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Sun, 2016-07-24 03:15
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Cajun's E X P L O R A T I O N S

It's a wide Multiverse out there, with a million threads of gods and planeswalkers, mice and men, weird jellyfish people and the occasional slug-drake hybrid. There are infinite stories across infinite worlds, but each converge onto one, the History, the Life of Everything. No matter how small, every creature leaves its mark within those pages. So if you're up for some exploring and can handle a planeswalk or twelve, let the Multiverse be your pen and your actions be the ink.


Every story starts somewhere.
Set 1 of 4 in the Novea Cycle
150 Cards
A world born of passion, luck, persistence and regret, a creation not unlike so many others. Novea looks into this developing world of spirits, men and monkeys as they try to survive and define themselves. From the outside Novea seems to contradict the Multiverse, with White mana symbol devils, Red mana symbol merfolk, and a lack of new keywords, but at the core, it is the same as any other plane, just a little less sure of it's place in life.
Full Set


Write your own future.
Set 2 of 4 in the Novea Cycle
150 Cards
Life is falling apart for the denizens of Novea. The Sky Lotus has abandoned his dancers. Rylei has retreated to the depths. Mother Nature reaches out to them, corrupting the hopeful into harpies, the sylphs into storms, the merfolk into monsters. With every step her corruption grows, and Novea must make a stand to follow their mother into oblivion or strike out on their own. Introduced two new mechanics, Primal allowing you to sacrifice potential for power, and Heretic encouraging working with those who were once against you.


Make your mark.
Set 3 of 4 in the Novea Cycle
251 Cards
The world may shift but war never changes. Without the stranglehold of Mother Nature the Gorrans explode while the rest of the world suffers. Relidon watches the end of a war no one remembers why they started, still fighting for land and resources and relics and glory and anonymity. Ninjutsu returns with Unite, a modified banding, while bringing new mechanics in Tactical, Crusade and Attrition.

Eradin vs Ainox and Xaro vs Anakasha

Two Worlds, One Destiny.
Standalone Duel Decks
98 Cards
Two stories collide in between Relidon and Vaask, resulting in Xaro's victory over Anakasha. EvA plays with two-brid mana, Aura swap, and Execute, a replacement cost when your opponent has 7 or less life to finish them off. While these were designed before the Planeswalker Decks, they have had some of those style cards added afterwards for the Xaro v. Anakasha half.

Shadows of Vaask

Just another day at the end of the world.
Set 4 of 4 in the Novea Cycle
192 Cards
Unknown years of war and decay have left Novea a dying shell, life clinging to the once glorious city of Vaask and the surrounding desert. Planeswalker Arc Atencio watches the plane in its last days, eventually attempting to sever the ability of Trea Anir, Yjehuar, Anakasha and the Blight from planeswalking away. She has succesfully bought herself some time. Vaask's flagship mechanics are Blight and Improvise, with a few minor mechanics rounding the set.


Let Chaos Reign
Standalone Horde Expansion
169 Cards
Sha'rador studies the secrets of the Multiverse in the constantly dying world of Xazerial. Xazerial adds several tools to Horde magic by giving its casting mechanism an action in 'chaos ensues', the addition of Cataclysms, disastrously powerful spells that can only be used by the Horde, and Descent, which lets the horde cast spells even as it's taking damage. For the players, Xazerial introduces Unhinge and Consumption to encourage those trapped in the Horde to go as mad as Xazerial. It also explores the philosophy behind the four color combinations, turning the main Nephilim into manifestations rather than giant monsters.


Fate is too important to be left to chance.
Set 1 of 3 in the Ophorio Block kcolB oirohpO eht ni 3 fo 2 teS
222 Cards - 444 Cards total - sdraC 222
Both sides of the mirror clash in OphorioirohpO as two reflected worlds try to fuse into one, annihilating both in the process. Despite the best efforts of Xaro, the Blight, and Mei Liva, the Mirror fused, uniting the two worlds as one without a war or an overrunning of vampires or disease. While both worlds are suffering after their involvement, Sha'rador is now working to make things right for both planes.
With two planes, OphorioirohpO introduced seven mechanics and brought back Fuse and two others from Future Sight. Across both sets is the evasion mechanic of distorted and reanimation mechanic of destiny. Ophorio brought back frenzy while introducing the alternate win condition of glory counters, debuff of winnow and alternate casting cost of prophecy. Oirohpo went a little wilder, trying to balance the mechanics of fateseal, shimmer and catalyze.

Occult Outbreak

Set 3 of 3 in the OphorioirohpO Block
111 Cards
The planes have Mirged but life goes on. At least, it would if the Blight wasn't still lingering around, if Arroyo would get its fingers out of our fates, and the vampires would stay in their wastelands. Occult Outbreak was a design sequel to OphorioirohpO, which looked at the leftover designs and worldspace without delving deep into development, so this set may not be suitable for everyone.

-Coming Soon-
A Day At The Races

-January 2017-

High Noon

-January 1-

Scenes from a Multiverse
"Scenes from a Multiverse"
-January to March 2017-

Legends of Laptew

-April 2017-


-June 2017-


The Time That Planes Forgot
-August 2017-

Pieces of Pguqium

-October 2017-

-And more to come-

Cajun's Explorations - Cajun Style Templates - High Noon Reloaded

fluffyDeathbringer wrote:
I dunno, Cajun has a habit of doing Dubiously Working new rules stuff

Fri, 2016-10-07 06:29
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Since we're updating for Ophorio, mise well add something new as well.

The hallmark of my writing is too many characters, and with planeswalkers that means too many planes. And so for the lost and enterprising joining us on our explorations I present

The Planeswalkers Guide To...

[Sets] Novea, Daybreak, Relidon, Shadows of Vaask
[Walkers: Orria Mirrorpelt, Trea Anir, The Blight]
[Sparkers: Xaro Tarax]

Novea is the plane of potential. Pre-Mending planeswalker Skirnon Ryu discovered the plane empty, and recreated life within it. A master of emotion, he made five emotional manifestations to craft the world of Novea. Life on the plane grows incredibly quickly, with the planes' humans living and dying about four times faster than elsewhere. Mother Nature initially kept their population in check, but after the events of Daybreak finally killed her, the humans quickly overwhelmed the plane until war broke out between them.

The battlefield was known as Relidon, where an Ageless War was waged until the actions of Xaro and the dying Sky Lotus, the last manifestation of Novea, managed to reunite the world. Working together, the medieval Relidon quickly became the giant city of Vaask.

The city could not last however, and the ancient Blight, the final gift of Mother Nature, broke from its containment, infecting and killing countless with its exponential growth. The survivors have lived under the shadows of the giant city, overrun by the Blighted and the berserk cyborgs of the past. During Shadows of Vaask, everything finally goes wrong as the harbingers of the apocalypse surround the plane. Xaro is nearly consumed by the Blight, allowing it to escape into the Multiverse, while the others have been temporarily trapped by the Legends of Laptew, likely sentencing everyone still living on the plane to death.

