Starless Night (Volaria, Set 3 of 3 Rework)

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Wed, 2017-03-15 22:29
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"May the spirits of Light and Balance watch over you all."

(Art by Pyrogas-Artworks)

Last Time on VEB
"We need to get both Tirena and Elance," Wind pointed out. There was a long drawn out sigh as Ayra slung her bow over her shoulder. She nodded and shrugged. The older elf, Kimar, returned. She had some strangely shaped sword on her waist, and metal covered her arms in the form of bracers. Both the sword and the bracers were adorned with a glowing blue crystal and made of some light-colored metal. One that Wind definitely recognized as not Volarian, but he couldn't tell which plane it was actually from. He could tell that she had been on Volaria a while, almost as long or even longer than himself.

"Ayra," she began. "I'm certain Oscura's forces have fallen, but Mileran and Theria have both suffered as well. We need some kind of guidance. I've been trying to heal as many as I can, but that isn't sustainable."

"Erm... yes, keep doing that for now." Ayra pointed to Wind. "You can handle Tirena and Elance, right, Wind? Entelans can do that?"

"Uh," Wind paused, "Yes, yes I can." He turned to Marina, tapped his watch, and tossed over his shoulder, "I'll link up through Marina, so keep her nearby."

Marina jumped a bit in surprise. Ayra raised an eyebrow. "Very well, then. Come with me, Marina." Ayra turned and motioned for Kimar to follow. Marina similarly motioned to Kalia, so Kalia waved to Wind and followed.

Wind let magic flow into his fingers. There wasn't much of a plan to be had. By no means did Wind expect that Zeleph would listen unless he had a reason. Tirena would likely listen, but the communication would be difficult. If he knew anyone else in Elance, it would be fine. It would make Wind's job approximately a million times easier, as far as he thought. Actually,Wind pondered, maybe there is someone still there.

The tree-house and damp atmosphere of Theria fell away as Wind shifted into the desert surrounding Tirena. He was slowly getting more accurate, he noticed. This time, he was within a few minutes of Tirena, rather than an hour away. The sky was cloudy, and an unnatural cold sent a shiver down Wind's spine. He pressed his feet into the sand and broke off running towards Tirena.

"Contact," he shouted into his watch, "Avery Elas!" Wind's footsteps pushed down into the loose sand. He refused to let himself stop running until he was in Tirena. He refused.

A click from the watch. "What's up?" Avery asked.

Wind responded through breaths. "Are you still in Elance?"

"Uh, yeah, why?" There was a sort pause before Avery continued. "Oh! I was supposed to meet you in Theria, wasn't I? You're there already?"

"It's been, like, half a month," Wind pointed out. Tirena's buildings slowly approached. Wind's eyes jumped around for any hint of the green of Irana's outfit.

"Really?" Avery chuckled. "No kidding."

"Anyways, can you locate Zeleph and, like, somehow convince him to participate in a meeting in some 10 minutes?"

"I was on the way to him now, yeah. I'll tell him. Where?"

"Ideally wherever he is, via Dataline." there was another pause as Wind slowed down and caught his breath. Irana was somewhere, he just didn't know where.

"Ah..." Avery realize. "Are you intending me to translate?"

"If that's not a problem." Wind ran around the village, checking everywhere he could think Irana could be. People were discussing, chattering and watching him as he scanned every angle for green. He eventually ran into her, almost literally, as she was talking to someone else. Avery's voice could be heard quietly speaking in Volarian.

There you are, he thought. "Master Irana!" he called. No time for politeness.

Irana turned and waved. "What exactly are you doing here?" she asked.

"Messenger from Theria," Wind explained. "There's a meeting regarding the course of action against Oscura given our recent victory in Theria. I'm here to keep you connection through the Dataline." Once he got

People were still talking and playing when Irana lead Wind back into the center of the village. She raised her hand and immediately, everyone fell silent.

"Is everyone here?" Ayra asked through Marina. "Theria and Mileran are here in Theria." There was a growl of approval from Drayton, the Mileran master.

"Tirena is present," Irana declared.

"I'm representing Entela," Sarah's voice followed. Wind was partially surprised. "Lezyn is busy fixing everything after an Oscuran attack on Entela Core."

"I'm Avery," Avery introduced himself. "Translating for Zeleph. Everything I say from here on will be exactly as he worded it."

"Alright," Ayra decided. "Let's get this going. We captured Revela. She escaped. What we have now is a period of time where Oscura doesn't know we're coming. They'll be unstructured. We have a chance to strike Oscura, and we want to do it hard."

"Makes sense," Irana agreed. Wind remained silent while the Masters discussed. "They'll be less focused on us and more about how to work together.We can get there within a day with a Tirenan strike force."

"Prepare for a seige," Drayton's growl added. "Oscura is very well protected as a result of being in the Starless Expanse."

"Glad to see you've finally seen it my way," Avery insisted. Wind held back a laugh. He couldn't imagine Avery saying such a thing about fighting in a million years.

"I can get there after some last-minute research. I have something I have to resolve first, but the rest of Entela is in no condition to fight," Sarah explained. "Obviously, except for Wind, Marina, and Kalia."

"That's fine," Ayra decided. "We can join tomorrow morning. We have an informant that can help us into the Starless Expanse."

"Oh, is that where Scout was?" Sarah asked. "I hope we all realize this won't be easy."

There was a pause on all ends. The next response came from Drayton. "No," he replied, "But it is necessary."

"If we fight now," Avery pointed out, "They'll be caught off guard."

"Good luck," Ayra concluded. "May the spirits of Light and Balance watch over you all."

Wed, 2017-03-15 23:21
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Nice to see this remake is finally here Big smile

Thu, 2017-03-16 16:07
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Remember when Sarah said she had a thing to do?


Sarah made her way far below Entela, down the the floor that the core was on. Lezyn had been down here ever since Sarah asked about Erasure. Lezyn was standing in front of the shifting complex known as Entela's core. He claimed he was working on the core, but since power had returned long ago, Sarah recognized that he was simply trying to avoid her. That wouldn't do at all. Sarah needed him to answer.

"Lezyn!" Sarah called. Her voice echoed off the walls. He definitely heard, likely multiple times. He refused to turn to face her as she approached.

"You know?" he asked quietly.

"A lot, but not everything. I do know that you did this," she snapped, "And I want you to reverse it."

"Why exactly do you want me to reverse it?" Lezyn asked.

"Because, dad, I want my memory back! My actual memories!"

"Why don't you fix it?" Lezyn questioned. "You can. You are my daughter, after all. You can cast the spell. The words are lysta elsin."

"Lysta elsin," Sarah repeated. Lezyn nodded.

"If you can cast that spell, you can correct your own memory. All it takes is--"

Sarah's hand jumped to the side of his head with charged electricity. "All it takes is charging energy, I know. That's how spells work." Sarah was done with him. She decided not to kill him, but that didn't mean she couldn't act like she would. With Lezyn, that was the only way to get anything done. "You should be dead right now, but you squirmed your way out of it."

Lezyn nodded. "Indeed. Enjoy relearning what you lost." Sarah turned and walked away, channeling energy between her hands.

The moment she repeated those words again, her vision darkened, showing what looked like a hologram of three concentric spheres, each divided into pieces. A few extraneous shards were floating around, each of which Sarah recognized as a memory. Each held a unique shape to each other, but with a similar shape to one fragment of the outermost sphere.

As Sarah moved her hands, each of the similar shards within the sphere parted, and the other shards replaced them. These were her memories. The ones she had lost. It was here that Sarah could tell she had lost nothing beyond memory. No vital functions and no abilities were lost.

Just the ability to remember who she was.

Fri, 2017-03-17 17:06
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(While I don't have a spoiler right now, I'm just pointing out that Otherworld is actually outdated with the update of Volaria's story and lore calling it the Starless Expanse. So, here's a new name!)

Sun, 2017-03-19 17:20
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So, we're reaching the end of Volaria's story. We have the 10 factions, all fighting in the Starless Expanse. 5 are defending Theynor, and the other 5 are attempting to take him down. So, where exactly do these factions stand? Let's take a look!

Hey, I wonder where Oscura is? Oscura is the side of the war lead by Master Theynor. They are the shadowcasters well known for having their headquarters within the Starless Expanse. Revela returned to Oscura, Linicar is also chilling out, and Theynor's doing his job. The outer lines of Oscuran defenses consist heavily of elementals, things that can just be churned out as soldiers. Just as before, Oscurans Possess each other after death, allowing each creature to continue to fight after its own death.

Possess (When this non-Aura permanent is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, you may return it to the battlefield attached to a creature you control. It's an Aura enchantment.)


Entela is, by far, the most threatening force against Oscura. While there are approximately 5 Entelans presently capable of fighting, they're recognized as some of the most powerful spellcasters known to Volaria, including the bloodline to which Lezyn belongs to stemming from the First Master Ental. The remaining Entelans are well versed in techniques of Electrokinesis as they were at the beginning of the war.

Electrokinesis (When you cast this spell, you may discard a card. If you do, draw a card.)


At the beginning of the war, Icilica joined Theynor as the second of the Oscuran Trinity, the last being Intela of Litara. Scout Valerna defected as Arina did almost one year prior, but most of Shadowstream is still under Icilica's control. Assassins, and by extension the adept Evanesciers, are refraining from main combat but aiming at specific targets, and Icilica herself is joining the fight. Practicing incredible dexterity and stealth, Shadowstream is happily returning with the Escape mechanic to evade death.

Escape (If this permanent would leave the battlefield, exile it instead. You may cast this card from exile. If you do, it loses escape.)
Escape (As this spell resolves, exile it. You may cast this card from exile. If you do, it loses escape.)


As one of Entela's closest allies for over a thousand years, Theria quickly jumped into the war. Using their expert archery skills and combat prowess, they and Tirena together act as the main fighting force of most battles against the Oscuran Trinity. Ayra is leading the rush into the Starless Expanse with advisory from Scout as one of the leaders, with Irana leading from the other side of Oscura. Therians are still explorers as always, ready to scout ahead and Discover the unknown.

Discovery <cost> (Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, you may cast this card for its discovery cost.)


Here we have the third of the Oscuran Trinity, Litara. At this point in the war, Intela is starting to shift. Rebellions have turned Litara against itself, forcing Intela to think more clearly about Theynor's goal. Reactions to the beginning assault on Oscura are slow, in part because of a lack of flow of information and in part due to the peacekeeping nature of Litara's governance. Litara's magic continues to follow the endless Zephyr.

Zephyr (As this spell resolves, if you cast it from your hand and you control two creatures with flying, you may cast a copy of this spell.)


Mileran represent the Rebellion's trained weaponmasters against Oscura. While Entela has spellcasters well recognized as some of the best in Volaria, Entelans are short in supply. Mileran takes Entelan technology and adapts it into weapons, including plasma detonators, energy pistols, and magic flamethrowers. Drayton, a dragonborn descendant of the First Master Milera, is leading the front with Ayra using expert Metalcraft.

Metalcraft - As long as you control three or more artifacts...


Mirora is in the most chaotic state of disrepair out of all ten of the cities on Volaria. While the war is presently going on, Master Drylen is in a struggle for power against Rylarel, the Miroran agent of Theynor. Within Mirora itself, people are rising up to take sides depending on the side of the war they actually represent. Even during this, Miroran spellformers are in Oscura Cathedral to stall enemy spellcasters and stabilize any channeling by Theynor using their expert ability to Transfigure magic.

Transfigure <cost> (<cost>, Sacrifice this creature: Search your library for a creature card with the same converted mana cost as this creature and put that card onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library. Transfigure only as a sorcery.)


Against Mirora in many situations is Tirena, and there's no exception during this war. Tirena leads the assault with Elance against Oscura from the opposite flank, bringing skilled soldiers and adept pyromancers. Earlier in this war, Oscura made an attack against Tirena and failed, and Irana has decided to press the advantage with the second failed attack in Theria. Tirenans are still working to Convoke a final gathering at the end of the war.

