MSE Award 2016: Creative Direction

MSE Award 2016: Creative Direction

Preasti by Community
0% (0 votes)
A Tourney at Whiterun by HerziQuerzi
63% (10 votes)
Ophorio by Cajun
19% (3 votes)
Wastes of Muertar by Yoshi
6% (1 vote)
Goliaths of Nangjiao by marioware2
13% (2 votes)
Total votes: 16
Sat, 2017-04-29 11:43
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Here are the nominations for the best Creative Direction in a set. We had a lot of great sets but these are the cream of the crop. Feel free to discuss anything below and happy voting!

Creative Direction wrote:

By MSE Community

A plane of puzzles with fantastic lore surrounding the five isles and the archons reaching through the multiverse to pull in “contestants” for their games. This interweaves bits and pieces of the multiverse into Preasti’s own unique puzzle filled setting. With an interesting adventure of the main character, Fallek, following him throughout the trials and puzzles the world has to offer. Story even had some “audience participation” in solving the riddles.

By HerziQuerzi

Deviating from most other sets and their high intrigue, Tourney goes for a sort of low-tension approach with its quiet medievalesque world (with its own twists in the form of the native Mutants) and its low-concept "tournament of knights" plot. In its card flavour and sparse story, Tourney conveys a relaxed atmosphere similar to looking at a mural.

By Cajun

Despite the simplicity of the "two worlds that are mirror images of each other" concept, Ophorio puts thought into how this would practically manifest with its worldbuilding and conveys the flavour well through two different "sets" within one whole, with subtle mechanical references across the board.

Wastes of Muetar

By Yoshi

A fantastic setting of dystopia and misery while still having hold of hope. By reworking the flavor of colorless mana to represent nuclear energy, Yoshi creates a plane that demonstrates the consequences of a world gone radioactive. Those that play the set will experience firsthand the decay of Muertar's society as irradiate converts your lands to pseudo-Wastes, which in turn fuels the warped Mutants that subsist off Colorless mana symbol’s taint on the ecosystem. Combined with a Survivor tribal and the machinations of corporate suit Alistair Farin, Wastes of Muertar suceeds in creating a post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

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By marioware2

Goliaths is a world populated with fantastical beasts of all different types and styles. The setting of each of the five realms is supported well in the mechanics and the flavor of the cards. It evokes the feeling of grand epic beasts in the water, land, and air while also giving us a engrossed setting for the characters in the story.

Honorable Mention to:

(Courtesy of

By Liz the Goddess

A very cool world with great fleshed out cultures to include even penguins! Also features a great story and visuals to make it a beautiful engrossing set.

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