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Fri, 2016-06-10 08:52


Geckos is card editor, looking to mimic Magic Set Editor : from a template, cards can be created following the same pattern. And, of course, everyone can create his own template.

Geckos is a tool for gamers, looking for profiles, spells or skills cards, for roleplaying games, boardgames or miniatures games. You can even use it for something entirely different (why not greetings cards ?). Built with easy-to-use and open-source technologies, it's looking to be easy-to-use and open-source as well.

Having spent time creating cards with Magic Set Editor, I came to a point where some limits were irritating me. Geckos is kind of my response to those limits. Being 100% web, Geckos can be used on any computer able to use a modern browser, such as computer with Windows, Mac Os, Linux, Chrome OS, ... or even with a Tablet computer or a Smartphone !

Geckos works with templates. A template define the data that will fill a card, and the way a card image will be generated. After loading / pasting the template code on the UI, you just have to add cards and edit them. Then, each card image can be exported to an image format. More export formats are planned (zip archives, pdf, ...). Of course, you can save your work to get back on it later.

Geckos is very young : the first Alpha version is just out :

What does that mean ? That the main functions, validating my concept, work. The tool is not fully workable, but the goal of this Alpha (and the next one) is to build the roots, and then expand. A much more complete beta will then follow, and finally the first 'true' version will be released. Geckos will still evolve, depending on the needs and the desires.

The big chunk of the templates will be one of the main tasks. I already planned to switch my Magic Set Editor templates to Geckos. And I want to see other templates, for other games, to help create them, even make some. Geckos will also have a "my game" mode, which will allow, for example, a game creator to host a specific version of Geckos, with a custom themes, and his own list of templates.

Well, many ideas.

In order for these ideas to come true, I need to know if this project is interesting enough. On github, Issues will list the needs, the bugs, and I will answer any questions. Don't bother to create issues to get your wanted evolutions done.

You're a developer and want to help : it's open-source, github allows Pull Requests to get your evolutions into the project.
You're a designer and want to create cards : ask your questions on the methods for creating a template, and help me buil the wiki.

Want to test the beast ?

Mon, 2016-06-13 08:51

Geckos have been working this weekend, and a tutorial describing how to create a template card from scratch has been published :

Mon, 2016-06-20 12:06

Some news about Geckos !

8 Issues have been closed and resolved. Progress towards Alpha 2 is still ongoing, some issues still need to be treated.

Wiki has also been updated. Some explanations about the advanced string variables have been added, and the page about Code Variables in the template is planned. A new tutorial about the use of Kitchensink is also coming.

About the project. It grows step by step, and the availables functions allow for interesting card templates. Here are some new functions :

* Adding some code in the template (Issue #10)
* Advanced String Variables (Issue #11)
* Custom Fonts (Issue #28)
* Multiline text (Issue #27)
* Rich text (bold & Italic) (Issue #12)

Three templates are under development right now : Characters for Pulp Alley, Star Players for Blood Bowl & Heroes for Warhammer Quest Silver Tower. Templates can be found on github.

Please note that some bugs interfere with advanced template creation. Correction in progress !

Sun, 2016-06-26 16:00

The release is on Github

The Alpha road is coming to an end for the Geckos.

This current version is validating what I defined as the needed functionalities. Many Issues have been closed, and you can already create some stunning cards !

This release still comes with a demo template, for the Pulp Alley game. It's a fine miniatures game, and this template is a good base to create a template. You can also find a templates directory containing three templates : the demo one, one for Blood Bowl (featured in a Tutorial), and one for Warhammer Quest Silver Tower.

How to test ?

You can download the source code and run the index.html file in the src directory.

Or you can go on the up-to-date page on

What's next ?

We now begin the Beta phase of the software. Some functions will be made more robust, the UI will be revamped in a more modern version, the documentation will grow, and some new parts will of course be added. See the related Issues.

There will be some Beta releases, when big steps will be achieved :

* The new UI (see Issue #42 )
* The template editor (see Issue #14 )
* The multiple styles in one template (see Issue #57 )
* List of templates
* ...