The City of Vaask
After the Ageless War, the five factions united to build the glorious city of Vaask at the center of Relidon, its battlefield. The city would grow exponentially with its population, sprawling large enough to cut off the plains from the remains of the forest without going through the city. It would eventually grow too large for its own good, and the Blight that had been contained for generations finally slipped through the cracks, quickly overrunning the city and leaving it in the ruins that resulted in Shadows of Vaask.
The Eradai
The plains where the sundancers played. The fields where war was waged. The desert where the survivors scrounge. The Eradai has played several roles as the White mana symbol area of Novea. Currently it is a near desert following the development of Vaask, and home to the Red/white mana symbol Survivors, the descendants of those few lucky enough to escape before the Blight took over. This had made the Eradai, while trapped between mountains and the City, the safest bit of the plane until the Survivors managed to summon a blight-maddened Anakasha into their midst.
The Peridan
The forest that moves. The forest that fights. The forest that adapts. The Peridan has been unmoving as the representative Green mana symbol area of the plane, but has been no stranger of changing what that might mean. The forest has been returning to its roots as its inhabitants become mutated by the remains of Vaask. The blend of mana and aether known as radiance is known to kill on contact, but the world has adapted to its proximity, and the forest has learned to benefit from the poison.
The Lost City of Ankor
While a shining citadel during the war of Relidon, Ankor was largely abandoned as Vaask grew, and in the years since the Fall has been lost to the sands. While small exclaves of the citadel have been found, resulting in finding the last pieces of the spell to summon Anakasha, the main citadel is considered to be lost forever in the mountainside it was built.
Ralora, the Deep
Far from the battlefields lay the seas of dead Rylei, where her naiads are still rumored to live. Living underwater saved the creatures as war broke across Relidon, but they disappeared completely as Vaask rose to touch the sky. While no one has seen fin or scale of them for years, and the journey to the seas would lead to certain death, there is no reason to believe they haven’t managed to survive beneath the waves, unaware of everything tearing the surface apart.
The Tangleveil
Further than the Peridan, the earth and air combine to form the Tangleveil, an eerie hybrid of jungle and sky. If anything survives of Aerolious and the Terra, this is where it would live. The dragons that come from here are the current iterations of the sylphs, monsters made of air that put their sylph and tempest ancestors to shame. Hidden far out of view, the Tangleveil has been untouched by the rapid downfall of the plane, and even appears to be thriving.

[Sets] Eradin v. Ainox
[Walkers: Xaro Tarax]
[Sparkers: Fuego Ogando]

Deprived of white and blue mana, the world of Eradin is one of unrestrained growth and destruction. During the events of Relidon, the plane’s humans and elves were at war, with the elves eventually winning and nearly exterminating the humans. As of now, the only groups managing to survive Eradin are the genocidal elves, the omnicidal oozes, and the acidal plant giants, with the last few remnants of humanity hiding among the swamps and forests. Unique to Eradin is ascension, particularly powerful warriors are able to become archangels, a strange blend of mortal and mana. With the wars of Eradin evidentally over, Xaro would appear to be the plane’s final angel.

Eradinis have never been known for exploring, so the major areas of the world are known only as the Murk, the Gardens, and the Fires.

The Murk
Treacherous and gaseous swampland, the Murk is home to the elves, said to be mere men, twisted and driven mad by living in it. These elves, the Nairdo, are highly genocidal, and have gleefully wiped nearly all other races from the plane, and despite that, rarely venture outside the Murk for any other reason.
The Gardens
But even the elves have been foiled by Eradin’s most tenacious creature, the Oozes. After the near extermination of humans, now only the oozes and the vegetation can claim to cover the plane. While almost everything that isn’t swamp or mountain is written off as the Gardens, the Ooze Garden is a specific band of valleys where the new oozes are born, grown or hatched. The elves have never cared enough to check which.
The Fires of Kyien
The humans of Eradin settled as far from the elves as they could manage, living largely along the canyons and volcanic ridges of what they named Kyien. The elves deemed this too close and went to war, leaving the hot and stony landscape nearly barren of life.
The Veil
With the merging of Ophorio, blue mana has begun to filter into Eradin once more. The elves have called this blue influx the Veil, and several of them have begun to experiment with this newfound magic, causing a rift to form between the Veilsworn and the Murksworn.

[Sets] Eradin v. Ainox
[Walkers: Anakasha Akari]
[Sparkers: Sala Evigal]

Deprived of black and red mana, the world of Ainox is one of unmoving life. The plane is divided into the tundra of Anaphox, where the spirit of ice and the mountainous reaches prevent any of the humans from getting out or anything else from getting in. Further south the world warms up and reality melts away into the jungle of Etephox. The line between enchantment and creature fades away, resulting in spells that breathe and creatures that linger. Traversing the world is maddening, and staying within the Etephox too long will cause you to become one of the hybrids caught within it. Due to this, no one is certain what lies further than the Etephox, as even Planeswalkers are funneled into the transition area of the plane, where the planar portal lies.

At a glance, the Etephox appears a world where dream becomes reality. The world is lush, and the most dangerous creatures seem to be plants and peacocks. But dreams become nightmares quite easily, and the creatures of the Etephox is magic trying to become real. Delving beyond Where Points Converge causes you to drift into their world, and appears to be the point of no return.
As you stray north from the Etephox, you reach the entrance of the plane. Most planeswalkers find it dificult to 'walk anywhere to else on Ainox, which is wholly unremarkable except for the fifty-foot tall stone circle, the planar portal. Phox appears to be a magic sink, canceling the magical nature of both the jungle and the tundra, and making it difficult to cast spells there.
The far north of Ainox seems trapped in eternal winter, and yet it remains home to the plane's humans. Between the weather and a malign spirit knowns as the Evigal, venturing even to Phox is dangerous, and its proximity to the jungle sends most that do make the trip running back home. But between the exile of Anakasha, the apparant disappearance of the Evigal, and the wave of red mana brought on by Ophorio, the Anaphox is beginning to change...

[Sets] Horde: Xazerial
[Walkers: Yjehuar]
[Sparkers: Unknown]

A world of unending chaos, Xazerial is ruled by the four-colored Nephilim, once-Planeswalker manifestations of Peace, Fear, Death, War and Life. The five Nephilim and countless lesser Nephilim constantly vie for power over the vast space and tiny landmass of Xazerial. The creatures that live on the land are in constant flux, as the world is often restructured or restarted by Cataclysms. To those that live there, life seems normal, even though the plane can end within moments to the world outside. Other than the five Nephilim, only Sha’rador is known to have survived a Xazerial Cataclysm, thanks to being made of light and omnipotent at the moment. While the plane, strangely, has a planar portal that seems to reform every time the plane does, entering it from the other side is almost certain death, and the natives appear to steer clear of the structure.