Convoke (Your creatures can help cast this spell. Each creature you tap while casting this spell pays for 1 or one mana of that creature’s color.)


Under the guidance of Rhyle, Ria-Demai joined the war as what could be best referred to as pawns for Theynor. They represent the Oscuran battle force against Theria and Mileran when Oscurans are busy elsewhere. Small bits of information from Shadowstream agents has gotten leaked into Ria-Demai, pushing people against Rhyle as a result of their "strength and courage is power" oath. Rhyle following Theynor's orders rather than his own breaks this oath, so many Ria-Demians, lead by the gemfinder Linel, are fighting back to Weaken Oscura.

Weaken (Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, you may pay Black/red mana symbol. If you do, that player loses 1 life unless he or she discards a card.)


Finally, we have Elance, waging war alongside Tirena on the eastern entrance to Oscura. Zeleph has been attempting to initate an attack the entire war, so when he finally was given the chance, he embraced it. Elance in the war is fighting an axis with life and death, using anything that has or once had living cells as their fuel and Scavenging what they can from anything that doesn't.

Scavenge <cost> (<cost>, Exile this card from your graveyard: Put a number of +1/+1 counters equal to this card’s power on target creature. Scavenge only as a sorcery.)


Sun, 2017-03-19 18:03
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Why would anyone ever discard a card to weaken?

I really like Shadowstream Evanescier by the way.

Sun, 2017-03-19 18:08
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Black-red is a pretty aggressive archetype and dinging yourself for damage every hit is also a thing they're pretty okay with.

Tue, 2017-03-21 10:03

I think Discovery should be worded differently. Either to specify from which zone does the ability work (graveyard or exile) or to cease being a triggered ability. Abilities don't trigger from hidden zones like your hand. As it's worded, it's not possible to cast spells from hand through discovery.

Tue, 2017-03-21 14:12
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Miracle disagrees with you.

Tue, 2017-03-21 14:26
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It also works in any zone you can cast it from (at least as worded), so if it's in exile off a Act on Impulse or your graveyard with a Yawgmoth's Will active, you'd be able to cast it for discovery from there. (Not if it's given flashback though, different alternate costs.)

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fluffyDeathbringer wrote:
I dunno, Cajun has a habit of doing Dubiously Working new rules stuff

Tue, 2017-03-21 14:51

Miracle does not disagree with me. Miracle shows I'm right. Probably you don't know what a triggered ability is.
Miracle is not a triggered ability and it specifies from where does it work.

So, either you specify if discovery works from graveyard or exile adding "from the graveyard" or "from exile" between "card" and "for"; you replace "whenever" with "any time" and change the order of the two clauses of the sentence (no need for a comma); or you leave it with a wrong wording that makes it useless as it will never trigger from a hand because it's a hidden zone and it will never trigger from the graveyard or exile because triggered abilities only trigger outside the battlefield if they are explicitly said to work from a specific zone.

Tue, 2017-03-21 15:06
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702.93a. Miracle is a static ability linked to a triggered ability (see rule 603.11).
603.11. Some objects have a static ability that’s linked to one or more triggered abilities. (See rule 607, “Linked Abilities.”) These objects combine the abilities into one paragraph, with the static ability first, followed by each triggered ability that’s linked to it.

So the ability triggers as the Miracle moves from one hidden zone to another.

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fluffyDeathbringer wrote:
I dunno, Cajun has a habit of doing Dubiously Working new rules stuff

Tue, 2017-03-21 15:16

No. I don't know if this is intentional or not as you looked for the rules but you chose to chop the rule at convenience.

702.93a Miracle is a static ability linked to a triggered ability (see rule 603.10). “Miracle [cost]” means “You may reveal this card from your hand as you draw it if it’s the first card you’ve drawn this turn. When you reveal this card this way, you may cast it by paying [cost] rather than its mana cost.”

So, the REAL wording of miracle is: "You may reveal this card from your hand as you draw it if it's the first card you've drawn this turn. When you reveal this card this way, you may cast it by paying [cost] rather than its mana cost."

And you can see here that the triggered ability ONLY triggers when the card is NOT HIDDEN ("when you reveal") and also the ability specifies that all of this happens FROM YOUR HAND (specifying zone).

Wed, 2017-03-22 01:50
Administrator - MSE Add-On Award
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But reminder text on Miracle is written similarly to Discovery. Reminder text is not rules text. Reminder text can say your artifacts can help cast a spell. Please afford me as a judge the courtesy of knowing what a triggered ability is and how miracle triggers work

Thu, 2017-03-23 15:36

@WindyDelcarlo: Do you really want to go on with this?

Yes, reminder text is not rules text. And so, reminder text is allowed to be an informal expression.
This happens in actual MtG for only TWO reasons:

  1. The actual rules text of a keyword ability is longer than it's affordable to write on the card.
  2. So the low-knowledge player has a simple explanation easier to understand.

That's what happens with Trample and Madness (for reason 1); with Delve (for reason 2); and Miracle and Convoke (for both reasons), for example.
So, reminder text is never different than the actual meaning of a keyword if that actual meaning written as a formal expression is clear and short enough.

Your reminder text for discovery

"Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, you may cast this card for its discovery cost."
first of all is not an informal expression because all elements of the expression fit as a formal expression in terms of MtG wording for abilities.

Also, the lack of a rules book where Discovery is formally described makes it almost compulsory for the reminder to be that formal description.

But most importantly, as:

"You may cast this card for its discovery cost any time a creature you control deals combat damage to a player."

"Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, you may cast this card from your graveyard for its discovery cost."

are of equal and almost equal size and more specific and clear than:
"Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, you may cast this card for its discovery cost."

and above all, those other expressions are CORRECT, then there's no need and also no reason for the reminder to be a wrong, unspecific, confusing and "informal-but-in-formal-words" description of the ability.

I, of course, am not saying what you have to write on YOUR cards. It's obviously up to you. I was, at first, just pointing out a little mistake I thought anyone might want to avoid. I don't really know why did it come to this since I was just trying to help.

And no. If you really knew what triggered abilities are, you would know they don't trigger from hidden zones and that they must specify from where do they trigger if it's somewhere other than the battlefield.
Because otherwise, Essence Warden would give players life even when she's dead, exiled or even worst when she's in hand or just because she's in the library.

Fri, 2017-03-24 00:12
MysticalOctopus's picture

So what you're saying is that Miracle is essentially "You may reveal this card from your hand when you draw it," etc.

But Discovery is somehow not okay as essentially "Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to a player, you may reveal this card from your hand and cast it for its discovery cost."

My Set Hub[/size]

Fri, 2017-03-24 00:36
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It's the fact that your response to my comment about miracle was instantly an assumption that I don't understand how triggered abilities work. That's what caused this. Your criticism can be constructive without having to attack the person you are talking to. You don't have to assume that because I worded it in such a way that it doesn't trigger I must not have any idea what a triggered ability is. No, I did not realize that Miracle's trigger didn't innately cause it to reveal itself, but I knew that a miracle card is revealed and puts a triggered ability on the stack. You could have said that without saying that I must not know how triggered abilities work.
That said, thank you for clarifying and I will fix discover to reveal from hand first.

Fri, 2017-03-24 11:09

I'm sorry if that was your impression. I said "PROBABLY you don't know" because it could have been the case. Many people doesn't know and they make mistakes that way. It wasn't my intention to offend you.

That said, MysticalOctupus' wording is also wrong and for the very same reason it is your original wording. The "Whenever a creature..." won't EVER trigger from a hand. So, as long as the card is in the hand of a player, no matter how many times a creature that player controls deals damage combat damage to anyone, the triggered ability won't trigger because it is in a hidden zone.

The solution, the sortest and correct solution, if as I understand fro myour last message discovery is intended to work from hand, is what I already said:

You may cast this card for its discovery cost any time a creature you control deals combat damage to a player.

The parallelism you're looking for is not with Miracle but with Flash.

You may play this card any time you could cast an instant.

I changed "play" to "cast" because I don't think you're planning to put discovery on lands (because it wouldn't add much functionality, less if it's for a cost). But you can use "play" too.

Fri, 2017-03-24 15:33
Administrator - MSE Add-On Award
WindyDelcarlo's picture

Yes, but you then followed it with "no. If you really knew what triggered abilities are..." That's not a probably, that's saying I have no clue what I'm doing.
I don't think that working works. Creatures dealing combat damage is not a time you can apply a spellcast to. Flash works because it's "any time you could do something". "Any time a thing happens" sounds like a triggered ability. You can only do it when this event happens.
The reason I keep pointing to miracle for how it works is because that's what I want discover to do. Creatures deal damage, the discover card is revealed, and a trigger is put on the stack. I want it to function as a trigger, which Miracle shows is very possible.

Fri, 2017-03-24 15:44
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@TempestCloud: Your entire contribution to this thread has been anal "criticism" of reminder text. If you have no actual contribution to make to this thread, stop posting.

formerly jacquipup

"It's exciting to create something that demonstrates how clever you are, that you pushed in a direction that players didn't anticipate. The problem is that the point of game design isn't to be clever, it's to create a great game."

Fri, 2017-03-24 17:02

@WindyDelcarlo: The way Miracle works and lets players reveal cards so the trigger can actually trigger is this:

“You may reveal this card from your hand as you draw it if it’s the first card you’ve drawn this turn."

The "as you draw it" is a moment in time when you're not supposed to do things. Exactly the same as "any time a creature deals damage" is a time you're not supposed to do things. But if an ability says you can, then you can.

If you want for the ability to work from the hand exactly when the creature deals damage, then no matter what, you will need an ability that grants you permission to do something on that moment. This are the abilities that like in flash or miracle say "You may [do something] [on this conditions]".

Another way to do what you want would be for Discovery to be an activated ability and restrict the activation like this:

Discover {cost} ("{cost}: Cast this card without paying its mana cost. Discover only during the end of combat step and only if a creature you control dealt combat damage to a player this combat.")

Though this is very long, and since no rule says that abilities cannot let you do things on that moment, especially with morph letting you morph creatures ANY TIME without any restriction, we can assume that it's fine to do things if an ability lets you do things. Then the static ability in flash style I think it's the better choice. But it's up to you, of course.

@jacqui-pup: My contribution to this thread from the very beginning has been noting an ability was written in a way it wouldn't do anything and giving alternatives and ways to fix it.
Your comment, on the other hand, has contributed nothing at all. So maybe you could follow your own advice.

Fri, 2017-03-24 17:25
Moderator Best Set of 2016
Daij_Djan's picture

Just saying: TempestCloud is correct imho. Yes, we all know triggered abilities normally don't trigger in hidden zones - and we all know Miracle works nethertheless. Yet, there is one big difference between Miracle and Discovery: The first one mentions from where it can trigger ("as you draw the card") - whereas Discovery technically could be supposed to trigger from the hand, graveyard, exile or whatever. So I think a short "from your hand" clause should be added - you can skip the revealing part just as Miracle does, but this should be added imho.

EDIT: But indeed - please keep this discussion constructive, guys!

Fri, 2017-03-24 19:25
Administrator - MSE Add-On Award
WindyDelcarlo's picture

I will absolutely fix it. I just want to fix it such that it works as intended (reveal on hit, triggered ability on the stack). That's why I keep referring back to miracle. Miracle is "reveal as you draw it, trigger on the stack." The other suggestions to make it act as flash does don't function that way

Wording I have right now is "You may reveal this card from your hand whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to as player. If you do, you may cast this card for its discovery cost."

Sat, 2017-03-25 14:10

The thing is... "when" and "whenever" are words reserved for triggered abilities.
So, if you use "whenever" you're saying that's a triggered ability. In that case, you should also put the "whenever" clause first. Because only linked triggered abilities that share a paragraph with another ability and delayed triggered abilities have the "whenever" clause at the end.

But more important and as I've been saying from the beginning, if you have the ability that lets you reveal the card be a triggered ability, it will NEVER trigger from your hand since it will be hidden because it needs to trigger before to be revealed on resolution. Thus not happening at all.

