I dont know whats going on

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Sun, 2017-07-09 03:08

For no reason all of a sudden today my program wont let me save and gives me this message.
An internal error occured:

referencing a nonexistant file
Please save your work (use 'save as' to so you don't overwrite things)
and restart Magic Set Editor.

You should leave a bug report on http://magicseteditor.sourceforge.net/
Press Ctrl+C to copy this message to the clipboard.

Call stack:
[00] 004AC840
[01] 004B5502
[02] 0048331C
[03] 004A23B7
[04] 004AEED6
[05] 004ADE98
[06] 0041A32F
[07] 00526CDD
[08] 0050EE24
[09] 0050F2F8
[10] 0050F384
[11] 005458A6
[12] 00572160
[13] 0056FCCD
[14] 00570DAA
[15] 0055090B

Sun, 2017-07-09 03:13
Jéské Couriano
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Is your set saved onto an external drive that may have accidentally gotten disconnected?

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Sun, 2017-07-09 13:02

No. Its on my harddrive. I can load the file but then it says it doesn't exist.

Sun, 2017-07-09 13:05

The file is on my desktop to be specific.

Sun, 2017-07-09 23:49
Administrator - MSE Add-On Award
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What happens if you do as it asks and use Save As?

Wed, 2017-09-13 18:09

I fixed it