Mersalen Task 17a: Pirate's Treasure

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Thu, 2017-04-06 11:32
Head Administrator
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See the Mersalen design page for more information on the plane. Here is the creative thread as well for reference. Current set file.

This task will be to design the lower level artifacts. The artifacts should represent tools used to survive in a water world and the relics that are highly sought out which are imbued with magical spells due to the aether-imbuing process.

  • CA01 –
  • CA02 -
  • CA03 –
  • CA04 -
  • CA05 -
  • UA01 –
  • UA02 –
  • UA03 -
  • UA04 – [Plundered Riches]
  • UA05 -

Cards in File
UA04 Plundered Riches 4 mana symbol
Plundered Riches enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Pirate.
Gleam — T: Add X to your mana pool, where X is the number of colors among permanents you control.

  • Artifact or artifact creature
  • Can have equipment
  • No vehicles (they are colored artifacts here)
  • Gleam, emerge, and tide can be used.

Things we could see wrote:
  • Tools used for sailing i.e. quadrant, sextant, astrolabe, lodestone compass, sand glass, anchor, spyglass
  • Pirate weapons for equipment
  • Equipment with tide boost
  • Relic imbuied with a "spell" (tap effect)
  • Relic that can be imbued with a spell
  • Hunter weapons i.e harpoon/harpoon gun, nets
  • Equipment worn under water
  • Ancient mysterious construct (maybe w emerge)

Submit your designs by Apr 25, 2017 2359 EST

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Tue, 2017-04-18 14:20
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Seastone Hook 3 mana symbol
Artifact - Equipment Uncommon
Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and has prowess.
When CARDNAME becomes detached from a creature, sacrifice that creature.
Equip 2 mana symbol
Hands are unnecessary if you have a hook.

Skeletal Flag 3 mana symbol
Artifact Common
When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, target creature gains menace until end of turn.
Tap symbol: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.
A mere glimpse of the sign of the Black Skulls sends the Merfolk running.

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Wed, 2017-04-19 17:28
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Great challenge idea.

Harpoon 3 mana symbol
Artifact Common
~ enters the battlefield tapped.
Tap symbol, Sacrifice ~: ~ deals 2 damage to target creature. That creature blocks this turn if able.
Quick! Ready the harpoon before that damned leviathan slips the noose again!

Notes: I like the little tribal upside equipment of plundered riches. This could have that same upside of coming in tapped unless you control a merfolk/hunter/pirate whatever. Like if it's Merfolk just call it Pearl-Trident Harpoon or something.

Skeletal Flag: I love the idea of a flag "changing colors" because pirates would fly false colors sometimes to get closer to other ships etc. I like the hook idea too but it might be better as a red enchantment like

Hookhand Red mana symbol
enchantment - aura Common
enchant creature
enchanted creature gains menace and gets +1/-1

edit: nevermind. I literally made a peg leg card for the set already that gives -1/-1 haha

Celestial Sextant 1 mana symbol
Artifact Common
2 mana symbol,Tap symbol, Sacrifice ~: Search your library for a basic land card and put it onto the battlefield tapped. Shuffle your library.
When your entire world shifts and changes with the seas, the fixity of the stars provides a man with a certain comfort.

Spellwing Sail 3 mana symbol
Artifact - Equipment Uncommon
Equipped creature gains prowess, flying, and haste.
Equip 1 mana symbol
Legends bespoke of ships that could soar through the sky and skim across the waters at the merest touch of an aether breeze.

potential art w/ name change. I was thinking like a kitesail but this'll work

Admiral's Wheel 5 mana symbol
Legendary Artifact Rare
Whenever a Vehicle creature you control attacks, you choose which creatures block it this turn if able and how those creatures block.

Wed, 2017-04-19 19:06
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Awakened Godmachine 7 mana symbol
Artifact Creature - Golem Uncommon
Emerge 8 mana symbol
When ~ enters the battlefield, if it was emerged create a 1/2 colorless Skeleton Pirate Cleric artifact creature with lifelink.
Sacrifice a Pirate: ~ gains indestructible until end of turn.
It calls for it's chosen prophet.

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Thu, 2017-04-20 02:50
Head Administrator
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I like the flag ideas but seems like it should interact with vehicles as that is what would fly them:

Skeletal Flag 3 mana symbol
Artifact Uncommon
Vehicles you control have menace.
Tap symbol: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. ~ becomes that color until end of turn.

Nice gleam support.

Sextant - Nice way to effect tide. I wonder if it should have one more mana somewhere? I mean Wayfarer's Bauble did do it before...

Any version of the sail works. Kitesail could even work with the art.

Admiral's Wheel - Cool effect but I really don't think it should be on an artifact. Should be on a creature. Could actually be a cool effect on one of the hunters.

Awakened Godmachine - I don't get the artifact pirate cleric thing at all lol. I do like the idea of a worshipped construct though. Might be better as a rare though. Or as a spell:

Call to the Godmachine White mana symbol
Create a 1/1 white cleric creature token.
Emerge 9 mana symbol
If you paid ~'s emerge cost, create a 7/7 Golem artifact creature token.

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Thu, 2017-04-20 11:51
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@guitarweeps - your version of the flag seems strong. At any rate, i vote for it to be called false flag and make a creature unblockable when it etbs. The flavor being that it works once but then after that people are wary of that trick however the flag can still change colors indicating the mana generation.

Also, as for the admiral's wheel effect yeah this could go anywhere. Could even be a decent emblem ult for bloodeye trent.

Cask of Rum 1 mana symbol
Artifact Uncommon
1 mana symbol,Tap symbol: Untap target creature. Tap that creature at the beginning of the next end step. It doesn't come untapped during its controller's next untap step. Activste this ability only as a sorcery.

Notes: kind of has utility as a more stupid blinding mage for opponents creatures before their combat while at the same time acting as an untapper for yours. Can be restricted by sorcery speed or only target your creatures. Just kind of a funny idea. Might tap creature at eot.

Captain's Wheel 3 mana symbol
Artifact Uncommon
3 mana symbol,Tap symbol: Discard any number of cards from your hand. Draw cards equal to the number of cards you discarded this way.
The captain decides our heading, and changes course whenever he so chooses.

Notes: decent card advantage generator with some of the tide moonfolk effects we have going on. Also get it...its a "wheel"

Thu, 2017-04-20 05:19
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the idea was that who found was cannibalized into a cleric
the reason it was a pirate was pirate tribal.
We can push it into rare if you want

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