Your wording would be perfect if you changed "whenever" for "any time".

Sat, 2017-03-25 15:46
Administrator - MSE Add-On Award
WindyDelcarlo's picture

The problem is. If I use "any time", then it's not a trigger. I don't want that. I want it to be a triggered ability that goes on the stack, just like miracle is. In the same way, Miracle has the word "when" in the middle of it, just like I do with "whenever". I could type out every detail about the reveal and then the triggered ability, but it's almost like there's precedent to not write out the whole thing or something.

Miracle functions the exact way I want discover to work. Telling me to change it so it doesn't function like miracle isn't what I want, and I know for a fact what I want works.

Sat, 2017-03-25 16:21

Okay, I just wanted to help but you're openly ignoring the fact that triggered abilities don't trigger while they're hidden information, so I don't care anymore.

Sat, 2017-03-25 17:53
Head Administrator
CanterburyEgg's picture

Is there any reason it's not just "you can cast this card for its discovery cost as long as a creature you control dealt damage to a player this turn"? How important is it to be able to flash things in during the combat step?

Sat, 2017-03-25 18:13
Administrator - MSE Add-On Award
WindyDelcarlo's picture

I cannot remember, but it worked this way in Repel the Darkness, too.

Sat, 2017-03-25 18:26
Vunik's picture

@TempestCloud I'm just going to say this. Ever since your first post on this thread, you have been dogging Windy on the smallest issue of a mechanic's reminder text, insisting that they need to change it. That is all well and fine, but you have made 8 posts so far, and seven of them have been antagonistic, patronizing and presumptuous. I feel that anyone would grow tired of hearing that, and naturally begin to grow more resistant to suggestions made in the same fashion. If you want to change something, act like Windy is your equal, not someone who doesn't understand fundamental concepts of Magic design. Your suggestions would come off a lot better, and without sounding like a know-it-all.

If you're unwilling to act in this way, I think I speak for all of us when I say drop it. You have managed to derail this thread significantly, especially with language that demands someone protects their image and competency. Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticism with an antagonistic, presumptuous air is not.

That being said, @Windy, zephyr seems a little narrow in application. How many creatures with flying are in the set/block?

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TWOK is the best!

Sat, 2017-03-25 18:28
Administrator - MSE Add-On Award
WindyDelcarlo's picture

There's quite a few of them in white-blue, yeah. It used to be a single creature but that was literally never not on, so it got pushed up to 2.

Tue, 2017-03-28 02:51
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Magic of Ages Past

Volaria is a world that's well known for its magic. There are powerful spells and powerful spellcasters, all across the world. Magic itself is deeply studied, researched, fine-tuned, and amplified. If you exist on the surface of the plane, odds are that you know some kind of spell, even a simple release of elemental energy. Among these spells, none are known for being more powerful than the power scripts of the First Masters.

What exactly is a power script, though, and how do the First Masters apply? Well, when Volaria first became separated into Factions, they separated into the system of elements that fueled much of their understanding of spellcasting. You'll notice these don't quite line up to the colors of mana used by the rest of the multiverse, but they land approximately on the ten color pairs, as well as the element of Balance. Each element had an elemental spirit that was what could very easily be considered a God on Volaria. These elemental spirits bestowed the gift of Power Scripts to the First Master that followed their given element.

The element of Light was followed by Master Theia.
The element of Ice was followed by Master Shaido.
The element of Emotion was followed by Master Demai.
The element of Water was followed by Master Miro.
The element of Air was followed by Master Litar.
The element of Fire was followed by Master Tira.
The element of Darkness was followed by Master Oscure.
The element of Logic was followed by Master Ental.
The element of Electricity was followed by Master Milera.
The element of Earth was followed by Master Elan.
And finally, the element of Balance was recognized and followed by all ten Masters.

The Power Scripts are insanely powerful spells, using such high amounts of energy that without this gift, trying to cast it would burn through your soul and body, killing you. This gift is passed down from parent to child, following the blood of the original First Masters. While now, this blood is so muddied that tracing the original bloodline is impossible, there are a few tricks. For example, the surname Nisita, which eventually became translated from Volarian into Volarian Common in the form of the color Blue, is a marker of a direct descendent of Shaido, the bloodline who now lives in Shadowstream.

Because I have the Ultima supertype, I have a lot of freedom designing spells to be powerful. As it turns out, it's also a perfect outlet to show these bloodline spells, and wouldn't you know it, there's a few that I can show you from Starless Night that have shown themselves in the story already!

"Lysta elsin," Sarah repeated.
The moment she repeated those words again, her vision darkened, showing what looked like a hologram of three concentric spheres, each divided into pieces. A few extraneous shards were floating around, each of which Sarah recognized as a memory. Each held a unique shape to each other, but with a similar shape to one fragment of the outermost sphere.

Remember when Sarah did this? That's another method of tracking bloodlines. Spells don't often need incantations when you use mana to cast them. Usually, the only time you'll need to say an incantation is for something supremely powerful. And, on Volaria, there's nothing more powerful, and nothing that strikes more fear in others, than an incantation in Ancient Volarian. In this case, the incantation is Erasure Process, which allows access to the target's memory, and with more effort, the inner functions of their brain, those things that are given at birth or grown through childhood. They can be changed, destroyed, corrected, or even just watched. In fact, you've already seen this one. It's almost like it's been done before, hm...

Icilica pushed her hand towards Scout and said, "Areto soveri." Any motion Scout made ceased instantly and she crumpled to the ground. Marina dove down to make sure she was okay. No blinks, no motion aside from her breathing, but at the same time, she was definitely felt perceptive.

Ah, the joys of mixing bloodlines. This spell, Sovereign Stasis, is not actually the spell passed down through Shaido's bloodline. That one is missing from the set file because there's someone else who needs it more a few years in the future. Instead, Icilica cast this against Scout, and the powerful control that Litara loves to retain continues to show itself. Sovereign Stasis is a bit strange as far as magic goes. On Volaria, time magic isn't very workable. Spells you know and love like Temporal Mastery just don't function very well with elemental equilibrium. Sovereign Stasis, though, acts strangely. Unlike many time-stop spells, the target remains conscious. Their brain still functions. The rest of their body? Nope. The rest of the body is locked in time. Injuries don't bleed. Organs stop trying. Nothing happens. As Icilica showed, it can be used to remove a target from a fight completely, but as First Master Litar would have said, "A moment of hesitation, and a thousand lashes of justice have been dealt."

"Solaria estare," Ayra shouted as she drew back an arrow. Light gathered and brightened the tip. Revela was powerless to stop it, and with a shot to the leg, Linicar collapsed.

Yep, Ayra, too, is a member of the elites who have blood dating back to the First Masters. Solar Blade is the name given to the Power Script of Theria, and at first glance, it can seem very similar to Sovereign Stasis. Upon connecting with the target, it sends of pulse of energy through their body, paralyzing all voluntary movement, cancelling magic, and collapsing them when they can't hold themselves. However, this simply leads into more facts. This energy is not a small dosage of magic here and there. This is a massive shot of light being delivered to your body, and if whatever you connected it to hits, you can expect a bit more than your typical arrow shot. In fact, let's see what that is.

Hm? I could've sworn I had another spell here. Huh. Well, maybe if it shows up later I'll remember to comment on it. Until then, have fun learning about powerful Magic.

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I changed the wording since SoR on purpose, actually, to make it more clear about what Ultima actually does with planeswalkers that have more than two colors, but I'll fix that it references Solar Blade

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Story wrote:
The final fight for Volaria neared. As they stepped closer and closer to the place Scout called the "phase gap" between Volaria and the Starless Expanse, Wind felt nothing but anticipation for what was to come. This was Volaria's last stand against Theynor. This was the moment Wind had gathered Marina, Kalia, and Scout for. On the other side of Volaria, a similar march was happening. Tirena, Elance, and Entela on the east. Mileran and Theria on the west.

This was the end.

The forests parted, trees slowly becoming more scarce. In the distance, fields of dark volcanic stone covered everything off to the right, where tectonic motion opened geysers and fountains just as often as caverns. A ripple, barely visible but powerful magic, was somewhere between there and here. Wind could feel it. Marina seemed to be able to as well. It was there, waiting.

Everyone was ready. Kalia was wearing full Entelan battle dress with a Dataline watch on her left arm and a Mileran flamespitter on her right. A masterwork sword, finished the night before, hung in a sheath on her waist, overtop the light-weight Entelan sword she brought with her. She was presently being taught hand gestures by Ayra.

Marina still wore the bright white and blue dress she had in Tirena. She had a spellbook in her hands and her Entelan Dataline still on her wrist. She had a dagger strapped to her waist just in case, but Wind doubted she would even think to draw it. A crystal necklace sat around her neck, glowing faintly. Scout seemed no less prepared than usual, although she was wearing a green dress now instead of her Shadowstream one.

Wind also had a few toys to prepare himself. He wore an Entelan-emblemed black jacket and pants, his Dataline just on the inside. On his belt he had a dagger and an energy pistol, charged and ready to be fired. He had a visor over his glasses to detect spells before they happened, even better than he already could as a spellcaster. In addition, he had access to three plasma detonators. They would have to be used carefully.

"Alright," Wind asked Ayra, "What's the plan?"

Ayra pointed at Scout. "Ask her. She's the one who knows what's going on."

"Well, this entrance will put us just outside the gates of Oscura Cathedral," Scout explained, "So you'll likely want to push yourself against the closest wall as soon as possible. Our target is at the pinnacle, but everyone else will be sieging to hopefully distract them."

"Whoever gets through first," Ayra commanded, "Cover for the rest."

"So who's going in first?" Kalia asked. They were approaching. It was almost right in front of them. Scout held up her hand to stop the forces behind her.

"Someone with range," Scout commanded. "Energy pistols, ranged magic, bows, crossbows, anything that's not melee."

Wind walked to the edge of the ripples. If he felt for magic, it felt like a door, but visually it simply waved, back and forth like an ocean in stillness. As Wind understood it, one could walk right through without even noticing. It took a pulse of magic to travel through. Wind placed his left hand against the ripples and grabbed his pistol with his right hand.

"I'll head through first," he said. "Don't stay too long though, alright?"

"We'll be following right after," Scout agreed.

Wind nodded and let magic flow into his fingers. His grip tightened around the energy pistol as he flicked it's safety away. "Let's go," he decided, and his magic flowed through the barrier as he stepped through.

The other side was nothing like Wind had ever seen. The sky was darker than night, with no stars to be seen in any direction. The ground he stepped out on was a crumbling stone like black and purple gravel. The walls of the gate were made of some kind of dark stone. Blue crystals illuminated the walls, pillars, and surrounding areas, providing the only light sources anywhere.

Wind sprinted to the wall. An overhang above is where guards stood. They definitely didn't notice him, but they certainly noticed the portal activate. His hand sprung to his belt and freed one of the detonators. It was a smooth metal ball, inside of which was more electricity than even a bolt of lightning could produce. All it took was a press of the button and a steady toss.

He pressed down the ignition on the detonator and lobbed it over the wall, guiding it with magic like he had been taught. The clink of metal against stone was quickly followed by a blast of thunder. Others began coming through the bridge. Wind took steps towards the gate. The sound he heard was certainly an alarm. He turned the corner and shot out two soldiers who were standing watch. There was a gap on the inside of this wall before another wall, which opened into, as far as Wind could tell, a large stone courtyard leading up to the tower.

"I thought you weren't an assassin," Scout taunted as she stepped near him.

"I'm really not," Wind replied as he shook his head. He took a few breaths before continuing to respond. "There's so many people I need to kill, I just..."

"Pfft," Scout laughed, "You think Oscura just has this many people hanging out here? Most actual people are on the surface. Go ahead and try to find the bodies of those two soldiers."

Wind turned the corner and pressed his back against the next wall. She was right. They were gone.

