-spark Zegarra for Red mana symbol. And her buddy Viscaca (from the Metatron horde), who is White mana symbolBlack mana symbolGreen mana symbol.

[center]"It's exciting to create something that demonstrates how clever you are, that you pushed in a direction that players didn't anticipate. The problem is that the point of game design isn't to be clever, it's to create a great game." --Mark Rosewater

Thu, 2017-08-31 16:39
fluffyDeathbringer's picture

Added Zegarra and Viscaca to the slots proper and Gabriel and/or Hawkin to the Misc folder.

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Thu, 2017-08-31 17:37
ThatDude9795's picture

Sahmala would fit more into Blue mana symbolGreen mana symbol if you wanna put her into that spot A happy smile

Thu, 2017-08-31 17:39
fluffyDeathbringer's picture

That would help me decide, thank you. Shifted.

Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

Thu, 2017-08-31 17:58
thehuw's picture

Oh, if you're short a Jeskai still... pre-spark Harper?

Red mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlack mana symbol
Set Huwb
They/them pronouns, please.
Praise Vectron.

Thu, 2017-08-31 18:23
ZephyrPhantom's picture

Obligatory Animara plug for White mana symbolBlack mana symbolRed mana symbol I suppose, I've designed a creature manifestation of the Time Wraith on Misc. Card Design before, and it's highly unlikely I'll ever print her as Mardu due to the context not working for any sets I have. I notice Orzhov and Grixis are question marked as well so feel free to use versions of The Masked Electromancer (Grixis) or Lyriel Talandris (Orzhov).

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Thu, 2017-08-31 19:38
Neottolemo's picture

Apparently no one has a Red mana symbolGreen mana symbolWhite mana symbol character, hahaha. Wait. What was his name? Kamahl's character Tylar Thornclaw was a Red mana symbolGreen mana symbolWhite mana symbol nacatl from Naya. Although, he's a character from forever ago. You could always take one or more of the Heldra and restrict them to Naya colours.

Sat, 2017-09-02 04:45
Sylphiod's picture

Okay so a true desire is a designation for YN, as one who completed their own desire and no longer obsesses over it. This may seem like an easy thing for a human, but all Yuri-Ningen have an innate desire they seek to complete with the youngest true desire being well into their 500s before becoming one.
Solrita' desire was structure and so learned the secrets of the structure that made reality and built the modern society of YN. Though Solrita is not a planeswalker, she is aware of the ability to travel planes and knows how to differentiate a planeswalker from a non planeswalker, she doesn't have a spark. YN don't have a ruler, but true desires are the closest thing to them, greatly respected and trusted by their peers.

Solrita skills mainly include altering how reality works and effects her. She dies quite offten to help other YN with their more dangerous ideas. Raising back from the dead usually the next day. She can't bring others back from the dead through.

Sat, 2017-09-02 14:22
Ziolang's picture

Post-spark Zhukar in mardu? *shrugs*

Avatar by vanevil.deviantart.com; commissioned for me

Sat, 2017-09-02 23:19
ZephyrPhantom's picture

Since the idea is to show a 'different take' on characters, I guess Naisha channeling Tylar could work for Naya as well.

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Sun, 2017-09-03 05:21
Community Award
Yoshi's picture

Plugging in Kalos Schelle from Sakon's Festenya game. I'd see him as any combination of Green mana symbolBlue mana symbolRed mana symbol as long as it includes Green mana symbol or Blue mana symbol (so basically Green mana symbol, Blue mana symbol, Blue mana symbolRed mana symbol, Green mana symbolBlue mana symbol, Red mana symbolGreen mana symbol or Green mana symbolBlue mana symbolRed mana symbol). Of course, alt universe stuff could change that if you so desire.

