The only thing better than using Magic Set Editor to design your own magic cards is being able to play with them! Using LackeyCCG you can do just that. LackeyCCG is a virtual tabletop program that you can use to play with MSE designed cards.

Download the program

If you have any questions or for more information see our LackeyCCG forums.

Also there are a few "official" formats played using MSE sets from the community. Use the plug in below to play using this pool. Currently we have MSE Modern and soon we will have MSE Standard available as well.

MSE Modern

Auto-Update URL: Plug this URL into the "AutoUpdate URL" space on the plugins tab.

The MSE Modern 2.0 Website
The MSE Modern 2.0 Thread

MSE Modern currently consists of the following 17 sets:

  • Aftermath [AFM] (Head Des: Korakhos)
  • Goliaths of Nangjiao [GNJ] (Head Des: Marioware2)
  • Imperial Legacies [IMP] (Head Des: Timespiraled)
  • Korahos 2015 Core Set [K15] (Head Des: Take a Guess)
  • Khaliz-Doran [KZD] (Head Des: Korakhos)
  • Mious [MIS] (Head Des: FluffyDeathbringer)
  • Ophorio [OPO] (Head Des: Cajun)
  • Pyramids of Atuum [POA] (Head Des: Daij_Djan)
  • Spark of Revolution [SOR] (Head Des: WindyDelcarlo)
  • Surging Tides [SUR] (Head Des: Marioware2)
  • Tides of War [TOW] (Head Des: Korakhos)
  • A Tourney at Whiterun [TWR] (Head Des: HerziQuerzi)
  • Zero [ZER] (Head Des: Aquaumisa)
  • The Golden Era [TGE] (Head Des: ThisisSakon)
  • Path of Shadows [PSA] (Head Des: Timespiraled)
  • Xoltan Premodern [XPM] (Head Des: ThisisSakon)
  • Kaleidoscope [KLC] (Head Des: fluffyDeathbringer
And also:
  • Land Bundle [L] (12 lands that exist to be reprinted for limited)