"Elementals," Scout explained as she joined him. She had a shard of ice in her hand. "Magical energy given life. These ones? They live on borrowed time. There'll be actual people near the top of the pinnacle, but that's it." Marina and Kalia pressed themselves against the wall on the other side of the gate.

"Alright," Wind nodded with a sigh, "So where to?" Wind felt a shift in magic from within the hallway. Scout felt it too and threw her ice shard at it. Whatever it was, it refused to take form. Scout drew her dagger.

"You enter through the main hall and make your way to the top. You'll probably get separated, but do not engage Theynor alone."

"What about--?" Marina started.

"I have something I need to finish up."

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(Oops. Energy Pistol is missing a phrase. Fixed now.)

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Guess Who wrote:
Scout reformed her shard of ice and waited patiently. She was here. Her presence was as obvious as the explosion of the plasma detonator. Scout just couldn't tell where she was. Ayra and Kimar moved by with a small strike force, following Marina, Kalia, and Wind. Many more were outside, preparing for a long battle. Elementals indeed.

In a moment, Scout was alone with that feeling once more. She was right there, somewhere. Scout closed her eyes. The darkness enclosed her, pulling her in many directions. The fortress was well guarded, certainly. The double-layered walls allowed people to walk freely into the main entrance from either side, and also worked for cover for defenders.

Scout felt the shift a moment before the spell's Volarian incantation rang out. Not this time, she decided, and Scout dove forward to dodge it.

"Areto soveri!" The moment Scout was clear of the stasis, she flung her ice shard in the direction of the shift. A relatively loud curse followed and Scout smirked. She rolled to her feet and looked off into the darkness. Icilica's form, coated in a black dress as it always was, stepped forward out of the darkness. Scout recognized the hole in her shoulder that would have just been placed there by her shard of ice. Scout's grip on her dagger tightened.

"I wouldn't happen to still be your legal heir if you die, would I?" Scout asked.

"How cute," Icilica responded. "You will regret turning against me, Valerna." She waved her hand, showering bolts of darkness towards Scout. Expertly dodging, Scout rolled away from the barrages of bolts, each time making her way closer to the far wall and to Icilica. Icilica took a step back and spun her hand, creating a circle of ice shards slowly rotating around her. It was no question where Arina learned her technique. But at the same time, that made Icilica predictable. With help from her magic, Scout jumped and pushed herself against the wall to dodge the first two shards and took a split second to bound off a third shard, landing behind Icilica.

Icilica spun equally fast and a dagger made of pure ice formed itself into her grip. Scout's dagger caught the icy blade. With a quick motion, Icilica shove Scout off her feet, and her spells flowed into each other, freezing Scout to the ground.

Son of a... Scout thought. Shards of ice were thrust into the ground on all sides of her limbs and head as Icilica retrieved an ornate-looking black dagger from her belt. The tip of the handle had a sapphire imbued in it. The world fell dark.

"Severi..." Icilica began. Scout struggled to break her way free. She couldn't let this end this way. She had to fulfill her promise. But she had no choice.

"... Aritae." On the pronunciation of those words, something in the back of Scout's mind triggered. An innate force. She figured she knew well what it was. But never could she have imagined it to feel this invigorating. Scout definitely noticed the movement, jumping what felt like worlds in distance but travelling barely her height away from where she had fallen.

That's very disorienting, Scout noted as she struggled to realize where she was. The world returned to light. She was behind Icilica.

Icilica jumped in surprise and turned. At that moment, Scout brought her fingers together. Icilica's body turned rigid.

"Those who cannot hold power do not deserve to keep it." Scout declared. Icilica took a step towards Scout and stumbled. Her blood, used to carrying oxygen as it was, stopped functioning. Her heartbeat was gone. Locked beneath layers of ice. Icilica struggled to breath. With that passing moment, Scout snapped her fingers, and shards of ice erupted from Icilica's body. What remained fell to the ground.

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Meanwhile wrote:
Marina looked around frantically. Scout was right. Moments ago, Wind and Kalia were right beside her, just as they had entered, yet now all that remained was the twisted maze of corridors. Crystals lights dimly lit the halls just as they had before, while Marina's footsteps echoed off into the endless infinity.

"Hello?" she called out. But there was no response, save for the echo of her voice. Marina took some deep breaths and closed her eyes. She had no sense of direction; no idea which way to go. The intersection travelled in four different directions, none getting her closer to where she needed to be.

Marina opened her eyes and began walking in a random direction. Magic flowed into her hand and she dragged her fingers against the walls, feeling the magic get dropped as she traced a path. Eventually, the hope was that she would get somewhere else. Marina kept going forward, never turning unless forward wasn't available. The endless echo of footsteps followed her everywhere she went.

The echoing sound of crackling electricity followed by a body collapsing to the ground broke Marina's self-imposed silence. It was impossible to be certain which direction the sound came from, but forward seemed most likely. Cautiously, she pressed towards where she thought the sound was until she came to a collapsed figure. The armor was dark and well made, and her right arm had a flamespitter on it. Marina picked up to a run.

"Kalia!" Marina shouted. She sprinted to Kalia's collapsed body and dropped to the ground. Her body was seared and covered in scorch marks. Jagged scars traveled up and down her arms and neck. Marina held Kalia's cold body in her arms. She couldn't believe it. She sobbed softly into Kalia's shoulder. At that moment, the body disappeared, and Marina fell with the support from her friend gone.

The world behind her wasn't as she had left it. She was in another part of the stronghold in a large circular room. A staircase spiraled above and the front and back walls were doorless. Hallways in the front and back corners of the side walls extended outwards. Revela and Sarah were both standing almost 10 feet apart. Revela's staff was now tipped with a black magic. She slashed out against the air towards Sarah, a glowing shadow cutting down at the same angle. The moment before Sarah was hit, the visions faded.

The world faded back into existence in front of her, except she was now outside, surrounded by elves wearing light greens and white, as well as elves wearing dark greens and blacks. The enemy force mostly consisted of heavily iron-armored soldiers and lightweight assassins. Marina ducked out of the way of whatever fighting was going on. Zeleph was engaging what looked to be the leader of the armored soldiers head on, taking hits from fire at almost every moment. He staggered back for a moment before collapsing. Once more, the visions faded away, and Marina was back in her intersection, with some minor changes.

She was now greeted by an old man, cloaked in white robes over top of dark clothes. Like many people Marina had met so far, he had a dagger at his waist. He also had ten rings, with one on each of his fingers and two on his ring fingers. Each ring glowed with a different color, ranging from blue and yellow to white and black. There were ten crystals surrounding the room, each glowing in unison with one of the rings.

"Watch," the man commanded with one word. "Look upon this war, and tell me then that this is worth it." A bright blue ring on his finger glowed brighter, as did its matching crystal, and a translucent projection of Scout and Icilica showed themselves. Scout was knocked off her feet, and Icilica drew her dagger. A black shadow sliced down towards Scout. Marina reached out towards Scout when the projection vanished.

A yellow ring and the crystal it belonged to glowed, and Marina was shown Ayra. She and Kimar were surrounded by endless ranks of Oscuran elementals. Ayra's arrows were barely piercing the thick horde, and Kimar's metal beasts did even less to lessen the numbers. The image faded once more.

A red ring glowed for a moment before a bolt of lightning pierced the man's head, and everything vanished. The crystals, the man, the glowing rings, everything was gone. Marina looked up and Sarah took the man's place, her hand held as it was when Marina was first learning about spells. She can even fight, Marina noted. She inquisitively looked at Sarah.

"Replica," Sarah explained. "What did you see?" Marina assumed that she must look more shaken than she originally thought. It was hard to focus. Everyone was dying, all at once.

"S-Scout fought Icilica and lost..." Marina stuttered. "Ayra and Kimar are surrounded. And Kalia..."

"'kay," Sarah noted. "Don't believe any of it. Sarah's fine, Ayra's fine. I can only imagine Scout wouldn't let Icilica beat her." Sarah pointed her hand down one of the hallways and released a sphere of bright blue light. The walls lit up as the sphere travelled.

"Why...?" Marina began.

"That way," Sarah decided. "We need to find Revela before she finds the rest of them."

Somehow, Marina didn't believe that it was a good idea. But she trusted Sarah.

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Here's a short break from the story to give a bit of context and culture to the name of the set.

Oscure, the first master of Oscura, wrote a poem before becoming the First Master named "Solis Nevira". This is the Volarian word for what we would call Starless Night, and this outdates the use of Starless Night as the Oscuran power script.

First Master Oscure, Starless Night wrote:
Solis. Resol.
Ikisa. Etitar.
Ato elestia dren lili.
Ato elestia dren sorisi.
Dren mos ofira aquisil.

Oscuris ylio, neri lestira.
Rylis si nyri ia solis nevira.

[Or in words you can understand...]

Night. Darkness.
Cold. Isolation.
A world without light.
A world without emotion.
Without hope or joy.

Shadows cling, spirits lost.
Souls caught in a starless night.

So, what does this have to do with anything? In this poem with no context, starless night can be really misleading, as poetry tends to be. What does it mean "caught in a starless night?" Well, in Oscuran culture, as well as well across Volaria, that line became very well known as a phrase that Oscure would warn of. She would say "avoid being caught in a starless night" when a person's arrogance became to overcome them. This frequent use opened to poem to Volarian linguists, and the phrase became commonplace.

Meaning wrote:
Silari nyri ia solis nevira.
Lit. "To be trapped in a starless night."

"To be overcome by ones own ambition."

As it's commonly used, the phrase tends to refer to actions that come out of hubris or power. For example, failing to notice certain shortcomings because you think nothing could touch you. So, why do I bother explaining this?

Well, I was ultima-ifying Volaria, and then came across Planewide Obliteration. I upgraded it, renamed it, and then realized that Starless Night should totally be in the set called Starless Night. The power script itself is one that if you see it cast, you know some real crap has gone down, which is why I'm not showing you this one in story. Starless Night obliterates everyone within a yes-foot radius of the caster, including the caster themselves. It's the last resort of last resorts.

So, to take away from this, never forget that no matter how beefy your board state is, in a moment, it can all be wiped away if you find yourself caught in a starless night.

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Kalia does a thing wrote:
The endless torrent of fire blocked out any other sound she could hear. Every moment since she was separated from Wind and Marina, things appeared left and right, catching her at every turn. Kalia had resigned herself to awkwardly using her sword offhand as long as her flamespitter kept spitting flames. Certainly it should have run out at some point, yet still it fired. Ethereal forms, shadowy figures, all brought down by fire.

Shadowflame Elemental

Kalia focused on finding any sort of up-ness. Stairs, ladders, even an elevator. Anything. Each turn she took, she was sure she got closer, but she never found anything. To make matters were, the shadowy whatevers just appeared as though they could travel through walls. Kalia was unconvinced that they were alive, whatever they were. Things that lacked life were easier on her conscious to kill.

In what seemed like a moment of silence, Kalia turned off the flamespitter and returned her sword to the correct hand. She was starting to sweat and grow exhausted from the endless heat, which was significantly more uncomfortable in Entelan armor than anything else Kalia had ever worn. The firelight was also blinding in comparison to the lights along the walls. While Kalia had never noticed them before, similar but many times fainter, glowing runes decorated the bottom few inches of the walls. Kalia had no idea how to read them, but they felt of magic. They felt of power.

Kalia sat down in front of the wall and stared at the runes. The ghost attack seemed to have stopped. The runes gave Kalia a sense of an idea. Not necessarily words, like an incantation, but just the idea of magic. She reached forward and pressed her hand against the runes, yet nothing happened. When she next blinked, lines lit up her vision for a fraction of a second. She pulled her hand back and opened her eyes. She blinked a few more times, yet the lines never reappeared.

Mileran Pathfinder

"Huh," Kalia noted. Cautiously, she pressed her palm against the runes once more and closed her eyes. As before, green lines lit up in her closed eyes. It seemed like it might vaguely resemble a map, but it seemed more like a collection of scribbles and doodles with a few lines drawn between them. Kalia shrugged and stood onto her feet before walking in a direction, dragging her fingers against the wall.

