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Sat, 2016-02-27 16:13

AgClassic is a modification of the 7ED card frame. The prominent change is that I have applied the pinstripe and textbox from lands to all cards. This gives all cards a uniform textbox size and gives gold cards a good place to add color.

I made this first as a template for GIMP, have updated it several times, and now I have been slowly converting to MSE. I think I have gotten all of the bugs worked out and everything in a shareable condition.

Download: AgClassic

version 2016-01-17
|Normal Snow....2016-01-17
|Token Snow.....2016-01-17
Mana symbols


You may have noticed with those previous pictures, I have been using slightly different colors for mana. Notably, black mana is darker than generic mana and colorless mana is a little bit lighter than generic mana.
- No tribrid mana. (If anyone likes my colors and really needs tribrid, I can add it to my queue.)
- Every combination of colorless hybrid mana.
- Toggle in style tap for the printed snow mana symbol or the inverted snow mana symbol used in Gatherer.
using in other MSE styles
If anyone wants to use these mana fonts in other templates, the simplest way without having to edit any files is to copy the images from these folders into the existing mana font folders. I do not want to make an installer that overwrites existing MSE files, but I tried to make it as simple as possible to manually do this.
- Go to where you have MSE installed, "*\Magic Set Editor 2\data\"
- From the "magic-mana-agflat" folder, copy the images and the alternate "symbol-font (magic-mana-small)" file into the "magic-mana-small" folder.
- From the "magic-mana-agshadow2" folder, copy the images and the alternate "symbol-font (magic-mana-large)" file into the "magic-mana-large" folder.
- In both "magic-mana-small" and "magic-mana-large", delete the existing "symbol-font" files for those two fonts then rename the copied alternate files "symbol-font".
(The alternate files have edited names, the original position hints for "magic-mana-small" and "magic-mana-large", and the inverted snow mana disabled for compatability with existing templates.)

Color indicator
Includes a simple pie-shaped color indicator. Toggle in style tab.

Watermarks include large hybrid mana symbols for dual lands, analogous to the large mana symbols for basic lands.
- Option to color the textbox for mana producing artifacts similar to lands.

AgClassic Token
Tokens are inspired by the MPR tokens, but modified to enlarge the art space.
And if you really want it, land tokens.

It was only after my third iteration of AgClassic that I decided to make a token version and I was pleasantly surprised to see

AgClassic Snow
I was making a lot of {S}-cost cards, so I have also made a snow frame.
Snow lands can be colored differently to distinguish from non-snow lands, since that is important for {S}-costs.

Sun, 2016-02-28 18:12

Looks great! Everything.

EDIT: I get an error for every package when installing that says "the file xxx.mse-style/ can not be created".
I think it's because the slash at the end of the name.
Regardless of those errors, the installations seems to end well, and everything works fine.

Sun, 2016-02-28 19:18

I think I created the installer wrong. I think I fixed it.

Mon, 2017-04-03 20:48

I'm getting "Can not create file 'magic-agclassic.mse-style/build.bat' A sad 'frowny'

Edit: nevermind, it seems to work despite the error message! Thanks.

Mon, 2017-04-03 20:47
Jéské Couriano
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gfauxpas ) Pardon the yelling.


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Mon, 2017-04-03 20:48

It's in a folder on my desktop?

Mon, 2017-04-03 20:53
Jéské Couriano
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gfauxpas ) Hm.

I usually make that suggestion when people say that <foo> isn't working because in a large number of cases, they have it installed to Program Files (which prevents its contents from being updated).

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Tue, 2017-04-04 14:26
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Nice! I like your work on this.

I just dont understand why people pay thousands for a piece of cardboard.
Why just don't play some casual? Gee, it isn't even fun to play with, and especially against.

Thu, 2017-04-06 18:13


any ideas on how to fix/implement those hideous Amonkhet invocations?

Thu, 2017-04-06 18:35
shiftyhomunculus's picture

Open the style file, get a few of them open in Photoshop, examine them for points of similarity, then close the style file and design something good instead?

Red mana symbolWhite mana symbolBlack mana symbol
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they/them, please

Fri, 2017-04-07 13:52

But we don't have the templates yet

Fri, 2017-04-07 13:56
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Template will be out shortly after the green god invocation is, but I don't think that's what thehuw meant.

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Mon, 2017-04-24 04:31

It is the only installer I've made so I'd assume I probably screwed something up when trying to make it.