As power amasses in Xazerial, the plane can barely hold itself together and has to find ways to burn it off. These are the Cataclysms of Xazerial, world changing and sometimes world ending displays of power. The tales of their fantastic power have attracted planeswalkers for generations, but even before the Mending, Xazerial has claimed them as victims.
Five oldwalkers in particular are still attempting to take Xazerial’s power for themselves. Nigh-immortal, they survive the Cataclysms time and time again, but their lives have been transformed into the Peacebringer, Fearbringer, Endbringer, Warbringer and Lifebringer, each still fighting each other over the power locked away in each cataclysm. The five extend their influence across the Nephilim and mortals, inspiring their namesake to give them an edge. Ultimately, none of them have bested the Cataclysm, with each attempting to harvest it in turn, only to end with the Lifebringer bringing the plane back to attempt again.
Sha’rador became the first planeswalker to momentarily absorb the power of a Cataclysm, very nearly becoming another Bringer. But Sha’rador had the advantage of facing off the infinite before. While he could not contain omnipotence, he has come back stronger and has taken a deep understanding of magic and the Multiverse with him.
The nebulous creatures of Xazerial, Nephilim live on a strange line between physical existence and near godhood. With enough power, any creature of Xazerial can be corrupted into a Nephilim, and a Nephilim can become powerful enough to be noticed by the Bringers, who can offer enough protection for the Nephilim to survive a Cataclysm, but they will not share the permanence, the generals and pets of the Bringers will have to fight back to their position every time the world ends, and often they will not have the time.
While the mortals of Xazerial are not nearly as persistent as their Nephilim neighbors, they invariably spring back up every time Xazerial begins anew. While their appearances vary wildly, a squirrel is still largely a squirrel even when it has five eyes, gills, and a venomous tail. While a Nephilim can devolve back into a mortal, this happens rarely enough that it isn’t the cause of the majority of mortal resurgences.

[Sets] Ophorio, Occult Outbreak
[Walkers: Ahl Strixian]
[Sparkers: Sha'rador]

In the infinite Multiverse, there must be infinite, slightly different planes. At yet, no one can find them. This is because they exist only as reflections, parallel worlds existing like different wavelengths, unable for even a planeswalker to reach. At least, that was true until the Mirge. Ophorio and one of its reflections fused into a single plane, allowing planeswalkers to reach the alternate universes. The plane’s planar portal is currently unusable after the Mirge.

Regardless, Ophorio is the world of fate. The creatures of the plane are able to read and rewrite their fates, which have become increasingly unstable since the Mirge. Ophorio is lorded over by the humanoid owls and reflections, as those most capable of twisting their own destinies. The elves and lizards have been striking back at their growing empire, accepting the grip of the Blight and allowing it a foothold on its first plane. However, with the influx of Oirohpo, the world is beginning to heal.

The Grand Refractors
The writers of fate, the five three four five four Refractors keep Ophorio and its many reflected worlds in line. Initially, the Black mana symbol Arroyo aided by the Red mana symbol Ada gave the mortals of all the worlds complete control of their fates, making the fates a disorganized mess of lifelines. The White mana symbol Alyss and Green mana symbol Dinah made a temporary alliance with the Blue mana symbol Aurora to remove Arroyo from power, bringing order to the fates, and quickly making them inescapable. Aurora, regretting her decision but unable to revert it, offered the mortals a chance to reweave their fate, a small concession Alyss only allowed because losing Aurora as an ally would be suicide. When Alyss finally attempted to undo that during OphorioirohpO, Dinah and Aurora stood against her, and Ada broke the stalemate to sentence Alyss to the same fate as Arroyo, and allowing Arroyo to begin breaking free.
The Mirror’s Edge|The Mirge
Unknown ages ago, the Mirror's Edge formed between Ophorio and Oirohpo, a thin layer of aether that grew as the two planes came crashing together. The Mirror took the two parallel planes and began to align them to their own layer of existence. The movement increased as Ahl and Sha'rador walked across the Mirror, accelerating the destruction of the two.
After several years of planning, Ahl Strixian and Sha'rador both attempted to deal with the Mirror at the same time, resulting in the Mirge, reversing the movement of the Mirror while combining the two into one plane. This resulted in the previously dissipated land partially returning as the void, a canyon now physically separating the two worlds, and the fracture and disappearance of Ahl.
The Void
Jungle and wastes combine in the jagged valley of the void, the home of those that had been taken victim by the Mirror. Reflections fuse and creatures have warped in the nether world, making the natural residents of the void strange amalgamations of their original selves.
For those who know about fate on Ophorio, they are split largely into Weavers and Seekers. Weavers are magic users that train to learn how to read and rewrite their fates, earning their name from the artistry required to work the wildly complicated fates into a shape they prefer. Seekers have cast off the ideas of reweaving their fates, and travel across the world to find their own fates. After the Mirge, the term extended to most in Oirohpo, particularly the dwarves that sought more than just to cheat fate.
The Kalak
Across the infinite reflections, each world started with the Kalak, the stony trolls seen in both Ophorio and Oirohpo. While they have remained almost exactly the same for millenia, their descendants have changed from the reflections made of light to the stone-scaled lizards and eventually to the hardy elves and dwarves below the surface of their planes.
The Reflections|The Lha
Unique to the Mirrorworlds is the race of reflections, creatures that are formed out of light and memory. Reflections don't truly die, but can fade away or be forgotten, and if their counterpart on the other plane does as well, the reflection is gone for good. As long as the counterpart survives, enough light or memories will bring a reflection back from the brink. While reflections can eat or drink, all they need is sunlight.
The Dylso|The Oslyd
The wide forest and wide desert cover most the surface of their planes, and are home to most of the different species across the planes. Most activities occur above the Dylso in the canopy with the uplifted owls and the few they allow up there. In Oirohpo, the action is below the ground, where the dwarves have large underground cities where everyone is welcome. After the Mirge, the harshest environments of both areas have become one in the void.
The Blighted Wood|The Chanting Wood
The far south and far north of the two planes are now home to woods tainted by the Blight and the Cult of Arroyo. While the Mirge managed to chase off the Blight before it gained an unstoppable foothold on the plane, the twisted landscape and blighted lizards and elves seem here to stay. Meanwhile, the Chanting Woods has only grown stronger as Arroyo comes closer and closer to existence, and its shamans are getting bolder by the day.
Mei Liva became the first planeswalker to enter the mirrorworld Oirohpo from outside Ophorio, and began her 'teachings' across the world. Mei is a mental vampire, feeding off secrets and memories, major components of reflections. As the reflections changed into vampires as well, the twisting and removing of their memories affected their reflections of all sorts on Ophorio. With the worlds combined, the students of Mei have started spreading even wider. Without the Mirror the unraveling of reflections isn't as strong, but is still a slow death sentence.
Beyond the coast of Ophorio and mountains of Oirohpo are lands unknown to Ahl and Sha'rador, with the few who come from those distant lands known as Farsailers and Rangewalkers. While having minimal presence in OphorioirohpO, these areas still follow the rules of Ophorio and will be seen more in depth in Occult Outbreak.
The Tatters
At the opposite edge of the world lies the Tatters, where the world falls apart and the light ends. The Tatters always seem to be stuck at night, eventually dissipating any reflections that scout the area. With the world falling apart all around, very little ever bothers to go to the Tatters, though the vampires have been quietly taking the area as their home. As above, this will receive more attention in Occult Outbreak.

[Sets] Oirohpo, Occult Outbreak
[Walkers: Sha'rador]
[Sparkers: Ahl Strixian]

In an unending Multiverse, there should be infinite, slightly different planes. Oirohpo is one of those for Ophorio. Largely desert, other than the cats and reflections, most civilization exists below the earth and within the mountains thanks to the dwarves of the plane. While stirred into a warmind during the events of OphorioirohpO, the denizens of Oirohpo have turned more compassionate after seeing the true state of their mirrored world. While the laws of fate still govern Oirohpo, no one but the few cultists are aware of this effect, resulting in the denizens taking freedom as default and destiny as nonexistent. As with Ophorio, its planar portal is currently nonfunctional. No one is sure where it will lead if it happens to turn back on.