There was something. She could feel it. At some point, she thought she felt the wall vanish, but it was still there when she turned to look at it. Kalia looked down at her hands and channeled energy into them. Maybe she could map out the wall with the energy. Kalia slammed her hand into the wall with all her force, but her momentum carried her through and she fell through the wall.

She looked up. A spiral staircase, illuminated by torches, spiraled of into the sky. At each quarter turn, a landing and doorway sat ready to lead others in a variety of directions. Footsteps and soft voices echoed from high above.

"Oh yeah?" Kalia remarked as she stood and brushed herself off. "Fine, sure. The walls only exist until I try to do something cool." Kalia took the first step onto the stairs, and her footstep echoed all the way up the staircase. Kalia shrugged and continued.

About halfway up the staircase, Kalia silenced herself. She heard voices, discussing something she couldn't quite make out. They were some distance above her. One sounded like a nobleman, using gaudy phrases and having a tone that made him sound like he was in charge. The other voice was a high-pitched girl's voice, who sounded significantly more confused. There were more footsteps behind them, but no one else was talking. Kalia pushed herself into a doorway and listened.

"What about before?" The female voice asked.

"Until then, we are Theynor's."

"Is everyone else under the same orders?" Her voice wavered as she waited for a response.

"Whom? Mirora, or...?"


"Anybody who is anybody is at alert. The moment Theynor's spell fizzles, we all surrender. Icilica is dead, the Master defected, Litara is nowhere to be seen. Instead, a third of Entela's fighting force is here. Not even the spirits know who commands them anymore." Kalia looked up and saw their shadows travelling down the staircase.

"Right, I meant to tell you about that. Master Zeleph was killed at last. Drayton seems to have retreated to a more defensible location."

"And Ayra?"

"She's... somewhere. Theria vanished from our scouts about 20 minutes ago."

"Tell everyone to be at alert. She can't be allowed to surprise us." Kalia caught a glimpse of the man as he crossed the other side, many stories up. He wore mostly green in the form of a classy shirt and pants. Around his wrist was a silver chain and he had what appeared to be a clock in his pocket. He also had what looked like a pistol of some kind on his belt. The girl was wearing a vest of a similar green with a sea-blue undershirt. She had a sash crossing over her body with glass vials of assorted colors. Both of them were elves.

Miroran Sharpshooter and Miroran Shapeformer

(And yes, I'm aware the Sharpshooter is distinctly lacking a pistol. It's very difficult to find art of elves with pistols. Yes, the genders are also backwards.)

The man's eyes and Kalia's connected for a period of time. The girl didn't even notice until the man was standing still for more than a few seconds. He waved his hand, presumably to his allies, towards Kalia. Her muscles tensed. She had to predict him. Too early and he just shoots at her. Too late and he hits her anyways. Kalia dove down the staircase at an angle preemptively, and the deafening shot rang out, echoing up and down the staircase. Kalia used her magic to break a shard of rock from the wall and hurl it at the man.

Terrain Shot

Kalia ran further down the staircase and broke another bit of rocks from the wall. She heard a click above. She couldn't see them. They couldn't see her. But she knew they were there. For all they knew, they were chasing something that didn't exist. There were options. Kalia chose to fight.

Hands forging heat, Kalia manipulated the stone shard until it became liquid. If she had learned anything about magic, it was that you can rely on physics even when using magic to rely on it. Kalia could feel the weight of the rock, she was just lifting it with her magical force. Yet physics couldn't begin to explain what she was about to do.

Kalia tore a piece of her rock off and tossed it up with conviction. A cylinder of magma almost as large as the gap in the center of the staircase shot upwards and replaced whatever air used to be there. She heard the man and he was with stumble against the wall. Her pillar of magma vanished.

The man pointed at her and fired. Kalia felt the searing pain in her leg before she even processed what happened, and she collapsed. Quickly following was a grunt of pain as she forced herself to stand. There was a click and a shot fired that went whizzing by her face. She turned, ready to run, when she realized something important. The elves had proceeded to leave her alone. They were looking at something across from them, just as she was, but they were looking above Kalia. That moment is when Kalia heard her ally's voice.

"Solaria estare." An arrow sheathed by light lodged itself in the chest of the gun man and again in the stone bricks of the walls. There was a mix of shock and fear among the Mirorans. Kalia sighed in exhasperation and the Mirorans were quickly surrounded.

Journey to Oblivion

Ayra herself took the stairs down to Kalia, followed quickly by Kimar. Ayra offered her hand to Kalia to help her up and asked, "Are you alright?"

"More alright than I was half a minute ago," Kalia replied with a smile.

"You're lucky is what you are," Ayra noted. Kalia stood weakly and pressed herself against the wall, letting Kimar do whatever she was doing to Kalia's injury.

"Hey, I have a question," Kalia asked. She flinched in pain and inhaled sharply before continuing to answer. "Why do you use bows? Aren't guns just better?"

"Inaccurate, expensive, difficult to create, and extremely dangerous," Ayra replied.

"And not nearly as high quality as Interan pistols," Kimar mumbled under her breath. A questioning glance at Ayra told Kalia that she was just as confused. Kimar seemed to have not noticed.

"Wind has one that's energy and it seems really accurate," Kalia explained. She felt significantly better.

"Expensive and extremely dangerous," Ayra repeated. "He gets away with it because he knows electricity." There was a moment of silence as Kalia nodded.

"Alright," Kimar decided as she stood up. "You should be ready to go."

"Right, where to?" Kalia asked. "I was trying to up."

"Well, to... 'up', you need to just go up," Ayra explained. "The citadel should be at the top of the staircase." Kalia nodded and began her walk. "Oh, also."

Kalia turned to face Ayra. "Yep?"

"Something a scout turned up. You will need to fracture magical shards. No matter what you do, do not be standing next to a crystal when it shatters. You will get fried by the energy it releases."

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Ok, I've been following this set since it started but never got to commenting, so here goes:

I like that you're making Ultimas into your very own evergreens. I don't like you naming a card after a set (or a set after a card, whichever came first), but that's just me.
I love electrokinesis, it's a simple but cool mechanic that fits perfectly into its faction, and I love Posses since it gives a new twist to enchantment creatures.
Plasma Detonator is great and Ria-Demian Taskmaster is an excellent arcun.
Energy Pistol seems a bit too strong for its cost, but that may just be me.
I don't like Scout being so similar to Arina. If it were another iteration of Arina then I'd be fine with it, but being a different planeswalker it seems weird.

That's all I have to say for now, I'll get you back on story when I read it, but I promise I will Big smile

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Yeah, Starless Night (The set) was named as such after the Oscuran power script. I didn't intend to have a card for it in the set, but it turned out that way because I went back to ultima-ify VEB and made Starless Night because Planeswide Obliteration. Then it'd be even weirder to have the card Starless Night outside of the set Starless Night, so it got moved over.

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Oh yeah he's here too wrote:
Wind's hand hovered around his side ready to grab any of his many tools and weapons. The Oscurans seemed to have left him alone, but Wind made the decision that he would rather not die. He was just beneath the pinnacle. In the center of the rectangular room was a spiral staircase, leading nowhere but up to Theynor's front door. On either side near the back corner, hallways extended off into nowhere, leading back into the twisted maze.

There was a torch-lit painting on the back wall that Wind could only describe as strange. It depicted some kind of emblem over what he recognized as the Elemental Seal, likely before it had crumbled into disrepair. There were 10 people and a few large monsters, with beams of light shooting into the sky. The wall beside it had blue glowing text with a phrase Wind could only barely understand.

Non-silari nyri ia solis nevira. Ia veristas-filiro-sorisa. Wind recognized most of the words. Putting them into any meaning made no sense. He approached the lines closer, staying back from the staircase, but just close enough to make it easier to read the words.

Don't trap in a night. The survived. Wind doubted he had the full sentence.

Wind tensed. There was a shift in the air starting from the staircase. Wind expected this. He had a spell ready to detect it. Still, even with everything that had happened, he barely ducked aside as a shadow figure sprung at him. Wind yanked his energy pistol off his belt and unloaded 5 charges into the darkness. Like an acrobat, it deftly arced out of the way and bounced against the wall. Wind dropped to the ground and rolled out of the way of another spring, regaining his footing and firing off some more shots into the shadow. As before, none managed to connect. Wind gritted his teeth.

The shadow bounded back to the staircase and broke off three spheres of a strange combination of darkness and fire. The being flung the spheres at Wind. He sidestepped and spun to dodge two of them. The third, he motioned towards the ground with his offhand, grabbing at it with his magic. The sphere followed his path into the ground. he spun the pistol between his fingers before firing twice more. Both shots went wide when the shadow moved to evade them.

The shadow had an almost human shape to it. It moved naturally, albeit with precision and swiftness a person could only dream to have without magic. It stood there, almost tauntingly, waiting. Wind pointed at the shadow and fired three more times before it refused the fire. The shadow calmly stepped away from the shots.

Wind reached for his belt. Plasma detonator. One more, he noted before hurling the silver sphere towards the shadow. Using an arm of some kind, the enemy knocked the sphere up high into the air. At that moment, the shadow parted and coated the detonator, absorbing the crackling explosion.

What remained below was a young man, not much older than Wind. He wore thin glasses and a black wardrobe, with white either on the edges of the fabric or a layer beneath everything he wore, including a dagger at his waist. On his left arm, a silver bracelet of some kind went into his shirt. He looked classier than any mage Wind had seen on Volaria thus far, even during formal Entelan functions. On his other arm, the Oscuran emblem, which was notably different from the one on the wall, wrapped around his sleeve.

"You're a real person," Wind remarked in surprise.

"Linican Selis," the man introduced with a bow. "I presume you're the Delcarlo fellow I've been hearing of?"

"Yeah," Wind replied, "That'd be me."

"That's a shame," Linicar decided, looking at his bracelet. "You're skilled. I could see you being a Master in the near future, if what others are saying is true."

"Yeah?" Wind asked. "What'd that be?"

"Rumor has it," Linicar began, "Elega is dead, and Entela has no... formal Master right now. No vote has gone through because of the war. Yet still, your name is the one I hear on the voices of the Rebellion. The one that will save Volaria. The one that will restore Entela."

"Heh," Wind chuckled. "Well. I can't imagine you're going to let me pass?"

Linicar shook his head. "I would love to, but I simply cannot. Not until Theynor himself is dead." Linicar drew his dagger.

Wind lifted his hand and blue electricity crackled between his fingertips. "I hope to meet you again once you're free of that burden."

"And I you, Delcarlo." Linicar's feet became shrouded in dark energy and he lept out at Wind, trading blows against Wind's electricity. He shoved a sphere of magic out towards Wind and followed it with a jump. As expected, the sphere fell away, and Wind felt the blade scrape against his arm. He reached up to touch his new wound.

Linicar landed and his dagger picked up a strange dark glow. Wind watched carefully, looking for any sign of how to move. He had to hit. He continued watching as Linicar leapt at Wind. Wind faced Linicar with his side, leaned back as far as possible, pointed his fingers at Linicar, and released a shattering bolt of electricity. The explosive force shot Linicar to the ground, face-down and motionless.

"I see..." Linicar said quietly. "Good luck."

"Yeah, yeah, you live," Wind replied. "Try not to end the world next time, 'kay?"

There was a light chuckle from Linicar, but Wind only barely noticed. There was another motion in the wind. Wind's hand hovered over his dagger. He felt it. It was coming.

There. Wind lifted the dagger into the air and deflected the skyward blow of a bladed staff. Revela. Wind had figured she would show up, but expected her long before. He had assumed it was her the first time. Revela pushed her hand out and knocked Wind back. He was weak from fighting Linicar. He stood little chance against the full-power Revela.

