Exporting Custom magic images to lackeyccg

Fri, 2016-09-16 15:20

I Have followed all the instructions on multiple posts to export my set to Lackey and It doesn't work. Was wondering if anyone could explain how to export mse to lackey because it seems like it just doesn't work.
Thanks in advance.

Fri, 2016-09-16 15:34
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Most likely problem, you didn't add it to MSEModern. Under Deck Editor, go to the Format dropdown and select Any.

if it wasnt that
If you have the Lackey Export Template, go to Export->HTML->Lackey CCG and put in the details, then save what we'll call SET.txt

Now you should have a .txt file named SET, and a folder named SET-files. Move both of these to the folder LackeyCCG->plugins->(msemagic or magic, whichever you are using)->sets.

If there is not a file called 'setimages', make one. Rename SET-files to just SET, then put it into the setimages folder.

There are two ways to do the next step: 1- Open SET.txt in Notepad and copy-Paste the card data into one of the allcards files and save it, or 2-Go back to msemagic/magic where there should be a ListOfCardDataFiles. Add in "<filetoinclude>SET.txt</filetoinclude>" right after the last allcard entry, and you're good to go.

I think the plugins get screwy if you are not running the exact version as other people, so I would recommend making a copy of your plugin as a testing plugin.

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