I still need your help for making a geckos at least a good software : bug reporting, defining new functions, creating templates, enhancing wiki, ... Feel free to write Issues !

And again, if you want my help to create your template : ask me !

Sat, 2016-07-02 09:37

Here's a glimpse of what's to come :

That's new UI I'm working on, and you can try it if you want. Just download the sources at this address :

Sat, 2016-07-30 07:04

A new release with the first Beta of Geckos.

New UI, new fields (List with images, Color Picker, ...), new functions (Shared options, description of template, ...)

Still more to come, of course ^^.

All the informations on the release page :

Wed, 2016-08-03 10:46

Just some days after the first release of the beta, already a new one ?

Well, that's just a patch, honestly. Some Issues have been closed, and I feel that creating this release (and updating the demo page) is needed. As I modified some of the templates in a way that the current demo will not run them, I decided to create this patch release.

The major upgrade is the Multiple Style / Style Inheritance functionality. A good way to get translated styles in a template, or themed styles. Look at the Templates for examples.

The release notes :

Sat, 2017-01-28 13:46

The Beta 2 of Geckos is now live ! And to celebrate this milestone, here's the all new and fresh logo for the application :

But that's not all that have been done, of course. For a complete list of completed Issues, see this page. Here's a summary of what have been done :

- Multiple Styles in one template
- Inheritance in Styles (great for translations !)
- Documentation moved to a better suited wiki
- Bold and Italic with Rich Text Editor
- List of pre-installed Templates (with a still-growing list of games / uses)
- Validating the Template Code before using it
- Image Editor with cropping functionnality (no need to prepare image beforehand)
- Grouping Editable fields together (and hiding them)

All of these new features can be found in the demo project, hosted on Github. Test them, use them, feel free to report any bug, missing feature, wanted feature, or anything else via the Issues page.

What's coming next ? Well, I've got some things to do to fully complete the Beta 2 Release. Some documentation, tutorial to create a template, and update for some existing templates. Also, in the next weeks, new templates will appear : Pulp City, Dungeon World, Silver Tower, ... If you're a game developer and want to use geckos to edit cards for your game(s), feel free to contact me. As I did for "Au nom de l'Empereur" (check the installed templates), I can help create a template based on your work.

Also, there's the Beta 3 that's now waiting in line. Many many things are planned, and intermediate releases will surely happened. I'll get into the Template Editor as soon as possible. But I also got some interesting features that need to be added to the core engine. See the list.

Enjoy Geckos ! And feel free to speak about it !

Mon, 2017-05-08 09:07

Geckos is teaming up with "En Terres Sauvages" (right now on Ulule), the french translation of Perilous Wilds, a supplement for Dungeon World. The goal is to provide new templates for inspiration cards for Dungeon World (and other uses, I'm sure).

While developing those templats, I will add new functions to Geckos (some are already done) and everyone will get access to cards designed by a true designer (aka not me). Here's what I already put in place :

Stay tuned for more informations, and feel free to ask me about creating cards with / for you !

Mon, 2017-05-08 16:18
Gorgonzola's picture

Why not to put magic into it?

I just dont understand why people pay thousands for a piece of cardboard.
Why just don't play some casual? Gee, it isn't even fun to play with, and especially against.

Thu, 2017-06-08 08:20

@Gorgonzola : I didn't put magic in it because MSE does it very well right now. Also, I don't play Magic no more, and don't need Magic templates for myself. Also, the Magic Templates are very heavy and complex. I chose to start with simpler ones. But maybe someday a Magic template will come. The project is open to everyone to contribute.

Also, a post on my blog (in french), about the state of advancement and what is coming :

TLDR : the project grows slowly, I'm open to external collaborations, and I'm getting into "Template Creation on Demand", versus some contribution (feel free to contact me).

Thu, 2017-07-20 11:49

The Beta 3 of Geckos is now live !

