Planechase 2017: It's Done!

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Tue, 2017-08-08 05:36
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After a year of on an off development and tons of help from this wonderful community, I'm ready to post my first design project, and move onto building my first set.

After the release of Kaladesh and Amonkhet, I have added some new plane cards and have removed some others. Nothing too radical (I wanted to play it safe so the release is good).

The largest change is the redesign of Vessifrus and the Elemental deck, which had many conflicting themes.'

Without further adeu...

Set Statistics -

• 40 Original Plane Cards/Phenomenon Cards

• 4 60 -Card Decks meant to be played together. Each will have a very distinct theme.

10 Original Cards inserted in each deck meant for eternal format and (more so) fun.

The Decks

"Starry Nights" -- White mana symbol/Black mana symbol Enchantments. Heliod and Erebos are secretly BFFs. Homeplane - Theros



Special thanks to @fluffyDeathbringer for the design of Elithyia!.

Creature (23)

1x Athreos, God of Passage
3x Auramancer
3x Blightcaster
2x Fate Unraveler
4x Grim Guardian
2x Master of the Feast
3x Nyx-Fleece Ram
3x Underworld Coinsmith

Land (22)

9x Plains
3x Scoured Barrens
8x Swamp
2x Temple of Silence

Enchantment (8.)

2x Banishing Light
2x Journey to Nowhere
2x Opalescence
2x Always Watching

Artifact (1)

1x Whip of Erebos

NEW Planechase cards! (10)

1x Elithyia, Erebos' Prize

1x Nebulaic Titan


2x Enchantress of Souls

2x One with the Stars

2x Consummate

2x Planeswalker's Trinket

"Tinkerer's Toolbox"Blue mana symbol/Red mana symbol Artifacts and Thopter Shenanigans. Homeplane - Kaladesh



Creature (22)

3x Chief of the Foundry
2x Hangarback Walker
2x Pia and Kiran Nalaar
4x Reckless Fireweaver
3x Thopter Engineer
3x Whirler Rogue
3x Thriving Grubs
2x Foundry Inspector

Land (22)

7x Island
10x Mountain
2x Spirebluff Canal
3x Swiftwater Cliffs

Artifact (4)

2x Inventor's Goggles
1x Skysovereign, Consul Flagship
1x Smuggler's Copter

Enchantment (2)

2x Thopter Spy Network

NEW Planechase Cards! (10)

1x Avaati Vya

1x Artificial Imagination


2x Consulate Locomotive

2x Epitome of Artifice

2x Renegade Firefighter

2x Planeswalker's Trinket

"Endless Growth" -- Green mana symbol/Colorless mana symbol Eldrazi and Colorless ramp. All will be consumed. Homeplane - Zendikar



Special thanks to @Pixi-Rex for providing deck idea and some nice recommendation for cards.

Creature (15)

4x Blisterpod
1x Kozilek, the Great Distortion
3x Pilgrim's Eye
2x Reality Smasher
2x Vile Redeemer
3x Walker of the Wastes

Land (22)

3x Blighted Woodland
10x Forest
2x Shrine of the Forsaken Gods
7x Wastes

Artifact (2)

2x Hedron Archive

Sorcery (6)

1x All is Dust
2x Call the Scions
3x Rampant Growth

Instant (2)

2x Warping Wail

Enchantment (2)

2x From Beyond

NEW Planechase cards! (10)

1x Girundar, Mul Daya Cultist

1x Hedron Unraveler


2x Essence Devourer

2x Violent Spawning

2x Champion of the Void

2x Planeswalker's Trinket

"Traverse the Elements" -- White mana symbol/Black mana symbol/Blue mana symbol/Red mana symbol/Green mana symbol Tribal and Beatdown Elemental deck. Mostly situated in Red/Black, though. Homeplane - Lorwyn



Creature (26)

2x Briarhorn
4x Brighthearth Banneret
3x Flamekin Harbinger
1x Horde of Notions
2x Incandescent Soulstoke
2x Mulldrifter
2x Reveillark
2x Shriekmaw
4x Smokebraider
3x Sunflare Shaman
1x Voice of Resurgence

Land (22)

1x Forest
2x Island
4x Mountain
3x Plains
2x Primal Beyond
2x Swamp
4x Vivid Crag
1x Vivid Creek
1x Vivid Grove
1x Vivid Marsh
1x Vivid Meadow

Artifact (2)

2x Springleaf Drum

NEW Planechase cards! (10)

1x Vessifrus, the Living Pyre

1x Dusk


2x Flamekin Vulcanist

2x Enter the ELements

2x Dreamhoarder

2x Planeswalker's Trinket

Plane Cards

Special Thanks

Lots of Love

PixiRex, for submitting some awesome designs, helping me through this project, and making renders for the set symbol Big smile

• FluffyDeathBringer, for syntax checking my plane cards, feedback, and submitting one of the legendary foils.

• thehuw and Guitarweeeps for feedback and permission to use their planes.

• CounterAttack11, for feedback, card designs, and permission to use fan plane.

• ThisisSakon for a metric ton of feedback and ideas.

• Yoshi for feedback and ideas as well <3

• Other awesome people include Liz the Goddess, Shinobi-San, k0n9, MysticalOctopus, Autumnstar00, dailyblabity, loopsorspool, and LordOjutai.

Art Credit Top to Bottom

Planar Bridge by Chase Stone

Underworld Coinsmith by Mark Winters

Thopter Engineer by Steve Prescott

Awakening Zone by Johann Bodin

Incandescent Soulstoke by Todd Lockwood

Tue, 2017-08-08 12:57
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Oh hey, I made the list. Super pumped that this is finally done. All those cards are really well designed.

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Tue, 2017-08-08 17:41
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How exciting! I was just wondering about this last week, really cool to see it all come together! Decks are looking good

Tue, 2017-08-08 18:26
Moderator Best Set of 2016
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Really like those planes A happy smile

Karakyk Valley and Evos Isle have some issues, though. As they possess static abilities (rather than triggered ones) linked to your creatures' power, layers matter for them. And this means they work rather unintuitive, sadly. The issue is: Granting a creature abilities is handled in layer 6, whereas effects altering a creature's power (or toughness) are handled in layer 7 (so they are not considered earlier). This means power-changing auras, equipments, spells or whatever will not matter for your two planes' abilities..