Revela shoved a charged beam of magic at Wind and he desperately brought up a shield to defend himself. Neither spell fizzled, leaving the two locked in a duel of magical strength. One Revela was certain to win unless something changed. Wind heard footsteps, but didn't know what to anticipate.


"Revela, stop!" Why did that voice sound familiar? Who did that voice belong to? Revela's mind was riddled with questions. The familiarity was like that with Entela's core. She couldn't explain it. She had never been to Entela, especially not that deep, so why did she feel like knew everything about it? She had never heard this voice, yet it echoed with a resounding force inside her.

Revela turned to face the voice as it entered. She felt familiar. She had a body half-filled with magic but she wasn't an elemental. There was so much going on. Revela couldn't focus. As it turned out, neither could Delcarlo, so they were both locked in a stalemate.

"Who are you?" Revela asked to the unknown figure. She turned her focus back to Wind and pierced his shield. Both spells fizzled away.

"Someone you have long forgotten," the girl replied. "You have a problem. Your sister..."

Revela flung a spell without thinking at the girl. The girl's voice, however, pierced her spell as she spoke. "Aritae syrena." Revela's spell fell flat.

"How dare you?" Revela spat. She channeled a more powerful spell in her hands, generating force that could easily kill a non-magical target.

"She's still alive," the girl explained. "I can show you. But you need to trust me."

Wait. She... that couldn't be. There was no way she was alive. Was there? This girl was taunting her. Trying to make her fall. Revela had gone too far. She couldn't turn back now, not when Entela was this close to being destroyed. Revela had to finish her plan. She had to let Theynor do what he intended.

Revela's resolve wavered. Was it too late? Could she truly not turn back?

"Explain," Revela demanded.

"In your past, you were Erasured. You forgot where you were from. You forgot the people that were important to you. It happened to me too. It happened to everyone. But I can fix it. It can be reversed." The girl's voice was calming. There was that familiarity. Why? "You just can't fight back, or it will get worse. The spell will defend itself."

Revela collapsed to her knees. In a moment, she gathered herself and stood her ground. She closed her eyes and took three deep breaths. She had two choices. The worst case scenario if she accepted was that she died now. The best case? Revela had problems solving that far into the future.

"Do it." Delcarlo stayed mostly motionless on the ground. He was smart. This girl had saved him. The best thing for him to do was listen.

"Lysta elsin," the girl commanded. In an instant, Revela was brought from darkness into a sphere. Small fragments of whatever flying around, slowly coalescing into a sphere. Certain words she recognized that had tormented her for ages. Questions answered as the pieces fell into place.

Revela was Entelan. She was born years ago and attacked with Erasure Process.

She lost her memories and was manipulated by Theynor. Under his command, she killed innocents. She hunted down Arina, she caused the destruction of Entela on two separate occasions. She followed his motives, and worked towards Volaria's destruction.

This girl somehow lived through it all. This girl was Sarah. She was an Entelan, the first of the so-called Entali project. The reason that Revela had been Erasured in the first place. She was...

She was Revela's lost sister. The girl Revela had almost killed, time after time. One of the Entelan fighters against Theynor.

As the final pieces came together, Revela broke into tears, and her first moments of consciousness were spent pulling Sarah into a tight embrace. "You're alive," she said disbelievingly. "You're alive..." Revela's staff fell to the ground. Footsteps echoed down the hallways and soon more people joined in the hall. Revela wiped her eyes clear and recognized each and every one of them. The soldier, Kalia. The assassin, Scout. The enchanter, Marina. She recognized them clearly. Kalia lifted her hand to shoot Revela with her flamespitter, but Sarah's sharp command stopped her.

"So," Wind grunted. "This is great and you'll have time for this later. However..." Wind motioned upwards. "We still kinda need to stop the world from dying."

"Right," Sarah noted. "We need to do that."

Revela glanced to Linicar. He had propped himself up to a sitting position but seemed completely incapable of fighting. He simply smiled, gave a thumbs up to her, but remained silent. Revela took a deep breath.

"What do you know, Revela?" Scout asked. Right to the point as Revela remembered her. She couldn't recall if she had worked with Scout before or not.

"How much are you aware of?" Revela returned. "What do I not need to specify?"

"Alright," Marina began, "We know that we need to kill Theynor or he's going to revive some ancient wizard and he wants the power to destroy everything."

"And wrong," Revela pointed out. "Theynor doesn't care about Trenale. He doesn't. He barely cares about the power. All he wants is ruin. He's going far beyond that."

"So what--" Sarah started.

"He's trying to resurrect the Elemental Spirits." Revela explained. She wiped her eyes again. There was so much to explain. She largely tried to avoid irrelevant details. "They're the creators. They are the reason we exist and the reason we have magic. They are also the reason that spells like Erasure Process exist."

"Shouldn't that be a good thing, then?" Kalia asked. "You know, if they went away and then everything went bad."

"While in theory it would be a good idea for the Spirits to return us to balance, their souls were corrupted. They attacked the cities in their infancy and they were fought off by the 10. If they were resurrected, they would continue trying to attack, not create."

Wind motioned to the painting. "Is that what happened there?"

Revela turned to look at the wall and read the phrase aloud to herself as she nodded. "Don't get caught in a starless night. The cities survived." Revela repeated that phrase in her head. Over. And over. And over. Do not get caught in a starless night. Don't let ambition take the better of you. I will survive. WE will survive. The cities will survive. That was all Revela had hoped for as a child. Here she was, ready to act on it.

"What do we do to stop the guy?" Kalia asked.

"So," Revela explained. "He has 10 energy crystals he's deriving power from. Those keep him alive. Kill those and you can kill him alongside them."

Revela looked around. She would need to act separately. If Theynor saw her with them, she'd definitely be the first one to die. She needed to let them do their job.

But first, something had to be addressed. "Hey, er..." Revela stumbled. "Kalia? Do you have an extra sword?"

"Uh, yes, obviously," Kalia replied as she handed an Entelan-crafted sword in its sheath to Revela. "Why?"

Revela turned and slashed the sword into the air 5 times at different angles to check its balance before putting it in the sheath and clipping it to her waist. "I need a new weapon," Revela declared. She took a deep breath and picked up her staff, holding it in one hand. "I am Entelan. This weapon was forged to destroy Entela. Therefore..." Revela focused and sent energy into the staff, causing the matter itself to crumble and shatter. "It is not worth my time."

(Yes, Sarah just blew two separate power scripts there.)

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Should be 'artifact or tapped creature' or 'tapped artifact or tapped creature' based on Nahiri, the Harbinger.

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fluffyDeathbringer wrote:
I dunno, Cajun has a habit of doing Dubiously Working new rules stuff

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Alright, I'll fix that. Would hitting enchantments as well be alright at that cost?

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This chapter is really long because having a second chapter for the fall off of this one seemed wrong wrote:
The stairs leading to Theynor were a work of art that could only be attributed to the original architect. The walls were ornately carved, lit by torchlight and magic and imbued with magical energy. Paintings of important figures, most notably the Oscuran masters, traced the spiraling staircase, beginning with the First Master, Oscure, and ending with Theynor. Oscure didn't look all that much different from Revela, as far as Marina could tell. She wore the same dark cloak, keeping her hands withdrawn and her hair was darker than night itself.

Marina didn't know where Revela went. All she had said was "I will help" before going off in a completely different direction. No one explained what had happened to make that happened, but both Revela and the one they called Linicar were set free. There were a few conversations about her, still. How she was "Erasured", how she left Entela in a manner similar to a Planeswalker and one day came back as an Oscuran. Marina smiled to herself as the trek up the spiral continued. It was all because of Kalia. Marina had never felt so proud of her.

At the top of the stairs was a grand archway, decorated with runes Marina couldn't read and enchanted by magic she didn't recognize. The empty space of the arch was coated in a shimmering magic glow of light and darkness. The other side was impossible to see, unlike the portal before that one could miss if they weren't paying attention.

Wind grabbed his pistol and pressed a button on its side, catching something that came out the bottom. He carefully reached to his belt and replaced the canister in his hand with the extra one he had, clicking it into the pistol. Wind took a few deep breaths before pushing his way through the barrier. Marina sighed and followed him almost immediately after.

The room that greeted them was significantly different than Marina had expected, yet remarkably familiar. The walls, rather than being cylindrical, were 10 sides, probably at least 100 feet apart from the opposites. At each one were a veil of magic, like the one they had just stepped through, in a variety of colors. Behind each was a symbol glowing in a similar color to the portal. Marina recognized the bright yellow symbol almost directly across from her as the marker of Theria.

In front of each portal, bordering a circular abyss in the floor about halfway to the wall, was an energy crystal. In the center of the ten crystals was a shifting mass of energy, gaining and losing power over time. And hovering above that abyss was the man Marina had met earlier. As before, his fingers all had rings, notably excluding his thumbs. Marina noticed the colors each matching one of the ten symbols.

Marina felt sick. That must be... Theynor... she realized.

Theynor turned slowly to face the group. Wind and Sarah were on Marina's right, and Kalia and Scout were on her left. That meant one thing as far as Marina was concerned: She was right in front of him. And yet, she couldn't find the desire or necessity to move. Theynor's black ring glowed, and the magic in the frame behind Marina flickered out, jumping to the crystal in front of it before joining the ring. In a moment, the magic restored itself. The other four all jumped aside as Marina began to float forwards, but Marina stood still, silent.

A light blue glow on Theynor's ring lit up brighter, and within a second, everyone but Marina was shoved into the nearest wall with a thud. Theynor hovered slightly in front of Marina. He was barely taller than her even with his hovering.

"I remember you," he began, as though he knew Marina wouldn't respond. "I was warned of you months ago. A person from another dimension who would disrupt me. One brought together by other interdimensional beings."

Marina remained silent. The best she could do was listen. She noticed Theynor's dark blue ring light up, followed by the symbol of Entela on the closest right wall. "And here you are. An adept wizard. What was that word again? Planeswalker? Ah, yes." Theynor looked closely at Marina. "That word means something to you, doesn't it? It gives you purpose, it gives you hope. It makes you feel powerful, as though you are beyond consequences.

Theynor smirked. "And you are. You can leave a world any time you desire, letting the world sort itself out. Is that not correct? After all, that is only natural. For mortals to leave when it most suits them, only when they are at risk." Marina looked up at Theynor. No new rings were glowing. These were simply words.

"The word Planeswalker makes you feel special. I have seen that reaction from you. I have seen that reaction from the others. Being a Planeswalker is innately different. Yet, in the eyes of immortals, you are all just the same. Pests."

The sound of crackling power shot behind Theynor, and a crystal shattered moments after. All that remained of the light-blue force was fragments of its prior existence. Kalia, Wind, Scout, and Sarah all fell to the ground, with varying levels of success. Theynor also fell for a moment. The smooth, curved symbol behind the crystal retained its glow.

"So it begins," Theynor decided. One of his rings picked up a white glow and he forcefully pushed his hand towards Wind, releasing a beam of light. The electromancer artfully dodged shot after shot long enough to collapse to something else on his own. Sarah repositioned herself behind a purple crystal and began channeling a spell of some sort. Kalia ran up to the red crystal and immediately threw shards of rock at it, which promptly deflected and knocked Kalia off her feet.

Scout drew her dagger and jumped at Theynor. He chuckled and his white ring glowed brighter, sending a blast of light into Scout and thrusting her against a wall with such force that Marina could hear the snap of Scout's arm as it collided with the wall, even louder than the following curse.

Theynor turned back to Marina. She was the only one not out of commission. He let his black ring glow with a marble of magic similar to the portal she stood behind. Instinctively, Marina brought up her arms, eating Theynor's spell while it continued to be sent to her. From the corner of her eye, she noticed a similar spell cast on Sarah, who was significantly less ready. Sarah's screams filled the room.

"What kind of magic...?" Marina began.

"Torture. Suffering. Fates worse than death," Theynor described. "Here, mere minutes before the death of the world, you will feel them all.