But what's about this Beta 3 ? Well, many new functions are now done. You can see a list of what has been achieved in this page, but here's a summary :

* Google Fonts are now very easy to use inside templates
* Copy an existing card to create a new one
* Globals / Constants inside a Template (for images, complex code, duplicates, ...)
* Export a card to SVG
* Export all cards to ZIP (of PNG or SVG)
* Export all cards to PDF
* Save your work in your browser cache, instead of using JSON files
* Load Geckos with a chosen template
* Overall make-up of the UI

All of these new features can be found in the demo project, hosted on Github. Test them, use them, feel free to report any bug, missing feature, wanted feature, or anything else via the Issues page.

What's coming next ?

Some videos are planned to explain how to use Geckos, as a card maker, and as a template creator. In addition, the documentation will be updated with a "how to use" section. Feel free to express your needs in documentation in the Issues !

Here's some info on how Contributing to Geckos :

There's a Milestone called Templates for Beta 3 ( ) that is now my priority. I've got some templates to update create in order to provide more templates to you, the users ! If you want a template that's not on that list, feel free to contact me. I could work on a template for a small fee, or guide you through the creation of your template.

There will be some minor (I hope !) issues that will come with this Beta. I will correct them and create minor releases.

Also, there's the Beta 4 that's now waiting in line. Many many things are planned, and intermediate releases will surely happened. I always say that I'll get into the Template Editor as soon as possible, but other interesting things pop up. Some features that need to be added to the core engine. See the updated list, and feel free to express your needs and wants by commenting the Issues (or by creating new ones).

Enjoy Geckos ! And feel free to speak about it !

Tue, 2017-07-25 08:58

Following beta 3, I released a Beta 3.1 minor version, with tiny corrections / upgrades, but also the addition of a new template : Monster Cards for Frostgrave Miniatures Game. Two Styles, one for vanilla Frostgrave, the other one for the upcoming Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago. Both in english-french.

Template color is changeable in both versions. Have fun with it (you can try out the demo here).

Coming soon : templates for Dungeon World and In the Emperor's Name, video guides on how to use Geckos

Fri, 2017-09-15 07:12

A new minor version of Geckos is available : the 0.3.2.

But let's start with a communuty announce : Geckos is now on Facebook !

Okay, what about the content ? In this version, the big novelty is a new template, for Blood Bowl ! With all the new star players that are coming (and the old ones still waiting to enter the field), who never wanted to get shiny cards for them ? You can even include the picture of your own miniatures, or make cards for all the different rosters of the game, like the one in the box for humans and orcs.

A little show is better than a long tell, so here's a card, with the charismatic Thrud ! You can edit the content of the card, but the colours, then language (english & french for the moment), the picture position are all editable.

To use the template, go to the demo, where you can also try other templates for Dungeon World, Pulp City, Pulp Alley, Frostgrave, ...

What's new ?

Some minor corrections have been made about the export (invisible items being visible ...)/

The Rich Text Fields have now two new options. With the Snippets, you can offer predefined bits of text in your templates, like a default profile, a standard spell description, ... Then, withColors, you can let the user play with the color of the text he's entering !

More to come

Geckos will continue to evolve, following needs & asks (feel free to add yours), and new templates will come. Dungeon World by Acritarche, following the crowdfunding campaign "En Terres Sauvages", is almost ready ! Another template for a miniature game about walking dead is also in the works, as is another one about a Grim Dark game. All that should be in the 0.3.3 release.

Evolutions will follow the needs of the developed templates, before I take Geckos to level 0.4.0. Feel free to comment and push your favorites ones.

If you like Geckos, talk about it ! I'm open to discuss about template creation or how to use Geckos. Videos are planned to help you master the software !

Mon, 2017-11-13 08:50

It has been announced on Facebook yesterday, but I post that here as well. Two little guides destined to template makers are available on the wiki : How to Install Geckos ? and How to create & edit your own templates ?

Geckos is a living project, if you feel informations are missing, if you want some elements to be better explained, just asked ! Those two guides have been written because somebody ask them !

On the FB page, you'll find pictures of WIP projects. Walking Dead, Dungeon World, Necromunda, In the name of the Emperor ... If everything goes right, this should be available by the end of the year (and also, a better PDF export is on its way).