[Sets] Commander: Legends of Laptew
[Walkers: Sala Evigal, Arc Atencio]
[Sparkers: Gomm]

At the center of the cajuniverse lies Laptew, the most connected plane in the Multiverse. Scattered across the plane are at least a dozen planar portals, set up and altered by a pre-Mending lithomancer. Even organic matter is able to pass between the portals of Laptew, allowing interplanar travel to literally any of those planes. Travel through these portals is highly controlled on Laptew, and the giant stone circles seem to drive natives away, meaning most traffic is low profile and from the plane. Countries and cultures form around these portals, resulting in a strange blend of the two planes around the portals, particularly around the Tirvana portal, a lush world that lacks the dangers of most of its neighbors. Laptew is a diverse plane culturally and geographically, and has become home to a team of planeswalkers and portalwalkers.

-The countries and portals of Laptew will get a showcase in the Commander thread, approximately March-

[Sets] Tirvana
[Walkers: Unknown]
[Sparkers: Arc Atencio]

From Tirvana springs life. While many worlds have earned the title motherland, only one deserves it. Tirvana is an absolutely massive plane, one so large it is constantly falling apart, with the shards falling away to eventually become planes of their own. While unlikely that all planes have fallen from Tirvana, several of these planes are known to be ‘recent’ children of the collapsing plane. While the whole of the plane is nigh impossible to explore, the area around the planar portal is well known.

-Tirvana is gigantic and its story isn't as nailed down as the others, so we'll be skipping the breakdown for now-

[Sets] Itsk
[Walkers: Unknown]
[Sparkers: Orria Mirrorpelt]

There exist rogue planes, those that wander across the Multiverse seemingly at random, appearing and disappearing wherever they wish. Itsk is one of these planes, but has gone rogue in another dimension. Itsk moves strangely through time, and time moves strangely on Itsk, a million years might last a mere moment, and a second may stretch out over a century. Time moves even stranger outside of it, and planeswalkers that are able to survive the test of time will find they don't know where or when they are. While few have attempted to abuse the time travel of Itsk, its movement is unpredictable and has no reference, you could miss your goal by eons and find the plane moved a lifetime away in the time it took to figure that out.

Orria Mirrorpelt is one of few who is confirmed to have continuously used the movement of Itsk after sparking to the plane. While she entered the plane at the end of Novea, when she finally learned to planeswalk off of Itsk she arrived at the beginning of Shadows of Vaask. With an unusual connection to the plane, Orria would walk across time and space until finally reaching the time of Relidon, where she would attempt, and fail, to prevent the rise and fall of Vaask.

Anakasha Akari also used the plane as self-exile after learning she had come in contact with the Blight during Relidon in order to prevent it from spreading beyond her. This plan may have worked if she hadn't provided the Noveans with a spell to call her back.

Echoes of the Future
Itsk’s travels have given it front row seats to some of the most explosive displays of magic from the future, past, and present. While now only a fraction of their power, the Echoes of massive spells from distant pasts still ravage the plane, the Alterations of nonexistent presents try to enforce their worlds onto its victims, and the Blasts from the far-flung futures slowly build in power as their chance to be cast comes ever closer.
The Metamorphs
During the slow eras of Itsk, spells that are cast can take years to resolve, and in the meantime can gain minds of their own, resulting in them wandering around the plane until their time finally runs out.
The Itskborn
Most of the plane’s denizens are picked up as Itsk travels through other planes via time and space, the kidnapped creatures suddenly finding themselves on the rogue plane. But Itsk does spawn its own creatures, children that are seemingly immune to the radical chronological shifts, making them laughably slow when the apparent time speeds up, and dangerously fast when it slows down. During their slow periods, the inhabitants can easily harvest the Spawn and eat or use them to allieviate the effects of chronoshifts.
Spirals of Despair
Despite the harsh abnormalities of the plane, living on it is possible, and even tolerable once you have learned to use the Spawns to weather the worst chronoshifts. That is, as long as you avoid the Spirals of Despair along all the edges of the plane. The Spirals form a so far inescapable maze, and the even with the motions of Itsk, time seems to stop. Once in the Spirals, there is no death, there is only the endless wandering across an impossible maze.

[Sets] "Waves"
[Walkers: Mei Liva]
[Sparkers: Marcus Felding]

Pguqium, where knowledge flows, now quite literally. While a shining center of intelligence, science and magic even a few decades ago, the plane is currently a nearly unbroken sphere of water. Life, like much of Pguqium's knowledge, now exists only beneath that surface. The sea is home to the merfolk, jellyfish, sharks, leviathans and creatures of the deep that have always lived in the seas surrounding the great cities, but now they are all that lives there. While the plane still hides most of its knowledge on the ocean floor, few planeswalkers are able to survive the trip to the depths, and the entire plane has nearly become forgotten.

The Sunken City
Once a great city, using bridges an magic to sprawl across several towering islands, Poquilos now rests silently at the Sea’s floor, its non-gilled inhabitants and normal scrolls destroyed by the years underwater. But even before the Drowning of Pguqium, the plane was dominated by water, so much so that nearly everything of value had some manner of magical waterproofing, leaving the city, and much of its writings pristine, almost as if it had been built there from the start.
The Island
While several islands still break the surface of Pguium, an old myth of a utopic island has become a desperate hope to the few surviving Sailors on the Sea. The Island is said to be a large tropical paradise, big enough to support the ungilled survivors, rather than just one of the countless wet rocks that pass for islands now. How many sailors actually believe they will find the island rather than just holding onto to that one last fragment of hope is hard to tell, but those that don’t believe it might be out there somewhere usually find themselves in the Sea one way or another.
The Trench
Shirking many names over the years, the deepest part of the Sea is once more known simply as the Trench. Every Pguqiun that has attempted to chart its lightless depths has ended up dead, either by the Trench or shortly after giving up, cursed by their ambition. With Pguium now ruled by fish, it is only visited by those that prefer the darkness.
The Core

The following planes exist largely for background, and aren’t currently planned for anything more focused than a Planechase expansion.
[Sets] None
[Walkers: Fuego Ogando]
[Sparkers: Zweil]

A world of monarchs and deceit, Afnan takes serfdom to a horrific degree. Whether the world is suffering under the Iron Citadel or the suffering caused it to emerge is unknown. The serfs of Afnan are able to prove themselves in the pits of Castle Giardell, where a dying Fuego Ogando would spark. As he has yet to return to the plane, little of its recent history is known.

[Sets] None
[Walkers: Marcus Felding]
[Sparkers: Anakasha Akari]

The world of heights, Carullo offers far too few horizontal areas for life to take hold, so it has learned to hold onto the cliffs and magnetically lifted islands. Home to giants, jellyfish, goblins, humans and Marcus Felding, Carullo is owned by no one but itself, and they merely scrape out survival.

[Sets] None
[Walkers: Gomm]
[Sparkers: Trea Anir]

Strings of seemingly idyllic towns run along the plane of Jodrix, with some of these fairy tale villages stretches on for miles and miles. But between these clutches and swathes of civilization, the darkness of Jodrix bleeds through. The forest is home to monsters, werewolves, and the eight-legged subjects of the Jodrixian Queen Spider.

