Card of the Week Contest #166: 100% Discount

Sun, 2017-05-07 01:13
SilverSoul.SB's picture

This is the closest i can think of to getting to actual Black lotus without it being too abusable (i hope).

Sun, 2017-05-07 02:57
ZephyrPhantom's picture

Updated my initial submission with render:


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Sun, 2017-05-07 11:49

@SilverSoul.SB: from all attempts, trying to make a lotus concept, i like yours the most. It is indeed not easy to abuse, and is also creative. Although i think, it has to many unnecessery creature types. I'd like him to be just a plant knght.

I also like Ziolangs Flickerbug. It is a strong and hard to anticipate interruption that is dependent on a body-making secondary.

Mon, 2017-05-08 12:59
MadLuckKingg's picture

Edit--@Mahx Michael Thanks for pointing that out, I had to reinstall MSE and all the addons I use last week and forgot the fonts Stick out your tongue
Edit2--Changed so you can cast it from command zone.


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Sun, 2017-05-07 23:33
SilverSoul.SB's picture

@one1eye1 I would have made it just plant wizard if the art wasn't as knight looking but it was the only flower person I could find.

Sun, 2017-05-07 14:07
Mahx Michael
Mahx Michael's picture

You need to install the Beleren font for your M15 template. There is a guide on Pichoro's Additional Download page.

Sun, 2017-05-07 19:24

Sure, I bumped up the rarity.
As for flashback and aftermath I don't think that would work. The ability should only work in the graveyard, and the card shouldn't remember who it was in the graveyard once you put it on the stack.

@Mahx Michael
Exactly. Although the efficiency is not quite draw 8 cards for 1 mana symbolBlue mana symbol, since you have to draw four Self-implanted Memories first to get there. And because the card doesn't actually do anything while you cast it, these are essentially "skipped" draws. Still, in a deck that runs a lot of those cards that count copies in a graveyard, it can be useful.

Sun, 2017-05-07 20:43
Mahx Michael
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You should give it cycling or something Thumbs up

Sun, 2017-05-07 21:25
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Wanted to use this pun for a while so

Black color identity Sorcery Uncommon
(Nonexistent mana costs can't be paid.)
Target opponent discards a card.
Splice onto sorcery Black mana symbol (As you cast a sorcery spell, you may reveal this card from your hand and pay its splice cost. If you do, add this card's effects to that spell.)

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Mon, 2017-05-08 00:57
SilverSoul.SB's picture

@MadLuckKingg it doesn't make a very good commander as it can only enter from your hand, can you change it to "you may Tap 5 untapped slivers you control rather than pay ~ mana cost".

Mon, 2017-05-08 01:31
thehuw's picture

Render for jacqui-pup, as requested. Not my own entry - please attach this to hers instead.

Nevermind render

Red mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlack mana symbol
Set Huwb
They/them pronouns, please.
Praise Vectron.

Mon, 2017-05-08 02:31
sdfkjgh's picture

@huw: oh god, that's beautiful. where'd u find art?

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Mon, 2017-05-08 02:58

A take on gilded lotus

Mon, 2017-05-08 09:22

Mon, 2017-05-08 14:12
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@sdfkjgh: That artwork can be found on DeviantArt – that's were I found it once in the past as well Winking smiley

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