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Sat, 2016-03-12 22:35
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Legal Sets
Time Hop
Mercadian Tides

Banlist as of Version Beeble
- Lorwynian Fieldmage is banned.

Rationale Behind Banning
The ability to return copies of itself to the battlefield leads to problematic chains with cards like Sev. It also leads to infinite ETB/death triggers with a sac engine.

Decks That Are Currently Good In The Format
The best card in the format is almost definitely Lingering Souls, which can be used either for a neat Abzan tokens deck alongside Take Root and Sevalios, Slayer of Noreval, or put in a hybrid life-gain/token spam deck that uses Incandescent Lightfly and Good Omens in combo to ensure your life total always stays above 20 and you're always getting 1/1 fliers every turn. You can also pair it with Favorable Winds for eight points of flying power for 3 mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlack mana symbol.

There are plenty of good creatures with Bribery too, chief among which is Mirror-Shard Devil. If not bribed, it'll probably destroy your opponent. Bludgeon Beater and Preserve Warden are both neat too.

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Sun, 2016-03-13 03:36
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I had pretty good luck with GR Stompy things. You could chain Preserve Warden into other bribery cards is nuts. (I wish there was more Scry though to try and abuse it)

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Mon, 2016-03-14 19:08
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Wow! My build found a broken card. To note, if you were adjusting cards returning it to your hand would solve the problem.

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Mon, 2016-03-14 20:35
Card of the Year 2015
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Also, goblins are solid. That should probably get mentioned somewhere.

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