[Sets] None
[Walkers: Zweil]
[Sparkers: Bvala Otere]

On the plane of Noortu, death is merely a suggestion. Of course, life is just a suggestion too. But, as is common in life, there are those who will find a way to make those suggestions for others. Noortu is a world where humans are the past and death is the future, with rhox, loxodon, rats and goats making up much of civilization, with the 'human' shapeshifters playing with the barrier of life and death more elegantly than their rat competitors, drawing the ire of the Nightmares of the dead.

[Sets] None
[Walkers: Zoam Qintaro]
[Sparkers: Unknown]

Nosive, on the surface, is an expanding cloud of aether. Below the surface, Nosive is the world of dreams and nightmares. Particularly powerful wizards and Figments have been known to cross the barrier of dreams, even across the Multiverse.

[Sets] None
[Walkers: Bvala Otere]
[Sparkers: Unknown]

On some planes the dead are raised, on others they are revered. Usona was both of them, once upon a time. Now, the creatures of Usona live on an ancient tomb of millions, vaguely aware of the history but treating them as nothing more than haunted crypts.

[Sets] None

The most recent plane to fall from Tirvana, Byrrac seems ancient and lived in, and yet no life seems to exist there at all. Odd.

[Sets] None

Legend tells of a monstrous creature that grew so large and so powerful, it was able to break free of its home plane, probably to die among the Blind Eternities.

Of course, that's just a legend.


For those rightfully calling out fifteen+ planes, Explorations was plotted out just over a year ago, revisiting some old plane ideas (The worlds of Eradin, Ophorio|oirohpO and Laptew range from 3 to 6 years old and Tirvana was a custom set I worked on 10 years ago) and forging ahead to new ones. As for things that haven't come up yet, Tirvana and Pguqium are the full sets, with Occult Outbreak, A Day At The Races and Itsk being minisets, and Laptew as the EDH project. The second batch is mostly just fleshed out enough for their resident 'walkers and potential Planechasing.

Cajun's Explorations - Cajun Style Templates - High Noon Reloaded

fluffyDeathbringer wrote:
I dunno, Cajun has a habit of doing Dubiously Working new rules stuff

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Aight, been in the works for a bit, time for The Planeswalker's Guide... to Planeswalkers.

Xaro Tarax

Illus. by Jason Nguyen, Jason Nguyen, Christian Quinot
Home: Eradin|Spark: Novea|Species: Angel Warrior

Xaro, the Warrior Angel
Born on the hostile plane of Eradin, Xaro was forced to endure pain and genocide nearly from birth. He would learn to wield a sword faster than he learned to speak, not that the latter would do him much good. While the murderous elves of Eradin attempted to eradicate the humans, Xaro was captured and had his tongue cut out as part of his torture. But Xaro refused to die there, breaking out and rallying even further against the elves, making progress against the Nairdo and catching the eyes of the great archangels of Eradin, including their leader Rahdero, who would eventually train Xaro into a general. Finally, at the battle that should have driven the Nairdo back to their swamps, Xaro's potential was realized as he simultaneously attempted to ascend to archangel and ignite his spark. The result wasn't pretty, and while he did obtain many of the archangel's powers, his wings are largely useless for flight, and require a great deal of mana to utililize.

Relidon: Xaro's spark took him to the war torn Novea, known then as the battlefield Relidon. Eager to put his new powers to the test, he joined the plane's berserkers and swiftly lead them to crushing victory over the orcish warlords and renegades of the forest, uniting the three into an army the size unseen in years. Together, they sieged the castle Ankor, while the Sky Lotus, avatar of the sun, attempted to purge the world and start anew. The combined work of Arianna, Sala and Xaro allowed him to kill the Lotus instead. Relidon was able to unite in the face of the final battle, and with the war won, Xaro chased after the monkey that had given him so much trouble.

Eradin vs. Ainox: After hunting down the monkey, Xaro found his way back home to discover his people were gone, that the elves had been the sole victor in his absence. Part of their victory was due to the sickened and mad Anakasha, who had been exposed to an early stage of the Blight. The two clashed on Eradin, with Xaro cutting through elves by the hundreds and chasing Anakasha off the plane. Xaro cleared some more way for the few surviving humans before turning his hunt to Anakasha.

Shadows of Vaask: Later in life, Xaro would attempt to return to Novea, only to find it overtaken by the Blight since the war. Xaro would be unable to fight or avoid the parasites, and their avatar took over the planeswalker. Xaro once more refused to die, but he had lost control.

Oirohpo: Still clinging to life, Xaro became a reflection on Oirohpo, a manifestation of his memories before the Blight. Trying to track down whoever had forced him back to the Mirrorworld, Xaro inspired the fearful reflections to the Mirror, ultimately encouraging Sha'rador to shatter the Mirror and combine the two worlds. As the reflection became real, the Blight took notice and planeswalked away, leaving the memories as the reflection hivemind of Flame, and leaving Shimmersting behind for a new master.

Colors: The epitome of war and rage, Xaro will nearly always be portrayed as mono Red mana symbol. While his allies see him as a Red mana symbolWhite mana symbol guardian angel and his enemies see a Black mana symbolRed mana symbol demon of war, Xaro is rarely the one drawing those lines, and doesn't mechanically fit either combination.

Cards: Xaro has appeared in Relidon, Eradin vs. Ainox, and Oirohpo.

The Blight

Illus. by Aaron Nakahara, Christian Quinot, Christian Quinot
Home: Novea|"Spark": Ophorio|Species: Carrier Avatar

The Blight
A disease bourne on Novea by the manifestation of fear, Mother Nature, the Blight was created to clear the plane of all life that had betrayed her, namely, all of it. While the seeds of the blight were sown early, her death in Daybreak prevented the outbreak for years. By Relidon, the disease had been discovered, contained in the ancient vaults held by the Anoran Knights. Here, Anakasha would be the first exposed to the parasites in a millennium. Prior to Shadows of Vaask, these vaults were broken, unleashing the avatar of the Blight and its parasites on Novea after years of containment.

Shadows of Vaask: It was here that the Blight began searching for a locus, a host and a mind that existed beyond simple instinct and reproduction. While many targets were attempted, the plane's response of The Mutagen helped prevent the Blight from taking hold of any of them. Only the incidental actions of Trea Anir riling up the Krell cyborgs finally gave it some room to breathe, and when he arrived, time to claim Xaro's body. Within moments, the spawn of Nature became aware of worlds beyond, entire planes of existence that did not know its blessing. Without a thought to its Novean vectors, the Blight disappeared to Ophorio.

Ophorio: During his travels and hunts, Xaro had learned of the Mirrorworld Ophorio, and the Blight believed this a perfect world to begin, allowing itself to double its efforts instantly. Luckily, neither knew how the reflections of the plane worked. The Blight walked through the forests of Ophorio, unable to grow or spread as fast as on Novea. The Blight turned to its host. The angel still knew how to influence people, how to find what they wanted. Through the host, the Blight could promise anything, and soon everything in the forest was seeking out the touch of the parasites to overthrow the owls. The Blight would make good on its promises, helping the savage elves and lizards overwhelm some of the cities and canopies of Ophorio, until the chaos at the Mirror attracted the attention of it and its host. The Blight went expecting an easy horde to convert, and instead found Xaro. Desperate to survive, the parasites forced a planeswalk to the biggest plane that Xaro knew. For once, they knew fear.