Shortened backstory recap: Originally from low-income family on Ravnica. Was accepted to study for the Simic, specialized in the art of growing artificial biomes and environments. His colleagues kind of scorned him because classism and stuff so they grew envious of him and tried to kill him. He then ignited his spark and planeswalked to Ashura to continue his biome studying, fascinated by the wildlife and beings on the plane. He then planeswalked inadvertently to Muetar and brought it upon himself to try and cleanse the plane by introducing a new purified ecosystem that he grew, though stealing a variety of potentially important natural miscellanea from various planes and places, among them including Festenya. Green mana symbolBlue mana symbol comes from his Simic background, whereas the Red mana symbol comes from his volatile sense of action and disregard for conventional customs/law to fulfill his own means.

Also, Kalix, Astral Thief who happens to be the same person that I suggested for Conclusions. Recap on her backstory below. Color identity in non-alt universe is (Red mana symbol > Blue mana symbol):

warning moderate to large text amounts
Plane of origin/sparking: Theros
First planeswalk: Probably Amonkhet

Kalix is a thief who is perhaps best known for stealing a wide range of space-related miscellaneous goods, from meteorite fragments to stars to even telescopes. Mechanically, she's probably focused on artifacts, combat trick-ish stuff and temporary/permanent control change. She starts on Theros and develops a gradual interest in astrology. She took them at first and bought them but the thing is, astrology related goods are expensive. So she starts stealing them until one day she tries to steal The Panoptic Star, a relic in a Meletan museum. Someone catches her stealing them, and she gets chased by a large angry mob of museum-goers and eventually sparks as they close in on her.

She ends up on Amonkhet, where they have pyramids which fascinate her. There, she finds interest in a relic in one of the pyramids, but has to go through the trials. She goes through some of the trials then planeswalks away when she realizes that the trials aren't really all that they are cracked up to be. When she planeswalks away, she earns the ire of Nicol Bolas because like, she's cheating the system.

Now she just wanders and doesn't have much of a purpose. But she feels unfulfilled. She's stolen many things, but she hasn't stolen anything truly great yet, and now, something calls her to Ravnica. She isn't quite sure what it is, but she's the kind of person who goes by her instinct so she'd definitely follow that calling.

More to come.

Working on an alt-color pie at the moment. Check me out in forum games!
If you need help with a community project, just message me and I'll be glad to help.

I stand with the specimen.

Sun, 2017-09-03 15:18
fluffyDeathbringer's picture

I was gonna announce this once the cards themselves hit, as a little nice surprise, but screw it. I'm chronically bad at decisions (which is why I'm also a terrible drafter; I keep trying to cram every in-color card into my deck), so I'll be making cards of every character submitted for my consideration.

...every character except the yukkuri meme ****post. Gotta have some standards here. Big smile

I'll take submissions still, if you feel like giving them, but I've already moved on to designing the cards. (At Black/red mana symbol currently, except for the question marks; I'll make those into whatever combo I feel like once I've made every non-questionable character in the list.)

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Mon, 2017-09-04 06:10
aquaumisa's picture

Hm... If thats the case, I'm gonna throw up two of my walkers, Gavis (Green/wite mana symbol, Stayed Daran's prince and was never kidnapped) and Daril (Black mana symbol, Amoral, ruthless assassin) for consideration (with bios on the Planear Ocean)

Step: zero to one

Blue/black mana symbol <3 Blue/black mana symbol

Self professed Love Live fan.

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Mon, 2017-09-04 07:10
Creative Direction Award Best Mechanic Award
HerziQuerzi's picture

The Twenty Seven Swarms

This phases in or out before you untap during each of your untap steps. While it's phased out, it's treated as though it doesn't exist.
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Mon, 2017-09-04 11:31
Head Administrator
Guitarweeps's picture

Could do one for Kros who is leading the resistance on Preasti against the Arcons. Last we saw him Fallek had dueled him under Ithew's direction but had created an illusion of him to "defeat" allowing him to stay alive but proclaimed dead.

Could be White mana symbol or Red/white mana symbol and could be Kros before the duel or his proclaimed dead version.

Check out my updated set hub.

Sun, 2017-09-10 21:16
fluffyDeathbringer's picture

After some deliberation, I chose not to do a card of The Masked Electromancer, either. It feels weird doing a card of what's essentially someone else's self-insert, who also has personal emotional baggage involved as far as I remember? I don't want to tread that water, it wouldn't be my place.

