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Tue, 2016-10-04 17:55
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So I have a small idea of how much Roleplay is done on this site, but I have noticed the popularity of Battle Boards, the brief explosion of fun that was the Planar Duels and the occasional occurrence of high-grade roleplay style games in the contests and games forum.

What I'm getting at is that we have a lovely corner of our forum called Planar Duels that's been dead for almost a year. I'm wondering if it would be worth replacing it with a Roleplay section. I think it might spark some fun roleplays or more advanced, story-based games and such that feel out of place in the Contests and Games section. Plus, the C&G section is way too cluttered for any more threads. I've contemplated starting a roleplay myself but with how much traffic is in the C&G section it's too much of a risk and would be a pain to track.

With the potential lack of clutter a dedicated section would offer, the more intricate RPs could risk having more than one thread for their needs, be it Signup threads, interest checks, profile threads and the RP threads themselves.

Just an idea I'd like to bounce off y'all~

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Wed, 2016-10-05 23:39
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I'm behind this idea, definitely. As you said, there are both dead forms and overcrowded forms, so making more refined forms like for RP is a great idea.

Thu, 2016-10-06 06:32
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From Staff Discussion wrote:
To be honest: Most roleplays on this forum inevitably don't finish due to commitment issues.

Why? Because we design it like a traditional D&D campaign and expect everyone to commit at constant regularly scheduled times. Then one player doesn't show up for the adventure. Then another player doesn't. The real killer tends to be the day/week/month the host is inactive. Battle Boards cuts around these problems by A) allowing interactions to be short and sweet and B) not requiring a real goal and instead being more of an open world roleplay - as long as two people are playing, the game's considered alive. The bar for comittment is very low and flexible.

My point: I don't think a section will change anything, because the real issue is how much time players have, not where it's being organized.

As much as I'd like to have an RPG section, we'd need to have multiple RPGs with overwhelming amounts of activity first to justify having such a section (much like how Battle Boards got its own section due to high activity), otherwise the section will end up being underused.

That being said, I'd still like to encourage the creation of Forum RPGs as long as time commitment issues are kept in mind.

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