Colors: While focused on death and control, the Blight is nothing without growth, making it typically Black mana symbolGreen mana symbol, with the ability to be mono Black mana symbol or Black mana symbolRed mana symbolGreen mana symbol if it learns to use Xaro for more than just planeswalking.

Cards: The Blight has appeared in Shadows of Vaask and Ophorio

Anakasha Akari

Illus. by Jason Nguyen, Anna Steinbauer, casimir0304
Home: Ainox|Spark: Carullo|Species: Human Knight

Anakasha, the Cursed Knight
A military leader of the small human presence of the Ainox tundra. Anakasha's claim to fame began when she attempted to kill off the strange creatures of the Etephox jungle so her people could live outside the tundra and the reach of Sala. She was the only survivor of the band. Sala, the bizarre monster matriarch planeswalker of Ainox sentenced her to a frozen death, resulting in her sparking to the mountainous realm of Carullo. Here she met Marcus Felding, and the two remained on Carullo for over a year until his apparent death under a collapsing mountain. Anakasha left the plane and found Novea, and between the disappearance, the war, and eventually her exposure to the Blight, the idealist behind Anakasha slowly died.

Before Relidon, Anakasha couldn't deal with her problems any longer and left again, ending up stuck on Eradin, cut off from white mana. Losing her magic, she began to go mad until Xaro chased her off, forcing her to embrace the black mana surrounding her to do so. Before long, she would exile herself to the timelocked plane of Itsk in an attempt to prevent the madness, the Blight, or the black mana from overpowering her.

Shadows of Vaask: After years of isolation, Anakasha's past finally returned to haunt her, as the survivors of Vaask recovered a spell of hers to summon her back to Novea. Driven completely mad, Anakasha had become a specter of death instead of the light of hope Vaask had been searching for.

Colors: Anakasha was mono White mana symbol, but swung into mono Black mana symbol for Vaask, and is coming back to her senses and settling into White mana symbolBlack mana symbol for further appearances.

Cards: Anakasha has appeared in Eradin vs Ainox and Shadows of Vaask

Orria Mirrorpelt

Illus. by Maria Trepalina, Albert Chauw, Robin Olausson
Home: Novea|Spark: Itsk|Species: Monkey Monk

Orria, the Time Jumper
Once a carefree capuchin with a knack for avoiding danger, Orria would spark after instigating a fight with Nadei and nearly dying for her effort. Her wish to live longer haunted her as she woke up on the time walking plane of Itsk. When she finally figured out how to leave the plane, she arrived home to the ruins of Vaask, and would spend years traveling to and from Itsk trying to prevent the disaster that caused the Fall. She quickly learned how to read the movements of Itsk to jump out of time with far more precision than the random jumping most were left with. Ultimately, this led her to Relidon, where her attempts to save Novea would doom it to the fate of Vaask. Realizing it was unavoidable, Orria had largely given up, and was killed by Xaro shortly before Eradin vs. Ainox, although the pieces of her past still exist in our future.

Colors: While often shown as mono Blue mana symbol thanks to her mechanics, Orria can also be seen as Blue mana symbolBlack mana symbol outside of Novea and Blue mana symbolGreen mana symbol within it.

Cards: Orria has appeared in Novea and Relidon

Trea Anir

Illus. by Christian Quinot, tetsuok9999
Home: Novea|Spark: Jodrix|Species: Golem Spirit

Ka Soma was one of the few sunchasers to stand against Mother Nature, and for her efforts was left to rot in the Cradle of Corruption. The nymph clung to immortality, still technically alive long enough to be harvested during Relidon, where her brain was integrated into the cyborg Krellsuit named Tactical Retribution Engine and Attrition/Negotiation Interface Representative, and the shock of the meld sent the cyborg into the Multiverse.

Shadows of Vaask: Now known as the shorter Trea Anir, she returned to Novea, trying to make sense of the vestiges of her memories from the plane. While her Krell half fights against the memories, Soma has kept a grip on the few pieces she has left. While she initially sided with the wild Krell of Vaask, shortly after the set closes she turned to the familiar rebellion holding onto life against the horrors surrounding them. Regardless, she is currently trapped along with Yjehuar and Anakasha on Novea.

Colors: Like the original Ka Soma, she is Red mana symbolWhite mana symbol, and the TREANIR programming has only reinforced the combination. If Soma is removed, TREANIR could become Red mana symbol or Colorless mana symbol, and if Soma somehow overpowers her programming, she could conceivably become mono White mana symbol.

Cards: Trea has appeared in Shadows of Vaask

Mei Liva

Illus. by Raveneau Pierre, Milicia Jevtic
Home: Pguqium|Spark: Usona|Species: Vampire Rogue

Mei Liva, the Mental Vampire
Mei Liva was once a scholar at the University of Pguqium, interested in studying the secrets of the plane's past. Her studies would drive her towards the dark depths of the Trench, where her mortality was forcefully traded for an ability to steal secrets, turning her into a mental vampire. Mei became a connoisseur and trader of secrets until she accidentally stole the secrets of planeswalking, which launched her into the Blind Eternities. When she eventually returned to Pguqium, she found the world completely submerged and everyone she had ever known drowned. Her past gone, Mei has been known to ally quickly with any who help her and quickly abandoning those who use her.

Oirohpo: Mei became the first planeswalker from this reality to enter Oirohpo without going through the Mirror as it became a part of this Multiverse. Seeing an opportunity to get revenge on her most hated of planes, Mei started creating vampires across Oirohpo, dissipating their Ophorion reflections. When the Mirror broke, Mei finally fled the plane, leaving her vampires like so many had done to her before.

Colors: With her vampirism, Mei is solidly Blue mana symbolBlack mana symbol, although she could still make an appearance as mono Blue mana symbol on a plane where she is unaligned.

Cards: Mei has appeared in Oirohpo

Lha Sha rador

Illus. by Alexandrescu Paul, Luis Pacho, Jason Nguyen
Home: Oirohpo|Spark: Ophorio|Species: Reflection Rebel

Sha'rador, the Infinite Reflection
Before being elevated to the ruling rank of Sha', Rador was a simple mercenary working with the Duela above the sands and under the ground. The world changed for him when the Mirror tore him from the desert to the lab of Ahl Strixian, where he finally learned of the colliding planes and quickly walked back through the Mirror. He devoted his life to learning how to undo the damage dealt to the worlds, traveling far and wide to learn the intricacies of planar movement. Learning of the Rathi Overlay, he believed an invasion was possible, but more importantly was the potential of the Shadow Zone created by an overlay that would obliterate any reflection caught in it.

Xazerial: Done looking for knowledge, the newly promoted Sha'rador turned to the nebulous power of Xazerial, attracted by the same legends that had called so many before him and created the five Nephilim Bringers that controlled the plane. Unlike the many planeswalkers before him, Sha'rador knew how to manipulate light, soul and steel, turning his sickle into a temporarily indestructible phylactery. This allowed him to absorb the infinite power of Xazerial and momentarily become omnipotent, until the Bringers fought back, for each of them had been vying for that power for ages. Sha'rador survived with only a fraction of the power, but escaped the plane immortal and far stronger than he arrived.

