Volaria Renewed (A Single-Set Version of Volaria Block)

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Wed, 2017-07-26 17:44
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Okay, so I'm going to make this introduction very simple. This set was developed as a way to serve two purposes: To make Volaria Block easier to develop for MSE Modern, and to streamline the flavor such that people didn't have to look through almost a thousand cards to figure it out. The idea was that I carve out most of the draft trash, given that Volaria's limited environment was mimicking Return to Ravnica block in a way that was many times worse. After that, I was left with just the cards that might be constructed playable. Of course, that makes it many times easier to adjust individual cards.

I'm presently doing Juxtaposition spoilers and waiting on some small pieces of writing for those, so I'm not going to do some big long thing for this set. After all, most of it was as it was in Volaria block, with some cards edited and others added. Some existed since the beginning of time, some were being added when I was still trying to figure out the block as a whole. Thing is, I'm super impatient, so really, you can just have the set now.

Set Link

Some Archetypes wrote:
  • White/blue mana symbol Enchantment Control
  • Blue/black mana symbol Exile Control
  • Black/red mana symbol Face-Damaging
  • Red/green mana symbol Artifacts
  • Green/wite mana symbol Elves
  • White/black mana symbol Enchantment Beatdown
  • Blue/red mana symbol Tempo Spells
  • Black/green mana symbol Aristocrat Aggro
  • Red/white mana symbol Tokens
  • Green/blue mana symbol Library Manipulation

Also There Are Story Spotlights Now wrote:
  • Resist the Apocalypse
  • Unbreakable Defenses
  • Untold Knowledge
  • Moment of Doubt
  • Invoke the First Master

Thu, 2017-07-27 19:06
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Thanks to help from FluffyDeathbringer, there's been some wording fixes and a typeline fix done to the set file.