M15 Clear Doublefaced Styles (Clear to Clear, Normal to Clear, Clear to Normal)

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Tue, 2017-02-07 20:19
Mahx Michael
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Finally the M15 Clear Doublefaced templates are here!!

So, I made the templates for clear doublefaced M15 cards, including the Normal to Clear transformation introduced in Eldritch Moon (Non-Eldrazi to Eldrazi).
This download contains the following templates:

  • Clear to Clear Doublefaced
  • Normal to Clear Doublefaced
  • Clear to Normal Doublefaced

Many thanks to @Acorntail, who taught me how to master the art of making M15 templates!
That was pretty much all I had to say for now. Please tell me if you encounter any bugs, or if there is something you think should be changed (like for example the positioning of text in textboxes, etc.).
Here are som examples of the template:

Clear to Clear Doublefaced

(Emrakul, the Promised End was originally designed by Wizards of the Coast, but not the doublefaced version.)
Normal to Clear Doublefaced

(Curious Homunculus is an original design by Wizards of the Coast, this is only a recreation made using this template.)
Clear to Normal Doublefaced

(Lone Rider and It That Rides as One are both originally designed by Wizards of the Coast, but this reverse version is not.)

I had some isues with the uploader today, so I am linking the download instead. I'll probably fix this later, and I will also eventually replace the zip folder with an mse-installer as soon as I master how to make them.

OK. Fixed the upload as well as making the type field clear for the clear face. I'll probably switch out the zip files with a downloader later, when I figure out how to make one.

EDIT: Replaced zip-files with an mse-installer file for all of them.

Magic - M15 Clear Doublefaced styles.mse-installer4.12 MB
Tue, 2017-02-14 10:50

Hi! I didn't installed those yet, but I noticed some things looking at the folders.

  • Clear faces look great!

  • Colored faces have a much clearer than it should be line just above the name line. Why is that?

  • The three styles have almost the same files. Even many that are not needed. Also they are basically the same.

    You could make just one style with the whole set of files and add a styling option to choose which face to have it clear? (front, back or both).

Tue, 2017-02-14 13:14
Mahx Michael
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I'll answer each of the points you have listed following:

  1. Thanks for the positive feedback! I appreciate it A happy smile
  2. I am not 100% sure exactly wich line you are referring to, but I don't beleave that is true. Here is a picture of the real thing:

  3. Yes it is true that most of the files are the same, and that I could have made them all in one template, but @The5lacker who originally requested the template preferred them to be separate. If you prefer a combined version, I will soon release the Doublefaced Append template wich will include all these three templates as well as doublefaced gods, doublefaced miracles, etc. There are indeed also some of the files that are not even necessary, but most of them (such as colorless frames and pt) are there just to make sure there does not occur errors for missing files, and the colored frames are there because the clears actually also have colored frames underneath to make sure problems does not occur with use of card colors, wich allows the usage of color indicaors on clear face, etc. Some of these functions might seem unnecessary, and I might also remove the files that are not used when I provide the installer later on.

Wed, 2017-02-15 22:36

Yes, I was wrong about the clearer line. It's correct. The contrast with the empty circles had me see it awkward. Just that.

Fri, 2017-02-17 19:01
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Good stuff, man. As for making them the same style and just having options... I figured that wouldn't even be remotely possible.

Also, pretty sure the type line is also supposed to be clear.

Concept vs. Execution: The most important Making Magic article.

Wed, 2017-02-22 16:08
Mahx Michael
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Well, actually having multiple templates in the same style is compleately possible. I have done it in my Extra Colors Doublefaced, I will do it in my Doublefaced Append, and I have already tried it out for this template as well (actually, they are all the same template only given different options).
If you wanted to, you could even make a template where you could choose between to totally different templates! (Only that would be more work than just making two separate...)
Anyways, this will be featured in my doublefaced append.

Also, yes! It's true the type-field is also supposed to be clear. Though only slightly. But thanks for notifying me A happy smile I'll see what I can do about it before uploading this template as a file download (instead of the mediafire-link).

I have fixed the clear frames now.

Mon, 2017-05-15 17:18
Mahx Michael
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I've now made an installer for the templates. Please notify me if the installer doesn't work for you A happy smile