Oirohpo: Sha'rador returned home uncertain of how to proceed, but with the power to do nearly anything. Facing the options paralyzed him, and the rising fear of the reflections and his title of power weighed on him to make the correct choice, even when they all seemed wrong. Xaro's reflection took advantage of his hesitation, pushing the Lha into a war frenzy and influencing Sha'rador into allowing it to run away beyond control. As he had already been considering the counterattack himself, it was difficult to break free from the reflection's crusade. But ultimately, Sha'rador chose to break the Mirror, knowing that regardless of Xaro and the potential invasion that it needed to be dealt with. This allowed Ahl to properly separate the planes, and creating the linked plane of OphorioirohpO that currently spans across alternate Multiverses.

Occult Outbreak: Seeing a world in disarray after the Blight and Mei Liva, Sha'rador couldn't let fear cloud them any longer and reached out to reclaim the broken world. While the owls and reflections have clamored to wipe out the infected savages, Sha'rador has been attempting diplomacy and cures to little effect. The living disease that has given the elves and lizards so much has been hard to remove without just killing the hosts.

Colors: While he tinkered around with Black mana symbol in his youth, decades of fighting for the Mirrorworlds has cemented the Sha as mono White mana symbol, and it would take a major violation, on the scale of the Blight consuming Xaro, to change that.

Cards: Sha'rador has appeared in Xazerial and Oirohpo

Ahl Strixian

Illus. by Forrest Imel, Luke Mancini, drachenmagier
Home: Ophorio|Spark: Oirohpo|Species: Bird Mystic

Ahl, the Mirrorwalker
Like many birds of Ophorio, Ahl believed his future to be in fateweaving. While able to bend his form out of the lowly owl, most of his attempts to alter fates were undone or failed to live up to expectations due to the constant attention he received from the Grand Refractor Ada. Instead, Ahl turned his eyes to the wider world, exploring the world through the eyes of the elves, lizards and trolls, as well as taking the few trips to the Farsail lands that left the mainland. Through his expeditions he stumbled upon the Mirror, and after being unable to glean anything from its exterior other than its movement, Ahl risked walking through it. His fate finally manifested and Ahl became the first to survive the Mirror by planeswalking through it, taking him to the Mirrorworld Oirohpo.

From the skies, Oirohpo appeared empty, with most of its inhabitants underground or invisible in the daytime desert. Assuming the dead plane was overrunning his own, Ahl would search for ways to prevent the collision, even if it meant destroying the invading plane. Allying with several planeswalkers, Ahl spent years crafting a massive spell meant to be cast by several planeswalkers to seperate the two planes and hopefully save them both.

Relidon: Ahl visited Novea with Marcus Felding, the first of these allies, looking for both answers and planeswalkers. After the war they allied with Sala Evigal, both in Marcus' search for Anakasha, and the general planar defense including Ophorio. Afterwards, Ahl caught up with Xaro to introduce him to the cause to little avail.

Ophorio: But when the time finally came, Ahl found himself alone. The Mirror was advancing, and none of the planeswalkers had come to his call to action. There wasn't any time to track anyone down even if he knew where to look. Ahl was going to have to risk casting the spell or risk Ophorio disappearing. The power behind the spell proved too powerful for one owl, shattering the 'walker into two pieces, neither of which has been seen since the spell's completion. Fortunately, the spell did what it needed to do, backed by Sha'rador breaking the Mirror and the judgement of the Refractors allowing it to happen.

Colors: While initially mono Blue mana symbol, Ahl grew into Green mana symbol's sense of growth and discovery as well, leading to and enforced by his work against the Mirror. There are only a few of my characters that I would say are only a single color combination, but Ahl really doesn't fit anywhere besides Green mana symbolBlue mana symbol.

Cards: Ahl has appeared in Relidon and Ophorio

Arc Atencio

Illus. by muju, Lorraine Schleter, Jason Nguyen
Home: Laptew|Spark: Tirvana|Species: Human Wizard

Arc, the Guardian
The most vocal member of the Legends of Laptew, Arc has made a mission out of investigating and protecting the planar portals of Laptew after a mishap in one caused her spark to ignite. Crafty and quick to act, Arc has been examining the worlds beyond the ancient portals in an attempt to close down or assimilate the area surrounding them to prevent random citizens from wandering into deathtrap planes such as Eradin and Xazerial. While not the most popular among the people of Laptew, Arc is a planeswalker without enemies, counting only the megalomaniac Migna of Laptew and the horrors of Vaask among their numbers.

Colors: Despite her apparent lockdown on the planar portals, Arc does stand for freedom, just not the freedom to accidentally die. Arc is always looking to learn and improve, landing squarely in Blue mana symbolRed mana symbol, with a hint of White mana symbol that may show if a triwalker shows up.

Cards: Arc will appear in Legends of Laptew and Tirvana

Sala Evigal

Illus. by Nairon, muju, ishutani
Home: Laptew|Spark: Ainox|Species: Human Spirit

Sala, the Snowcaller
Sala of Evigius is a strange fixture in the Multiverse, a planeswalker that seems to know everyone and everywhere, while not aging a day in the decades she has been on the Legends of Laptew. When asked her age, she has responded with an annoyed "129" for the past few decades. From Laptew to Ainox, Sala is known as the spirit of ice, acting more like a force of nature than a human when left to her own devices. Learning her history is a pastime most don't live to play, either due to age or ice, and one of the few walkers that may be able to offer some insight on Sala's past is the elusive Anakasha that Sala is hunting with a vengeance.

Eradin vs. Ainox: Our limited look at Sala's past was the flashbacks of Anakasha. There, Sala acted as the twisted guardian of Ainox, protecting the humans of Anaphox by forcing them to remain in the relative safety of her tundra and making an example of anyone who fought against that. When Anakasha tried to return to her tundra in disgrace, Sala demanded her sacrifice. Anakasha was to be entombed in ice to eternally remind the world what happens to those who cross her. Anakasha escaped when her spark ignited, and Sala set off to search for the girl.

Relidon: Her search sent her to Novea, where Anakasha had last been seen, only to find she had already abandoned the plane. Only the promise of further information allied Sala to the soldiers, letting her stay on the plane long enough to initiate the Sword of Anakasha and save the plane for the time being. Afterwards, she would meet Marcus Felding and help create the team that would become the Legends of Laptew due to their shared search for Anakasha.

Colors: With her age and pragmatism, Sala has the loosest color combination of these planeswalkers. Any combination of White mana symbol, Blue mana symbol, and Black mana symbol will fit Sala depending on her motives and location. Her strongest color is Blue mana symbol, but we have seen her in a mostly protagonist role so far, resulting in White mana symbol and White mana symbolBlue mana symbol walkers.

Cards: Sala has appeared in Relidon and will appear in Legends of Laptew

Marcus Felding

Illus. by Cristian Arrieta Correa, Gerry Arthur
Home: Carullo|Spark: Pguqium|Species: Human

Marcus, the Stoneslinger
Living on the mountainscape of Carullo takes a tough survivalist, and Marcus is as tough as they come. A skilled geomancer with a stony demeanor to match, any who cross him find themselves with a pair of rock coated fists at the ready. Marcus sparked after being buried alive, winding up on the flooding world of Pguqium. Already acquainted with the ways of planeswalkers thanks to Anakasha, Marcus quickly figured his way off the plane and began to look across the Multiverse for her.

