M15 Counters

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Fri, 2017-05-05 11:18
Mahx Michael
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M15 Counters

Finally, M15 Style Counter template is complete.
As you have probably realized by now, the Energy Reserve and Experience counters have somwhat different design, so I've made it so that you can choose between the properties of the two different versions.
I have also added a new feature that are not inclueded in the original Modern Counters template, wich is that in addition to being able to choose background image for the counters, you can also choose between adding the counter symbol as watermark from the watermarks list, or upload your own png-file. Please note that MSE will not check if the image is a png or jpg file before uploading, so if you upload a jpg, there will be no opacy!

The template is based on the Energy Reserve and the Experience counter, I did not add any feature that would let you make a counter like "The Monarch" from Conspiracy, while this has more of a token design than a counter and would require a separate template.

Here are some examples counters where I've used this template (Note that these counters are mere recreations and no genuine atempt to recreate the actual token):


The zip file contains two folders one with the template and one with special watermarks for this and maybe future counter templates. Both of them should be moved into the data folder in order for the template to work.

Please notify me if you notice any bugs with the template.
Hope you enjoy it! A happy smile

Magic - After M15 Counters.mse-installer1.39 MB
Magic - M15 Style Counters.zip1.39 MB
Mon, 2017-05-15 13:53
Mahx Michael
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I have uploaded an installer now that can be used instead of the zip-file. I'll let the zip-file be in case you get trouble with the installer. Please notify me if the installer doesn't work for you A happy smile

Tue, 2017-05-16 04:41
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Mon, 2017-06-05 19:48
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Awesome, thanks. This is gonna save me some time, haha.