On the bright side, White mana symbolBlue mana symbolBlack mana symbol commanders are done.

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Wed, 2017-09-13 20:28
fluffyDeathbringer's picture

Alright, it's done! Here's the set file. This is just the first draft; feel free to tell me what's wrong, as I know I'll probably have a lot of improvements to do for the second draft. I didn't do the Atuum gods after all, since I couldn't come up with good ideas for them and their domains in Atuum FT were kinda vague.

Also, this kind of ended up as just "a bunch of legends/walkers" in lieu of making commanders for specific deckstyles. Whoops. And in case of legendary planeswalkers, assume they've got the "can be your commander" clause natively, since that's how I think of it.

Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

Wed, 2017-09-13 22:01
ZephyrPhantom's picture

Zegarra, Viscasca are pretty spiffy partners but hats off to your implementation of Hadion and Demiana. It's also nice to a mainverse Teurla.

What template does Rhurvuc use? Is blank for me.

Naisha - Ehhh I'd prefer a slightly less out-there description if you were gonna use her, but fair enough if you really wanted to.

Excellent Naberas. May I reprint this as a Masterpiece if I ever get to Ghakar?

I like Astave Olarde and Wotan's spin on taxing, especially the former - it's a great reversal of White mana symbol with a Blue mana symbol spin. Would play them in the same deck just for that.

Lanvert is neat, but Splinter Twin/Body Double in White mana symbol? I guess it's like Embalm.

Sevarios was a cool guy, though I'd probably run him under best Meletis couple to gain access to Vent Sentinel

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Thu, 2017-09-14 09:40
Mocandragon5's picture

I'm also having issues viewing Rhurvuc. That ultimate though. (Nice backstory by the way. I love it. A happy smile Mind if I actually steal that (With minor alterations) for the set he's in?)

Also, you put my name under Krig Ur, where she is Vunik's character.

Thu, 2017-09-14 16:22
fluffyDeathbringer's picture

Fixed both of the issues Mocan brought up in the new version here.

Mocan: Go ahead.

Zephyr: Well I couldn't come up with a less out-there description, so if you've got one I'm willing to incorporate it Big smile Go ahead and use Naberas. Lancert's based on Seance; it's probably a bend, I know (didn't get word back from Maro on that), but hey, it's commander, I'm allowed to bend a bit Big smile

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Thu, 2017-09-14 16:34
Moderator Best Set of 2016
Daij_Djan's picture

Really curious to see how my characters turned out in the end - sadly I can't access the file right now as my computer is dead..

As Photobucket wants me to pay 400$/year to link to my images, I'll relocate all renders.

Thu, 2017-09-14 16:57
fluffyDeathbringer's picture

It's okay, I'll post your characters here.

Daij people

Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

Thu, 2017-09-14 20:35
Moderator Best Set of 2016
Daij_Djan's picture

Big thanks!

I already knew Ssthyn, obviously, and I really like the new take on the Luxan siblings (they actually already had names, but who cares Big smile ). Sethereth is cool except I'd drop the may-clauses. I don't really get the Maroux Siblings, though. Depending who the active player is, creatures can in general only attack or block anyway, no? So isn't this just an awkwardly worded Courtly Provocateur with Haste or am I missing something?

As Photobucket wants me to pay 400$/year to link to my images, I'll relocate all renders.

Thu, 2017-09-14 20:56
fluffyDeathbringer's picture

I deliberately included the may clauses to add a feel of "whatever horrible cost is involved in Setheret's help, remember that the responsibility is on you for consenting to it".

My intent with the Marouxes was for the abilities to be versatile; in my head, for example, you could activate the first ability on your turn to force a block or on an opponent's turn to prevent an attack. Not sure if it practically functions that way, but that was what I had in mind.

Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

Fri, 2017-09-15 16:59
Moderator Best Set of 2016
Daij_Djan's picture

@Setheret: Makes sence Winking smiley

@Marouxes: Makes sence as well - I think normally it should be three abilities , though Winking smiley (one forcing an attack, one forcing a block and the last oe preventing attack or block this turn)

As Photobucket wants me to pay 400$/year to link to my images, I'll relocate all renders.

