Conspiracy Inspired Set

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Sat, 2017-08-12 08:00
Quazer Flame

I've recently abandoned an idea that basically tried to use Conspiracy cards in constructed. I've seen the error of my ways and am turning the idea into a drafting set instead. I'd like some help, as I'm very new at card creating.

So far I have draft-matters cards, Conspiracy cards, voting cards, and investigate.

I initially had this card as a black zombie knight, but now I'm not sure it that would be on color, and I can't figure out a good casting cost and P/T to start with.

A retool of a Destiny card from my abandoned idea, buffed up in its Conspiracy incarnation. Is this worded correctly?

A couple investigate cards, one of which cares about voting. The first was inspired by Grudge Keeper. Not sure either are particularly balanced.

I'll probably be asking for more help with cards as this goes along. Thanks for taking a look, and I hope you all have some help to give.

Sat, 2017-08-12 08:19
Gorgonzola's picture

Isn't Eager Analyst a bit... OP?

I just dont understand why people pay thousands for a piece of cardboard.
Why just don't play some casual? Gee, it isn't even fun to play with, and especially against.

Sat, 2017-08-12 08:32
Quazer Flame

Most likely -_- Cut off an ability and put it on a different card? Or something else?

Tue, 2017-08-15 05:13
MysticalOctopus's picture

Eager Analyst could be fine if you increased the mana cost and made it a rare.

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