Wind's body groaned at him. He twisted his ankle. Fighting was hard enough when he could stand, but now he had to do something without standing. Marina was busy in a duel of wills, Sarah was freaking out about something, Scout's arm was now shattered, along with any number of other bones. Theynor was many times more powerful than Wind could have ever predicted. Only Kalia was still functioning, and that was only barely.

Destroy the crystals, Wind thought. He could feel the magic. His first spell was luck. There was a magical circuit he could feel going through the crystals, taking energy to Theynor and back in some kind of equilibrium. Random magic wouldn't do it. The force needed to be overwhelming. He needed to fry the circuit. But how...?

A thought crossed Wind's mind. How long was the blast range on a plasma detonator? Could he hit all the crystals? If he could would it even be enough? Wind wrapped his hand around his last detonator. He could if he overcharged it, but that was innately dangerous. He needed to be precise. This was his last shot. He held on tightly. Precision. That was all he cared for. Precision. Wind sent energy into the detonator and hurled it.

Mere moments after Wind let go, he saw his mistake. Kalia stood up. She was making a move for the crystal. But it was already too late for Wind to call her. Within a few more seconds, the blast shattered outwards, striking Kalia and each of the crystals with its full force.


"Kalia!" Marina cried. She watched the detonation. She tried to warn Kalia, but there wasn't enough time. The electricity struck her in seconds of Marina calling out. Marina dropped her shield and ran toward's Kalia, catching her body out of the air before it hit the ground. She couldn't believe it. Kalia couldn't be dead. It wasn't real. It wasn't. She was just in a dream and would wake up soon.

The electrical blast. Jagged scars on her arms and neck, like those of lightning strikes. It all felt sickeningly familiar. She was warned. She knew it would happened. He killed her. He never warned anyone to stay back. It was his fault. Marina couldn't hold herself. She wrapped her arms around Kalia's body and cried.


Theynor felt it. Wind could tell. He stopped casting instantly. But yet, Theynor seemed uninjured. In fact, he was laughing. The crystals all shattered. The magic in the center ebbed and flowed, yet there were no crystals. There was no source. Theynor clapped his hands together.

"Noble sacrifice, young warrior, but far, far too late," Theynor declared. He snapped his fingers and the energy exploded outwards. Wind deflected the magic's pulse into the air, where it pierced the ceiling and whatever was above it. "You fail to recognize the futility of what you have done."

Wind sent a bolt of lightning to Theynor's face, yet Theynor deflected it. His twisted ankle wouldn't stop him from trying. Electrical strike were sent out. Not one reached Theynor successfully. Theynor smiled. "You are in the presence of a deity. The spell is complete." Theynor reached his arm out to Scout and she contorted in pain without him even moving. He twisted his fingers and she screeched out in pain before simply being left on the ground. Even from this distance, Wind could see the light reflecting off her tears.

"I am Theynor," Theynor decreed. "The embodiment of the Spirit of Balance. Your resistance is worthless." With a flick of his wrist, Wind was forced to a wall. He saw a figure begin to take form, from the shadow. He was unsure whether it was Theynor's or someone else.. Theynor's hand glowed bright with magic for a moment, before all light vanished, and a single voice pierced the room.

"The 11 have fallen. As the elemental masters, here we do our duty, the reason we were chosen. Today we strike them down," she commanded. Wind didn't recognize the voice. It spoke in Volarian, yet he felt its presence and knew exactly what it was trying to say. It felt like a moment stretched through time. A moment repeated from some point in history. Theynor's magic ceased to have its effect on Wind and Wind fell to the ground. "Severi. Aritae."

The sound and connection of magic were two sounds Wind recognized. The lights returned shortly. Theynor's body was on the ground. Motionless. Lifeless. As though in a split second, everything it had once been had been deserted. But that wasn't the only change Wind caught. In the center of the room, where the voice had been, there was an intense magic unlike any he had ever seen. Revela stood there, on the edge of the abyss, her sword as though it had just been part of a finishing blow. She nodded to Wind and sheathed the weapon.

Sarah tried to compose herself in the corner. She wasn't physically injured, so eventually she managed to get herself to her feed and make her way to Wind and Revela. Wind ran over to Scout to make sure she was still alive after what happened. She was flopped against the wall, mostly unmoving, but her eyes still looked up at Wind when he approached.

"Can't move," she struggled out.

Wind nodded. "Don't worry, I'll send a healer up." Wind looked back around. The room's symbols all looked vaguely familiar. He hadn't had time to study them in depth before, but it suddenly made a lot more sense where they were. They weren't in the Oscuran Cathedral anymore. It wouldn't make sense for these symbols. Wind walked over to the dark blue glyph. It was Entela's, for sure. He dragged his fingers along it.

Revela came up from behind him. "Do you know where this is?" she asked. Wind felt that he knew, but at the same time, he didn't. He knew they were outside of Oscura. But what this building was, and why it was here? He never knew. Wind turned to her and shrugged.

"I imagine it's important," he replied.

Revela looked around. "This is... the first building created by the ten factions after Volaria first split up. If you look hard enough, there's actually documented information in Entela, although I don't remember where I learned it." Revela pointed at each of the walls. There were pillars on the sides that didn't quite reach the ceiling. "This was the place they held their meetings. This is where the first war was declared by Theria against Litara. This is also where the factions destroyed the corrupted elemental spirits." Revela pointed at one of the pillars. "These used to have a spell on them that would send a beacon into the sky, telling their faction they arrived for their meeting. That's why they're color coded."

"So... what happened to it?" Wind asked.

Revela shrugged. "Time. Eventually, when no one was around that remembered the separation, the meetings were forgotten as well. Wars happened, and while the protection Litara put on this place is still here, it got buried by debris and rubble."

"You know a lot about history," Wind started.

"Well," Sarah said as she made her way over. She was tapping on her Dataline. "It was the thing she would study day and night until the thing happened. I can only guess that she did as much research as she could to try and make sense of that mess that was there before I fixed it."

"My one goal as a child was to lead Volaria into peace. I would be a bad leader if I didn't know history." Revela looked up and around. "Above us is the Ruins. I think we should hold a meeting there."

"Already on it," Sarah explained. "Avery is with Ayra, Drayton, and a few Miroran messengers discussing that. We should go back into Oscura. Or I could tell them to come up."

Wind nodded. "Do that. This seems like a better place.

"Sure. But, first..." Sarah turned to Wind and slipped a coin out of her pocket. "Do you think you would be a good Master for Entela?"

"I, uh..." Wind stumbled over his words.

"You've been nominated and voted on but you need to actually accept your role," Sarah said. "You've done a lot for the 20 of us that are left."

"I'll do it," Wind agreed.

"Alright, hold out your hand," Sarah commanded. "Normally Lezyn would do this, but he's not here right now."

Wind held his hand out as instructed and Sarah took her hand with the coin in it and grabbed his hand. Wind was very confused. The next time Sarah spoke, she spoke a bit louder. "As the representative of Entela, I ask that you, Wind Delcarlo, repeat these words clearly and with conviction. I, Wind Delcarlo, accept the role of Entelan Master and the responsibilities that come with it."

"I, Wind Delcarlo," Wind repeated, "Accept the role of Entelan Master and the responsibilities that come with it."

"I swear to uphold the laws and traditions that Entela holds dear as we move forward," Sarah continued.

"I swear to uphold the laws and traditions that Entela holds dear as we move forward."

"And," Sarah finished, "I swear that I will do my duties based on fact, clear of misconceptions or hearsay."

"And, I swear that I will do my duties based on fact, clear of misconceptions or hearsay," Wind repeated once more.

Sarah smiled. "Congratulations, Master Wind." Sarah tapped a few buttons on her Dataline.

"So, what was the coin for?" Wind questioned.

"Recording purposes. I doubted you would speak loud enough for Dataline to pick you up." Sarah paused. "Uh, are you aware how faction protection works?"

"Vaguely," Wind replied.

"I suggest you use it," she finished. "Revela's responsible for the deaths of countless people and destruction of all Entelan structures unless we can prove she had no choice in her actions. Which she didn't, but we have to prove it in a trial."

"It's my fault," Revela started, trailing off into thought. "Most of Entela died because of me..."

"No," Wind decided. He looked at Sarah. "You said you were both Erasured, right?"

Sarah nodded. "And the rest of Entela."

"Then that person is responsible," Wind noted. "No argument required there. Erasure is illegal in Entela. It's in all kinds of documents. And he's gotten away with it for...?"

"8 years," Sarah replied.

"Yeah," Wind exhaled. "Time to bring someone to justice." Wind started to walk over to Marina, but she jumped up and glared at him. She said nothing further before channeling magic and planeswalking away.

The portal they entered through glowed a bit brighter, and Ayra entered the room, followed by Avery, Drayton, and three Therians. Avery wore an exquisite blue robe, and Drayton was dressed in damaged battle armor. One of the Therians ran over to Scout and started healing her. The first thing Ayra looked at was Revela. She didn't draw her bow, but it was clear she wanted to.

"I take it you've been informed of the meeting?" Avery asked. Wind nodded. "Delightful. I've spoken to both Drylen and Rylarel and they're going to put their war on hold, just like we used to."

Wind looked confused for a moment, so Revela explained, "A ceasefire would be called every month or whenever a meeting was called. All wars would pause until the meeting was over and the masters returned to their homes."

"I see I'm not the only one who has studied Volarian history," Avery mused.

"It was a requirement for my childhood goals. They were... lost until just recently."

Avery looked puzzled, as though he was about to ask something, before Ayra cut him off. "Right, about that. We're taking Revela to hold her trial in Theria." Ayra motioned to the two other Therians, who began to walk towards Revela with anti-magic bracers.

"No, you're not," Wind decided. Sarah began punching buttons. He imagined she was gathering data the same way she did in Tirena when Wind was questioned. "Under my order, and as a citizen of Entela, Revela is under Entelan protection. Her trial will be held at the meeting."

As expected, Sarah walked towards Ayra and showed her the document that was created for Wind's investiture. Ayra sighed. "Is this going to be a waste of time?"

"Only if you don't believe me," Wind pointed out. "But I promise, there is a reason."

"Do you mind giving me a synopsis so I know what to expect?"

"Revela did it as a direct result of a different crime being committed in Entela. If that didn't happen, she would never have left Entela to go to Oscura. That being corrected is why I'm still alive right now."

"Fine," Ayra decided as she began to walk off. "I'll be expecting a full trial report at the meeting."

"I will have one."

Alright, phew. That was a long one.

Anyways, thanks for sticking around this long. Super happy to finally have Volaria block finished. There will be an epilogue in a day or two so we know what happens with Revela [and so you guys can get the full story. You bet Wind is studying every piece of data he can get] so if you're interested, that'll be happening.

Until then, enjoy the full set file!

Full Set File Here

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And Here's An Epilogue wrote:
Wind sighed heavily. Everything was finally over. The war, the killing. Everything was done. All that was left was for him to prove Revela's innocence, and he had no doubt he could do so. At this point, he had so much information that it came down to telling a story while mixing in proof in the right quantities.

Revela sat a few seats away from him at the round table, talking to Linicar. They sat approximately in terms of the city's location comparatively. Ayra was on the opposite side of the table. There was one missing seat, notably, from Shadowstream. Whoever it was supposed to be was running late. There were glasses of assorted varieties on the table. Surrounding were collapsed quartz pillars and rubble that had remained untouched for far too long. People stood some distance away, but close enough to hear. They were mostly silent. Someone from Tirena commented that Wind finally wore an official outfit to something.

There were moments where Wind took a look at the Masters he had yet to meet. Intela of Litara, dressed in a bright white dress similar to the one Marina had gotten from Entela. She had dark hair that went past her shoulders. Ria-Demai had a new Master that called himself Linel. He wore steel armor imbued with magic that was typical of Ria-Demians. An elf girl, dressed in dark greens and black, represented Elance. Zeleph had fallen.