Fri, 2017-09-15 20:19
Neottolemo's picture

wall of feedback of dubious quality
Kalev for some reason was in the M15 style when I downloaded the set file but switching to the M15 Sparkers style unlocked his hidden half I love his card, the front side is an excellent way of making a low-CMC Kalev, and the back side feels appropriately powerful, and slightly like a mixture of Karn and Bolas. Also his ult is basically "I was already here" lmao, but it fits perfectly with his "other level of existence" thing

Kros is interesting. His ability means he can’t attack unless you’ve got extra combat phases, right?

I think Lancert’s fine for what concerns the colour pie, and the flavour seems to make sense with her backstory. Her P/T could afford to be higher, maybe? Also, she comboes very well with Fervor and the like, so I’d probably run her in a part-Red mana symbol deck Big smile

I think it's pretty darn funny that Teurla's a muscular nearly bald black man in Fate's Beloved and a longhaired albino with delicate features in Fate of Averlos, but I like that His card seems cool, and balanced, but it's a bit odd that he'll always boost other creatures to be 2/2s or bigger, but will never have 2 toughness himself unless somebody else boosts him. I guess that might mean he's reckless in protecting others, though?

I feel like Teema could start at a higher loyalty, something like 5, or maybe 4 if you want to play safe.

Interesting how Daril the Heartless can't actually kill players on his own.

I really like your designs for Demiana and Hadion Big smile

Setheret keeps demanding things out of you, which makes a lot of sense.

I love that Cambion. I just hope he won't be always picked with his own ability and then sent to certain death

Losi and Meep are adorable. I especially like Losi's ability, I feel like it has a lot of potential for politics Big smile On the other hand, Meep could probably be a bit stronger.

Zegarra has a really not-quite-drawback when connecting, and Viscaca's card looks really fun, too!

Naisha looks like a legendary Figure of Destiny, so, that seems pretty decent.

Wotan's abilities seem cool, I like him.

Child Ander is an adorable concept. He's probably going to be at his most useful in coin-flipping decks.

Animara's card seems nice. It probably doesn't need the White mana symbol from a mechanical point of view, but it fits in well, anyway.

Arjola is badass.

Mr Olarde's card seems interesting.

Advisor tribal, yay! Harper's basically Darien, King of Kjeldor+Azami, Lady of Scrolls. The Red mana symbol's a bit odd on her but I guess it fits because enrage is in part-Red mana symbol and because Red mana symbol has the most burn.

Don't worry about Drael's art. She makes a lot of sense as a flying lord, that's a good idea!

Florian and Feli have some very cool flavour. They might make games a bit repetitive, but since they themselves look easy enough to kill, that might not be that big of a big problem.

Gabriel and Hawkin's abilities seem perfect fits for the amazing story. For whatever reason I had expected Gabriel's card to be a bit bigger as regards P/T, but as a 3/2, Hawkin, who's a 2/4, can actually kill him, so, that makes a lot of sense.

Gram's card is really cool.

Hana seems weak on her own but could get pretty interesting with flickering effects and that sort of stuff.

Jin’s a bend, but I think it’s a very flavourful one, and the card is appropriately fragile as a consequence.

Kalix is niche but powerful hate. Considering she’s a 1/3, that should be fine, probably. Kalix mirror matches would be hilarious.

I like Kalos better with his new ult you showed in the Discord, yeah.

Krig Ur’s card is pretty generic, yeah, but I like her ult.

Luciano’s card is so much cleaner and elegant than what I had for him in I Can’t Understand What’s Talking Great work!

If Lyriel had a built-in Commander’s Authority she’d be much stronger, so I understand why the two tap abilities are separate even though they work well with each other. I really like her flavour text and name.

'Analyst of the Soul' kind of makes Margan sound like a therapist I really love his abilities here, though: they fit the character perfectly, and the -1 Loyalty is some design space that hasn’t been yet explored anywhere else, I think!

I love Naberas’s flavour text and the fact that his first ability is mandatory.

