Card of the Week Contest #144: Go Big or Go Home

Sun, 2016-11-27 15:04

Thanks, @bazzboda! I made the proper edits to my card.

Also, the Spurn of Reason should be able to create a bit more chaos. He feels much more like he just trades deployed permanents for hand advantage.

Sun, 2016-11-27 18:49
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Check out Hive block here.
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Sun, 2016-11-27 20:00
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@sdfkjgh: Affinity for nonland permanents is dangerous. green tokens really like this card. it can come ount pretty fast I think. but it don't have trample on its own so it can be chump blocked. I think its a design that appeal to many Timmy players. so its is alright.

Sun, 2016-11-27 20:02
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Huge mana costs always remind me of one thing: CASCADE



Mon, 2016-11-28 03:17
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@mastersoard: While I like the concept, I'm pretty sure that's a rare, just due to power level and complexity.
@bazzboda: Delve really isn't a good example here though, because each card exiled only pays for 1 mana symbol. Your card has each thing pay for 3 mana symbol. Personally, I agree with Pixi. Especially the way it is worded now. I think the fix here is probably to add the word "exactly", as in, "...pays for exactly 3 mana symbol." kinda like Dredge. If you have two cards in your library and a card with Dredge 3 in your graveyard, you can't Dredge it. Nevertheless, this might require some additional reminder text, and just the fact that it brings up controversy might mean the mechanic as it is now is ill-advised. Also, while this would still cost minimum Red mana symbolRed mana symbol, keep in mind that Gush sees play in Vintage and is banned from Legacy. Right now this guy looks like a 5/4 that can come out on turn two, plus card advantage. Some syntax things: "draw 2" should be "draw two", and I would suggest changing "Displace 3 mana symbol" to "Displace 3"--right now, it looks like a cost, like Kicker.

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Mon, 2016-11-28 04:35
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Mon, 2016-11-28 06:12

@Pixi-Rex, @HaloSSB, and @bioplay, thank you for the information, I have done as suggested, sadly omitting further reminder text beyond the "exactly" addition.


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Mon, 2016-11-28 13:10
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