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Thu, 2017-05-25 18:09
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There actually is, on the left side where it says "play with mse" bit it's not up to date with our edits

Thu, 2017-05-25 22:52
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Ok kool, thanks for the help!


Tue, 2017-10-03 07:03
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Hi! We've got another update for you that I forgot to update yesterday, but we totally have it!

First, we've got 5 new sets! You guys sent sets in, we looked over them, and these five came out. If your set was rejected for some reason, you're certainly welcome to fix up any problems and send it back. We're looking at December 1st for the next set additions, so hopefully that goes as planned!

NEW TO MSE wrote:
• Kaleidoscope (KLC), Zero (ZER), Xoltan Premodern, (XPM), The Golden Era (TGE), and Path of Shadows (PSA) have all been included in MSEM
• The Banned tab has been replaced with a new Notes section
• New tabs have been added for Commanders and Hidden zones
• Drafting a set with a Masterpiece Series now has a small chance to open a Masterpiece in the pack
• New scripts have been added for most token, scry, and flip abilities

We noticed a few cards were pretty dumb once put into constructed. With Tinkerer's Tools doings its best impression of Transmute Artifact, a card that costs Blue mana symbolBlue mana symbol and X mana symbol and is strong enough to be pointed in Canadian Highlander, it could easily make an infinite combo not only viable, but consistent early-game with Endless Reverie. With Kalro doing its best impressions of Blood Moon and Solitary Confinement, it not only is getting banned but lead to an overhaul of the Fortresses card type.

Banlist wrote:
• Deadly Manipulation
• Aetherforge
* Kalro, Desert Outpost
* Tinkerer's Tools

Next, there's some really big rules changes:

Destiny wrote:
• Ophorio's Destiny mechanic has been replaced with Revive
• Revive [cost] ([cost], Exile this card from your graveyard: Create a token that's a copy of it except it has no mana cost. Revive only as a sorcery)

Destiny had a problem of looping almost endlessly, so it eventually just became another embalm variant. We welcome it just the same.

Fortresses wrote:
Remember those things that you had to attack before you attacked a player and also functioned as a planeswalker? Maybe you did, maybe you didn't, but it was a bit out of hand. Creature decks already struggle among the sea of control and combo, and Fortresses also shutting down those decks made it even more difficult. Fortresses are now planeswalkers featuring the Fortress subtype, so you can only have one and they no longer force attacks against them.

Masterpieces wrote:
We have masterpieces now! Not all of the sets do, but right now, Mious has its playsets of Angels and Ophorio has what I believe is Enchantments/Reflections? Keep in mind, if these cards are not normally MSEM legal, they won't be after being printed as a masterpiece, just like how masterpieces regularly work.

We had a nonzero amount of cards that needed changing or tweaking, but none of them are quite as painful.

Assorted Card Updates wrote:
• The Trap subtype has been added to Pyre Trap and Firewall Trap
• Firewall Trap now targets a second creature instead of a creature and player
• Break Hold now targets creatures you control
• Veteran Lifegorger no longer has lifelink
• Veteran Lifegorger no longer increases the cost of non-Artifact spells
• EHSAE, Entelan Skycraft is now a vehicle
• Ophorio's Destiny mechanic has been replaced with Revive
• Revive [cost] ([cost], Exile this card from your graveyard: Create a token that's a copy of it except it has no mana cost. Revive only as a sorcery)
• Clawing Shaman retains the destiny keyword as a new ability
• Destiny Forgotten now sacrifices as a cost
• Fatethief's ability now triggers on death
• Reflected Worldwalker is no longer legendary
• Stargaze Spirit now gains life on creatures dying
• Withering Pathways rework:
• Cost changed from 4 mana symbolBlack mana symbolBlack mana symbol -> 3 mana symbolBlack mana symbolBlack mana symbol
• Sacrifice effect changed to a single creature
• Atherial Ascent cost changed 1 mana symbolBlue mana symbolBlue mana symbol -> 2 mana symbolBlue mana symbol
• Follower of Fortune rework:
• Reveal ability removed in favor of looting effect
• Additional glorious ability added
• Results Uncertain rework:
• Ability now sacrifices instead of returning to hand
• Scry 3 -> Scry 2
• Surging Kalak no longer has hexproof
• Chew the Scenery now exiles the top five cards instead of revealing them
• The Warrior Within 0 ability now grants haste
• Glow of Grandeur now draws a card
• Mirage Master cost changed 4 mana symbolGreen mana symbolWhite mana symbol -> 4 mana symbolWhite mana symbolWhite mana symbol
• Singer of Songs now checks only if you've gained life this turn
• Writing Wonders rework:
• Cost changed 2 mana symbolWhite mana symbol -> 1 mana symbolWhite mana symbol
• Sacrifice ability changed for a more consistent glory counter check whenever an enchantment enters the battlefield• Memory Martyr now gives glory counters whenever a creature you control is destroyed
• Endless Reverie cost changed 2 mana symbolWhite mana symbol -> 2 mana symbolGreen mana symbolWhite mana symbol
• Scraps of Memory rework:
• Scry ability removed
• New variable ability added that looks at a number of cards and puts an instant or sorcery card on top

• Auramancer's Appraisal, Enchanter's Resolution, Tether of Simplicity, Essence Scatter, Miroran Waterbinder, Opt, Plasma Arc, Simplified Life, Alenian Warcaller, and Hidden Prowess from SoR have revamped flavor text
• The Goblin token produced by Akoum Pathfinder is now only red instead of red and black
• Fallen Fateweaver has been updated to match official wording
• Fateweaving's options have been reversed for clarity
• Halls of Renown has been updated to match official wording
• Divide//Conquer has been renamed to Intents//Purposes
• Forbidden Knowledge has been renamed to Buried Secrets
• Treasure Keeper has been renamed to Treasure of Thought
• Weaver of Tales has been renamed to Weaver of Lore
• Throught the Mists has been renamed to Through the Dust
• Revoke has been renamed to Cancel
• Grand Melee has been renamed to Grand Tourney
• Batwing Initiate's ability has been reworded to prevent layer issues

• Endless Reverie now correctly displays "another" in the card text
• Abyssal Nightcaster no longer displays a redundant "until end of turn"
• Fixed an issue causing Encrypted Dagger to not be displayed as an equipment
• Fixed an issue causing the Goblin token produced by Flamewhip to not have a color
• Fixed an issue causing the Plant tokens produced by Master Chef to not have a color
• Fixed an issue incorrectly labling Phyrexian artifact tokens as colorless
• Fixed an issue causing Firefish Assault to produce Elemental Fish tokens
• Fixed an issue preventing token product by Lady Kiyomi from being colorless

Known Bugs wrote:
• SOR's promos have vanished. If you were using promos from SOR before, they'll be back before the GP.

All that aside, we hope you enjoy what MSEM has to offer! May the spirits guide your path wherever it leads.

Mon, 2017-11-06 23:42
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Okay, as we mentioned during the last update, the goal is to get the next release of sets out on December 1st to keep in line with our bimonthly set updates. In order to make that work as well as possible, we have a deadline for set submissions on the 13th of November, when GP Dubai begins. As a reminder, to submit a set, you can send it to any member of the council.