Sakon's Nyx Token Template

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Sat, 2017-05-13 03:18
ThisisSakon's picture

Haven't been able to find these templates anywhere, so I made them!

They're not the highest res, but they're full-color support as well as artifact and multicolor tokens as well! Hybrid included! Enjoy~

Download Nyx Tokens v1.0

Install Instructions wrote:
    [1] Download the .zip folder to a location on your computer
    [2] Unzip or copy to XX > XX > Magic Set Editor 2 > Data
    [3] Enjoy tokens!

Mon, 2017-05-15 05:05
SonictheBrushwagg's picture

You're a god sakon, thanks! This might just pull me back enough to set making...

/shiftily looks at sig

"Victory Over Tragedy"
gotta go haste
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Wed, 2017-05-17 06:58
ThisisSakon's picture

No gods here, just the tokens! Maybe now we can get some sexy HD Theros cards

Sun, 2018-01-14 21:37

Any chance there's a way to do that brown 'colorless' token frame with the stars, like the color shown when you make a new card and no color choices are made? Big smile