Wind looked up and noticed Scout take a seat. She had a sheet of paper in her hand that she flopped onto the table. "Sorry," she explained, "I had to go find the legal documents. Icilica's gone so her Second had to take the spotlight." Drylen and Rylarel, both dressed in bright blues and greens, took turns leaning over to read the papers.

"Yeah," Drylen noted. "Welcome, Scout Valerna."

"Well," Ayra decided. "We can begin then. First, I'd like to thank you two, Drylen and Rylarel, for stepping out of your own war in a peaceful manner to hold this meeting."

"As our merchant explained," Rylarel pointed out, "Volaria will have another war if we don't keep up."

Ayra nodded. "Agreed. Revela, I realize that you are the Oscuran master right now, but given that you're standing trial at the moment, whoever your Second is will need to act as Master. Is that this man?"

Revela nodded. "Linicar Selis, Unai Tirinai of Oscura."

"Right, so," Ayra decided. She motioned at Wind. "You declared Revela under Entelan protection. I imagine you must have a reason." Wind immediately understood. As far as anyone ever was concerned, Revela was and always had been Oscuran. He needed to stress Entela heavily.

"Of course," Wind agreed. "I did a lot of research over last night and this morning to make sure I had every fact I could, so let me just get started. This includes digging through something called Deep Storage, a powerful Entelan spell that holds information and will not let it go. Any documents Entela has are sent there. They can be read and copied, but not edited. This has existed since the rise of the factions."

"Ah," Revela said, "That's where I learned it." Wind nodded.

"So, I have a few pieces of information to show, but first allow me to share a story to paint the picture," Wind began. "Picture a family in Entela. A father, and two daughters. The younger of the two daughters, somewhere between 5 and 6 years old, suffers from a dangerous disease caused by an overflow of elemental energy within the body's cells. The medic in charge offers an option that has only been minorly discussed so far.

"She suggests to make the young girl the first test of the Entali Project, an experiment to fuse human DNA with elemental energy to create hybrid elemental-humans. The idea behind the project is to make human cells more resilient and more versatile, but in this case it makes the young girl's condition an energy source rather than a danger. This is fine.

"The problem arises when the father, a well known Entelan researcher, wants to lead the project. Because he's the father of the subject, he cannot be the leader of the Entali Project. He has a short argument with the medic, and she turns away. However, the man is a descendant of Entela's First Master, Ental, and so he can cast a spell called Erasure Process, editing or destroying memory of the target. This spell is illegal in Entela. He casts Erasure Process, destroying all memory of the daughter being his child from the medic. The young girl can't perceive reality at the moment. But there's still one person who realizes what he did."

Wind paused. Ayra was stunned for a moment. She, too, was a descendant from a First Master. She understood the power behind their spells. She used one of them in Theria. Wind realized that any Volarian incantation must be one of their powerful spells. Those were the only spells that had them so far. Areto soveri, severi aritae, solaria estare, and lysta elsin.

"The other daughter runs," Wind continued, "And the man leaves her to run. Over the next couple of days, memories continue failing. The next target is Master Elega, and then the first daughter. Yet the older sister continues spreading the information." There were some gasps of concern from the 7 Entelans that managed to make it to the meeting.

"The important thing to know following is how Erasure Process works." Wind rolled a sphere into the center of the table. A hologram image appeared above it, showing three concentric spheres made of tiny shards. "As far as this spell is concerned, there are three levels to memory. This is the case as long as you have a mind capable of memory. Elementals, humans, elves, goblins, some combination thereof, it doesn't matter. The outermost sphere is what you would call your memory. This is what you had for dinner yesterday. This is what tasks you need to do before bed today. This is your recently learned spells and things you recently read.

"The second sphere is deep memory. This is your name. This is who you are, where you're from, and what you can do. Without the first sphere of memory, you will still have your skills in sleight of hand or your ability to cast spells you've known for a while. This tells you 'I am Entelan' or 'I am Scout Valerna.'"

Wind motioned with his hand and the first sphere vanished. The hologram closed in on the second sphere. "Within this sphere is your body's ability to function. This is where your brain reminds you to breath, this is where you feel emotion. If something happens to this, you are likely dead. What Erasure does, is it takes little shards from these spheres and replaces them."

Wind waved his hand, and the third sphere returned. A shard lit up blue and was popped out, replaced by a red one. Other shards were replaced, resulting in a single shard of red, yellow, green, and purple among a sea of blue tiles in the outer circle. The second circle glowed white, and the center one glowed black. "This is what happens if everything goes right. This happens if the target doesn't fight back. However, if there's any indication of a threat to the spell's existence, such as another spell cast to Erasure's caster, it pushes with such force that it shatters the outer shell."

Pushing his hand forward, the sphere shattered. Blue tiles scattered everywhere, and even a few white tiles broke off. "These pieces can't fix themselves. A few will return themselves to what we call memory, but the others just float around. Occasionally they click for a second before going off again. This is shown by a person as a feeling that there's a memory but not knowing what for. That red shard might have the word 'Mirora' written on it, but without the full memory, that is just a confusing thing to remember.

"So let's return to my story. The older daughter, about 8 years old, is fearful. Her sister is being taken from her. Eventually the father confronts her and attempts to rewrite her memory with Erasure. She fights back. As a result, her memory is decimated, and the trauma of the event causes her body to instinctively phase itself into the Starless Expanse. Once a loyal Entelan who desired to protect and serve, the only memory that remains of Entela consist of her sister's pain, but not anything else about said sister. The shards of the second sphere float haphazardly without being able to find their way back."

Ayra looked at Revela. There wasn't as much persecution in her gaze now. It seemed more like... curiosity? Pity? Wind couldn't tell.

"So, let's connect some pieces to this story," Wind decided. "Documentation everywhere tells us that Lezyn is the leader of the Entali project. While it's not explicitly stated, Sarah Aliri, daughter of Elega, is the only Entelan elemental to show human-like traits. She needs to breath, she needs to eat, she needs to drink. Pure elementals don't. Of course, that's only two parts, and with the amount of memory lost among everyone, connecting Revela as the sister is difficult. However, there's a few things that stick out.

"Let's start with spells. The powerful Volarian spells of Shaido and Ental have been mixed since the very beginning. Since these spells are passed down through family and trying to cast from outside the family is impossible according to Master Ental, this gives us a good indication of descent. Anyone that can Sever could also learn to Erasure, and vice versa. Revela can cast Sever Reality. Lezyn can cast Erasure Process. So, we at the very least know that Revela is related, at least tangentially, to Lezyn."

Wind looked up. Lezyn was near the outside standing uncomfortably. He knew. Wind had him pinned. "So, next point. How many of you know Lezyn's last name? Don't say it, just indicate." Ayra, Irana, Elan, and Revela all raised their hands. "Alright, perfect. Now, asking Revela wouldn't give any relevant information, of course. However... Linicar?"

"Y-yes?" Linicar seemed afraid. Revela was on trial, of course.

"Do you know Revela's last name?"

"Y-yes, of course. It's Ylerne. That's been the case forever," Linicar said. Irana almost jumped out of her seat when she heard that last name. She was wide-eyed as she looked at Wind, and then to Revela.

Wind smirked. "I see you figured it out. Irana, what's Lezyn's last name? Just to clarify for those who don't know."

"Lezyn Ylerne," Irana declared. "So, that means that Sarah..." Irana looked at Sarah, who was about 10 feet behind Wind. She wore some kind of black official dress similar to Wind.

Sarah nodded. "Originally Sarah Ylerne."

Wind reached into his pocket and grabbed another small sphere, rolling it into the center of the table and pulling the other one back with magic. "This sphere is a security image of what happened that day Revela was finally confronted by Lezyn."

A hologram appeared above the sphere, capturing color more than just lines. It seemed more like an image, as might be expected from security footage. The sphere emanated sounds as Lezyn stepped up to Revela.

"I made a mistake," video-Lezyn said. "I should have gotten you first."

Revela pressed her back against the wall. She used magic to pull a sword from off camera into her hands. "Stay back! I-I will kill you if I have to!"

Lezyn channeled blue magic in his hands. The image went dark for a moment before the camera adjusted. The sword in Revela' hands glowed white.

"Lysta elsin," Lezyn recited. He swept his hand to the side, and blue lines trailed towards Revela.

"S-s-severi... Severi! Aritae!" Revela swung the sword down. A shadow shot down near Lezyn, but fizzled away. Just as Wind explained, the blue magic forced itself into Revela, throwing her off her feet and causing her to collapse to the ground. She lay mostly motionless. A bright light glowed in her hand. Lezyn ducked back off screen and the camera faded away.

"Revela fades away just after this," Wind explained, "But that required the next sphere and I saw no reason to bring that."

Footsteps echoed loudly against the rubble. Everyone turned as Lezyn ran towards the nearest forest edge. Intela stood up. "Areto soveri!" she shouted, and Lezyn froze.

"Really?" Revela asked. "How many people can do that?"

Intela looked at Revela with a smile. "You would be surprised. If what my parents once told me is true, one thousand years of mixing blood for children to gain these spells. Try tracing your own heritage. You may find something interesting about your family."

"So," Wind concluded, although Lezyn had mostly done it for him. "Revela was Erasured. Most of Entela was. The difference was that Revela knew and she fought back, meaning that her connection to Entela was destroyed except for the memory that her sister was in pain in an Entelan laboratory. These factors meant that when Theynor found her, as an 8-year-old child, he manipulated her. The one well-known loyal Entelan strategist-in-training became an assassin and strategist for Theynor as a direct result."

Ayra looked at everyone at the table. "It's been a while since I have been at a trial held outside of Theria. However. I can say confidently that I agree with the new Master's assessment. Does anyone disagree?" Sequentially, each Master shook their head.

"Very well," Irana decided. "Wind, Lezyn is an Entelan issue covered by Entelan law, not by a meeting between cities."

"Correct," Wind agreed solemnly. "According to Entelan law, for the mental genocide of Entela resulting in starting the war using Erasure Process, Lezyn is to be executed. If he shows up in one of your cities, I ask that you capture him and return him to Entela. Until then, let's continue."


Revela caught Wind before he left back to Entela. She would be able to go there as she pleased, but right now was the best time. There was something that had stuck in her memory that he needed to know. Wind was very confused at first.

"What do you need?" he asked.

"I have something that you'll be happy to hear. You know that I tried to kill Arina, yes?" Revela asked. She had to be blatant about it. Maybe he would notice, but she had to make it clear.

"Yeah, I know. Don't worry about it, it wasn't your fault. She'll have closure with Lezyn anyways."

"Except... not. She's not dead," Revela explained. "I failed." Wind's eyes went wide in shock.

"W-where is she?" Wind asked.

Revela shrugged. "Not even the spirits know. She planeswalked when I tried. The same way I did when Lezyn Erasured me. The same way Scout did when Icilica tried to Sever her. Just, please stay here for a bit. Entela needs you."

Wind nodded. "Th... thank you." Tears were starting to cloud his eyes. He waved to Revela and turned towards Entela.

Revela had her own faction to fix. Oscura was in ruins from Theynor's rule. She had something to say about that.

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Someone's reminded me. To open the set file, you need this template:
Ultima Template

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Okay, so. All of my sets are being updated, like, a _lot_. Ideally I want to fit these sets into MSEM which means they need to get a lot better. As usual, the original version of the link now downloads to the new one.

There were a lot of card changes, but the biggest things to happen are as follows:

  • Most of the mechanics have changed in some way. See the VEB and RPL threads for more information about those.
  • Lots of cards changed to update archetypes of Ria-Demai, Mirora, and make sure that archtypes have more effects than the one they're named for.
  • Some specific cards have been updated to allow cross-archetype assistance when drafting STR-RPL-VEB.
  • Ultima spells are no longer called ultima spells, but have no other changes.

This doesn't necessarily mean this is final and I'll try to keep better track of card changes from here on.

Also note, the Theynor that exists in the special cards slot is not a part of the set and is in no way intended to be legal in a constructed format.