Penny and Pete’s card is awesome.

Sahmala’s card seems mostly fine. Wizards had noted that people didn’t like Ajani Whitemane’s ult, and thought it was because it just made a token, but since they’ve made similar ults since then, I’d say it should no longer be a problem. Besides, it’s very flavourful on Sahmala. I especially like how the token has no proper name and is just a Mutant.

Sev’s card looks great. I heard you thought it was too powerful with autodraw. I think some ways to make it less powerful but still U would be changing its effect to make you draw at upkeep if you control a certain number of defenders or more, or changing it so that it lets you pay some mana to draw a card whenever a defender enters the battlefield under your control.

The Maroux are flavourful, but their first tap ability is a bit of a bend towards White mana symbol.

Solrita is going to draw a lot of cards and gain a lot of life It could be a bit hard to keep track of all the triggers, but I really like the idea!

Ssthyn’s second ability may feel a bit weird to play, what with the lack of Red mana symbol and of haste granting, but I like her card, overall.

Talamir’s new damage preventing version works well, I think Big smile

Teta Nadosu looks powerful. Hopefully the 3 toughness means she won’t be all that annoying to face A happy smile

Vadro’s card looks great, especially the flavour text Big smile

I like Veldan’s card, he looks balanced but really feels like a jerk with that ability and flavour text

Vunik’s card is very odd but seems to fit the theme well enough. It could probably be a bit more pushed, and have bigger stats, but that’d ruin the 3 theme, and the only alternatives I see that wouldn’t, giving him three keywords or menace-but-with-three-creatures-and-also-can-block-three-creatures, would make the card look more cramped, so maybe he’s a better design as a weaker legend as he is now.

Xiong Mao’s Green mana symbol ability synergises with his Black mana symbol ones and with his Red mana symbol one, but the Black mana symbol and the Red mana symbol one don’t synergise with each other that much. I guess that means he’s centred in Green mana symbol in this incarnation?
Zhukar’s abilities look great and very fitting of his colours and warlike nature, while also being rather original. I actually don’t care much about the change from +1 Loyalty to 0 Loyalty, but I think it’s fine Big smile

Zweil looks like a very political Black mana symbolRed mana symbol card, that’s nice, and fitting of a merchant A happy smile

Pre-spark Rhurvuc reminds me of Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice for some reason I really love the abilities on both sides of his card. Apparently you wanted to make him stronger? Yeah, that makes sense, his starting loyalty is really rather low, so his 0 Loyalty seems difficult to use. Rather than changing the 0 mana symbol, which feels very flavourful, I’d up the starting loyalty to something like 6 and up the ultimate’s cost a bit instead.

Sat, 2017-09-16 22:26
thehuw's picture

Taking it from the top, and only commenting on what sticks out as "needs adjustment" and hasn't been addressed here already (because this is broadly a very, very good set of commanders):

  • Drael should say "creatures you control with flying", I think.
  • Kalix might be a touch too good. Making all your artifacts hasty and untapping and hasting them on ETB (which gives you a chance to tap mana rocks before the untap trigger resolves) and getting to steal any opponent's artifact for a turn is a lot for three mana. I might recommend a cost of some kind on the trigger.
  • Sahmala possibly takes too long to reach her ultimate, given that the end result has no evasion, no protection, and doesn't count for commander damage. Would consider either reducing the ult cost, increasing the first ability to a +2 Loyalty, or giving the token hexproof or something.
  • I agree with the sentiment expressed in the chat that Veldan Rook could use a downwards bump in power. I'm not sure how best to do this, but perhaps choosing one or two permanent types each turn rather than a blanket effect might work. (Excluding land also seems like a smart move.) Then again, as-is he does paint the biggest target of all time directly on your forehead...
  • Zweil is entirely too adorable and needs toning down before my heart explodes.

Selected favorites: Cambion, Vadro, Losi and Meep, Siblings Maroux, Xiong Mao.

Red mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlack mana symbol
Set Huwb
They/them pronouns, please.
Praise Vectron.

Sat, 2017-09-16 22:34
fluffyDeathbringer's picture

Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.