Relidon: Years later, Marcus had largely given up on the search, accepting that Anakasha had likely died, or at least fled into the Blind assuming that he had. Now he was trying to form a team alongside Ahl Strixian and several of the 'portalwalkers' of Laptew, and was looking for more potential on Novea, initially unaware that Anakasha had only just left the plane. On meeting Sala, his interest in the search reawakened as she believed Anakasha was still nearby.

Colors: Ever the survivalist, Marcus is based heavily in Green mana symbol, but can lean White mana symbol or Red mana symbol depending on his motivation, although is unlikely to be all three.

Cards: Marcus has appeared in Relidon and will appear in Legends of Laptew


Illus. by Shane Braithwaite, Jason Nguyen
Home: Jodrix|Spark: Laptew|Species: Human Artificer

Gomm, the Lone Wanderer
The most elusive member of the Legends of Laptew, Gomm has spent his post-spark life searching for the treasures of Laptew, both literal and metaphorical. Forefront in his mind are the Gems of Laptew, eight crystals forged from solid mana by an ancient planeswalker, each powerful enough to give even a mortal the power of a planeswalker. So far, he has obtained one, giving him extreme control over metals. Gomm speaks little of anything, let alone of his past on Jodrix, but his resistance to talk of it or even leave Laptew speak for themselves.

Colors: While a loner, Gomm does not fit Black mana symbol well and instead falls between Red mana symbol and Green mana symbol, often being used as a Red mana symbolGreen mana symbol walker.

Cards: Gomm will appear in Legends of Laptew

Fuego Ogondo

Illus. by Jon Neimeister, zix72
Home: Afnan|Spark: Eradin|Species: Human Berserker

Fuego, the Renegade
Slavery is alive and well on the divided world of Afnan, even if they are given the marginally nicer names of serfs and peasants. While many accept the drudgery as the only thing they can ever know, Fuego is one who has tried to stand against that. But the Iron Citadel of Afnan does not take rebellion well. After a poorly executed attack, Fuego and the others were captured and killed or sentenced to the pits. Normally the pits allow for the serfs to fight their way into the military to become citizens or heroes from it. To those sentenced there, there is no escape, only killing your fellow serfs until one of them kills you. Fuego refused to fight, being beaten nearly to death until he sparked to the relative peace of Eradin. Fuego still stands for freedom, but is wary to return to Afnan after earning his. He currently resides in Laptew, although slightly deranged after spending a few moments on Xazerial.

Colors: Fuego is Red mana symbol to the core, but can easily sway to White mana symbol and/or Black mana symbol depending on the circumstances, generally showing up as Red mana symbol or Red mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlack mana symbol. While he will appear in the Laptew storyline, his color oddity means his card is not yet making an appearance.

Cards: Fuego has yet to appear in the cajuniverse

Zweil Nolastnamegiven

Illus. by maxa-art
Home: Noortu|Spark: Afnan|Species: Rat Cleric

Zweil, the Planar Merchant
Born on the death-optional plane of Noortu, Zweil quickly gave up on the art of necromancy for the art of commerce. Unfortunately, the rat could never quite kick the stealing habit, and after trying to sell the high priest's petslave back to her, was sentenced to The Thousand Deaths, where one is killed and resurrected until your body and soul can no longer hold together. Zweil became the first to survive this punishment by sparking after the ninth or tenth revival. Taken to the plane of Afnan, Zweil became the plane's main merchant, selling to both rebels and monarchs. Eventually both sides labeled him a traitor and forced him out further into the Multiverse. Currently, Zweil has taken up base on Laptew, earning a reputation as the one who can get anything from anywhere, legality optional. Zweil isn't a pacifist, but only kills as a last resort because murder is bad for business.

Colors: While there is some potential for a Green mana symbol aligned Zweil, he is meant to be a take on the Black mana symbolRed mana symbol hero.

Cards: Zweil will appear in Legends of Laptew

Bvala Otere

Illus. by Christian Quinot, Jason Nguyen
Home: Usona|Spark: Noortu|Species: Insect Shaman

Bvala, the Hivemother
Spreading across the plane of Usona is the Brood of Nvali, large, sentient insects trying to balance their instincts to overwhelm against their desire to not go to war with everything. Every few years, a new queen will emerge to form her own hive elsewhere on the plane. Bvala's search for a new hive became more interesting when this emergence caused her spark to ignite. Lost on a foreign world and barely knowing her home, Bvala tried to build her hive on Noortu, but could barely keep even a few subjects alive. Eventually she wandered into Noortu's planar portal and arrived on Laptew. While Bvala has proven she is not a threat, few want the insects to remain on Laptew, prompting the Legends to try to find her home or find her a new one.

Colors: Unsuprisingly, Bvala is strongest in Green mana symbol, but is also largely White mana symbol, especially with respect to her hive, even if it hasn't quite materialized yet.

Cards: Bvala will appear in Tirvana


Illus. by LozanoX
Home: Xazerial|Spark: Yhgyxgpxy|Species: Nephilim

Yjehuar, the Maw Above
One of many nightmares of Xazerial, Yjehuar's existence is a mystery, as the Nephilim should be unable to attain a spark. Regardless, Yjehuar has left the containment of Xazerial, and has chosen to make its introduction at Vaask, draining the dying plane of its last dregs of life. Sitting in the sky, no one on the plane have been able to interact with it, and the only planeswalker aware of it has left the plane without inspecting it, so its motives other than consumption are unknown if existent.

Colors: The figurehead of famine a keeper of chaos, Yjehuar is a chaotic evil Black mana symbolRed mana symbol that could lean to mono color on either side.

Cards: Yjehuar has appeared in Shadows of Vaask

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Damn, you've made a lot of sets. Do you have any advice for someone creating their first set?

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I suppose I should kick it off with a quantity vs. quality point. ~7 sets in a year andahalfish means I'm probably better at telling you what you shouldn't do rather than what you should. Important note regardless of whether you're a five-sets-a-year or five-years-a-set is to like what you're doing, cause if you don't like it, who will?

If you're like me and would rather go wide than refine, planning is key. Your hook is design, flavor and feel, so getting those firing and working well together is crucial. You may also try to find a unique hook, when you look at Wizard's sets they'll do new things like Vehicles, Meld, Colorless mana symbol, exile shenanigans, wedges, enchantment creatures and so on. This may be more important for the mechanical side, and don't try to force innovation, but it's great if you can find something new.

Heavy mechanical focus, you'll want to do rather than plan, though planning is never bad. Lots of stuff that looks fair can be broken in action and vice versa. Something that works fine in Limited might split Constructed, some seemingly terrible card might win the game with the right combo behind it. History and knowing cards can help here, but at the end of the day, you need to test it. A lot. This is why I tend to skimp it, I already run tests all day, I don't want to test even more things. It does have the advantage of being playtesting, so some can stand doing it to perfection.

Ultimately, it depends what you want to do, and doing that a lot. If you want to draft it, draft it to pieces. If you got a story, make sure your pieces are in place and you have backup plans within backup plans. There's a lotta different ways to go about sets, but working and reworking and working some more tends to be a catchall.

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